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Friday, November 1, 2013

Battle of the Bands: Iron Man

        Here it is again folks!  Battles on many blogs. The ever-growing in fame Battle of the Bands.  Faraway Eyes at Far Away Series got this thing started back in the summer.   Stephen T. McCarthy at Ferret-Faced Fascist Friends also at the helm is offering a prize for the one who comments most over the first four month span so be sure to leave a comment on all three of our blogs.   Be sure to check Stephen T's blog for contest details.

         Others have joined in and you can find all participant links at the bottom of the page.  If you decide to add your own battle, let me know in the comments so we can come visit your match-up.  So without any further introductory blather, let's meet the two contestants.

Black Sabbath  "Iron Man" (1970)

      I thought my clues on Monday and Wednesday were so obvious that I'd get inundated with correct guesses.  Both posts were so permeated with lines from the song that the music could have been playing while you sang the posts.  An exaggeration of course, but I did use a lot of lines directly or in variation.  There were also the word clues like "Sabbath", "stark", "paranoid", and "superhero".  I guess there were not that many of you who knew the song that closely.  And I must confess that I probably wouldn't have guessed right even though I've heard this song a gazillion times.

         So to those of you who guessed correctly--Alex J. Cavanaugh got it in the first comment--congratulations.  To those who didn't, I totally understand.  

        When I was younger I was a big Black Sabbath fan.  The Paranoid album from whence "Iron Man" came received many plays on my turntable.  The song is a classic beloved by many out there.  To refresh memories or to introduce a new song to some of you, I give you "Iron Man":

The Cardigans  "Iron Man"  (1996)

        Some of you may be disturbed by what the Cardigans did with "Iron Man", but you gotta admit that they sure went in a different direction with it.   When I got the Cardigans "First Band on the Moon" CD nearly two decades ago now, I got such a kick out of their take on "Iron Man" that I included it on a mix tape I sent to one of my friends.  He didn't want to talk about it after he'd heard it.

        In any case, not much I can add to what the music already says.  Take a listen:

          Now it's up to you to vote for your favorite version.   I'll announce the winner on Friday November 8. Leave your vote in the comments and tell why you voted that way.  Then after you've voted, go to the sites listed below and vote in their battles.

              Alex J. Cavanaugh
           Faraway Series
         Ferret-Faced Fascist Friends
         Your Daily Dose

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  1. Lee, you mean I was actually right? You rocker!
    Sorry, hands down Black Sabbath's version is better. It'a all right to adjust a song a little and make it uniquely yours, but the Cardigans went way too far.
    And for me personally, nothing is sadder than a rock tune made pop.
    Glad I could participate today, although sorry I didn't get all the links up. I think my blog over-linked itself today...

  2. The second one doesn't even sound like Iron Man. I'd have to give it to Ozzy and Black Sabbath.

  3. I like the Black Sabbath version better. It captures the essence of Iron Man so much better with the hard drums and guitar. The second version kinda seems more loopy and out there not very masculine.

  4. Well clearly I didn't catch onto your clues...but then again I was never a fan of metal or Black Sabbath...I prefer the Dickies' cover of 'Paranoid' to the original!

  5. Good post Lee, I like Black Sabbath better,

    Thanks for your comment it wasn't meant to upset people getting on in years. I have a quirky sense of humour.


  6. Alex -- So muzak versions of heavy metal aren't for you?

    L.Diane -- The melody and the lyrics are evident. The mood is very different.

    Cestlavie-- I guess it could be interpreted as Iron Man seen from a female perspective.

    JoJo -- One for the Dickies...oh, wait, the song is not "Paranoid". That's okay--I understand.

    Yvonne -- Another for Black Sabbath. Oh, I knew you were having fun with your topic. Humor works best if there is a hint of truth in it.


  7. I try not to be too much of a traditionalist. And I really like the Cardigan's version. It's a great groove; I like the juxtaposition of the softly-mixed female vocals singing the words I associate so closely with Ozzy; the guitar lines are very tasty; and it's a really clever and creative take on an iconic metal tune. I really enjoyed it.

    But like I said -- "Iron Man" is so iconic to me. I have to vote for it. It's ingrained in my head -- I loved the Paranoid album as a teen! The drumming is great, Tony Iommi's riffing is awesome, and that jam that starts at 3:17 is phenomenal. It's like jazz-metal! Tony's playing was always fabulous, especially when you consider that he was missing the tips of two of his fingers and used caps to play.

    So I would grade the Cardigans as an A-, but give Sabbath an A+++.

  8. A ray gun!!

    Black Sabbath, hands down.

  9. I love a bunch of songs by The Cardigans, so I was certain that I would like their version better. After all, a remake is supposed to be different than the original. And I did like it. Just not as much as I thought I would (enough to vote it over Black Sabbath). So, Black Sabbath gets my vote.

  10. I think that Cardigans version made me puke in my mouth. No thank you. Black Sabbath is the easy choice for me.

  11. I'd have to say that I've no clue about which is better, so I'm no help here. :) Wish everyone the best with the battle!

    Have a great weekend!

  12. Lee-

    Disturbed does not quite cover what I am feeling after listening to half of The Cardigans cover...

    If you ever needed proof that the end is near, that's it.

    Black Sabbath gets my vote.

    And may God have mercy on The Cardigan's souls...

  13. What is wrong with me? I'm the only person to comment that prefers The Cardigans cover version of the song. I'm a big fan of the band which makes me a little biased haha but wow, I'm the only one to comment so far, feel a little alone here!

