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Monday, December 24, 2012

Time To Open My Christmas Presents

         The world didn't end but 2012 is about to quietly fade into the past and welcome another year.  What will 2013 bring us?   Over all the past year has been a good year, but odd in many ways.  For me there was so much left undone in a year that seemed to fly so swiftly by.  But it was a good year.  If every year were as good as 2012 has been then I'd be okay with that.

         Normally I wouldn't be acknowledging any awards on this blog.  But it's Christmas and I'm going to recognize a couple that came my way recently.  It's time to have fun.  Time to open presents.


          From Jeffrey Beesler at World of the Scribe I was bestowed another one of these Liebster Blog awards.   I'm not only not going to follow the "rules", I'm not even going to list them. You can click on the link to Jeffrey's blog if you really want to know about this award.  Besides you should click on the link anyway and go visit Jeffrey.

         Since Jeffrey's a friend and former A to Z Team mate, and I kind of like answering questions, I'll play along with the part where he asked eleven questions.  After all, it's Christmas and we don't want to get too heavy-laden with deep thinking.

My Questions from Jeffrey:

1. What kind of food do you enjoy most?  Do you want the long or short answer?  I love just about all food.  Of course, it depends on what I'm in the mood for, but I can almost always go for Thai.  Pizza is a definite all-around favorite.  Let's phrase this question in a better way:  What kind of food don't I like?  Let's head to the buffet!

2. What is your favorite color?  Blue,  kind of like the font in the question.

3. What drove you to first write?  School--they made me learn.  But I was trying even before that.  I've always been fascinated by books and wanted to write them.

4. What genre do you like to read most?  Probably whatever I'm enjoying at the present time.  I'm an eclectic reader with an inclination towards speculative, Southern, or spiritual/philosophic literature.  I like books that get me to think, but not by weighing down my thoughts.

5. What genre do you like to read least?   If we're talking fiction, then I'll say romance and fantasy are my least favorite genres.  I want to read things that I can believe or that make me think.  Wait! I think I already said that. 

6. If you could have a super power, which one would you most like to have?   Ability to fly would be very nice.   Invisibility might be even better since I could sneak onto aircraft and fly places, but also be able to do other very cool things.   Hmmm--that makes me sound kind of sneaky.

7. If you could challenge one fictional character to a duel, which one would you choose?  Dueling is not something I want to be doing.  If I absolutely had to I guess I'll go with the weird kid in the movie Deliverance.   If you saw the movie you'll remember the kid that plays the banjo.  Since it's a fictional scene I'd be playing the banjo too and we'd be doing the "Dueling Banjos".    That way no one gets hurt unless I decide to go rafting down that river.  Great movie by the way.

8. Will you ever stop writing?   Assuming that one day I'll no longer be living I think I'd have to say that I'll stop writing when that day comes.  

9. What’s more fun, watching paint dry or watching grass grow?  Watching the grass grow is much more fun if it's the kind you can smoke later. 

10. Print or E-Books: What’s your favorite, and why?  So far for me it's definitely print books because I still don't have an e-reader and reading on my computer is tedious.   Also, I love the feel and all of the sensory experiences that accompany a real book.

11.What was the number one song playing the year you completed high school?   "Aquarius/Let the Sun Shine" by the Fifth Dimension was a big hit at the time of my graduation.  This was a song from the cutting edge hippie musical Hair.    "In the Year 2525" was also climbing the charts.  This song was an interesting look at what the future might hold for for the human race if they survive--the predictions aren't so far-fetched, but perhaps projected a bit far into the future.

         I thank you Jeffrey for thinking of your old buddy.   Have a Merry Christmas and much success in the year to come.


           I was very honored to be named as a 2012 Blog of the Year by the incomparable Ninja Captain and master blogger Alex J. Cavanaugh.   What an honor to be passed this award by the man who is a friend to most of you and my A to Z co-hort from the beginning.  Thank you, Alex.

