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Friday, September 28, 2012

How Many Guest Posts Can A Blogger Host?

Hijack (2008 film)
Hijack (2008 film) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
A Success!

          How many guest posts can one blogger successfully host in the course of a summer?  The answer my friend is blogging in the wind.   I tossed the Hijack! idea out there to you readers and you made it work.  Over the past four months forty one bloggers signed up to participate in my Hijack! project and every one of them showed up.

           I would have expected at least one or two no-shows in my line-up, but incredibly they all delivered their posts in a timely manner  and made Hijack This Blog! a huge success.   A diverse group of bloggers brought a dazzling array of topics and writing style to Tossing It Out, keeping in spirit with the eclectic nature of my site.  I thank each of you for your contribution to my summer project.

           Though I realize it will give this post an appearance of being very long, I wanted to thank my blogging friends by listing the links to their contributions.   If you missed any of these posts you may want to click on a few of the links to check them out.  Or you can scroll down to the end of the list where this post will continue.

            Here is the complete listing of my summer Hijack! guests:

▼  September (9 Hijack! posts)

You Have Been Warned: This Blog Has Been Hijacked...Alex J Cavanaugh
▼  August (13 Hijack! posts)

     Hosting Guest Posts   

           Sadly, I didn't get the writing done that I had intended to do, but I did reevaluate my writing goals and have come up with ideas about completing my work-in-progress as well as taking a sidetrack to another old work that has lain dormant for many years.   

            Hosting guest posts is something I have done in the past, but never as I have done it this year.  It can be a lot of work from the standpoint of organizing everything as well as trying to promote each post, a task which I undertook with less vigor and dedication than I perhaps should have.   Even so, I did put a lot into the effort.   I hope you all enjoyed it.

             If you have never hosted a guest on your own blog, I encourage you to try it.  The experience can be very rewarding in many ways.   And it's fun and interesting as well.   Among my guests were several bloggers who were doing their first guest post ever.  I was thrilled to be the one to give them that opportunity.  

             My blog will continue to welcome guests in the future and I have several scheduled in the months ahead.  If you have something you wish to blog about on my site let me know and we'll discuss it.   

             Patricia Stoltey has put out a call for guest bloggers on her blog as well.  She's especially looking for some humor or inspiring stories.  I think she's pretty open to ideas so if you're looking for a chance to write a guest post go to Patricia's site for more info.

             Also my dear online friend and sometimes guest blogger Dana Sitar posted about the guest blogging topic earlier this week on her blog DIY Writing.   She's also provided some excellent links for you to explore.

   Something's Going to Change 

           Several of you mentioned that you missed my own blog posts and that made me feel very honored.  I am back for the most part and I hope you'll like some of the changes I'm considering.   Next Friday I'll tell you my plan and then see how many of you bail on me.  You can find clues in some of the Hijack! guest posts and in my #IWSG posts--I know I'm being ambiguous, but I'm just trying to create a little suspense.  Be here all next week and then definitely stop by on Friday October 5th and weigh in with your thoughts.  You can try to talk me out of it or spur me on.   

But First #IWSG!

First Wed of Every Month                And speaking of Alex J. Cavanaugh's Insecure Writer's Support Group, I'll have my October edition  next Wednesday October 3rd.   Maybe I'll even throw in a hint about things to come in that post.

                There are things coming for better or worse and it's nothing to do with me getting married, unless we are talking in the most esoteric symbolic sense.  And that's really stretching it I guess.

               What did you think of the Hijack! experiment?   Did you visit many of the guest posts?   Did you have any favorites?    Would you care to hazard a guess about the direction I am considering taking on my blog?



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  1. I don't want to guess about the change in direction this blog will be taking although part of me hopes it isn't too drastic. I love what you do on here and hopefully this won't be something bad like a retirement or whatever, that wouldn't be any good! Can't wait to find out what's happening though Lee.

    As for the guest posts, I've loved every single one of them and like you really appreciate them all for stopping and taking the time out to make such awesome posts over the Summer.

  2. I enjoyed reading all the different personalities when I did get to visit.

    Hugs and chocolate,

  3. I read most of them Lee, I'm afraid if I did that to my blog there would not be many as I'm sure not many people can get my new blog judging by the number of comments compared to my old blog,

    Yours have been a resounding success.A great idea.

  4. Hi Lee,

    What an original and terrific idea! I will be spending the weekend reading a couple of these hijacked blogs for a project I'm currently doing, must say that I'm looking forward to it!

    I've signed up to receive your blog updates and would be grateful if you'd consider me for any upcoming guest / hijacked blog posts.

