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Friday, December 14, 2012

Deja Vu Blogfest: Dynamic Flow

          D.L.Hammons is hosting the 2012 version of the Deja Vu blogfest once again.   Yes, it's Deja Vu all over again as participants offer old favorite 2012 blog posts for readers who might have missed them the first time around.

           As I wandered back through the archives of Tossing It Out I realized that perhaps half of my entries were guest posts, blogfests, or book reviews and the like.   Another twenty percent or so were A to Z posts or posts about the A to Z Challenge.   That still left a number of posts that had already been fairly well visited.  So instead of repeating any of these I thought I'd take a different approach.   I hope it's not cheating--I don't think it is.

         What I've decided to do is revisit a post from one of my other blogs.   I'm pretty happy about the visitors I get here on Tossing It Out, but my other blogs are somewhat neglected.   I have a few loyal followers at my dream blog A Faraway View, but I wouldn't mind getting a few more.  The ones who visit regularly tell me it's among their favorite blogs. It's a niche blog, but it's a niche we can all probably relate to.

           Another reason why I think this post is fair game for the Deja Vu BlogFest is that a companion piece also called "Dynamic Flow", which was a guest post by Halina Goldstein where she discusses her own theory of the Dynamic Flow concept as she interprets it, appeared on Tossing It Out the day before the post on A Faraway View.  You may also like to check out Halina's guest post for the contrast.

          I hope you enjoy this look back to a January post from my dream blog A Faraway View.   Please come to visit me and check out other posts.

Dynamic Flow: The Dream

Art by Ada Z
  On one particular morning I woke up with a complete clarity of mind resulting from an elucidation delivered through a dream message.  A consummate comprehension of money and the workings of wealth had been explained to me.  My confidence concerning my personal economic status swelled as I realized that money would no longer be something that I would have to worry about.

         The concept that was given to me in the dream I intuitively recognized as "Dynamic Flow".  I cannot say if the meaning of this term was verbally explained to me, demonstrated in some way, or something that I just knew.  But I did know the meaning.   Dynamic Flow is the theory that states:  Outward movement of money will result in an incoming flow of money.

          My mental state soared as I believed that an age old secret of wealth had been bestowed upon me.  It was early morning as is the usual case in this stage of my life when I wake up.  Per my custom my first action of the morning was to check the computer.  But before checking through my emails or blog, I immediately opened up a new post window and entered the title "Dynamic Flow".   I then went to the text box and entered:  Dynamic Flow is the theory that states, "Outward movement of money will result in an incoming flow of money."

          As I continued through my morning--eating breakfast, doing morning chores, checking through emails--the essence of the dynamic flow concept stayed with me, but my enthusiasm waned as I no longer understood all that had seemed so clear to me when I first woke up.  And now I have a vague idea about the dream definition of dynamic flow, but it no longer seems so amazing and life changing as it did right after having dreamed it.

         I have had dreams like this on occasion.  I will dream of a concept that seems revelatory and profound, leaving me with a belief or delusion of great life-changing discovery.  Then as my mind becomes distanced from the dream I begin to face reality?  Lose the truth revealed in the dream?  Realize the lie that had been presented to me?  I'm not sure what the answer is, and I suppose it could be any of these depending on the dream.

         The messages of dreams are not always clear nor are they necessarily overtly true.   If dreams are messages from the subconscious mind then the truths may be disclosed by lies of symbolization of dream images that are tangible and intangible representations of things that we know in waking life or they could possibly be misinterpretations that we have made about things in waking life as we have seen or experienced them.   Or are they lies that come from some place or being outside of us?  This would be the most frightening thought.

          Have you ever awoken with thoughts of apparent genius until you thought them through and realized they made no sense?    Have you ever awoken with a brilliant idea that did make sense and you were able to apply in some useful way?   Have you ever had dreams that you believe could have been planted in your mind by some outside evil force?

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  1. Yes!
    Bummer you didn't remember that one with more clarity.

