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Wednesday, June 6, 2012

#IWSG: Who Will Like Me?

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Who Will Like Me?

Entrée de l'exposition sur Federico Fellini (J... (Photo credit: dalbera)        Well, I don't mean me as a person.  I'm so sweet that everybody likes me.  Well, maybe not everybody--there's....never mind about her--I'm probably in good company as far as that goes.  But, what I'm saying is what if when I release my book nobody likes it?

         I've got weird taste, or so think some people.  My wife refuses to watch any more Fellini movies with me.  She's suffered through a couple, but no more.  Fellini is my favorite director and I love watching his films.  In fact I can't find anyone to watch Fellini movies with me.  His films are strange for sure, but that is what I like about them.  Many people do like Fellini's films so I know I'm not totally alone, but not that many people like them.

         In fact, there are a lot of movies that I really like or would like to see but I can't find anyone else who will be willing to share the viewing experience with me.  Often, if I do manage to get my wife to watch one of the films that are a bit outre, she will fall asleep and I'll have to send her off to bed and finish watching it myself.  And if she manages to stay awake she will be somewhat annoyed with me for having subjected her to such nonsense as what I like.

         Same with my musical taste.  Sometimes I'll put up a song on one of my blog sites thinking it's the greatest thing I've ever heard and I get a pretty tepid response.  How could everyone not love some of this great music I like so much?   A lot of my musical favorites are not appreciated by others.  I've learned to keep my office stereo turned way down so as not to disturb my wife with my music.  Yes, I tell you my musical tastes are not mainstream by any means.

          Likewise with the literature that I like.  I know that I read some fairly well acclaimed literature according to many critics, but Harry Potter it ain't.   When I rave about something I've read, I don't usually get many enthusiastic "right ons" or "hey nows" in my comment sections.  It's more like "oh, that's nice" or "never heard of it" and "have a nice life" or "you're invited to follow my blog".  I'd like to get into a good discussion about some of the books I've read, but it's difficult to talk about something no one else is interested in.

         Okay, I know I'm exaggerating somewhat and I'm probably being all pouty paranoid and stuff.  But here's what I'm saying:  What if I publish a book and everyone thinks it's too weird and boring?  What if I like it but no one else does?  What if I spend a day at a book signing table with 100 copies of my book and no one comes by and I'm sitting there reading my own book and enjoying the heck out of it?  What if that happens?

          On the positive side, if I'm enjoying the heck out of my own weird book, when I finish reading it I'll still have 99 more copies to read, all autographed to me.

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  1. Great read Lee, Know the feeling about having at least 99

    Have a good day.

  2. Ultimately I think this is the main worry for any author, what if the book he/she is writing will seem great personally but isn't loved by the people we would like to buy it.

    At the end of the day there is no simple answer because publishing and making books is a gamble, we can't write a book knowing that everyone will love it, at least I don't think so but we can write one hoping if that makes sense.

  3. Ah yes! That particular sinking feeling. I too have strong and out of the main stream tastes. Sometimes what I say to myself about my own writing is that it is like hanging out with me - it takes a bit of effort in the beginning (like olives) and then you'll be mad for me! That means finding an agent or publisher that likes writing. I don't know the answer to this one except if you love what you've written then it doesn't matter. You just need to find those others who appreciate a quirky voice over a pedestrian one. Courage my writing warrior pal!

  4. Just have to figure out your target audience. They may not be who who thought they were, either. But someone will enjoy what you write!

  5. Interesting food for thought there Arlee. I like Alex's comment!

  6. This is so funny that you said this, because I have the exact same fear. I also worry about what happens if nobody wants to read what I have written. Or even worse, what happens if they didn't like it and they write about it for all to see.

    If you find a solution, I would love to know.

  7. Who doesn't have those fears about most aspects of life? Well,maybe normal people don't. Not to say you're not normal,but you know what I mean.

    I think you have just got to move forward and love what you love. Don't worry about the rest of the world. Me, I love some pretty weird things.

  8. Yvonne -- Having 99 books on the table beside me is probably less annoying than 99 bottles of beer on the wall.

    Yeamie --You're right about taking a gamble. Life is a gamble. I take a gamble anytime I walk into a place where I don't know anyone.