  14. Chris -- Great analysis, but another one for Sabbath.

    Susan-- As in Ronald Ray Gun?

    Robin -- The remake was definitely different.

    Beer -- Didn't think the Cardigans would actually make anyone sick.

    Karen-- is clueless.

    Larry -- And the existence of Black Sabbath was not already proof that the end is near?

    Yeamie -- I guarantee you that you will not be the lone vote for the Cardigans version. Good for you for bravely standing up for your convictions.


  15. I hadn't heard the Cardigans version before and I prefer the Black Sabbath version, I like my Rock hard and dirty not pretty up, lol, but it was interesting what they'd done with it, just not to my taste.

  16. Sorry, not my kind of music Lee.

  17. I never did care for Black Sabbath, so I really wanted to vote for The Cardigans BUT, their version was really bad. So, against my better judgement I also vote for BS.

  18. Not even close for this one. Black Sabbath. My son coaches football and he loves to use that music for getting them ready.

  19. Maggie --Jarring to those accustomed to Sabbath I'd say.

    Jo-- Oh, but did you listen to the Cardigans?

    Faraway -- You mean you don't like the satanic overtones of Sabbath?

    Susan GK -- Sabbath is running away with this confrontation.


  20. Okay, I haven't played it yet, but my first reaction made me scroll down and start at the comment:

    The Cardigans? The guys that did Love Fool? Really? Okay, gonna listen. sit tight.

    Okay, that was EXACTLY what I expected. I'll go with Sabbath. Enjoyed the old cartoon, though.

  21. OK Lee I listened to both the bands. I preferred The Cardigans, I thought it would be good music to dance to.

  22. Greetings human, Lee,

    The version by Black Sabbath. No contest as far as me or my human are concerned.

    Pawsitive wishes,

    Penny the Jack Russell dog and modest internet superstar!

  23. Hey, I know nothing about either group let alone the albums, so I won't vote, but I do have a question.

    Can I participate if I do only '80s music :)

  24. Faraway - You wanna change your vote?

    CW -- Cardigans are not faring well at all.

    Jo-- Okay one more for the poor Cardigans. I thought you might like them at least a little bit.

    Gary/Penny -- Ozzie thanks you.

    Mark -- Of course you can participate with 80's music. You can even join us with 1800's music, but good luck finding the recordings. Does that mean you're doing a battle this go around or next?


  25. I wasn't even close in my subtle guess! Black Sabbath gets my vote. The other version sounds like a poorly dubbed cartoon to me.


  26. I'll stick by my vote. Actually I just came back to make 'the link'. I forgot to do that before.

  27. Well, Lee -

    I am really surprised that the Cardigans have ANY votes. I have a suspicion that this was really just a joke you are playing on your listeners. Are you sure that there isn't a William Shatner version you can offer us instead?

    WAIT! There IS one!!

    I prefer the BS version in your contest... but if ONLY you'd offered the Shatner version!

  28. Julie- Now I'm seeing the cartoon in my mind.

    Faraway -- You devil worshiper! Rejecting the innocence sound of Cardigans. Thanks for the link.

    Sheyboygan-- Having Captain Kirk on board would have been an unfair advantage.


  29. BOIDMAN ~
    Yep, the reason I did not pick up on your many clues is because I am not all that familiar with this song. Sure, I've heard it before - or the beginning of it, anyway - but this is probably the first time I've ever listened to it all the way through to the end.

    When it has come on my radio in the past, I have always turned the dial to find something I like instead. Never was a Black Sabbath fan; still not a Black Sabbath fan; and I DO NOT like this song.

    The Cardigans version... well, I did not care for the vocals, and the lyrics, in my opinion, are just goofy (but I can't fault The Cardigans for THAT).

    I did, however, like the guitar playing in The Cardigans version. So I'm voting for The Cardigans, only because there was at least SOMETHING about their version of the song that I could appreciate.

    ~ D-FensDogg
    'Loyal American Underground'

  30. Wish everyone best for this battle, I am clueless about it, so no help from my side :(

    Arlee, there is a small surprise for you on my blog.

  31. Black Sabbath, hands down. It was one of my faves too in my rebellious youth. Although, I do give the Cardigans points for a creative redo.

  32. I have to go with the original because it doesn't have the same feel/vibe on the second one to match the song. :)

  33. StMc-- I didn't think you'd be much of a fan of this song, but I would have thought you would have known it better. Another one in the Cardigan minority.

    Rachna -- Thank you for the "Sweet Award".

    Jagoda -- Cardigan get some points, but no win from you.

    Kimberly -- Definitely a different feel.


  34. Am I allowed to say that I don't like either?

  35. Oh God, Black Sabbath all the way. I've never even heard this Cardigans version. Eww.

    Just like I hate when Hollywood jacks up an awesome novel in a dreadful film adaptation...I'm not too fond of musicians attempting to make already awesome songs their own. I will admit The Cardigans put an okay twist on Iron Man and I might even listen to it on a rainy day but eh...Black Sabbath rocks.

  36. Takes me back to several occasions!! Swam to this song the best pounding in my head, high school highs, and the St Croix and the beast!!! BLACK SABBOTH

  37. I got kicked out before I could finish....and I can spell Sabbath my phone can't!!!

    The Cardigans - who knew?? Terrible version wanted to put needles in my eyes

  38. I've added the additional BS votes to the tally. Cardigans are not doing well at all.



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