  2. Very interesting Do-Over post!

    I seldom remember my dreams, so I rarely have a similar situation. But the concept of "Dynamic Flow" seems odd -- I'm not familiar with it, so I could be missing something, but it also seems like hoping "outward flow" leads to "inward flow" could just as easily lead to deficit spending and a growing debt.

    "I hope money comes in as a result of me spending money" seems not to be a very sound financial concept -- there are plenty of rational reasons why that idea lost luster as the day went on, lol!

  3.'re not breaking the rules, and even if you were, phish!! I've been in that exact circumstance with my dreams before, where the clarity of what was bestowed upon me slips away during the course of the day. :(

    Great re-post! Thank you for participating. :)

  4. I really like your dream blog. I find it fascinating.

    If I have dreamt of enlightening ideas, I don't remember them. Too bad! LOL!

  5. You could've made millions on the book.

  6. Yeah, I think I am one of those "niche" blogs, kinda like a caramel macchioto, a delight but not for everyone.

    Visiting from the Deju Vu Blogfest.

    Come and join my Countdown to Kitschmas -

  7. Alex -- Maybe my memory was as clear as made sense, but I'd like to know why I was so fired up by the concept.

    Chris -- I agree that the concept seems to lack some logic, but I can also see the economic logic behind it. Maybe something to do with keeping money flowing into the economy will add increase to economic productivity and increase the job market. I think there is something there that I might want to think through a bit more.

    DL -- We all know that there are no hard rules in blogging. Thanks for hosting this now annual event. It's a great opportunity.

    Sherry -- I hope you will continue to visit and participate in A Faraway View.

    L.Diane-- Maybe that's why I had the dream. I should revisit the concept and maybe someday I will.

    Tami -- Niche blogs are "where it's at" according to pro-blogging experts. Mine is probably less marketable than yours.


  8. Great posting and glad you revived it in the blogfest. I will not even pretend to understand dreams, because I don't. I definitely enjoyed reading your posting here.

  9. I don't seem to dream much these days... I wonder if that's a good or bad thing? Or maybe I do, but I don't remember much by the time I wake...
    Your post made me think of this quote: "The interpretation of dreams is the royal road to a knowledge of the unconscious activities of the mind." Freud.

  10. I don't think the concept of "more outflow, more inflow" lacks logic at all. Don't they commonly say in the business world that in order to make money, you have to spend it? On the other hand, the concept could just as easily be stated as, "The more you give, the more you receive." I don't think it means to go out and blow all your money willy-nilly, and then expect the big bucks to fall into your lap. I see it as more of a nudge toward making a personal investment (and not necessarily in dollars and cents) into some altruistic undertaking. You know, a Biblical kinda thought. But what do I know? Maybe it just means you need to go out and buy your wife some jewelry.

  11. Years ago, I dreamt I won the lottery. I remembered the numbers when I woke up and the 7-11 where I bought the ticket. I'm not a lottery player, but I did play the a different 7-11. Of course I didn't win, and I've always wondered what would have happened if I had gone to the same 7-11 that was in my dream :-)

  12. Gossip Girl -- Thanks for leaving the comment.

    Michelle -- I like the Freud quote. I think many of us are so busy with what we have to do each day that we don't have time to reflect on our dreams. They are forgotten so quickly if we don't study them immediately.

    Susan -- Your explanation is very good and that's the way it comes across to me. As for the jewelry, since I've had no income for a couple years that might be difficult, though I did take her the other day so she could buys herself a very nice ring to celebrate our 15th anniversary. Hopefully I can make up for it later.

    Jenny -- Yes, you should never alter the data of the dream premonition. Probably though, the dream merely reflected inner wishes and desires.


  13. Great post! I am now your newest follower.

  14. I've done this exact thing Lee although in fairness I can sometimes dream up concept that are pretty decent in my defence. Great post buddy, love this idea, it's something that doesn't cross the minds of most people, interesting stuff as always my friend.

