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Monday, November 5, 2012

The Election Campaign Is Over, Now Let the Puppet Show Begin

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         Soon the ballots will all be cast and the turmoil under the big top will be quieted for a while.  The political circus will be taking a break.  Not for long mind you, but we should be getting somewhat of a respite until the next campaigns begin.  Or do they ever really end?

          Okay--the side shows and menageries will stay open and the clowns are always up to their antics.  You can't keep a good political clown down after all.   The circus never packs up and leaves town.  The tent may go dark, the bands may stop playing, and the balloons may stop dropping.   But it's only temporary.  Now it's time for the puppet show.

           When the next president of the United States is given the keys to the White House, what's next?  Does a U.S. president really do that much other than dance around the world stage acting a role?   Or does a far greater power control the strings of the puppet president?

            We get a campaign full of promises, but how often are those promises actually delivered?   When we think we are getting the delivery are we given what we thought we were going to get?   I'm just wondering.  It's not been often that I seem to remember the actual term in office looking anything like the promises that were made in the campaign.

            So if the president doesn't actually wield the power that we were expecting based on the campaign speeches, then who is pulling the strings?   Granted we don't want a president dictator, but personally I wish a candidate would start telling it like it is.  The legislature is going to squabble and work mostly for the benefit of themselves and others who are probably not me nor you.  And some other unseen power will be working behind the curtain running the whole show.

            Call it conspiracy theory.   Someone is behind the grand plan in my estimation.  Whether it be Illuminati, Bilderbergs, Satan, or God Himself, someone is running the show and I don't think it's the President of the United States.   It's all a show.   He's just the headline act who will be in the spotlight until the next puppet comes onto the stage.   If noses grew in this show, it would sure make our choices easier to make.

            Do you think the U.S. President is primarily a figurehead of power?   Do you actually believe that campaign promises will be delivered after an election?   Do you think that I just did this post as a slick way to connect the topic of circuses and clowns to the current election furor?   

             For something a bit different, A to Z participant Shannon King  (formerly of the blog Faith, Hope, and Love) is inviting those of you who want to tell others about what you are thankful for to join her during the month of November for a "Count Your Many Blessings" blog movement.  To find out more you can visit Shannon at I Survived and Now I Run

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  1. I have to agree whole heartedly with the things that you're saying when it comes to politics Lee although I believe that not only does the president have complete power but he genuinely has too much. I also highly doubt that either will fulfil their promises in all honesty because it just seems like these guys never do which is a shame but that's the way it is, hopefully these elections go well for America.

  2. This may be the first time I do not vote. I'm pretty much disgusted with them all. Let's just start all over from scratch.

  3. It is indeed a circus, yet I have seen (via the media) no better political process as ours compared to countries around the world.

    It has been a fight of gladiators, with us in the arena exhibiting a killer mentality. But as I once told a friend, we'll all wake up on Wednesday in our homes, going to our jobs, eating our meals, etc. Most change is gradual and gives us time to adjust to what either of these admistrations will strive to do.

    Campaign promises? They've got to do it; got to keep one-upping the other. Complete honestly seems to bore the American people and will cause a candidate to lose. :)

    I will continue to love this country - regardless; however, as a citizen, will always vote and be concerned about our direction.

  4. Never believe in campaign promises - always look at track records.
    It amuses me that people will get behind a presidential candidate because he believes in one thing when ironically that's something he has no say over.
    I've already voted. Just waiting for it to be over.

  5. Yeamie -- But is the appearance of power really an illusory cover-up for the man behind the curtain?

    Stephen T -- I've heard that voting in California doesn't affect the election much since the Democratic side always takes the election within this state. I'll vote for the sake of tradition and because the poll is an easy stop on my morning walk.

    Anita -- There's nowhere I'd rather live than the good ol' USA. The process is flawed, but apparently it's been kind of working so far.

    Alex -- I agree that it is ironic that candidates will make promises about issues over which they have little control or are issues of state or local level. A president may create a climate that is conducive to improved economy that stimulates job hiring, but to guarantee jobs is worrisome if the jobs are government jobs that do nothing but add more regulation and busy work that taxpayers foot the bill for.


  6. I think the president and his people certainly set the tone and have an agenda. Does he have power?

    Is this what you mean by controversial blog posts?

  7. Up here in Canada a lot of us will be glued to your election coverage tomorrow. Although I'm expecting my life to change not one bit no matter who is elected, we all realize that any American presidential election is perhaps the most important in the world.(You know, you guys being a super power and all..)
    A recent online poll asked Canadians "If you could vote in the American election, who would you vote for?" The results were:
    77% for O'Bama
    13% for Romney
    4% for other
    6% I wouldn't vote
    As far as this post being a slick way to connect circuses and clowns to the election...well done Lee! Everyone knows that most politians are clowns and the whole thing is one big circus...still, we all do have our favourite clowns don't we? Some love JP Patches, some love Bozo, and some love those decididly unfunny, 'deep' clowns, like Marcel Marceau...

