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Friday, November 30, 2012

When You Have a lot you want to say, you think of more stuff to say

Woody, Cliff and Norm on The Simpsons
Woody, Cliff and Norm on The Simpsons (Photo credit: Wikipedia) (This image has virtually nothing to do with ths blog post.
My Blog Runneth Over

          There are so many ideas lined up for discussion on my post planner that I sometimes wonder whether I'll get around to all of the topics I'd like to cover.   And wouldn't you know it, the more I plan on saying here on this blog, the more new stuff that pops into my head that makes me feel like I want to cover here.  The ideas never seem to stop.   I just don't get it when people say they don't know what to blog about.

        If you need any help coming up with blog ideas maybe you should come to me.   Perhaps I should start a new blog that each week provides a list of things to blog about.  I'd shorten my list and give someone else the chance to talk about the items on the list.  On the other hand, strike that idea.  I don't need another blog to worry about and you probably don't want to be writing about some of my crazy ideas.

         In any case,  I still have plans on continuing with my tirades about jobs, workers, and management.  Coming soon I also will be giving my side of the profanity issue that Bridget Straub started stirring the pot with on Wednesday.   If you didn't see her post check it out and definitely read through the comments.  The readers really pulled through with some good opining on that topic.  You all are the best!

          However, in this present post I'd like to take a breather to make a few mentions and pave the way for some things coming up....

Wherefore Art Thou, Yvonne?       

        Someone I might have included in the "Miss You" blogfest if I had done it is Yvonne Lewis.   Now Yvonne is back with a new poetry blog.   She's starting from scratch so she'll need you to sign up as a follower again.  Please show our sweet lady of verse--our English Rose--your support.  I know she'll appreciate it.  You can find her blog at Yvonne's World of Poetry.

Baby Faces Blogfest

       Trisha at Word + Stuff is hosting her first ever blogfest--the Baby Faces Blogfest on Dec. 2 and 3.  All you have to do is post a picture of yourself as a baby and/or tell a story from when you were a baby.   I couldn't resist this one so I'm joined in for the fun.  It just so happens that a few years ago my mother sent me a mini photo album of my baby pictures and I keep it next to my writing desk.  You'll have to check out my entries.  Hope you'll join us.

       Also on December 2nd when Trisha puts up her blogiversary celebration post (hence the blogfest), she will be giving away a little prize (your choice of a book she's selected, or some other book, from the Book Depository). More details about that on the day of her post.

Let's Embarrass Alex Day

           And let us not forget the "Cheers, Cavanaugh Blog Fest" coming up between December 10th and 12th.   I'm signed up for that one as well and if you aren't then you might be among  few who aren't.  Over one hundred of us signed up so far so don't be left out.  Besides, Alex will be obligated to go through every one of these posts himself so let's keep him busy.  I hear he has nothing else to do and is really bored.

          Then of course there's the Insecure Writer's Support Group coming up next Wednesday.  Yeah, I'm doing that again along with a zillion other people.

        Hey--I really need a blog fest break.  I keep saying I'm going to stop for a while and then something really cool sounding comes up and I'm there.  I've got to rest up for the Blogging from A to Z April Challenge.

          Which speaking of Blogging from A to Z, the A to Z Blog is looking for guest posts again.  Do you have something interesting to say about last year's challenge or tips about the upcoming challenge.   Let us know if you are interested.  It's a great way for you to get some exposure and call attention to your blog.

Watch This Space!

          Baby pictures, insecurities, Alex adulation, and more controversy (or as I prefer--thought-provoking topics) are coming your way right here at Tossing It Out.  Busy blog times as we all head into a busy holiday season.  Maybe I should take the holiday weeks off.  But I have all these darn topics piling up.

          Which blog fests are you participating in?   Do you ever have more ideas than you know what to do with?    Are you ready for some more debate topics?  What has been your favorite topic so far on this blog?

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  1. I hoping to do the Embarrass Alex Blogfest which sounds like a good one to enter and read.

    Also thanks for the mention about my blog it is proving harder than anticipated but I'm sure I'll get there.

    Enjoy your week-end.

  2. This sounds like it's going to be an exciting end to the year for Tossing It Out, I love the Alex blogfest idea too even if Alex mightn't haha, great post Lee.

  3. I found Yvonne again!
    Yes, Alexfest (as Mark calls it) the day the Ninja dies of embarrassment...
    And if they don't like your blog ideas, they can come to me. I'll never run out of stuff.

  4. Oh you prolific blogger you! I can't wait for the Alex blogfest.

  5. If they are publishing related you can send your ideas my direction.

    I signed up for the Babyfaces and Alex blogfests. December 10 is going to be so much fun.

    I'd be interested in doing a guest post at the A to Z blog.

  6. Yvonne-- Keep leaving your comments around here and there and the readers will return.

    Yeamie -- Hope to leave the year with a bang--or maybe a rest.

    Alex-- There are so many things to write about that running out of ideas is a pretty lame excuse.

    Em -- Prolific? I'd say there are some who wish I'd shut up.

    L.Diane -- You are always a great guest poster to have on board. Will be contacting you.


  7. I have to admit I am growing weary of blogfests, but that might be cause I just got home from vacation and have a bad cold!

  8. I am signed up for Alex, but the babyface is a new one for me. If I can find a photo, I am sure I can think of a story. As for A to Z, we were traveling last year, so I missed it. Loved it two years ago.

  9. I've joined the Alex blogfest, but too busy to do many more. I have to mail parcels at this time of year,since we live far away from both sides of our family.

    I like your 'thoughtful' posts, Lee, a good discussion is hard to beat. I'll always check in when you have one going here.

  10. My list of things to blog about is always longer than I can manage.

  11. Thanks so much for the mention of my blogfest on here - I really appreciate it! :D I'm looking forward to seeing everyone's baby pics!! I've been inundated lately with pics of my super cute niece, but I think I was pretty cute as a baby too. haha.

    Also signed up for the Alex fest - can't wait to see what shenanigans go on over those days ;)

  12. Hi Lee .. I'll do one or two blog-fests but too many is too many.

    Now the A - Z Challenge I can definitely do .. and I'm sure I can conjure something up for that blog - I'll be more organised soon - into final sort out mode.

    I'm glad you're not starting another blog! You're doing so much already .. now I have to get my head round embarrassing Alex fest ..

    Cheers to you .. thanks for all the reminders and links - Hilary

  13. Wish I had the time, Lee. But, I'm thrilled about the possibilities in blogging that you and the others present. Some day I will!

    As far as topics, I have a few on the back burner, but... it's that darn time again!

  14. I know what you mean about ideas. When I think of one, I create a Google document. I'm up to about 1,700 of them. I always joke that when I die, someone should auction those folders off to a freelancer.


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