  15. This happens to me all of the time. I wake up with such clarity of thought on solving all of my problems and some of the worlds, only to have them fade swiftly. I wonder, does this mean these ideas are not valid, am I not worthy of them, or is the world in general not ready, and I have merely been allowed a small glimpse of what could be.

    Glad I didn't miss the post on it's second time around.

  16. Arlee, I've never had the secret to financial success revealed to me in a dream. But I have had story ideas -- whole plots even -- that were absolutely brilliant in the middle of the night.

    And made no sense in the morning.

  17. This post struck close at heart. Just recently I posted about a dream I had that revealed a plot for a YA book. Never mind that the closest thing to YA I've ever written was a list of things to buy my kids for Christmas. The idea was BRILLIANT I tell ya'.

    The basic premise? A young boy went through a supernatural change that turned out to be puberty. Try to refrain from stealing my best-seller idea, ok?

  18. JJ -- And I am now following your political blog.

    Yeamie -- I think flashes of genius can come in dreams and when we can harness them they can change our lives.

    Faraway Eyes - I think it could be any or all of the things you mention. Mostly I don't think we know what to do with the information when we get it or just aren't willing to take the time.

    Dianne -- I've had similar story ideas, but I've also had ideas that have made good stories or someday will.

    Cindy -- I think it sounds like an idea with potential. You better get it done now.


  19. I too occasionally have dreams that seem revelatory only to have them dissipate and seem silly as the day progresses. So sad because I feel I lose whatever wisdom the dream may have had.
    Here's a Jungian dream analysis question for you: what part of you does the symbolism of money -- outgoing and incoming -- represent? What does it say to you about yourself?

  20. Nail on the head, Lee. I have awoken many times with genius on the brain only to have the morning shower wash it all away.

    Here's an invite to the Apocalypse Blogfest that Shannon Lawrence and I are hosting next week.

  21. Jagoda -- It could possibly be valuable to take pause to reflect and examine dream messages such as this and I probably did so more for this one than I normally would have. I think the representation of the money concept here has to do with life, vitality, and power. When I had the dream I had been unemployed for a couple of years and all sources of income had stopped. I was very close with what I was spending my money on. Since my wife was now the breadwinner I felt somewhat devoid of power and freedom. The dream seemed to be telling me that I need not to worry about money so much and just allow the natural flow to occur and my income streams would eventually open up. The dream also reflects some of my philosophy of economic theory--that to have a vibrant spending economy means continued production and economic growth within the society. So much bad news on the economic front in recent years has made me think more about economic solutions for a difficult time. So my dream was probably a combination of addressing my own anxieties as well as a reflection on the state of the nation's economy. What do you think? Does this sound like credible reasoning about the dream?

    Chuck -- I going to have to check the blogfest out. Got a lot coming up for the next couple of weeks. I'll see if I can squeeze this in.


  22. Saying hello from Deja Vu...I don't believe in evil forces planting dreams but I do believe that sometimes our dreams reveal what might be lurking in a darker side of our subconsciousness. I've certainly woken up from dreams thinking I hit some sort of an intellectual jackpot and after brushing my teeth and having some time to process it a little more, I'd think, No, that'd never fly. I think it helps to jot down notes when you first wake up so you can capture some of what made the dream so brilliant in your writing before you knock it down. Perhaps later, when you re-read what you'd written, you might realize something and think...hmm....maybe I could go somewhere with this.

  23. I have had that happen. I'll wake up convinced I've come up with something absolutely genius in a dream ... only to wake up a bit more and realize it's not quite as genius as I first thought.

    This sounds a bit like a money flow idea.

  24. Yes, I have! The most wonderful ideas in my dreams, and later they're pretty nonsensical. :)

  25. Dreams are great, until you try to remember the details, LOL!

  26. I frequently wake up with a "brilliant" idea I can no longer remember. Most of my dreams are strange concepts and bits and pieces of life all smashed up together. The idea that a dream/thought has been planted by something else is chilling though.

