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Friday, November 22, 2013

Blogging in Low Gear

Battle of the Bands Results

        Before I get to my main post for today, let me give you the results of my last Battle of the Bands contest between Jimi Hendrix and the Corrs with their versions of the Hendrix tune "Little Wing".   As I expected Jimi ran away with the vote, but a lot of nice words were put in for the version by the Corrs. 

       For my own taste, I've always felt that Jimi Hendrix is highly overrated although I can't deny that he did some innovative work on his guitar.  He had some moments of genius in the Electric Ladyland album, but also a good bit of meandering filler material.  I can't say I'm a big fan of the music of Jimi Hendrix but there are a lot of songs by him that I do like.   "Little Wing" is one of his best making this match-up very close for me.

       In the end I give it to the Corrs though.  The fiddle, the Irish sound, the vocals, and the arrangement in general are hauntingly lovely.  There are moments in their version that give me chills when I listen to it.  I picture a mother singing about watching her daughter at play.  In my mind I think of my granddaughters.  Somehow these images all seem more beautiful than the hippie chick picture I get when Hendrix sings the song.

      Final tally:   Hendrix 14     ----  the Corrs 6

                       Blogging in Low Gear

Texas highway signs in Clearview font
Texas highway signs in Clearview font (Photo credit: Oran Viriyincy)
        Much of the time my blog cruises along in high gear as I harangue readers with my controversies or inanities.  Actually I try to kick my blog action into overdrive so as to sustain my writing as efficiently as I can and not wear you readers out.  My blogging frenzies might leave some of you hazy headed if my comment drops are any gauge of what's going on at Tossing It Out.  That's a good reason to shift into low gear now and then and take things at a slower pace.

         If your experience is anything like mine I imagine you see a drop in activity at your blog site during the Thanksgiving and Christmas weeks.  That's been my experience during my years of blogging so far.  That being the case I've decided to keep things at a minimum on all of my blogs for the next week and probably during Christmas week as well.

         During those periods you'll probably see me commenting even less than I do now.  There will be short posts on my regularly scheduled posting days.   Mostly I'll be giving clues for my next Battle of the Bands post on Sunday December 1st.  That will my next real posting and it will be a special posting on a normally off day for me.   Be sure to watch for my clues next week and small commentaries.  Nothing big or of major controversy.  Nothing quite as insistent as usual.  I will be blogging with quiet importunity.  Blogman will be gadding about on the highways in the upcoming days.

          I'll also be getting ready for the Cheersfest.   Don't forget to sign up!  Give me a real roasting like I deserve.    Find the sign up list at  Mark “Madman” KoopmansAlex “Clone me a” Cavanaugh, Morg “the Borg” Shamy, Stephen “Wormhole” Tremp, and David “Don’t Mess with the” King. 
Artwork by Jeremy at Being Retro

Sign up for Cheerfest below:

          Do you like to slow down on your blog sometimes?   Would you rather just take a blog break rather than maintain a quiet presence?   Do  you see a big slowdown in blog traffic during holiday periods?

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  1. Since I was on vacation all last week, I've already shifted into low gear for the rest of the year. (I didn't even post today - I'm sure I will get some emails about that!)
    I took almost two weeks off around Christmas last year and will do the same this year, except for the Fifty States of Pray post. Some of that is due to low traffic, some to the fact that it's the holidays and family should be first, and the rest is because I am writing again!

  2. I have so few followers as it is that I don't like to take huge breaks. I am, however, waiting for the message from blogger that I've maxed out my Picasa with all the pics I post. It happened last year at the end of Nov. and I had to use photobucket till the new year when I apparently got more space...otherwise I have to pay for it.

    I'm not a huge Hendrix fan although I did go to see his grave when I lived in WA State. He & I share the same bday. Of all his songs I think I like Hey Joe best.

  3. I'm getting very close to my 100th blog post, and I want it on a particular day, so I have to stick to my schedule. If I even miss one day before that post, it will screw up my plan. Maybe after that I'll take a break.

