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Saturday, October 2, 2010

Last Saturday

          I'm not talking about last Saturday as in the Saturday past.  I'm saying that this is my last Saturday post.   Or perhaps I should say my last regularly scheduled Saturday post.  Never say never. 

          If there seems like a good reason to post on a Saturday I might do it.  If I receive anymore awards I'll probably still put them up on Saturday.  If there is some special event related to Saturday or a special announcement I might pop it in on a Saturday.  But Saturdays on Tossing It Out are over for the most part.

          Originally, after my first few weeks of blogging, I decided that Saturday would be kind of a throw away day so I wouldn't have to spend much time on the weekend with my blog.  I decided to just have a recap of the previous week and a preview of what was to come.  It seems like I never seem to do things quite like that though.  My Saturday post often became just as involved as my weekday posts and I was still devoting a lot of time to them.

            The remedy to that is to just stop.  Besides you readers (those who voted in my poll) have decided-- my Saturday review and preview had the least votes.  And I think its pretty clear that there is less blog activity on the weekends anyway.   This will give you time to catch up on the posts that you missed.

             On Monday I will give you the rundown of my new schedule.  And now I'll need to figure out what to do with all of my newly acquired extra time.  Yeah, right!


  1. Enjoy your day of rest! You will have to take up quilting/learn to rollerskate/have some time to yourself/enjoy catching up!

  2. I for one will miss your Saturday recap.
    But it's your blog and you must do what is right for you.
    To change the subject can you tell me what the weather is like in Nashville in February? My long awaited postponed visit should occur early Feb and wasn't sure what to expect weatherwise.

    Enjoy your week-end;

  3. I'm surprised that blogging is quieter at the weekend, perhaps everyone spends their time on Ebay instead LOL! Enjoy your spare time. :O)

  4. The Saturdays will miss you :)
    Some time ago I was also thinking of taking it easy on the weekends since there are less comments and everybody seems to be sleeping, but then I checked my statistics and I saw that I still have hundreds of visitors on Saturdays and a thousand on Sundays, so I kept working on weekends as well. But you have no idea how difficult it is getting news on weekends.

    Hope your book will gain something from these weekend breaks :)

  5. I'll miss you but I want to know where the "extra time" comes in. You know darn well something is already pushing into that spot. I hope it's something you really enjoy.

  6. Some bold and well thought out decisions are some times tough. I admire your approach to your "philosophy." Lord, willing, when I go back to work, which I pray is son, I too will probably not have a Saturday post. As someone else has already said, I hope you enjoy your "day of rest" and make good use of it.

  7. Weekends seem to be a slower traffic time. Good for you for making this decision.


  8. I too will miss you but kudos for stepping away. Tell Yvonne, it's cold in Nashville come February.

    Have a great weekend, Lee.
    Jules @ Trying To Get Over The Rainbow

  9. I predict that free time will fill instantly!

  10. Amie -- no new hobbies here! I've got plenty to do already. It's going to be catching up time.

    Yvonne -- Nashville will probably be relatively cold--it's usually the coldest month. But of course these days you never can be sure.

    Madeleine-- I guess most everyone blogs at work? I usually have other activities going, but I have time for blogging every day.

    Dezmond - Probably due to the nature of your blog people are more entertainment minded on the weekend. I hope to resume working on my book(s).

    Mary -- There is really no "extra" time only time to be better allotted to other things I've neglected. And now maybe I'll be able to visit other blogs more.

    Gregg -- I hope I make good use of these extra days I'm adding to my schedule.

    Teresa -- I'll be on a schedule closer to what you have I guess. You know how it goes I think.

    Jules -- Thank you and you too. And I'll let Yvonne know on her site as well.

    Golden Eagle -- You too, thanks.

    Alex -- I'm not going to predict--I have already be borrowing time from elsewhere and now it's time to pay back.

  11. Blessed are the flexible. Change is good. (Insert cheesey self promotion here) And if you need to fill time on Saturday, I can recommend a great book to read. Mine!

    Stephen Tremp

  12. Lee, if you're like me, you're already stretched beyond limits elsewhere. Cutting back is good. I cut back. Now I'm reformatting. Between the two, I hope to continue.

  13. Stephen Tremp -- I am reading and enjoying Breakthrough immensely. I am on chapter 21 right now and will probably finish this week.

    L.Diane --I will probably still be stretched. I'll bet you do like me and find new things to do when time opens up. I never have enough time.

  14. I pop in and out on the weekend, but not on any regular basis. I think most people take a much needed break :)

  15. Hi Arlee -- Sounds like a very wise decision to me. Enjoy your freed-up time to the fullest.


  16. Good for you Arlee. You gotta do what you gotta do..:)

  17. Paula -- Thank you! You too.

    Jemi -- I get Saturday visitors on a pretty regular basis, but most of my Saturday content is not all that meaningful.

    Patricia -- I hope I use my freed up time to the best advantage.

    L'Aussie -- You are correct. It's my life and I'll do want I want.

  18. Enjoy that time...away from blogging! Saturday is the day where I spend the least time on the computer. I am out most of the day, and on home chores.


  19. Just remember, Lee-

    Blogging can be used as an excuse to not cut the lawn!


  20. Doris -- Now I can do the same with my blogging break.

    Larry -- That's true, except I use illegal aliens to cut my grass.


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