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Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Tossing It Out Tuesday: Out With the Old, In With the Next Idea

         The fall television season of 2009 saw the debut of a new television show that I immediately became hooked on.    FlashForward had all of the qualities that I like to see in a story--apocalyptic visions, time travel, action adventure, cerebral crimes, and mysterious conspiracies.  I faithfully watched every episode until the season conclusion in May.  I was anxious for the show to resume this fall.

         As fall approached I was seeing no promos on television for the show.  I checked it out online and discovered that FlashForward would not be returning.  That's one of the reasons I don't usually watch too much television anymore.  It seems like when I get caught up in a show, the network will unceremoniously dump it without ending it or with an unsatisfactory conclusion.

         It's probably mainly an issue of money and ratings.  From a business standpoint it makes sense for a network to toss out a show that lacks the potential of paying for itself.  Business will typically do this. If a product is not selling, the line will get dumped.  If an author or another artist is no longer popular, they might lose their contract.  It's disappointing to the fans who have remained loyal, but most companies don't stay in business catering to the few.

         I ran into this situation yesterday at the supermarket.  My favorite Colgate toothpaste flavor, Cinnamint, was nowhere to be seen--not even an empty space.  I hope Colgate hasn't discontinued the line and it was only a decision by this particular supermarket.  I guess I could complain to the store manager, but I buy maybe three tubes per year.  I'm not really a consumer with clout.  This is probably the wrong attitude.  I should be the squeaky wheel more often.

          The point that I guess I'm trying to make in this post is that if my daily blog were rated according to viewers and marketability, then the days that I've "tossed out" are the posts that would be less appealing to advertisers and be the least revenue producing.

           I know that's a heck of a way to look at my blogging activity, especially considering that there is actually no advertising invloved,  but as they say "Time is money" and I have to think about what the best investment of my time is.  Today's post is merely a variation on a theme.  This explanation, complete with examples, gets to the gist of why I am tossing out blogging days.  

           Are there any favorite television shows that you have followed that were canned, much to your disappointment?   Have you had a favorite artist (author, musician, actor, etc) who was tossed by the wayside due to lack of sales or commercial appeal?   Has there ever been a product that you liked that a company stopped producing?   What have you tossed out of your life because it was taking too much of your time, costing too much money, or not being worth your effort to keep doing it?



  1. Good TV-shows being cancelled is terribly annoying. Obviously it's got to do with ratings, but there often seem to be an outcry whenever a show is cancelled, so evidently it did have a certain amount of viewers...

    As for products, that happens more often than I like too. The last few years have seen a resurrection of lost products here, after successful campaigns on Facebook to bring them back on the shelf. One way of increasing consumer power in our time.

  2. Ok.. I posted something, and it appears that something went again:

    Oh...yes. I'm still lamenting about Steak 'n Shake discontinuing their "Berry Berry Cobbler." I did complain to them. With no success. Enjoying that "Berry Berry Cobbler a la mode" was the only thing that drew me into Steak 'n shake. They lost a costumer. I know they don't care. It's just one... (plus my children, husband, friends--as I never went by myself!)


  3. Ah, yes, HOLLYWOOD SPY mentioned earlier this year that FLASHFORWARD will not return for a second season. As far as I got it, the story was too slow-paced and thus it lost a lot of viewers quickly after the beginning.

    Ugh, I hate when some of my favourite products stop being produced :( I like Blend-a-Med toothpastes with honey, lemon, green apple :))

  4. I also became interested in Flash Forward- I didn't realize it wasn't coming back. I am now semi-hooked on The Event. But I mostly watch old TCM movies or videos.
    As for the Cinnamint- I tried researching online for you. Some places have discontinued it, but as far as I can tell, they're still making it.

  5. Time is more precious than money. The older I get, the more discerning I become with how I spend my time.

  6. don't know if anyone else has noticed it but Oreo's changed their recipe a bit when they came out with the new packaging. i loved the sloppy cookies of before!

    ...and i wish they had more episodes of "Big Love." it has a lot more truth to it then most folks can imagine.

    plus i miss "the church lady" episodes on SNL as well as the deep thoughts of J. Handy. was it Jack or John? what a riot!

  7. Joss Whedon's 2nd Fox failure "Dollhouse" still makes me weary to invest in any television anymore, and I want to write for the genre!

