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Friday, November 29, 2013

Sweet! Dessert after Thanksgiving Dinner

      As a rule I don't do the memes and awards anymore, but since it's the day after Thanksgiving, well by George, I'm going to do this one.  And after a big Thanksgiving Day dinner a dessert is in order I think.

Here is the Super Sweet Blogging Award

Given to me by Rachna Chhabria at Rachna's Scriptorium.

The rules of the Super Sweet Blogging Award are:

1. Answer the following questions
2. Nominate five sweet bloggers (This is where I bow out but invite anyone who wants to play along to add their voice to the chorus).

The questions:

1. Cookies or cake? That seems like hardly a fair questions.  I want both!  I guess it depends on my mood and what's staring me in the face.  Chocolate cake with chocolate icing?   Gimme.  Cookies fresh from the oven?  I want 'em.  It's really of matter of what kind and what I'm in the mood for.   If you're asking for frequency then I eat more cookies than cake.

2. Chocolate or Vanilla?   What kind of question is that?  Chocolate of course.  But I'll settle for vanilla if I have chocolate to put on it.

3. Favourite sweet treat?  Uh, this is getting kind of silly since I like them all.  One of my favorites would be marshmallow covered in chocolate usually either in the form of chocolate marshmallow eggs or Rocky Road candy bars.

4. When do you crave sweet things the most?    Usually after a meal.  Especially if it's a meal with a lot of spiciness or something like fried fish.   I take after my father I suppose.  I love my desserts.

5. Sweet nick name?  I don't have any nicknames that anyone calls me.  Sometimes I call my wife "Betty Boop" or I used to call my youngest daughter "Punky Poople".   I never call anybody "Sweetie", or "Honey" or "Sugar" or anything like that.  No sweet nicknames that cross my mind.

Thank you Rachna for thinking of me!

      Don't forget my special Battle of the Bands post this Sunday December 1st.  I've been dropping song clues throughout the week with a couple included in today's post.   Can you guess what song I've chosen in my musical confrontation?   

          Do you like sweets?   What's your favorite candy bar?   What is the most heavenly sweet that you can think of?    

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  1. Strangely I love chocolate but hate chocolate based products which would include chocolate cake. Chocolate bars are heaven but I rarely eat candy because I'm trying to keep healthy. Says the girl who is in an eternal exercise coma but I digress. Glad you decided to accept this award and dessert is definitely a great treat. Cookies fresh from the oven are heaven.

  2. I love sweets!!!!! Cupcakes, cookies,'s all good! Love ice cream and apple crisp. blueberry crisp. I'm not a huge fan of chocolate candy (but I will eat it when in the mood). I've always preferred cinnamon candy or sweet/sour stuff like SweeTarts and smarties.

  3. Congratulations!
    Still no idea on the song.
    And I tend to crave something sweet right after salty popcorn.

  4. I like desserts. Too much for my own good. Had a piece of pumpkin pie for breakfast this morning. Yumm!

  5. I'm a chocoholic, but you can keep the marshmallow. Can't stand the stuff. Even less toasted. We have a candy bar in Canada called Coffee Crisp and it is to die for. I really missed it when we lived in NC.

  6. I'm not much into sweets, especially chocolate. And my nose just busted through the computer screen and through the wall into the next apartment.

  7. Hi Arlee,
    You Got it!
    Hey, Here comes a bit belated Happy Thanksgiving day,
    OMG! December is at the Door!!!
    The roasting time is fast approaching!!! Get Ready to Get Roasted!!! :-)
    Happy and Blessed Weekend.

  8. Hi Lee, I also love chocolates, and I am so fond of sweets I can eat them anytime of the day.Nice to read about your sweet addiction.

  9. Not fair, as a very elderly woman who has to constantly diet, I would love to eat chocolate!

  10. Those things are still going around?
    I guess I must be inoculated.

  11. I'd go with cookies and chocolate if it were me, I love all sorts of sweet things though mate, hope that you had a great Thanksgiving!

  12. Favorite treat: rhubarb pie
    Favorite candy bar: Godiva Dark Chocolate raspberry
    Sweet or savory: sweet
    Choc or Vanilla: vanilla except when it is Godiva
    No sweet names

    Glad you enjoy these marvelous foods given to us courtesy of God.

  13. I'm not big on sweets, myself. I get excited at restaurants that offer a cheese course for dessert. Otherwise, I'd just as soon have some coffee.

  14. Traveled all day, but stopping in to spend the night in Las Cruces, NM. Thanks for leaving the comments. All sorts of tastes here.


  15. Congrats on your award! I love sweets, and chocolate is my absolute favorite! Hope you're having a nice trip Lee!



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