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Thursday, November 7, 2013

Special Editon!!! Story Sprouts Launch!

           If you're looking for my IWSG post you can scroll down below this post, but I hope you'll take a look at this post first.   It's mostly pictures with some explanations about what we're looking at.

"Story Sprouts" Book Launch
Saturday November 2, 2013


           I'd say that the Children's Book Writers of Los Angeles is just about the best writers group anywhere.  For one thing, check out that logo.  What a piece of work!  And so professional.   The CBW-LA is a fine bunch of writerly folks under the leadership of a highly efficient, creative, and all around top notch team of board members.  But my effusive praise is just starting.  By the end of this post you're going to be wishing you lived in the Los Angeles area so you could be a part of this amazing group.


        So what prompts todays post?  This past Saturday was the launch party for Story Sprouts, a collaborative effort of members who participated in a writing anthology day where those present spent a single day of writing based on prompts presented to them.  The contributors to the anthology are both aspiring and published writers.  The content of the finished book consists of poetry and prose--fiction and non-fiction--as well as the workshop exercises and tips that provided guidance for the authors.  The party was to celebrate the release and honor the writers who were involved.


         The success of the CBW-LA group is largely due to the current board members pictured above.  Some are bloggers that you probably know through their blogs.  From left to right we have Angie Flores, Lucy Ravitch (Kids Math Teacher), CBW-LA founder and president Nutschell Anne Windsor (The Writing Nut), Alana Garrigues (Writercize), and Tiffani Barth who came in from Utah to be at the party.   They are one of the hardest working and  most together teams I've ever seen.  Great job keeping this group so successful!   You can see more about the party if you visit the links to their blogs.


         Here all of the contributing writers from Story Sprouts pose with book cover promotional poster.  They represent a fraction of the members of CBW-LA.   This is a very friendly and supportive group.  They're kind of like the Insecure Writers Support Group live in person.


        What a spread of food they had out for the guests in attendance!


       Seems like I'm fixated on the sweets    They also had a great selection of cheeses, meats, breads, veggies, and fruits.   They even had a bar set up where we could mix our own mocktails based on famous author recipes.  No alcohol since we all had to drive home.  These ladies really know how to throw a swanky shindig.

      What about this cake decorated to look like the book!   And it was darn tasty too!


         Plenty of books were on hand for purchase and given as prizes.  And there's a lot more where these came from.   See the links at the bottom of the page if you'd like to order your own copy.  I highly recommend it.


          Balloons especially printed for the occasion!  I just had to show you these.  What did I tell you about the party planning skills of CBW-LA.   This is big time folks!

  Honorary launch guests past CBW-LA speakers (l to r) Carmen Rodrigues, Samantha Combs, and Arlee Bird
         I thank CBW-LA for inviting me as one of the honorary guests.   We each got a Certificate of Appreciation as past speakers at meetings in 2013.  Pictured from left to right are published authors Carmen Rodriguez and Samantha Combs and yours truly, Arlee Bird.   During the course of the day I had very nice chats with both authors pictured here as well as others.   I won a copy of Samantha Combs's book Spellbound which she autographed for me.  They had drawings for a number of great prizes.  Nobody went home empty handed.


           Here are a few of the writers signing book copies.  All of the honored guests received a gift copy of the book signed by all of the authors.  We were also among those who received mention in the book acknowledgements for our roles in 2013 at  CBW-LA workshops.  What unexpected surprises!


        CBW-LA president Nutschell Windsor raises a glass as we toast the newly published authors.  An exciting day for all of them I'm sure.

           The book authors pose with the cake.   What a happy looking bunch they are and I can't say I blame them.   Hopefully this will be the first of many books to come from the CBW-LA.

All photos courtesy of Nutschell Anne Windsor

story sprouts book cover
Story Sprouts (2013)
Support your fellow bloggers and writers by buying a copy.  It would make a great Christmas gift for your writer friends.
For more information visit the Story Sprouts Website

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  1. Lee, that is awesome you got to go the launch! So proud of Nutschell. She has really poured everything into that group and the book project. And yes, look at the food and set-up! I wonder if I should look into IWSG t-shirts...