  27. Yes, your dream analysis sounds like credible reasoning (emphasis on the reason part). You mentioned in the blog post waking up feeling energized and excited--paying attention to the feeling of the dream is as important a part of understanding its meaning for you...those feelings related to power and abundance which you mention. I know this dream is in the past, so no need to explore this further. You were interested in my view of this topic, and as you see, this is where I took it. I don't always analyze (or remember) all my dreams either...but some stay with me awhile and cry out for me to understand something about them. If/when I do, I feel a release of anxiety, a calmness that comes from, "Oh, now I see."

  28. Cynthia -- I think anything can be possible, even the possibility of evil forces planting dreams. I would definitely agree with you about the darker side of our subconscious being revealed at times. Dreams hold a lot of creative potential if we can only tap into it.

    Em-- I am sure that the dream had something to do with money flow. I'd like to know if there was an actual theory that could productively be applied to my life.

    Lydia - Dream concepts can quickly disintegrate into nonsense after one awakens. Dream logic doesn't work in the waking world.

    LBD -- Fortunately I often have pretty good recall about dream details.

    Kari -- Good story ideas in the planting concept. It's been used many times before, but the variants are limitless.

    Jagoda -- Thank you for your input on my interpretation. Many dreams like you say cry out as though delivering an important message. Usually it's an urgent call that must be taken care of immediately or the memory fades and it becomes more difficult to tap into the potential offered by the dream.


  29. It's amazing how many different writing, blog techniques you have Lee! You should really put them all down in a book. As for the dream post, I never thought it was sent to me by another being, but I do recall one where I knew I was dreaming and took advantage of it by loading myself up with superpowers like flying and shooting energy beams to defeat an alien treat. I remember telling myself, "This is a dream, so why not?" I can't recall if it related to a real event, but it has never happened again. Maybe it's because I have things more under control now?

  30. Hi Lee,

    Interesting Post! I have indeed woken up with epiphanies... solutions to problems that had been troubling me during the day, or sometimes an artistic inspiration. Other times, I have had that glimpse of "genius", only to have it fade away within minutes.

    I hope you are doing well. I just posted to my blog that I will be jumping into the Atlantic Ocean on Feb 2nd to raise money for the Special Olypmics. If you can help spread the word, that would be great. Here's my fundraising page:

  31. Buck -- Lucid dreaming can be an interesting experience. For me it usually happens if the dream is potentially a bad one so I take control to direct it to the best conclusion. If it's a dream that I like then I'll usually just let the dream take me where it will and enjoy the ride.

    Arthur -- Good to hear from you. I've been very negligent with my visits in the past few months. I'll see what I can do about getting the word out for you.


  32. Hi Lee, I think the good thoughts and dreams can be divine inspiration but you're right the bad ones must have been planted by evil. Strange and colorful is how Lewis Carroll must have seen his world.

  33. I dream all the time and when I wake up, I feel confident I'll remember the dream, but as the seconds tick by, if I don't write it down, the dream is gone. Funny how quickly dreams fade from our consciousness.

  34. I've definitely had dreams that made perfect sense until I woke up and had some time to think them through. The clarity achieved was just whittled away. I've also solved some problems in my dreams, with solutions that actually worked. That one probably happens less often, though.

    Shannon at The Warrior Muse

  35. The last sentence gave me super-chills:

    "Or are they lies that come from some place or being outside of us? This would be the most frightening thought."

    I had never considered dreams in this fashion. Makes me want to wear a tin foil cap to bed at night! Thank you for weeks of nightmares to come, LOLZ! :(

  36. Desert Rocks-- This could very well be, probably not always, but in extreme situations when no other influence of the mind makes sense.

    Elise -- Dreams are very elusive and must be captured before they are lost.

    Shannon -- One of my upcoming posts on my dream blog will discuss problem solving dreams. There is dream logic and waking logic and the two usually aren't in agreement. After full wakefulness takes hold it releases the illogical fancies of dreams and they fly away.

    Andi-Roo -- Maybe I've been watching too many Freddy Krueger movies.



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