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Monday, November 26, 2012

It's All Because of My Hangover!

English: Photo showing some of the aspects of ...
English: Photo showing some of the aspects of a traditional US Thanksgiving day dinner. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
            No, I wasn't drinking over the week-end, but four days of Thanksgiving dinner and resulting leftovers can be near coma inducing.  I did imbibe in one small brandy-spiked glass of eggnog each evening, but those were nowhere near as overpowering as the turkey-centric meals in which my wife and I indulged.

         Those meals included two casserole dishes of the different types of dressing that satisfy each of our preferences.   I always fix her a dressing with sausage and fruit because she refuses to touch my preferred dressing.   Since I grew up with oyster dressing it's a tradition that makes Thanksgiving feel incomplete without it.  I love my oyster dressing and had it for breakfast and lunch on Friday and Saturday and then polished off the rest for my Sunday dinner.

           What is it about oysters anyway?  It's one of those foods people love or cringe at the mere thought of.   Have you ever tried oyster dressing?    Are you anti-oyster or pro-oyster?  Come on let's get into some real controversy!

          Seriously, though, I thought I had my Monday blog post covered.  I smugly believed that Bridget Straub's guest post was all set to go this morning.   Then when I checked this morning to make sure it had gone up, I went into a frenzy to find out why it had not. --Because it's actually scheduled for Wednesday, that's why.

          Bridget has gone along with my theme of offering topics to generate discussion with the topic of profanity.  This is a topic some of you have written about in the past and one that I will undoubtedly discuss in the future--it's been on my topic list ever since it appeared on The Alliterative Allomorph quite a while back.  It's a topic always worth discussing.  Besides, who gives a chitterling if a topic is repeated.

          Be sure to be here on Wednesday to offer your own thoughts about what Bridget Straub has to say about the subject of using profanity in ones writing.

          By the way, if you missed my post about Walmart on Friday, you might enjoy going back to read through the comments.  There was some epic discussion going on that covered both sides of the argument and the comments were outstanding.  This topic will be expanded upon in future posts.

          Hope you had as good of a Thanksgiving weekend as we did.   It's creamed turkey and biscuits for us tonight.  This is a leftover tradition from my childhood and I've been craving it.   I don't know how much my wife will like it because she doesn't like gravy or anything resembling gravy.  Still, I'm making it anyway.

          Did you have a lot of Thanksgiving leftovers?   What are some of your traditional leftover meals?   Are you revived from your Thanksgiving coma yet?

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  1. I figured it was a scheduling snafu when I didn't see your post this morning!
    Had a good Thanksgiving and watched lots of movies.

  2. Can I come over and eat? I didn't get any turkey and stuffing. Although I'll have your wife's oysters for me.

  3. No to raw oysters for me. They look like big loogies. I had Thanksgiving dinner and made cornbread dressing, but my friends here in Mexico never had dressing so they looked at it like, what the hell is that sticky goop? Needless to say, I too ate leftover dressing for breakfast and lunch. I then threw the rest out because it was going to go on my hips if I didn't.

  4. I think my tastes align more with your wife's. I'm not crazy about gravy either, and I don't like oysters at all. I like other shellfish, but not oysters. Hubs likes them, though.

    I'll be back on Wednesday, since I think dialogue should be realistic as it can be.

  5. Hi Arlee,
    Good to be here again at this happy occasion, Have a wonderful and joyous time ahead, Keep inform
    Best Regards

  6. That's a LOT of food and I am completely pro-oyster!

  7. Pleased you had a great Thanksgiving.
    Now for the run up to Christmas.

    I have a new blog called "Yvonne's Poetry World. have started again from scratch followers wise so wondered if you could get the word around.


  8. Honestly I think that Thanksgiving leftovers are the only time of the year asides from Christmas where leftovers are considered acceptable country wide. I'm glad to hear that you and your family had such a great Thanksgiving Lee!

  9. Alex -- We watched a few movies--more than usual.

    Laura-- Sure, you can come over for the creamed turkey and biscuits. After that I think we'll have mostly cleared out the leftovers.

    Em -- I'll eat raw oysters on the half shell, but not very often. Love them breaded and fried or in oyster stew. I can get past the appearance.

    DG-- I look forward to hearing your thoughts on what Bridget has to say.

    Phil -- Glad you could stop by.

    Johanna -- I guess it was a lot of food for two of us--but not as much as my dinners when we had about 20 dinner guests. That was a lot of food! Oysters are pretty darn good in my opinion.