    Breakfast Every Hour

  8. I have that same talent, Lee! Picking show that only run a half season :)

    I think your decision on time management and the best use of your time is a valid decision. I applaud you.
    Jules @ Trying To Get Over The Rainbow

  9. I hated to see Heroes cancelled. The writer's strike didn't help as much of season two and three was negatively affected.

    Stephen Tremp

  10. Cruella -- I find myself interested in the programs that tend not to be so popular and avoiding the shows everyone else is watching. Don't know what that all about--maybe the different drummer syndrome or something. Retro products must be kind a sentimental thing that is a novelty marketing ploy. I've seen old candy brands reappearing in the last few years.

    Doris -- We don't have Steak n Shake anywhere near me. When my wife and I drove back East a few years ago we stopped at S n S several times --she'd never been and she loved it. I never tried the Cobbler, but I am disappointed when a special promo item appears on a menu and disappears when I get hooked on it.

    Dezmond --"the story was too slow-paced" sounds like code for the story was too intelligent for dumb American audiences. Flash Forward was one of the coolest TV show concepts in a long while.
    Honey, lemon, and green apple toothpaste? Haven't heard of the Blend-a-Med products--must be European--and that flaver of toothpaste sounds strange.

    Rae -- The Event is nowhere as good as Flash Forward, but I've been giving it a chance. I'm not getting into it much--I don't really like most of the characters and the story seems a bit silly. This weeks episode got a little more interesting.
    Thanks for checking about Colgate Cinnament.. I figured it was maybe just discontinued at this one particular store. I hope it doesn't disappear completely.

    Maria --- you are so right about time. That's why it's important for me to ration it out and disperse it among other activities that I want to do.

    Bud -- Hey, I guess you're back from China? I've haven't bought Oreos in a while, but it was really all about the creamy insides. Haven't seen Big Love but it sounds interesting. I remember the Church lady but don't recall the Handy guy.

    Alex -- I agree. I hate to invest in watching a TV series that just stops. I used to dream of writing for a TV show, but not so much anymore. But I wouldn't turn the job down.

    Jules -- Let's hope my time gets used as intended.

    Stephen Tremp--Heroes got cancelled? I thought I had seen ads for it. I stopped watching after the first show or two, but it was because I was taking night classes at the time. It looked like a good show but I just never got caught up in it. Same with Lost. I think I'd rather be taking classes or something mentally and socially stimulating than watching TV anyway.

  11. I hate to see the X Factor probably finishing over here, it brightens up my winters evenings.
    But as it's going to the US I won't complain too much.


  12. I find that so sad with TV shows. I would love it if they would make a commitment to a story such that they KNEW how long it would last and it could be planned accordingly.

    It sounds like you and I would be very content watching the same TV shows--I never saw that, but it sounds like my kind of thing.

    And while I think it's TOO BAD that the squeaky wheel gets the grease (I hate reinforcing bad behavior) the fact that it DOES remains, so at least we know how to get greased now and again, if it really matters.

    As to blogging though--man, it can be hit and miss. Sometimes a fly-by post can get a lot of interest and hits and sometimes a details, carefully produced one gets nothing. I managed to touch a couple hearts this week though, so I am calling it a success. Not to be canceled for this season, anyway...

  13. Yes - FIREFLY!

    The big networks hardly give shows a chance anymore. That's why so many are starting on the secondary 'cable' channels. SyFy movies may suck, but their series are really good and tend to last.

  14. Although I still get hooked once in a while, I try not to watch anything too diligently. Too old I guess. Have become attached to shows and cried when they ended. Gilmore Girls was a loss for me.

  15. I could write a month's worth of posts about all the TV shows that were cancelled before their time. I don't know why I even bother with new series anymore. The ones that are any good are likely going to be cancelled and the ones that should go fast get picked up year after year.


    I really miss Pushing Daisies.

  16. This makes me laugh in memory. When I was a teenager, I loved Star Trek Voyager. I guess there was a time when they considered canceling the show, and I was in a tizzy. I wrote every person I knew and asked them to watch the show for the next three months, faithfully.

    What a dork I was!

  17. I loved that show and then they cancelled it. I was extremely upset. Well, what can we do besides write our own endings and make them bestsellers.


  18. I was following flashforward as well but I heard early on they wouldn't be continuing so I pulled back from it.

    As for discontinued products: salt and pepper crisps. They were awesome. Dark choc peppermint kit kats. I loved them so much I wrote to Nestle to tell them my distress at them discontinuing the line. Apparently I didn't make much of an impact since it still hasn't made a comeback.

