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Friday, November 15, 2013

Battle of the Bands: Little Wing

        Greetings and welcome to another Battle of the Bands installment where two versions of one song are pitted against each other for you to pick your favorite.  I'll tell you mine after I've tallied the votes on next Friday's post.   Be sure to visit the originators of this blog feature:  Far Away Series and Ferret-Faced Facist Friends.    Stephen T. McCarthy has a bit of a contest going on at FFFF so be sure to visit his site for info about the give-away and vote on all three of our sites to increase your chances of winning.

         In my previous two posts I gave a number of clues that could have led you to guess my song pick for today.  And if my previous match-up for "Iron Man" was considered outrageous by the majority of you, my song contest today might be taken as downright sacrilegious to some of you.  A classic by a rock and roll god?  Surely not, but yes...

Little Wing by Jimi Hendrix (1967)

Little Wing by The Corrs (1997)

       The Corrs are an Irish pop-rock band who mix-up the contemporary sound with traditional Irish music.  They are a brother and sister act that has been on the music scene since the 90's.  The group is highly popular in the UK and Australia, but have a respectable following in the U.S. They've released several albums.

         Here is their version of the Hendrix classic.  Try to listen with an open mind.  Pretend you've never heard the Hendrix version.

Now Pick Your Favorite...

         I leave to you to say which version you like best.  Tell us in the comments and let us know why you chose the one you did.  Over the upcoming week I'll keep track of the votes and announce the winner next Friday.   Anyone care to guess which version will come out on top?   I'll tell you  my favorite when you've all told me yours.

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  1. I really love The Corrs, they're actually one of the best bands from Ireland ever in my opinion but this has to go to Hendrix, his version is best and is unbeatable.

  2. That is the first time I've heard The Corrs version of the song. I liked it. My vote goes to The Corrs.

  3. I much prefer the Corrs, though I don't really like the song.

  4. Don't care for the breathless female in that second song, so didn't listen to all of it. Don't need to. Jimi I listened to, since I saw him in person and listening to that song reminded me of that 'experience'.

    JIMI H. gets my vote. No contest. With Jimi it sounds like poetry, with the other group, again - too arranged.
    (I'm not fond of most covers, I tend to be a purist in my music likes.)

  5. Lee-

    I tried listening to The Corrs' version first, but this is a Hendrix song through and through.

    Paul Rodgers did a live cover once that might have had me debating, but Jimi takes this duel hands down.


  6. Yeamie -- I agree that the Corrs are one of the best bands to come out of Ireland.

    Susanne -- If you liked this song by the Corrs then definitely check out some of their albums.

    Susan GK -- Did you listen to the lyrics?

    DG-- Purist? What do you mean by that term? The way a song was originally recorded? The technical expertise of the musicians? Purist could mean several things I suppose.

    Larry -- How about Derek and the Dominoes version?


  7. The incomparable Jimi Hendrix is hard to beat. I'm a big fan and have his entire collection. Plus I have to be loyal to a Seattle native since I live here.
    That said, the Coors version is lovely. I hadn't heard them before but now I will seek out other music by them.
    For today, though, Jimi rocks on in my vote.

    I am composing this comment in a Word File to be copied and pasted in your comment section when finished. So, thus far, I have not yet seen how anyone else has voted.

    When I first saw the title ‘LITTLE WING’ I figured this was going to be Hendrix versus Stevie Ray Vaughn (which would have been an interesting, hard-to-predict match-up). But I’m guessing that Hendrix will run away with this “Battle”, as I suspect many of your readers will find the Corr’s version too sedate for their tastes.

    I am not now and never have been a Jimi Hendrix fan. I could name only a few of his songs / instrumentals that I genuinely like. ‘Little Wing’ happens to be one of them. So I was prepared to give Jimi the win on this one. (On most other songs, he would probably NOT get my vote in a ‘Battle Of The Bands’.)

    However, I really liked the softer yet more multi-layered structure of The Corrs version. I liked the vocals too. That was quite surprising to me and it strikes me as a song I could hear often without growing tired of it. They probably aren’t going to get many votes in this “Battle”, but they’ve got mine.

    Poor Jimi! Even when you use one of the few songs he recorded that I actually like, he still can’t get my vote.

    ~ D-FensDogg
    ‘Loyal American Underground’

    POSTSCRIPT: Boidman, I strongly believe YOU are going to vote for The Corrs. It’s probably the fiddle playing in particular that wins your vote, eh?

  9. I'm surprised -- I think the Corrs version is actually pretty good. But then, this is such a great song that it would be very hard to screw it up. And the tasty guitar fills and the Irish pipes in the Corrs version do help to offset the bland string arrangement.