    Jan-- I don't think I'm that quirky but I like Fellini movies too.

    Alex -- Maybe I should be more afraid of what that audience is like.

    CM -- Did somebody say food? It's time for breakfast.

    Murees -- I hope if people like it they tell the world and if they don't they keep their damn mouths shut.

    Farawayeyes-- Yeah, I know what you mean--exactly. I'm not normal I'll just keep liking what I like. Anyone for some Fellini?


  9. Well I don't watch many movies and I can generally get through a day without music..but..I have spent most of my life with people not having a clue what it is that I'm talking about. I can imagine if I wrote a book the correspondence I would have to deal with lol.

  10. Oh. My. Goodness. Been there, done that! I wrote a book that no one liked and it was published by Silhouette Romance. Horrendous reviews but friends were kind--the liars!

    I can say with certainty that you'll survive--battered, bruised, wounded for sure, and hesitant to try again. But as the days, weeks, months, years pass ... an idea will grab you and you'll get back in that writer's chair. Go head. Get that book out there, then immediately start the next one. Keep writing and let the barbs fall where they may.

  11. You realize this fear is echoed by every unpublished writer and, I'm fairly sure, many published ones, right?

    Okay, here's a promise. You publish a book and have a signing anywhere I can drive to in less than a day and I'll bring at least three friends (my Saab only seats four) and we'll each buy a copy. There. Four down and 96 to go. :-)

  12. I love Fellini movies, too!

    I try not to get too bummed out when I write something I like and no one reads it. I DO think about it though and think why. Then I think, I chuckled to myself when I wrote it. So that's good, right? All these conversations I have with myself.

    Loved reading this!

  13. I had a good chuckle!
    There's a lid for every pot; likewise, there's an audience for every type of book... out there, somewhere...

  14. Insecure? Moi? I have three more walls to paper with rejections before I admit to that, but a support group - well, maybe I should join? Or perhaps they wouldn't want me....what if I get it all wrong?

  15. i hear ya---i will have to check one of his movies--sounds interesting---since the az challenge, i certainly can see, i am not in the mainstream of popular writing---but it's okay---

  16. Delores -- At least correspondence would mean people were talking to you. What if I never heard a word from anyone?

    Jess -- Oooh! Idea for another post: would you rather hear the truth or flattery? I like it. Thank you.

    LD -- Okay, you're on. And you can sing "99 Bottles of Beer" all the way home.

    Gina -- Yay Fellini! You are a woman with good taste. I hope you'll check my post this coming Friday for my Fellini story that few will understand.

    Michelle -- I always figure there are others who like the same things I do. I can't be that weird. Fellini actually has a lot of fans and is critically acclaimed.

    Lizy -- I guess that would be the ultimate expression of insecurity--to be afraid that you won't be accepted in an insecurity support group. Now you got me worrying.

    Lynn -- If you ever do watch a Fellini movie I hope you'll give me an honest assessment. My wife seems to be pretty adamant about never watching another one. Me, I've been having my own private Fellini film-fest all this week and now have even greater appreciation for his work.


  17. I'm pretty sure if you write something that you enjoy reading yourself that you'll find there are other people out there that do, too. It probably won't be everyone, but if you wrote a book everyone likes, you probably wouldn't like it.

    What books do you like? Do you have a list somewhere?

  18. I guess that's why our world is such an amazing place. Fellini for some--Disney for others.

    As long as you're enjoying your book, you've succeeded. I'm thinking the same about my own and sticking to that statement. "After all," I say, "Felini had harsh critics and kept making the films he wanted to make."

    It's a brave act, this creating stuff. It's braver still to put it out for public consumption.

  19. If you write the best book you can write and it's a good and true and honest book where men are men and women are women, then who cares whether anyone likes it or not. (This is what Hemingway would say to you if he were commenting on your post.)

