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Friday, June 22, 2012

Hijack This Blog! Update

Hijack (2008 film)Hijack (2008 film) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

         My Hijack This Blog! campaign has been taking shape rather nicely.   Below I have the schedule that has been confirmed to date.   The blank dates are still open for anyone who is interested.  I have a number of pending considerations that will rapidly fill the remaining dates once confirmation has been made on those.

         I already have several of the posts set up and ready to go.  There is some good stuff coming that will inform you, entertain you, and make you think.  Please be sure to check my site every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday to show your support for these bloggers who are contributing such excellent content.  And don't forget to comment.  I guarantee you that a few of these posts will compel you to comment so if you've got something you want to say, be sure to express yourself.  My guests want your input just as much as I do.

Here is the schedule as it stands now:

June    25     Tamara Hart Heiner
           27     Steve Bailey
           29     Linda Hoye
July       2     Nicole Ayers  
             4   #IWSG
             6    Edward Hall
             9   Sharon Hamilton
           11   Andrew Leon
           13   Michael Pierce
           16   Callie Leuck
           18   Lauren Shearer
           20   Jericha Senyak
           23   Clare Dugmore
           25   Bridget Straub
           27   James Callan
           30   Anna Smith
August  1   #IWSG
             3    Jarm Del Boccio
             6      Ey Wade
            8      Stephen T. McCarthy
            10    Diane Kratz
            13   Sydney Aaliyah
            15   Brian Russell
            17  Angeline Trevena
            22    Ciara Knight
            24    Mike Cushing
            27   C. Lee McKenzie
            29   Sandra Ulbrich Almazan
             31     Lubaina
Sept.    3     Eve Prokop
            5        #IWSG
            7     Gwynneth White

         If there is enough interest I will expand the calendar into and beyond September.  In fact, I already have one guest lined up for November.  So don't be shy or afraid.  Be a part of my experiment and help yourself while you help me.

         To sign up click on the "Hijack" tab above or click Here.

More Guest Post Opportunities Await

          Let me also remind you that I am also accepting guest posts at my memoir blog Wrote By Rote and my dream blog A Faraway View.   If you want to try your hand at memoir writing or impart some advice regarding what you know about writing memoir, you can submit your guest post on this blog that publishes every Saturday.   On Thursdays, my dream blog is extending an invitation to anyone who has dreams to share or who would like to discuss their theories and thoughts on what dreams are and what they mean.    Please check out both of those blogs to see if you might have something you'd like to offer.  Creativity is calling you.

           We are also accepting guest posts at the A to Z Blog.     Many spaces are available on that site and we have a place for you.  Your post there doesn't strictly have to be about the A to Z Challenge either.  Stephen Tremp has been presenting a fascinating series on science every other Thursday.  On Fridays Nicole Ayers offers fun and diversion to start your weekend off right.  We've had many of you offer a whole range of topics at the site--everything from A to Z and I'm not talking about the Challenge.   If you've got something you want to present to the A to Z community this is the place to do it.

           My thanks to everyone who has signed up for Hijack This Blog! so far.   And also thanks to those who have signed up on the other sites or who will be soon.   I'm looking forward to the posts that are coming up.

           Have you signed up for one of my guest posts yet?  If so, would you like to tell us what you'll be presenting?    If you haven't signed up for a spot, is there something that's holding you back?   

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  1. You filled up fast! Probably get more today as I mentioned it in my blog post.

  2. Would've loved to do a guest post, but looks like you're already filled up over a month in advance. I'll still like to do one sometime in the future. For now, I'm off to look at that dream blog. Sounds like a really intriguing concept.

  3. I'd love to do a guest post, but I'll be in Oregon in the middle of August cleaning out my mother's storage unit and I think that will wipe me out emotionally for the rest of the month.

  4. I'm currently working with a producer at ACX to get my novella into audiobook form. Does that sound like a good topic for a guest post for this blog? Feel free to e-mail me at sandraATsandraulbrichDOTcom if you'd like to discuss it. Either an August or September date would work for me. Thanks!

  5. I have an award for you!:

  6. Wonderful list! Looking forward to checking out these authors. Great to connect : ) ~ Jess

  7. Alex -- Thanks for the mention on your blog. I should probably have everything up to September filled by Monday.

    Michael -- Still space in August and September. Sign up when you're ready.

    Diane -- You can sign up for September if you like. I'm always up for guest posts any time of the year.

    Teresa -- It's going to be an interesting series of posts I think.

    Sandra -- You're on the schedule now. I like your topic idea.

    Sylvia -- Thanks. I'll drop by later.

    LD -- Schedule is looking real good.

    Jess -- Hosting guests and guesting are both great ways to make new blogging friends.


  8. Hi Jack, sorry, your name is Lee,
    All the best with this guest blogging stuff. I wish those who participate much fulfilment and excellent interactive feedback.
    I know this will 'disappoint' you, Lee, however, I will not be signing up. Would not be fair to the rest of those amazing participants. Did I mention how humble I am?
    Seriously, all the best, my friend and enjoy your weekend.

  9. Cool. Watch for an email from me.

  10. I'm not going to hijack your blog but I'll hijack a comment on the hijack post. :) I've nominated you for The Versatile Blogger Award on my blog. I'm not sure if you've ever received it, but you were one of the first bloggers who popped into my mind because you cover a wide variety of topics over your various blogs. I thought it was fitting. :)

    Sarah @ The Writer's Experiment

  11. You've got an awesome lineup! I'm glad there's been such a good response.

  12. P.S., I've sent myself a note so I don't forget to post this on Wednesday.

  13. You've got a lot of great bloggers there. It's going to be a fun summer. :)

  14. Sounds good to me, but I don't know what I'd write about. :-D

  15. Looking forward to stopping by to check out all the guest posts.

  16. This looks like it'll be a heap of fun! I look forward to seeing what people are gonna talk about :)

  17. Diane Kratz at Profiles of murder loves Tossing It Out so much I’m passing on the Blogger's Sunshine Award to you, Arlee YAY! :)

    Here's the link for your instructions!

    Congrats and hugs!! Use the Sunshine logo as a badge for your site.

  18. Yes, it's all shaping up well. Please support the guests in the weeks to come.


  19. Hi Lee - this all looks very cool! I've taken a long break from typing/blogging due to some health issues, but down the road I'd love to do a guest post :-) Until then, I'll read and support.

  20. What a great idea! I can't wait to see what's in store!

  21. Wow spots are filling up fast Lee! You're one of the hottest places in the blogosphere. Congrats!


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