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Wednesday, December 12, 2012

How Do You Like Your Noodles?

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Let Me 'Splain Something Lucy:

        For those of you who are wondering why this blog is called Tossing It Out let me reexplain.   I've told the story before so those who know please bear with me.  I don't want any readers to think that my blog name has any naughty or disgusting connotations.

          When I first named this blog I wanted a title that related to juggling (since I am a juggler).  The idea of tossing objects in the air seemed like a good writing metaphor of juggling words to create some sort of order.  "Tossing it out" also can mean expressing ideas for consideration which is what I do here.  The phrase can have other meanings as well that don't have anything to do with tossing cookies, although I'm a big fan of cookies in the sense of baked goods.

           So there you have it, and today I want to toss out a few ideas and this and that.   Toss them out for your consideration that is.

Did You Get Your Fill of Alex Yet?
          Just in case you've just crawled out of your bomb shelter or something there's this Adulation of Alex J. Cavanugh BlogFest going on right now.  If you missed my post you can find it here and then you can find all the other entries here.

Are You Afraid?

          Speaking of bomb shelters, do you realize the end is almost near?  Just a week from this Friday, on December 21, it's all over folks.   So say some.  Personally I don't believe it.  Do you think the predictions are correct?   Did anyone say what time it's going to happen?  I need to plan for that day.  An end of the world could mess up my whole schedule.

But What About This Friday?

         Since we may have no future we can look back at the past.  Once again our A to Z Team mate D.L.Hammons is hosting what may or may not be the last Deja Vu BlogFest.   This one's easy, bloggers.  All you have to do is repost something you did over the past year.  This is a great way to give those neglected posts another chance for an audience or to just post one of your favorites.  Come on and join the fun!  It's the easy way to post something on your blog.

Happy Anniversary!

         Something else that happens every year is my wedding anniversary.   My wife Betty and I will be celebrating our 15th year of marriage come this Thursday December 13th.   Betty probably won't see it here on my blog, but I'll announce it for everyone else to see:  Happy Anniversary to Lee and Betty!

To Be Continued...

         This is one of those posts where I set out to say something and got totally sidetracked.   Since most of us are not particularly fond of huge epic long posts I'll save what I was going to say for later.  And believe me I've got plenty to say.  But I seriously doubt that I can say it all before next Friday.

         Do you sometimes wonder how some blogs got their names?   What'd you think of that Alex Fest?  Do you believe the end of the world prognostication?   Do you have a blog post from 2012 that you'd like to share with us again?  Oh, yeah, and how do you like your noodles?


  1. I'm so pleased to read about you and Betty having your 15th wedding anniversary, wishing you two the happiest of anniversaries, that's so awesome. I love the idea of the Alex fest too, great post buddy, personally I don't believe in this 2012 nonsense but maybe that's because I really don't want it to be true!

  2. Congrats on yours and Bettt's Anniversary Lee. Have a lovely day.

    I don't believe about the end of the world, It would have been a waste of time buying Christmas Presents if it were

    Enjoyed the Alex Blogfest it was great fun.

    Have a great day.

  3. Happy anniversary!
    I've had my fill. Wait, it's not over yet...
    World's not ending. I have plans.
    And you have an award at my site, my good sir!

  4. My blog post today mentions the impending apocalypse! Of course it's not going to happen. Our yearly calendar ends every year on December 31 and yet, somehow, the world goes on. Amazing! Hahaha. :) The end of the Mayan calendar just means there needs to be a new one!

  5. Hi Lee - I should have remembered about the 13th from last year - many congratulations to you both ... I hope tomorrow will be a very happy celebratory day - with many more ahead of you both.

    I crawled out from my insecurities to eventually get to post for Cavanaugh fest ..

    Cheers Hilary

  6. Happy anniversary, Lee. Glorious to honor those milestones. Hubs and I are coming up on 17years - can hardly believe it. I like my noodles with meat sauce. Unless they're thai noodles, then I like peanut sauce.
    And no, the Mayan prophecy was mis-interpreted. The world is definitely not ending!

