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Tuesday, October 19, 2010

CassaStar Is Released Today!


            I'm sure that nearly everybody who reads this blog knows that today is the release date for Alex J Cavanaugh's book CassaStar.  His blog tour has been underway for a week now and if you missed any stops make sure you check out Alex's Blog Tour Dates.   The interviews have given us a bit more information about Alex and his approach to writing.

          If you missed the book trailer for CassaStar, you can check it out here:

Links to purchase:






             Who is Alex Cavanaugh?  Here is his official bio:

Alex J. Cavanaugh has a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree and works in web design and graphics. He’s experienced in technical editing and worked with an adult literacy program for several years. A fan of all things science fiction, his interests range from books and movies to music and games. Currently he lives in the Carolinas with his wife.
Read more from Alex at his blog:

             This will aim you in the right direction to purchase CassaStar and get to know the author Alex J Cavanaugh.    I encourage you to support your fellow blogger.   And don't forget about copies of CassaStar as Christmas gifts and be sure to tell your friends.  I think of Alex's success as our success as well, so let's boost his sales!

            Have you ordered a copy of Cassastar yet?  



  1. I'm gonna order my copy today :D

    Congrats to Alex! Cassastar has made one hell of an impression on the Internet, and it's gonna rock this (and several other) world!

  2. Congrats to Alex on his book, also your wonderful post.

    Have a good day,

  3. Congrats to Alex! Very commendable of you Lee, great post of support!

  4. I believe there isn't a single blog which didn't write about Alex today :) It's Alexmania in the calendar :)

  5. Lee, Nicely Done~

    Congrats to Alex, so excited for him!

  6. Alex is the best. It's great to see him finding some success!

  7. Arlee, I can see your point about Alex's success being our success to as we're so supportive of one another. I'm buying CassaStar and looking forward to a good read.

    Stephen Tremp

  8. I've got my copy! I love the support I'm seeing from so many blogs!

  9. Thanks so much, Lee!

    Thanks Jamie.

    Dezz - Alexmania - that's funny!

    Thanks, Stephen!

    And glad you have a copy already, Laura!

  10. ALEX (a.k.a. THX 1139) is a cool dude! (Or is he a droid? A high-tech druid? A Doctor of Defense in a galaxy far, far away? A distinguished Disunionist in the D-Sector of Dantooine?)

    Well, at any rate, and regardless of what Alex truly is, I wish him the very best of luck and the most success that the universe can supply without upsetting the Detuning-Deactivation Dextro Device in quadrant Dorsal-Zeno/Exo-P&B.
    (After all, mankind still depends upon pizza and beer for its survival!)

    Translation: "I hope ya get filthy rich, Alex!"

    ~ D-FensDogg
    'Loyal American Underground'

  11. Keep the kudos koming. Not much else to say except I konkur--especially with Stephen McCarthy's succinct translation.

  12. My copy's on order....
    Can't wait to check this one out, either.

  13. Go Alex! Lee, look at all the Cassastar covers in your sidebar - that's incredible!

  14. Congratulations to Alex!!! I am a new follower and wanted to thank you for following me today.

    I see that you are doing NaNo. Can I add you as a writing buddy? Let me know your username and you can add me if you want under PatriciaTimms.

    Looking foward to more of your posts.

  15. I'm so excited for Alex! He deserves this :)

  16. Even though I'm so not into Sci-fi I wish Alex well with his new book. I will suggest this to my hubby, he's a huge Sci-Fi fan! Love Di ♥

  17. Thanks for the additional comments. This could make a nice gift for the scifi fans on your Christmas list--oh, I think I said that already.

  18. I'm so excited for him! I'm getting a copy Thursday!

  19. Arlee Bird - I love your new backround and set up! Thanks for the buddy add. And YAY ALEX!!!! =D

  20. Haven't ordered my copy yet, but it's a must!

  21. That was a pretty successful kick-off for Alex and I thank everyone for visiting this post and leaving a comment.


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