  4. You know how I've been recently with the blogging Lee so I think it's better to have a good break and take some time out than to keep blogging when you're not up to it but it all depends on the person. I know that most of my bloggers are bloggers I miss when they become less quiet or take a blogging break for a while.

  5. I'm also a food writer, and my food blog traffic is through the roof this time of year, as people search for recipes. It slows to a crawl during the summer, though (with a spike on the 4th of July).

    It's interesting how different topics have their different seasons.

  6. Alex -- Family does come first. And during the holidays I feel like blog comments drop as people don't want to think about things too deeply. It's a busy time.

    JoJo-- You do post a lot of pictures!

    Sarah -- I remember when I was at that point and I know how you feel. I'm coming to my 1000th post but I'm not especially planning for it. I probably should.

    Yeamie - I don't know if I can ever take an actual blog hiatus. Even if I keep a post small I like to keep action on the site.

    Kelly -- "To everything--turn, turn, turn..." Cooking is not as much fun in the summer unless it's out on the grill.


  7. During Thanksgiving and Christmas my blog sees less traffic, during that time I will take a vacation (I need that time to work on my MS).

  8. I'm a big Hendrix fan, Lee, and I have my reasons. He captured the essence of a time when young Americans didn't know which way to turn.

    He also inspired multiple artists and future guitar heroes.

    I'm not much for soft tunes, I prefer my music jazzy or bluesy, with a dash of vintage rock and roll.

  9. See what you mean re the slowing down over the Christmas period. Have a great time with the Battle on Dec. 1st, couldn't be a better day, it's my birthday :0) I love blogging, but with a sick husband, not always able to do this very often.

  10. Hi Lee .. you gave the score to the Corrs - mind you they are talented ... Hendrix is an interesting character though ...

    Roasting you up .. I may be away ..

    Re slowing down - I post when I'm ready .. but I love it when you have holidays - as I get a bit of extra time!

    Cheers and relax into your roasting .. Hilary

  11. Sounds like a solid plan. I am sure I will just fly by the seat of my pants until the end of the year... like always.

  12. I will probably mostly keep to my same schedule. Except I may be short a post next week because I got over scheduled this week. We'll see, I guess.

  13. I'm not even a little bit of a Hendrix fan. I know many people post less this time of year but I'll probably stay with my regular MWF routine.

  14. Rachna -- In the past I've usually posted, but nothing overly deep that would call for much interaction. It looks like I'm actively on the blog even if I'm not. I suspect I will do the same. I always monitor the comments I receive--make no mistake about that.

    DG -- I know Hendrix has his big fans. I was impressed when I was first introduced to Electric Ladyland, but I never became too much of a fan.

    Carole -- Hope you and your husband manage well over the holidays. Happy birthday in advance.

    Hilary -- Since I stick to a schedule, I try to keep something on the site when the time is due.

    Robin -- What works best is probably the best way to go.

    Andrew -- I figure if some readers might expect something I'll stay on schedule. It's probably good to be flexible though.

    Susan GK-- Regular schedule is best I my opinion.


  15. Everyone blogs and comments as much as they can and that is OK. Do what is best and doable for you Arlee and I'm in for Cheerfest.

  16. The next 6 weeks are crazy busy for me and everyone else, so I agree that is to be expected.

    I will probably post odd bits and pieces, no great thoughts or amazing insightful writing.

    Thanks, Lee, for posting this.

  17. Damn! I was on the losing side on all three BOTBs this Time! At least though, I shared that with the authors...

  18. Sheena-- Glad you'll be there for the roast.

    Susan-- I think most readers prefer short unprofound posts. We have enough to think about during December.

    CW- A few losses does not make you a total loser. Just a partial one.


  19. I'm all for slowing down and taking breaks every now and then. Enjoy!

  20. "CW- A few losses does not make you a total loser. Just a partial one."

    See, now There's a response I can relate to!

  21. There is a drop and really, there should be as this is the time for family.

    The last couple of years I ran holiday stories written by various contributors (but not this year).