  2. I first heard of this group on Nutshell's blog. Looks like a terrific fun group.

  3. Probably a little far for me but it sounds like a group I wish I could be part of....

  4. Looks like a good time was had by all.

  5. You and Nutschell look great in those photos. How impressive. Good luck Nutschell and all the members of the board! I do recognize some of those names of bloggers - a great looking group of writers.

    Thanks for letting us know, Lee!

  6. Hey Lee,

    I found your photo! Look at you dressed up as a cupcake.

    It certainly seemed like an exciting day for all concerned. In a Nutschell, this was an excellent post.

  7. What a wonderful summary Lee! Thank you so much for helping us spread the word about STory Sprouts and Thank you for joining us last Saturday. It Meant a lot that you and the other past speakers made a trek to join us :)
    I"m still waiting for you to join us as a member!


  8. Sounds like it was a great event. Thanks for sharing about it.

  9. Alex -- Nutschell amazes me with her organizational talents and leadership. T-shirts add a lot to a group when they're together, probably a nice conversation piece for IWSG members to wear.

    Susan GK-- They are a very mutually encouraging group who seem to have a great time.

    Desert-- If you're not in the L.A. area it's a bit far, but it's a good group for those in the area.

    DJ -- Hello stranger! I've been wondering about you. I think everyone had a great time.

    DG -- Great group. And a lot of published writers in the group. It's inspiring.

    Gary -- I am a cupcake when I am not Blogman.

    Nutschell --Hmmm--I'll have to keep the membership thought in consideration. It's a bit of a drive, but....

    Susanne-- Thanks for stopping by to share in the experience.


  10. Lee! You're so handsome without those darned sunglasses!!!!! What a fantastic party that must have been (sorry, I'm also focused on those cookies...) Yes, I'm definitely jealous that I can't be involved but congrats to everyone and yeah, I'll buy a book!

  11. That's pretty awesome. I have children's book lying around here waiting for final illustrations. I should probably work on that.

  12. Thanks for this wonderful post and accolades Lee! We are so thankful that you could make it out to celebrate with us and hope that you truly enjoy the book. Cheers!!

  13. Wow. You're right. I want to be a part of their group. Congratulations to EVERYONE!

  14. Congrats to Nutschell and her group! I wish we had a writer's group like that here. They even have their own jackets.

  15. Cathy -- Cookies are wonderful but the book will do you more good.

    Andrew -- There are some illustrators in the group I believe. You might as well get that kids book out of the way.

    Alana -- I'll be helping you push the book! It's a good one.

    Bish -- CBW-LA is everything a good writers group should be.

    L.Diane -- The jackets are cool. When I did my presentation to them they gave me a nice button and a tote bag. They have all sorts of cool stuff but the support they give is invaluable.


  16. Arlee you are actually the lad of all lads! This event seems absolutely awesome and just like you said I now wish I lived in the Los Angeles area even more than before, I love this group and the concept and everything about it

  17. What an inspiring group!

    Forget alcohol --were you okay to drive with the sugar buzz?

  18. Looks like a great group and a fun time. Thanks for sharing a good news story.

  19. Very impressive. The board members look like they're having fun

  20. Yeamie -- I've never been called the "lad of all lads" before but I like the title. I think you'd fit into this group very well.

    Kelly-- I actually didn't have too many of the sweets but I'm still thinking of them.

    Jagoda --I was so happy for everyone involved.

    Jack-- I think having a good time is one of their secrets of success.


  21. Looks like a great party! Congrats on being an honorary member & all the authors in Sprouts!

  22. Congrats to Nutschell and all of the contributors to Story Sprouts! I'm sure that you were a huge help to them Lee! Great pictures including the magnificent sweet table.


  23. I read about this on Nutschell's blog.
    And now I am jealous that I'm far from L.A. soooooooo far away.... on an entirely different continent!
    But I definitely need that book.
    It looks like you guys had a blast!
    Congratulations on that honorary membership, Lee!
    Writer In Transit

  24. Nicki-- This was what a book release party should be!

    Julie -- A few of them started their own blogs after my workshop and some of those joined us for A to Z.

    Michelle-- I think it's a book that can be useful in many ways, not to forget that it's also entertaining.


  25. Oh yay! So cool to see photos of the event! I wish I could have been there. Looks like it was such a fun day. And that cake and those snacks! Makes me want to reach into the computer screen and grab a slice ;-)

  26. Rachel -- You deserved to be there since you played such a big role in the book. It was a very nice time.



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