  8. It's always money that's in charge in some form or other. Usually, it's Big Oil money but that's even more true when the Republicans are in office. Personally, I'm tired of Big Oil running the show. That's why my family does everything it can to minimize our gasoline usage. If you look carefully, or, even, not so carefully, during the top of the recession when everyone else was losing money, everyone else, Big Oil was posting record profits. Power flows to the money.

  9. I'm sorry that you see the election process as nothing more than an expensive circus. While it can be a bit crazy at times, there is absolutely no denying that these 2 candidates certainly represent 2 very different views of how they wish to influence our American system and lifestyle. While no candidate is ever perfect there have been some absolutely wonderful presidents that this country has flourished under their leadership and there have been some abysmal presidents. I personally believe that America is exceptional and different from Europe or any other place and offers the most freedom to the most people, even while America is not perfect. You either care to preserve American constitutional ideals or you do not. Whatever America we vote for we will get and deserve. No amount of money spent campaigning is too much to try and save us from losing the precious America that so many have fought and died for.

  10. I believe money is the king in this thing called politics. I believe special interests buy what they want and leave whatever remains of the middle class (MC) to fend for itself. The MC is not doing that well and that won't change with either president unless the climate of "I want mine and to hell with the MC" changes. Unfortunately, I don't see that happening. When Warren Buffet admits he's paying a lower percentage of tax than his workers that should tell us just how the political world turns.

  11. I do believe they hold power. Look at ObamaCare and the Wall Street and auto industry bailouts. But I'm not so sure they are truly capable of following through on their campaign promises. It takes cooperation with the House and Senate to truly get things done, and with the two sides belligerently vowing to never compromise with the other side, I fear nothing will ever get done until we, as voters, realize we must elect those willing to come together, not hide behind partisan politics.

  12. The aggravation doesn't stop at empty campaign promises, but with the news. It's disturbing to me that I can turn on the news and know which party has invested more in which network. I'm an educated woman who doesn't want a show. Give me the facts and stats on both candidates and let me decide for myself. I won't be bullied by either party. I'm flabbergasted when I hear someone state a fact, that is no more than a fictional comment delivered by a news anchor. Okay, I'm off my soap box. :)

  13. Thea -- I've been trying to back away from the concept of controversy in favor of posts that toss out ideas to readers for them to reflect on and tell me what they think. This could certainly fall into the realm of "controversy" if someone were to want to make it that, but I am mostly wondering about the idea I've put forth along with assessing the way I see the state of politics in this country.

    Eve -- I don't think any mime would want to be called a clown or vice versa. Hmm-- I think you've inspired a future post. Regarding the Canadian perception of the election I wonder what the media there has conveyed. Here one can get vastly different takes on the candidates depending on which media source they are absorbing.

    Andrew -- Personally I've been boycotting Exxon after I felt they screwed me over several years ago. Recently I noticed my local Exxon station closed down. I know I didn't have anything to do with it, but it gave me great satisfaction to see it closed. I think corporate is a big problem just as union influence is. Individually we are just pawns in the game.

    Jasmine -- I agree with you about the American system, but I think the circus analogy works well when you look at things overall. I do believe we've had a number of ineffectual presidencies that have filled the gaps between the truly good presidents. I also think that some presidents have been overrated or underrated, but the impact has not been seen until years down the road. But no way I want to trade the U.S. system for any other, I'd just like to see it done better.

    C.Lee -- Money has always been the real factor that provides the power to the machine and it's difficult to get the power of the masses to change this.

    Nancy -- The power may be illusory is what I'm saying. I don't know that one man in our system can change things without the backing of powerful players behind the scenes. Even dictators must have their support in order to survive. Fortunately none of our presidents have been able to achieve the status of dictator. I suggest they are primarily the faces of the powers in the background.


  14. Ciara -- Whatever happened to fair and unbiased news reporting? Has there ever been such a thing?


  15. The circus never ends and the political scene did you the honor of connecting itself to such a description long, long ago, as in shortly after the euphoria of winning the revolution wore off.

    I liken the promises a candidate makes to a big blob of clay. The candidate can make the promises all he/she wants, but when they get in the White House, the House and the Senate will poke and prod, cut and tear, pick at and sneak in their own wishes and desires into the clay.

    Perhaps it's best to say this: a campaigning candidate can make all the promises they want. A campaigning incumbent has to show why they shouldn't get kicked out. And when 6 second sound bites win out over personal responsibility to read and learn about each individual record to make an informed decision, well, you're right, we get what we deserve.

  16. I think the President does have power, but with that power comes great restraint. Whenever that restraint is exercised it is more than likely a balancing act of politics, international relations and weighing decisions that have the potential to have long term implications for many.

  17. Yes, I like those deep clowns, like Marcel Marceau.

    Yes, I believe the presidential role is somewhat of a figurehead, or Reagan wouldn't have been in office. But Obama is the first of any politicians since Jimmy Carter that I've considered a statesman.

    Clowns are everywhere.

  18. I have no opinion.


    Actually, LEE, I'm not going to say too much about this. Surprised? Why should you be? I have a huge blog that is about 70% dedicated to examining this topic. Yeah, you know what I mean. F-FFF.

    However, I will provide a wee bit o' input just for the halibut.