  7. Yeamie -- Thanks! I don't want the Mayan prediction to be true either and I believe there are some other predictions that overrule that one.

    Yvonne -- Maybe there will be a lot of last minute shopping when people find out the prediction was not true.

    Alex -- Thanks for the award! I'll be doing an awards post on December 24.

    Laura -- There have been many end prophecies before that didn't come true and I don't think this 2012 prophecy will be the last. Gives us something to blog about though.

    Hilary -- I will have to get by your Alex post.

    Karen -- Noodles with meat sauce of all styles is good, but my favorites are the Thai noodles--especially the Pad Thai. I love peanut sauce.


  8. Happiest of Anniversaries, Arlee. I'm sure there will be many more :-).

  9. CONGRATULATIONS on the Wedding Anniversary, BOIDMAN. Fifteen years - that's good stuffs.

    ~ D-FensDogg
    'Loyal American Underground'

  10. R.E.M. sang it best... it's the end of the world... i feel fine. alex is awesome and humble... i think we need a fest to you and call it... okay... so far the name that comes to mind without any disrespect... is "Giving Us The Bird" a tribute to you... at least you could teach me how to juggle.

    have a super day!

  11. I've always thought your blog title was clever. Happy Anniversary!

  12. Happy Anniversary to Lee and Betty!!! That's awesome Lee, and I hope you both have a wonderful day and many more years together!
    I do not believe any of the Mayan 2012 nonsense. I saw a guy on tv a few months back, who was the curator of a Mayan exhibit at a museum, (sorry, I can't remember the details)...he said that people come in all the time and ask to be shown the '2012 end of the world stuff'...and he says that he can't show it to them because it doesn't exist! He said that the Mayans never predicted the end of the world at any time, let alone 2012, and as far as he knows the whole idea was invented by an author in the '60's...of course, even without seeing that show, I would have assumed it was hogwash..the end of the world has been predicted so many times..I think we should all talk about it on the 22nd!
    As for noodles...I love noodles with alfredo sauce and chow mein. I think most people love noodles!

  13. Happy anniversary. Not worried about the end of the world as much as I am about how I'm going to find time to bake Christmas cookies.

  14. Were you a short-order cook, too, Lee? I like my noodles skinny and Chinese style. I love chow mein noodles. Never had them until I moved to British Columbia, so I was an instant convert.

    The Alexfest is a interesting view into what type of writing the blogger usually does. Not in all cases, however. There are some great interpretations on Alex!

    The Mayan calendar could have only foretold the future for their civilization, if the Mayans had survived to this day. This might have been one of their legends or stories. Reminds me of the misdirected anxiety of Y2K.

    Congrats on the Anniversary to you and your wife! Staying together takes effort and caring.

  15. LeO -- We're counting on a few more at least.

    StMc -- First marriage for me that's made it this far and I hope there won't be anymore. I'm shooting for 50 years, but damn we'll be old then.

    Jeremy -- The Blogfest title is funny, but I don't know if I could stand all those posts about me. And everyone who visits my blog knows basically what I look like.

    Kelly -- Thank you. I thought it was clever to and then I started getting some remarks that took it in the wrong way. Oh well, it gave me something else to blog about.

    Eve -- Someone should have come up with an "End of the World BlogFest". Seems like the world is going to end every few years or so. Maybe the end of the world as we knew it actually did happen and we're living in an alternate reality. So many different kinds of noodles and ways to fix them. I'm sure there's a noodle for everyone out there.

    Johanna -- Yes, that time thing continually vexes me. Save some cookies for me.

    DG -- I prefer skinny noodles when it comes to Italian pasta. I'm a big fan of Asian style noodles as well. Gosh, when you start thinking about it there are a lot of noodle dishes to choose from.
    I don't think the coming disaster has as many serious worriers as Y2K--most people probably recognize the silliness of the prediction. My wife and I have put effort in the marriage to make it work and I hope it just gets easier as time goes by.


  16. okay... we can do a roast and make it dirty/blue show... there is something there.... hmmm maybe in the new year?