    I like to slow down and actually take a break during the latter part of December and I will again this year.

    Sia McKye Over Coffee

  22. I'm taking a two month blog break now; but I take these breaks more frequently. I'm losing steam for posting, but I have a few friends I frequently visit. When I return I expect to slow way down. If that loses me friends, I guess that will make it easier to quit altogether.



  23. I've already slowed to a crawl this month for NaNo. I'll pick it back up with a few select posts in December, but as the world turns its attention elsewhere, it's really the best time to slow down and enjoy family and other events.
    Happy Thanksgiving!

  24. I suppose now is the perfect time to take a bloggy break, though I'm wondering if a quiet presence is a better option?
    The reason is that one year I did take a break, but found it very, very difficult to get back into the blogging groove.
    But I'm thinking that maybe a break just before A to Z challenge in April is the best bet.
    Writer In Transit

  25. Well, I just came back from a pretty long break, so I'm currently stepping up my game.

  26. Not terribly surprised by your BATTLE outcome. It was a pleasant surprise to be introduced to the Corr,s and I did like their version, but up against Jimi....

    I'm really losing steam as far as my blogging goes. I did catch something on the news yesterday that simply HAS to be a post, but most likely it it turn into a rant (I hate when that happens, especially when I can see it coming.) If it weren't for BOTB I'm not sure I would even be a blog presence. I do think that family and close friends come first through the Holidays, so it's a natural time to slow down and get your priorities in order. There are more important things than these 'words on a screen'. All that said; some of my very dear friends are WOAS.

  27. Thanksgiving is a big one around here, so my blogging will likely be a bit off too. Finished making 2 kinds of fudge, peanut brittle and almond roca yesterday. Still have the baking to do, before picking up family from the airport on Wednesday and then we bbq the turkey, enjoy each other's company, play lots of games and laugh more than anyone has a right to. Happy Thanksgiving to you, Lee. Safe travels to you on those highways!

  28. I always notice a drop of blogging/comments around a lot of the major holidays. It doesn't bother me. Family should always come first.

  29. Hey Lee,

    This will be my third Christmas in the Blogisfear and I'm not expecting to post a lot of stuff.

    My biggest thing will be your Roasting (!!!) on Dec. 9 and the 50 States of Pray event on Christmas Eve.

    PS: Thanks for your help with both :) and I have you down for Ney Jersey :)

  30. Greetings human, Lee,

    I'm wondering about your reference to a drop of activity during American Thanksgiving. Not being in America, we don't see much difference.

    I slow down on my blog so I can comment on a vast amount of blogs. I would and my human would, blog more often if we weren't out and about and commenting back to each person or animal who commented on our site.

    We never have that much traffic on our site, no matter what time of the year it is. The important thing is we interact within a sharing, caring community.

    Pawsitive wishes,

    Penny the Jack Russell dog and modest internet superstar!

  31. I've also noticed that things have slowed down a bit, but I'm still grateful for my loyal regulars who put up with me. You will definitely have lots of visitors for your big day next month!


  32. Jagoda-- I often slow down on the blog, but I have a hard time taking a complete break from it.

    CW-- Glad you appreciated that.

    Sia -- Of course I suppose the family life of some may differ and the blogs might be the closest they have to family. My traffic always drops, but there is still some.

    Donna -- When I slow down I lose some momentum. Quitting? If that's what suits you then perhaps it's best. I'm not ready yet.

    Yolanda -- A lot of folks get wrapped up in NaNo.

    Michelle -- I'd opt for the quiet presence so you still keep in touch.

    Ginny -- I find that I need to push myself after a "break".


  33. Faraway-- Go ahead and rant. A good rant can be fun and interesting.

    MJ--Fudge!!! I wish I was at your house.

    Susanne -- With the drop I tend to keep my posts lighter.

    Mark -- I'll do a post for NJ.

    Gary/Penny-- You sure get a lot of comments as a result of the comments you leave. I'd say that's decent visitation activity.

    Julie -- It's good to have loyal visitors to count on.



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