  10. Yvonne -- Another new blog! I'll give it a mention on an upcoming post.

    Yeamie -- I'm not a big fan of leftovers and they frequently end up getting thrown out on the rare occasions when we have them. Thanksgiving leftovers seem to work better than others and are worth keeping until they've all be eaten, which is something that usually happens in a few days.


  11. I have been out of touch, so it is good to see your name!

    Coming from the MidWest, I loved oyster dressing! And I would eat it anytime, day or night.

    Didn't go into a coma, but I made some serious dents in pumpkin pie.

  12. I can't even contemplate oyster dressing...

  13. Susan- I've been missing you as well as a lot of others. Got to get busier making more rounds if I can. All I ever knew for my first several Thanksgivings was oyster dressing so it seemed so normal. My first dressing culture shock came with cornbread dressing. I thought it seemed so strange, but it was good. I now realize there are many types of dressing to stuff the turkey with and as far as I'm concerned it's all pretty good. I love dressing!

    Andrew -- So I assume you don't like oysters. When I was a kid the tradition was a bowl of oyster stew a couple hours before the main dinner event and then lots of oyster stuffing. The oyster flavor permeates the stuffing mixture and it's a culinary delight for my taste.


  14. Oh, man. I'm so sick of turkey.

    As for oyster stuffing... while I don't techinically LIKE IT as well as the bacon/grannysmith apple version my husband makes, it reminds me of Thanksgiving at my grandma's--she always made it.

  15. Thanksgiving has never been the same since I moved :(

  16. Sounds like you had a great Thanksgiving. I've never heard of dressing with either sausage/fruit or oysters in it!! We just have the bread & all kinds of spices :)

  17. It sounds as if you had a great Thanksgiving.

  18. BOIDMAN ~
    I don't believe I've ever eaten oysters in any way, shape, or form. And because I became a vegetarian in 1985, I never WILL have oysters in any way, shape, or form.

    I will admit though that "creamed turkey" actually sounds kinda good.

    I will be checking in on your future "profanity" blog bit to see what that shi-- er... to see what that STUFFS is all about.

    ~ D-FensDogg
    'Loyal American Underground'

  19. I've made a similar error before. It's so frustrating!

  20. Hart -- I'm thinking that oyster dressing must be pretty old school and not as popular now as it once was. The recipe that I use is the same that my mother got from her mother. I'm not sure where my grandmother got the recipe, but I have read about oyster dressing going back many years.

    Emilee -- The holidays aren't the same without our daughters with us. Emilee, we miss you and your sisters and the little ones as well.

    Jemi-- I started making the fruit and sausage dressing after I saw the recipe in the L.A. Times about 15 years ago. I tried it and everyone loved it. The oyster dressing is a tradition I've maintained mostly for myself though a few dinner guests have enjoyed it with me.

    Gina -- We had a nice time thank you.

    StMc -- Not sure when I'll do my profanity post. It's been sitting here a long time and I keep pushing it in the future. In the meantime you can discuss the topic with my guest Bridget on Wednesday.

    Gina -- It's not the first time that I've done it and it probably won't be the last.


  21. Hi Lee - glad you accommodate each other's tastes ... I just like good old Turkey - roasted with lots of veggies, a good stuffing - onion ...

    Now oyster dressing separately with fresh oysters would be a different story - the one I saw was for a bloody mary and fresh oysters - sounds good to me. But I suspect I won't get that til I next get back to South Africa.

    Delighted you had a lovely weekend indulging in lots of Bird family foods ... is turkey good in the Bird household - I'd be worried if I was a bird!!

    Cheers - Hilary

  22. Never tried oyster dressing...but I'm game. Not an oyster fan...but have only ever tried them raw...that might be my problem.
    We had a great Thanksgiving - it's my favorite day of the year. No presents, just food, family, and gratitude.
    Since we weren't the hosts this year, we only got one lunch portion of I'm kinda craving turkey still. The Engineer made turkey fried rice for me on Sunday night. He's been tinkering with his recipe for a while and has it nailed now. (We always have canned turkey on hand, we buy the cheap turkeys and roast, make stock, can the turkey in that stock and are set with a LOT of meals for that $7 bird.)
    Tina @ Life is Good

  23. Hilary -- Birds are fair game in this household as long as they're chickens or turkeys. Don't know about other birds.

    Tina -- A Thanksgiving turkey can have a lot of mileage with the creative cook.


  24. We had leftover tofurkey. It didn't last long. (And I make my own rather than spending $35 for a small lump from the health food store.)

  25. I've never had oyster dressing but I'd be willing to try it. As for leftovers, we live on turkey, stuffing, & gravy for a week. Yummo!


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