  19. Hmmmm.....L'Oreal stopped making a fabulous mascara. It cost more but was practically perfect!

    I tossed out ALL facebook games and most activities. I only use it now to 'check in' with what people are up to. It's faster than email.

    I've tossed out nearly all of my tv watching-and I dvr the ones I do watch.

    Heroes was a pretty neat show until they messed it up, so I tossed that too.

  20. Yvonne -- I guess I'll have to check out X Factor when it comes on here.

    Hart -- If our blog touches a couple people at least, then maybe we are doing something right.

    Alex -- That's why I watch less and less TV.

    Liza -- Television is too fickle for me. I'd rather watch videos and DVDs.

    Karen -- I know what you mean. My viewing has become so limited that I rarely let myself get hooked on a show.

    Tamara -- We manage to survive when our favorite shows are cancelled, don't we.

    Clarissa -- Actually I guess Flash Forward was based on a book so I should probably get it and read it.

    Lynda --salt and pepper crisps and Dark choc peppermint kit kats must have been an Aussie thing. I'm not familiar with those but they sound good.

    Words Crafter-- can't stand the facebook games. That's one of the things that drove me away. I rarely visit Facebook any more. I have also tossed out most of my TV watching -- only sporadically do I watch.

  21. I just found out after reading this that Flash Forward isn't coming back! I can't believe it, but I guess it ended fairly well where they could do that.

  22. Hi Lee .. quite often I ask for something - "there's no demand" .. there is ... I'm asking for it! I can't get hooked into tv .. I'd rather be out and about doing something else ..

    Yup and I see Facebook games .. never never ..

    Thanks - Hilary

  23. I've never watched that show but I have several shows that was discontinued after I started really enjoying them.

  24. Lee - (FYI - Tom's of Maine has a cinnamon flavored toothpaste. Not sure if that would be to your liking but it is cinnamon.)

    Now, in answer to your questions:
    Are there any favorite television shows that you have followed that were canned, much to your disappointment? - The original Star Trek and Mary Tyler Moore Show - as far as I was concerned they could have gone on forever.

    Have you had a favorite artist (author, musician, actor, etc) who was tossed by the wayside due to lack of sales or commercial appeal? None that come to mind, but with music and books you can always revisit the originals.

    Has there ever been a product that you liked that a company stopped producing? Oh gosh,tons - certain colors of lipstick (just when you find the right shade); a high-protein bread called Protopackt; Green River soda and favorite restaurants. All gone but not forgotten.

    What have you tossed out of your life because it was taking too much of your time, costing too much money, or not being worth your effort to keep doing it? Certain areas of freelance work.

  25. FlashForward was amazing. I still can't believe they canceled something so good, but TV shows only last as long as the audience does.
    I hear that Starz is trying to get FlashForward, but I'm not too sure about that. I guess we'll find out.

  26. Emilee -- Actually I don't remember any ending. I don't even remember what the last episode was about.

    Hilary -- If I start liking something, it's almost a guarentee it will be taken off the market. I guess I'm just a different drummer sort of guy.

    Wanda -- I thought Flash Forward was just kind of an intelligent show.

    Paula -- I think my regular market stopped carrying Tom's as well. And when they did it was very expensive. I probably just need to get my toothpaste somewhere else. When my favorite restaurants disappear it's usually not a corporate toss out, but just another small business that couldn't make it.

    Wolfie -- I know you liked the show as well. If it appears on Starz I guess I won't be seeing it.

  27. Lee-

    The best thing about the internet is that it gave life to musicians who did not fit the record label mold.

    Marillion, Todd Rundgren, Spock's Beard, to name only three, would be retired were it not for their use of the internet to maintain an audience.

    Radiohead took it to a whole new level by shunning major labels while they were still a commercial powerhouse.

    Interesting that the same internet that gave life to musicians also delivered the death blow to the record label business model (can you say Napster)


  28. The internet has indeed opened a whole new range of possibilities, but sometimes it really takes a lot of work to find all of these, although at least you can do it from the comfort of your own computer. I did like the days of hours spent browsing through the racks in the record store, listening to whatever they were playing in house and smelling the incense burning.

  29. Small world - I've had the fortunate opportunity to have had a critique by Robert J. Sawyer - who's book the series Flashforward was based upon. You can find a link to his site on my blog if you are interested.

    Oh, and thanks for making it to my blog and commenting.

  30. I vaguely remember Mark still in the FBI building and he has a flash forward of charlie and Olivia. I don't know exactly, but it could've worked for an ending.


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