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Monday, December 10, 2012

#AlexFest: In Honor of the Ninja Captain

Welcome to the “Cheers, Cavanaugh BlogFest.” 
Hosted by Mark KoopmansMorgan ShamyDavid Powers King and Stephen Trempthe BlogFest runs from December 10 - 12.   For more details on today's fun check out any of the above links.
While Alex is an awesome blogger, he’s also an enigma. 
So, here are some questions I need to answer:
·         In +/- 20 words, what does Alex look like?
·         In +/- 20 words, who could play Alex in a documentary? (Living or dead.)
·         In +/- 20 words, who does Alex remind you of?
·         In +/- 100 words, (excluding the title) write flash fiction using all these prompts:
     ·         Cavanaugh
           ·         Ninja
           ·         IWSG
           ·         Cosbolt
           ·         Guitar
For Bonus Points:
·         In +/- 40 words, leave a comment for Mrs. Cavanaugh - thanking her for sharing.


Here's My Take on Alex J. Cavanaugh: 
        I can't describe to you what Alex J. Cavanaugh looks like, but if I saw him I would know him.  That's what Alex looks like:  The friend I've always known and who was there when I needed him.  How could I not recognize Alex?   Besides, I've always been kind of lousy at describing people.  

       If someone were to make a documentary about Alex, who could play Alex other than Alex.  Excuse me, but it's a documentary so I want to see the real guy in the real story.  And that's a documentary I'd like to see.  I'm sure it would be more excitement than we could stand.   Maybe they could throw in some conspiracy theories to spice it up.

        Just thinking of Alex I am reminded of Don, one of my friends from younger days.   Good ol' Don could play a clean guitar lick like no one else I'd ever known.  And he was so darn meticulous and precise in everything he did that it would nearly drive me nuts because I didn't have that kind organization.  Like Don, Alex seems to be good at just about everything he does, filling me with a touch of envy, but loving him for his absolute mastery of life.

        That's Alex in a few words as seen from a faraway view of him.   I love the guy in every way from A to Z and I'm glad he's on my team.   Thanks for the friendship, Alex J. Cavanaugh.

So here's a little tale:

                             Stranger Than Science Fiction

         On a recent chilly rainy Southern California day I headed down to Stephen Tremp's place to see if he'd shoot me over to the warmer climes of Hawaii to see Mark Koopman.  You see, Tremp has this wormhole hidden away in his garage and I figured he wouldn't mind giving me a Breakthrough to see "The Madman" Koop.

         Stephen was amenable to the idea and led me to the portal of limitless possibilities.  Soon I was tumbling through an ethereal realm until I found myself in an unexpected place.  Curse that Tremp!--Always the practical joker and I was on the receiving end of Stephen's demented sense of humor.  This was not Hawaii.   I immediately recognized the desolate arid landscape as that of the distant planet of Tgren just as described by Alex J. Cavanaugh in his second novel CassaFire.

         Feeling as insecure as a writer submitting a blog post for the IWSG (Insecure Writers Support Group) I realized there was no return portal to get back to Earth.  If no one were to come to rescue me I would be hopelessly stranded on this alien sphere.

          Then I looked up with an apprehensive feeling.   A Cosbolt fighter appeared above.  Gracefully, the craft maneuvered towards me and settled onto the dusty terrain.  The door opened and a figure emerged.   It was the Ninja Captain himself, Alex J. Cavanaugh.   I would have recognized him even without the guitar he carried.
          As Alex started towards me with a determined stride, like clowns from a clown car in a circus, a veritable Ninja Army emerged from the Cosbolt.   Except they were not clowns.  They were clones--Alex clones.  As I had always suspected, there was no way Alex could do as much as he did without help.

        Hah!  Clones!   That's how Alex does it.   And now I'm stranded on Tgren with all of them.   Tremp!  I'll get you for this!

In Closing:

        I'll have to commend Alex's dear wife for putting up with all this blogging and everything else.  Thanks for sharing Alex with all of us.   To borrow from Jimmy Durante, "Goodnight, Mrs. Cavanaugh, wherever you are."

        As for me, I'm still here on Tgren. "Trrrremmmmp!   Get me outta here!"

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  1. Lee, that was hilarious!! Never trust a guy with a wormhole.
    You been one of my best blogger friends since the beginning, Lee. Not enough words to express my gratitude. Just, thank you.

  2. I knew it. I knew he had clones!

  3. LOL - And you're still stuck on Tgren. Way to go, Stephen.

    That's really great, Lee.

  4. Alex -- And thank you for all the help and support you've given me along the way.

    Donna, Yvonne, and Karen-- Thank you so much for dropping by.

    KM-- Yes, no one person can do as much as Alex appears to manage on his own and still hold a job.


  5. L.Diane -- Yeah, that Stephen and Alex must have a conspiracy going. At least they have internet here on Tgren.


  6. Bwahaha! Never trust a wormhole.
    I always suspected Alex had clones!

  7. This was the perfect tribute to a great friend. Loved your flash fiction, I suspect there is something about ALex as well and clones does make the most!

  8. Lee, so clever is your flash fiction!
    I nominate you to win ;D
    I love this~

  9. That was awesome, Arlee! You're not the only one who wants to catch a plane to meet the madman, or Alex, for that matter. Great post! :)

  10. Lee, that was one awesome tribute. If I was Alex, I'd be proud. No doubt he is too. Bravo!

  11. Laura -- It has to be clones. Or superhuman speed. Or maybe just really good organization and the fastest computer and internet that you can find.

    Siv -- Alex has a comment speed that leaves me in the dust. It would take me all day to put together posts with all the links he puts in.

    Ella -- Well, thank you for that.

    David -- I'd prefer an accurately targeted wormhole, but, yeah, it would be nice to be able to make the rounds to visit bloggers everywhere. Thanks for cohosting.