    Here's my blog link:

    Kind regards,

  5. You got some needed time and others got some neat exposure. This experiment demonstrates yet another way that bloggers/writers help each other. Great idea Lee.

  6. It was fun reading posts from such a diverse group of bloggers but I've missed yours. Glad to have you back.

  7. BOIDMAN ~
    I enjoyed being a guest blogger on 'Tossing It Out' and I thank you again for the opportunity.

    I read a fairly good number of the guest posts but only left comments occasionally, however, I did like seeing the very wide variety of writing styles that appeared on 'TIO' during this experiment. All in all, I thought it was a fun project.

    ~ D-FensDogg
    'Loyal American Underground'

  8. I can't guess at the direction. I ejoyed meeting a lot of new to me bloggers over the summer.
    I intend to have more guests on my blog over the next year.

  9. Looks like a massive success, so many blogs and so little time. Its all life nicely packaged up for me, so for that, I thank you.

  10. Thanks for mentioning my call for guest bloggers, Lee. It seems odd to already be scheduling the first quarter of 2013. Wasn't it January 2012 just a few days ago? :D

  11. Hello Lee!

    Just starting reading your blog. Sounds like you've got some fun stuff planned - I hope to join in.

  12. Yeamie-- Thanks for your continued support. No retirement planned yet, and the change may not be as drastic as I've made it sound.

    Shelly -- I hope you will continue to read Tossing It Out.

    Yvonne -- It's going to take a little while to build your numbers back up, but you'll do it.

    Melanie -- I will contact you after I check out your site.

    Liza -- Thanks. Hijack! was indeed a cooperative effort.

    LD -- I sure had fun with the diversity of my guests, but now I do have some things to say (as though I didn't before!).

    StMc-- You are a greater instrument of change than you sometimes believe. You've certainly had an influence on me and I thank you for that.

    Susan -- Hosting guests is fun!

    Jason -- Thank you for your supportive words!

    Patricia -- Please, let's change the subject. I no longer believe the old adage of "Time is on my side".

    Tami -- I hope you and others will join in. Participation and interaction is what I enjoy most on my blog.


  13. Andrew -- I was pretty amazed at how many were willing to participate, and especially how many bloggers actually came through and didn't let me down. What a great community!


  14. Lee-

    I missed the post where this was meant to free you up to write, and had wondered why your own posts were so infrequent.

    It will be good to have you back!

    I am sorry you did not accomplish everything you set out to do during the respite, but isn't that usually the way of things?

    I had the last two weeks off and thing I got done about ten percent of what I planned.


  15. That's very cool about the first time bloggers! I've just started doing guest posts and asking for guest posts as well. It is great fun. :D
    I look forward to reading what you've got next week! I'll be here Friday for sure... and Wednesday... and well... all week, who am I kidding? ;)

  16. A cup of coffee and thee...I mean thy links. Thanks.

  17. Awesome hijacking program. I enjoy hosting guests, for the most part.

    Have a wonderful weekend, and my best on your new goals.

  18. Larry -- It's weird how that thing about plans works. I had some unexpected things take over as well as periods of distraction and downright laziness. Some of it may be avoidance.

    Mel-- I was happy to see first time attempts at guest blogging. I think I made it friendly enough where people felt like they come just step in and toss out their thoughts.

    Em-- Please keep bringing your coffee back and enjoying the posts.

    Mary -- I hope I don't scare off too many readers with some of my upcoming posts.


  19. It was a lot of guests, but you made it work. Thanks for letting me send it out with a bang. And for mentioning the IWSG next week.

  20. Congratulations Lee with the successful run of guest posts!

    I did miss your posts, and am most curious about your upcoming announcement. :)

  21. Well we trust you with whatever direction you take this blog to :)

    And yes, the idea of hosting Guest Posts was brilliant!

    You got to have new concepts on your blog while we got new blogger friends :)

  22. Congratulations on the grand run! I'm embarrassed to say I haven't been such a regular visitor on your blog these last months-- my own life has turned topsy-turvy and my blogs have suffered as a result.

    I find guest posts take me longer to organize than putting up my own posts, so I've decided I'll only really host folks who ask to guest on my blog (not the spammy ones) and just let it stand at that for the rest of the year.

  23. Paula -- I hope I don't scare readers away!

    Lubaina -- For me blogging is about exchanging ideas and establishing a network.

    Damyanti -- Though a few of the posts did require a bit of time formatting them, they were mostly presented to me so that I could easily get them up. It was a great bunch of bloggers.


  24. Useful tips!

  25. Neat idea. You're a brave man. :D


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