          Another wonderful blogger also passed this award to me and I in my abhorrent state of disarray cannot find who that other blogger is.   I offer my profuse apologies.  I will continue to try to find this source so I can acknowledge her on this post.  I humbly apologize and just want to crawl into a place to hide.

      So that's what I'll do.  It's late as I write this and I'm getting blurry eyed.

      My thanks to all of my readers and especially those who leave comments.  You are all Bloggers of the Year in my book.



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  1. Congrats Lee on your well deserved blogs. I was luckier than most I met the man behind the A to Z Challenge and it was a day I will treasure, this year I had many knocks but meeting you was the highlight.

    Hope you have a peaceful and an enjoyable Christmas and here's to 2013. Keith sends his warmest regards when I saw him yesterday, he is away for Christmas with his children.

  2. Happy Christmas and a Happy New Year and I hope that 2013 turns out to be even better that 2012

    Rob Z Tobor

  3. Hi again , made a spelling mistake in the above. meant to say well deserved

  4. Merry Christmas, Arlee.

    Three Cheers on your awards. Both are very deserved. Your blog is a fun place to stop by, whether I get to comment or not. Your posts are reflective of your desire to think...which is a good thing. Hoping the New Year is Joyful and even more wonderful than the one drawing to a close :-)

  5. Congratulations, Lee. Can't ever go wrong with Thai food. Or being invisible. (Every boy's dream - think about it!)
    Have a blessed Christmas with your family.

  6. Yay for your awards! :) I remember Aquarius - fun song :)

  7. Congratulations on your awards!!!!
    Merry Christmas Arlee!

  8. LEE ~
    I'm glad you found 2012 to be at least acceptable. That surprises me, considering a few of the Emails you and I exchanged over the year and your mood that I detected in them. But... very glad to hear it wasn't so bad for ya after all, Brother.

    2012 was fairly sh*tty for me. Could have been much worse - sure. But pretty sh*tty nonetheless. However, I have higher hopes for 2013. If I find my 2013 hopes dashed early, I'll just get MYSELF higher... with my buddy Al Coholabuse and his cousins Jim, Jack, Jose, Captain Morgan and Ever J. Clear.

    Anyway, Bro, my best wishes to ya and all y'all for a Merry CHRISTmas and a rockin' good New Year.

    Yer McBuddy, McMeboy.

    ~ D-FensDogg
    'Loyal American Underground'

  9. The first thing I ever write that was published was a paper on the novel Deliverance. Great story. And yeah, I'd rather watch the "grass" grow, too! I much prefer the printed book but I do enjoy my ereader. Congrats on blog of the year & your first star. I just received one, as well. Merry Christmas, Lee!

  10. Wow Lee, I'm offering you a MASSIVE congratulations on that blog of the year award and in all honesty it is very, very hard to dispute because what you do over here is brilliant, I love your answers too. Have a great Christmas to both you and your family my friend.

  11. Happy Birthday!
    Oh, wait... wrong holiday special. Speaking of which, why is Frosty the Snowman a Christmas special? Okay, so they stuck Santa into it, but, still...
    Merry Christmas, Lee!

  12. Merry Christmas, Lee!

    Many thanks for the support and encouragement you have shown to us throughout the year - you inspire us to greater and better things and I wish you the very best for 2013!

  13. much deserved awards!! merry Christmas :)

  14. I too like the blue of the mentioned font- makes me think of sunny skies. Have a great Christmas! Nice to have met you this year.

  15. Here's looking forward to a new year, and a chance to do it all over again Lee.


  16. Congrats on the awards, LEE.

    I hope you and your family have an AMAZING holiday season!

  17. A collective thanks to all of you who stopped by and left comments. You are all appreciated. The Christmas days went very well and it was a good time with family. Hope your days were good as well.


  18. Congrats on the awards! Definitely liked reading the answers to the questions and got a laugh at #7 :) Enjoyed reading your postings today. Wishing you a Happy and a Safe New Year!

  19. Gossip Girl-- You got a mention today at my Wrote By Rote blog.



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