    Joylene -- Alex should be glowing with pride, but he's been a shining star in Blogdom for a good while now.

    Faraway Eyes -- Thank you for letting me know.


  12. Very nice sentiments. Quite touching!

  13. Clones!!! That's how he does it. You're a genius, Arlee. :)

  14. you are a great friend to alex! fun story! and i think its clones too! (like that jimmy neutron episode...)

  15. I adore the idea of paying tribute to Alex in this blogfest Lee and think that you did a fantastic job, Alex certainly does deserve some recognition!

  16. Ahh. Alex has clones. That explains everything!

  17. ML -- Thanks for stopping in. I'll bet this day will be more than just touching for Alex--it'll be like a big whomp on the head. Just so his head doesn't swell up!

    Nicki -- If I were a genius I'd have the clones.

    Tara -- I feel like I grew up with Alex as a blogger at least.

    Yeamie-- An adulation blogfest like this one is unprecedented as far as I know. If anyone got one Alex deserves it.

    Andrew -- I've confronted Alex about the clones but he refuses to fess up.


  18. CLONES!! Right. Definitely. Why didn't I think of that? It explains so much!!

  19. Darn it! Clones! That's the answer...why didn't I think of that...
    Nicely done and very personal, Lee.

    Tina @ Life is Good

  20. Hey,

    That was awesome - and Lee you are always welcome to call upon us should you ever visit Hawaii... I will just tell the wife and children to hide behind a couch and not make a sound :)

  21. One of the best Alex Fest posts I've read yet!

  22. Your story truly rocks. Very funny and probably spot on. I always wondered how he does it all. I Alex is very supportive of his clones, too, telling them what a great job they are doing and all that :)

  23. Ohhhh... this was the most beautiful post I've read all morning... such a lovely tribute to Alex!

  24. Tamara -- Someday Alex will let the secret slip and then we'll all know for sure.

    Tina -- No one person can do what Alex does all by himself. You and I know how much work it all takes and good ol' Alex just glides along.

    Mark -- Hawaii is one of two states I've never been to yet. I'll let you know when I'm on my way.

    C.Lee-- Thanks!

    Shell -- You are probably right. Alex is always so supportive of everyone. We need more like Alex.

    Morgan -- Thank you so much! And thank you for being a part of this crazy fun tribute.


  25. This was an excellent post Lee. Very touching when describing Alex, but I also loved the humor in your flash fiction. And I couldn't help but laugh at Alex's comment, "Never trust a guy with a wormhole." LOL

  26. HAhaha! I loved your story. I hear Tgren is balmy this time of year...

  27. Loved the last line to Stephen. lol That'd be quite the concert if all the clones have guitars, too.

  28. Elise -- Yeah, where is that Tremp anyway. I haven't seen his AlexFest post yet. Did he fall into a wormhole?

    Lynda -- Yes, Tgren is absolutely lovely if you like dust storms.

    M Pax -- There you go, a grand guitar symphony. That sounds epic.

    Carol-- thanks for the comment.


  29. LOL. Sounds like Stephen Tremp has it coming! Great story.

  30. A great blogfest and a lovely post!

  31. Love it Lee! Yeah Alex would definiely be the bes choice to play himself!

  32. Great ending dude. I enjoyed the wit and unexpected surprises in that read. Alex's clones explain allot.

  33. Wonderfully funny story!!! Thank you!

  34. I loved your description of Alex. So true.:)

  35. Cool post Lee!
    You're right about who Alex must look like - Alex, just Alex :)

  36. Golden Eagle -- I'm still waiting for Stephen Tremp to show up.

    LBD-- I think a lot of folks had fun with this blogfest.

    Jemi -- Let's see the real Alex, not some pretender.

    Spaceguy -- Thanks for dropping by to leave such a nice comment.

    Tyrean -- And thank you!

    Mina -- I called it like I see it.

    Marta -- He radiates "Alex" so we couldn't miss him.


  37. great ending with the quote...very classy!

  38. Hahaha! That's great! I'm sending a wormhole your way right now!

  39. Clones! That is a good theory. So many good theories as to how he does it...

    Allison (Geek Banter)

  40. Lee, didn't know you could write scifi. Maybe you should have bribed Stephen.

  41. Tammy -- I don't always think of myself as a classy guy, but I thank you for saying so. And I guess I can be classy sometimes.

    Stephen Tremp-- Aha! At last you show up. I wanna go home.

    Allison -- I'm convinced it has to be clones.

    DG -- I suppose I could write just about anything that I'd put my mind to. Not saying that it would be good. I don't think bribery would work for Stephen. He likes to have too much fun sending people into other dimensions.


  42. First you wrote such a beautiful tribute to Alex, and then you shifted into a fabulous flash fiction piece. I also loved your clever word play. It's heartwarming to see your mutual admiration for each other.

  43. Hi Lee - this is you to a Tee - great writing and should be at number one .. loved your take on the fest ..

    Congratulations - seems like Tremp has helped you return to writing ..

    Cheers Hilary

  44. Oh, excellent! Love the jumping through space to Alex's planet! Very nicely done!

  45. Julie -- Alex has been a great help to me along the way and an ongoing supporter. I wish we could get together sometime.

    Hilary -- Thank you so much! I never really left writing--just haven't been writing as many posts.

    Hart -- Thanks for the kind words.


  46. Alex sure has a lot of friends out there who have interesting takes on what he looks like!

    You got an award over at World of the Scribe today, Arlee! Hop on over to my blog at your convenience!


  47. Wonderful post, and you've answered the burning questions... how does Alex do it? Clones! I should have know.

  48. Written like a true friend, Lee. And clones, yes, clones. I'd totally buy it.

    Shannon at The Warrior Muse


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