  17. Happy Anniversary - fifteen years ain't nothing to sneeze at.

  18. Happy anniversary!! :) Hope you enjoy a wonderful day.

    It was great seeing all the support for Alex - he's such a great guy!

  19. First and foremost, Happy Anniversary!

    Rarely do I wonder how a blog got its name. After a few minutes of perusing through a blog you can usually figure it out.

    Had no idea there was an Alex Fest, so I must say, I don't think anything.

    This current age will come to a close at the end of the millenial kingdom and Christ destroys this present heaven and earth and recreates a new heaven and earth. When that will take place, no one knows, not even the angels in heaven.

    It won't be the day the Mayans, Aztecs, or Apaches say so. By the way I did a post on the Mayan Calendar and showed that their intent was for the calendar to do what all calendars do, turn over to the next day. Their calendar didn't end and the world won't end as a result. That will be by a sovereign act of God.

    Now that you bring it out, if I were to repost a blog from 2012 I think it would be the one about the Mayan Calendar. I wonder where I posted it? Hmmmmmm...

    I like my noodles in spaghetti if you please.

  20. I certainly never thought of your blog as having any "naughty" connotations. I'd thought the idea behind Tossing It Out had something to do with brainstorming ideas and writing, and it was a reference to what we keep or don't keep when we revise. Thanks for the clarification.

    ...And Happy Anniversary!!! I wish you and your wife all the best!

  21. RetroZ -- I can't stop a roast/blogfest, but I hope it's not too dirty/blue.

    Faraway eyes-- no sneezing yet. I guess I'm not allergic to my wife.

    Jemi -- I don't think we'll see many blogfests in honor of a blogger like we did with AlexFest.

    Gregg -- The end you're talking about is the one I was really thinking of. More authority in that prophecy than the Mayan one. I remember your post about the Mayan calendar. You should repost it and join the Friday Deja Vu Fest.

    Cynthia -- I think most people get the meaning of my blog moniker, but still now and then I get a snarky comment about it so I like to clear that up now and then.


  22. I usually don't wonder about the meaning behind a blog's title, but I do often wonder why so many people are so much more clever than I am.

    Apocalypse? Probably not. I'm hoping not, anyway, because it's due to happen right before payday so I would be caught ill-prepared for last-minute preparations. Also, that would mean an awful lot of wasted xmas gifts, & I just can't believe fate would be so cruel.

    I will have to check out this "share an old 2012 post" thing you're talking about. I'm definitely interested.

    I like my noodles with extra parm. Keep grating. Don't stop. What do you mean there's no more left???

  23. Happy Anniversary Lee n' Betty!
    I hope you celebrate and do something special :D

    I love the name of your blog-it so fits you!

    I'm not worried about the end yet-I am hoarding liquor and chocolates, so visit me, if you are in need, lol.
    Actually first place I'd go is the pharmacy- :D

    Fun post!!! YOU were right about both of my poems! I am working on my post now~

  24. Andi Roo -- Join in the Friday fun. Deja Vu is a great way to get more blog exposure without having to write a new post. Some posts deserve second chances.

    Ella -- Cool that my guesses were right. I had to think a little bit, but you left some really good clues.


  25. Happy Anniversary! I wish you 15 more years, and 15 more, and 15 more, and.... :)

    I like my noodles
    On a poodle
    In a doodle
    And cooked

  26. Happy Anniversary!

    Your blog definitely have one of my favorite blog titles ever.

    My blogs tend to go with the obvious. :-D

  27. happy anniversary lee---and i am not really concerned about that calendar thing as i think they were way off on their counting anyway--and i like my noodles sticky :)

  28. Carol -- And I wish for many multiples of 15 as well. But not for noodles on a poodle. I do prefer them cooked though--noodles not poodles.

    Misha -- Thank for all of that.

    Lynn -- Sticky noodles? that anything like sticky rice?


  29. Hey Arlee!

    I just wanted to inform you that you’ve been nominated for the LIEBSTER AWARD! For more information, visit my blog at

  30. Happy Anniversary! (A day late) I hope you guys had a wonderful celebration.

    Shannon at The Warrior Muse


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