    But besides SRV, I doubt if anyone could cover a Jimi song and do it justice.

    So absolutely and completely -- Jimi in this one.

    (...and I wasn't even close on any of my pre-BOTB song guesses was I, lol?)

  10. The Corrs buffered forever. I'll check on YouTube and let you know.

  11. No contest for me. The Corrs' version was okay. I didn't DISlike it, but it made me antsy. Too sloooooow and dreary. Hendrix all the way for me.

  12. When I first saw your match up, I figured you either had lost your mind or were going for some 'strange' controversy. As in who other than maybe Stevie Ray Vaughn, could possibly have a chance against Jimi. BUT, then trying to be fair, I listened to both and thought WOW the Corrs have really got something there. Their version lends itself perfectly to the dreamy lyrics of 'Little Wing'.

    Redeemed you are! This turns out to be a great BATTLE, but in the end and even though I've never been a major JH fan, the only person I would have voted for over him on this tune is SRV.

    Count my vote for Jimi.

  13. Ha, ha, ha! Now that I've gone back and read the other comments, I'm surprised at how many people felt the same.

  14. I love Jimi's Little Wing but a close second for me is Sting's version from his album, "Nothing Like the Sun." Love it.

  15. Jagoda -- Seattlelite over the moon for Jimi.

    StMc-- You know me well.

    Chris -- You made a lot of good guesses. Did you see how I used the song lyrics in the clues?

    Susan Kane -- Hate it when that happens.

    Susan FS -- Coors too slow, get a no.

    Faraway --A somewhat half-hearted vote for Jimi. Are you sure you want to vote for Jimi?


  16. Suze F-- So in this match I'll put you down for Jimi.


  17. I like the Corrs in general, but that guitar intro of Jimi's is amaaaaazing. A national treasure.

  18. Gosh I do miss the Corrs! Whatever happened to those siblings?

  19. Oh gosh... this is a tie for me. I've never heard the second version and I loved it. If I may be so bold to say, I think Jimi would have given it a nod because of it's ethereal quality.

    But... I do so love Jimi's version which carries special memories for me.

    So it's a tie.

  20. When you say, "Listen with an open mind, as if you never heard Hendrix do it", I think, "Dear God, it's gonna be the Cardigans all over again!" But it actually is pretty good. Don't tell Jimi, but I think I'll go with the Corrs.

  21. Greetings human, Lee,

    Just flew over here on "Blog Air", the blogger's favourite airline.

    My human is very familiar with both versions. He tells me he'd vote for Hendrix. The ladies in the Corrs did a nice, mellow version. My human used to like watching the ladies in the band sing.

    Take care, y'all,

    Penny the Jack Russell dog and modest internet superstar!

  22. Kelly -- Hendrix is certainly a guitar hero and a rock legend.

    Nutschell-- I was noticing that they haven't released an album in several years. I wonder as well.

    Bish -- It's close to a tie for me as well, but I feel obligated to choose one. Next Friday.

    CW -- Hey! I liked the Cardigans!

    Penny/Gary-- Those Corrs sisters certainly aren't dogs.


  23. I've heard The Corrs before (and even have one of the discs). I like Celtic leaning music (or straight out Celtic music). However, I preferred Jimi's version of this song, though The Corrs version was really good.

  24. Late commenting again, so others have stated the opinion I hold probably better than I can myself.

    I know the Corrs, I like the Corrs, have several albums, and am very pleased you picked their version as competition for Hendrix, whom I also like a lot.

    As StMcC (and others) said, when I saw the title I was sure it was Stevie Ray in this one. That would have been an interesting contest also, and I think I'd have voted SRV in that one. In this one, however, I'll vote Jimi even though I like the Corrs. The emotionally evocative opening of Hendrix is one of the irreplaceable moments in rock.

    If Hendrix had not first recorded it his way, the Corrs would never have even heard of the song.

  25. This is my first Battle of the Bands so be gentle. I am a fan of the Corrs which led me to giving this a try. Don't crucify me for this. Although Hendrix is a rock god, I prefer the Corrs version, but I may be biased. This is pretty fun. Keep spinning the wheels of steel DJ Lee!

  26. Robin -- Sticking to tradition--Hendrix that is.

    SS-- The opening to the Hendrix version is pretty wonderful.

    Buck -- Actually though I haven't tallied any votes yet, I think the contest might be running close.


  27. Jimi without a doubt, but I too like almost everyone else was surprised by the Corrs.

    Still my tally is for Hendrix!

  28. I prefer Jimi Hendrix. The Corrs version is just too slow.


  29. Lucky -- Definite yes for Jimi.

    Julie -- So Jimi's version is fast?



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