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Monday, November 25, 2013

Going Against the Grain

Palouse Wheat Field Sunrise
Palouse Wheat Field Sunrise (Photo credit: The Knowles Gallery)
          This week I'm taking things easy.  After all Thanksgiving is on Thursday.  A lot of you are frantically trying to finish NaNo novels.  Comments on my blogs usually drop about this time of year.  Of course comments have been dropping anyway--partly due to my own slow down of commenting on your blogs and probably partly due to some of my topics.

          One of the blog topics that has been seeing lower visits is the Battle of the Bands.  Now, I shouldn't complain because I still get a goodly number of visits for those posts--probably more than the average blogger gets.   I typically have been getting at least 20 or so voters on each contest with a few added comments by non-voters.  This is not too bad I guess, but it's not like it was back when I was getting 50 or more comments on a post.

          Okay, so I'm making a big deal out of a little bit of a drop in comments and maybe it's not really that much of a drop.  And this week I will probably be visiting very few blogs as I do whatever I will be doing. We'll see what happens this week.   Now I feel so stupid for even bringing this up.
           That's me.  Always going against the grain.   Slap a couple of slices of bread around me and call me a sandwich.

Battle of the Bands Clues

          Coming this Sunday December 1st I'll be doing another Battle of the Bands face-off.  It looks like the hosts at Far Away Series and Ferret-Faced Fascist Friends are going to be doing Christmas songs in December so I guess I will too.

           Since 'tis the season I guess I can handle a Christmas related song or two.   My first pairing this coming Sunday will be what is possibly the most performed Christmas song of all time.  Actually it's performed so much that it's not only during the Christmas season, but it's become mostly associated with Christmas.  What song will it be?  I've left a couple of clues in this post.  One that is very obvious but that will probably not be noticed.  Be here Sunday to find out for sure, but you can also guess in the comments.

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  1. Enjoy some time off the accelerator pedal man, it's nice to be able to "go against the grain" and just relax while everybody else is going full pelt. Have a great Thanksgiving week my friend.

  2. Well, hopefully there are more clues this week, as I have no idea at the moment.
    Christmas songs? I could pit a TSO song against the original composer I guess.
    Don't worry about the drop. And be prepared for December 9!

  3. Enjoy your little break! I will probably take a small one as well.

  4. Enjoy your break and Happy Thanksgiving.

    I would guess White Christmas falls into that category.

  5. Lee, I think everyone's comments have dropped off lately. It's partly why I'm unplugging for awhile. Have a wonderful holiday.

  6. You'd better believe we're going to be taking it easy this week, too. That's the magic of Thanksgiving - an excuse to be a lazy blogger. Those comments will dip, but they'll be back after the holidays. They always are!

  7. So that makes you a what? A splinter sandwich?

  8. Most performed... not actually Christmas... but is associate with Christmas... My mind went straight to The Hallelujah Chorus. I guess we shall see on the 1st!

  9. Yeamie-- Funny you should mention "the accelerator pedal" since I've been driving for the past 3 days and at the end of the week I'll be driving again.

    Alex-- Ready for the 9th!

    JoJo -- Enjoying things so far.

    Jo--"White Christmas" is certainly oft performed.

    Karen -- Hope you have a productive break, but don't be away too long!

    Beer -- Who needs an excuse?

    Andrew -- Maybe a Ham on wry?

    Robin -- Stay tuned!


  10. I still propose the Rolling Stones: You can't always get what you want, and Fine Young Cannibals: She Drives Me Crazy as possible new Christmas Classics.

  11. Love Susan's choice 'You can't always get what you want!' Excellent!

    Always do your own thing - that's what makes life wild!

    Have you heard about the robotic twitter accounts that can be bought to hike your twitter followers and turn your book, record, whatever you're selling a best seller? And most folks call themselves leaders, nah the sheep mentality still exists - but I don't know who that's sadder for, the followers or the folks trying to get followers, trying to sell a product in a virtual existence! Sorry, I'll take my humdrum existence any day. Now to book my flight for Alaska! LOL

  12. Either I'm dumber than I think or your clues are pretty cryptic, cause I ain't got no ideas.

    Take it easy during the Holidays. I hope you're able to enjoy them with family.

  13. Hi. Nice photo :) Of course I live on the Palouse. Pretty cool to live here 24/7 if I do say so myself. Those fields turn a lush green in the spring. You would love it. Happy Thanksgiving!

  14. I feel like I know the answer to which song that is, but I can't pull it out of my overworked brain.

  15. Susan Kane-- "You Can't Always Get What You Want" is worthy of the seasonal festivities.

    Yolanda-- Yes, I seen the buy followers ads since I began bloggers. Who says you can't buy your friends?

    Faraway-- Don't want to make the clues too obvious but they are when you know what the song is.

    Sharon-- The photo caught my eye. It is a pretty scene.

    Susan GK-- Come back when your brain is rested.


  16. I also like Susan's suggestions, but I'm sure that you'll surprise us all! Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family Lee!


  17. Nope, I haven't got it. "Tis the season" only says one thing to me, but I don't know if that's the one you're decking out.

  18. I also love Susan's choice. Now I'll be singing You Can't Always Get What You Want all night.

    Enjoy your break and have a wonderful Thanksgiving, Lee. :)

  19. Hi, Arlee. There is nothing wrong with going against the grain. I like Christmas music, so I look forward to your Battle of the Bands post. Happy Thanksgiving!


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