    First, let's hear what Bubba has to say. After all, Bubba is a man who otter know:

    (Speaking in Ireland - August, 1998.)

    I guess that answers THAT question, eh? Straight from the horse's ass. Er... I meant, "mouth" (I suppose).

    Lee, I noticed that several of your commenters mentioned "money". Ultimately, it's not about money at all.

    When a person has more money than they, their immediate and extended family could possibly spend in a lifetime, money is no longer a consideration.

    So what motivates a person with that much money to keep "doing", to keep getting out of bed in the morning and "working" in one way or another?

    POWER. CONTROL. It's no longer about money. The money issue has now been more than conquered. It's now about acquiring POWER in order to CONTROL the lives of others.

    And that's where this whole thing leads. EXCESSIVE MONEY leads to a desire for POWER; and POWER leads to a desire to CONTROL others, and ultimately to control THE WORLD.

    Welcome to the foundation of "THE NEW WORLD ORDER".

    ~ D-FensDogg
    'Loyal American Underground'

  19. Angela -- I've often heard the circus analogy used before, but I doubt whether any of those who used it were real circus fans like I am. I think I like the real circus better.

    Paula -- I'll agree that the potential for power is there, but if approval for the actions isn't there then there can be hell to pay. Or an election lost.

    D.G. -- Your comment could be taken several ways, but I'll be careful with any analysis.

    ESB -- Hmmm...Puppies so long as they're tied to the top of the car.

    StMc -- Bubba knows how it all works. I like his honesty on that topic. He made some crazy decisions that got him in trouble and gave Monica notoriety. In our system I still think that money paves the road to power, but your assessment is also true. I don't think that Hitler, Stalin, or Mao started with much money but they were operating on a different system of principles.


  20. Sadly, Lee, what makes this a puppet show is the belief of the American people in our current system.

    They choose a side, and most people vote their party. Because to do much else is too much work.

    I wouldn't mind seeing the ability to select a president from one party and a VP from another.

    If people truly want to make a difference, pay more attention to your local politics, and your congressional races. Those are the people who, over time, could actually effect change.

    For the next four shall I put this?

    Heads you're f#$ked, tails you're screwed!


  21. Slick way to throw in clowns Lee! But seriously, politics in general is all promises and double talk. Have you seen all the propositions? Who are we to believe? I'm headed to the polling office tomorrow to be part of the circus, too.

  22. I think we just have to support whoever we believe tells the least lies. Sadly, it's often a question of voting for the lesser of two evils.

  23. Larry -- Another election, another billions of dollars with no useful results. We're screwed.

    Buck -- We are voting on things I would have never imagined 20 years ago. The United States is steadily becoming more decadent and depraved.

    Julie -- I guess I won't be supporting any candidate then.


  24. >>...In our system I still think that money paves the road to power, but your assessment is also true. I don't think that Hitler, Stalin, or Mao started with much money but they were operating on a different system of principles.

    I'm afraid you kind of went off the rails when interpreting what I was saying.

    I was responding to the question about whether or not it is the president who is really running the show, and essentially agreeing with your conclusion here:

    "Someone is behind the grand plan in my estimation. ...someone is running the show and I don't think it's the President of the United States."

    First, I used the Bill Clinton quote to prove this. Illustrating that even our former president has basically admitted this publicly.

    I then shifted my focus to those people who are actually running the show. They generally prefer to remain behind the curtain pulling the levers. They let someone else - someone who can be used, manipulated, bullied - to stand center-stage and take the heat.

    And for them, the "they" I'm referring to, it's not about MONEY; they already have more money than they or their families could ever spend. For them it's about using their MONEY to acquire POWER; and acquiring power to CONTROL the lives of others, and ultimately the NEW WORLD ORDER.

    I was not speaking about the tyrants who stand center-stage and eventually take the praise and the heat. I was not talking about the Clintons, the Hitlers, the Stalins, or the Maos, who often, as you correctly stated, "don't...start with much money."

    But if you investigate who supported them as they were moving more and more into the spotlight, you will find that they acquired Big Money backers (e.g., International Bankers) who made their rise to "success" possible.

    And it is those Big Money supporters whom I was writing about, and not the petty tyrants who gained their financial assistance.

    Again... for the Wizards behind the curtains who manipulate the clowns and puppets, it's NOT about Money. It's about getting the POWER necessary to CONTROL the rest of us. That's a fact proven to me by about two decades of intensive study. It's also demonic, but that's a topic for another day.

    ~ D-FensDogg
    'Loyal American Underground'

  25. StMc -- I agree with what you are saying. And what I am saying is that money helps to pay the bills incurred in getting that power. Without the financial backing it would be difficult to get very far in the public eyes.


  26. It's not about money.
    It's not about money.
    It's not about money.

    Ultimately, in the final analysis, when one understands the "END GAME", one also understands that...

    --[you guessed it]--

    it's not about money.

    When you have billions of dollars, it's no longer about money.

    Don't follow the money!
    Follow the POWER which leads to CONTROL.

    Yes, one needs the money to acquire the power to gain control. But money is only the first step in a 3-step End Game which is NOT ABOUT THE MONEY.

    ~ D-FensDogg
    'Loyal American Underground'


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