  20. I know how you feel about the taste thing. My love of fantasy inspired heavy metal doesn't go down too well in most of my circles, and I've long since made peace with the fact that it's totally fine to see a movie alone (even in the cinema) since there's not much social interaction while you're watching a movie. I wouldn't like to the the guy who changes his tastes based on what others want, and the same goes for writing. So long as what you write is the kind of thing you'd want to read, then you're golden :)

  21. All of us do worry about whether anyone will like our books. I finally came to a place where I realized some will and some won't - can't please everyone. And us unknown authors will probably never have long lines of folks waiting to purchase a signed copy. Sigh!

  22. "oh, that's nice", "have a nice life" and "you're invited to follow my blog".

    ~ D-FensDogg
    'Loyal American Underground'

  23. Andrew -- I tend to like a lot, but I wouldn't necessarily write anything like those. And I do think some readers would probably like what I wrote if I liked it.

    C.Lee -- If we put ourselves out there for acceptance, we take the chance on being rejected. That's the chance any of us take in life.

    KarenG -- I'll go with this, but in our days and age this could also be considered a controversial statement ;)

    Jamie -- I used to go to the movies by myself quite often, but I'd also go see things that others wanted to see sometimes. I think I have more eclectic tastes that a lot of people. I like what I like and no one will sway me.

    Karen -- Can't please everybody! If I can please a few then I know I've done my job.

    StMc - Gee, that's swell, pal. Thanks for the invite. I'm so honored.


  24. Well, you can't please all of the people all of the time. But if you can please one-half of one percent of the people, your book would still be doing well. Even a bad review means that the reviewer read it.

  25. Aww, Lee, that's what niches are for!

  26. Dear Lee, will have had the wonder and joy and delight of writing. This is part of what I'm going to write about when I do that guest posting for you next week. Peace.

  27. I've been asking myself the same questions. And I keep telling myself the same answers too... won't know until I try....

    Good luck!

  28. It is on the same line as throwing a party and no one comes, isn't it. Insecurity abounds.

  29. Val -- I've always gone with that same bad review theory--and hopefully they bought their copy.

    Callie -- Yeah, but what if I'm writing in a small niche of a small niche?

    Dee --Just to see my book in print would be a great reward.

    Jennee-- That's what I keep hearing. We gotta try.

    Susan -- And I've thrown a few dud parties and survived those experiences.


  30. LOL; I think you've hit on every writers fear; what if nobody likes it.

    Just do it Lee, and enjoy those 99 copies, lol.


  31. that is a fear i share. my friends and family dont seem to have time to beta read for me =( my parents did but gave no feedback. this is not good. writer betas & cps seem positive and impressed, but i wonder if i have a market...

    ho hum, whatever. i will get it out anyway.

  32. Oh that's nice, never heard of it.....have a nice life.
    LOL!! I'm kidding! Although...I actually have never seen a Fellini film, but there have been times in my life where I've thought, "I should start watching Fellini...alone."
    I have tastes that are all over the place...I like some mainstream stuff, and also some out there stuff. A lot of my friends think I'm just slightly wacko, but it doesn't bother me at all...the way I see it, if I like something I like it, (whether it's music, a movie or a book)..if I don't like it, I don' doesn't matter to me who else likes it, or if I'll be made fun of for liking it...what are we, in grade five?..yet, some adults do insult other adults for their tastes...that is what's weird to seems to happen a lot with music. I have some friends who are totally into top 40..if a song came out more than five years ago they automaticaly think it's old fashioned garbage..on the other hand, I have friends who are 'music snobs'..they will ONLY listen to super old stuff,(usually some kind of blues or jazz) and they not only shun, but trash anything from this my mind, both of these groups are books, I don't care at all for fantasy or vampire stories..some of my favourite authors have been dead just about forever. My favs are Anton Chekov and Oscar Wilde..I know they're probably not exactly 'out there', but I like them..also David Sedaris, Jonathan Franzen, Mordecai Richler,Margaret Laurence, Richard for music,(again!) I can totally relate to what you say about that too...sometimes I put a song on my site, and I think,"OMG! People are gonna love this! It's so great!"...and no one says anything about it..I think that a lot of people just don't listen to songs that are posted on blogs..they see the video sitting there and they're like, "Oh great. A time for that."...I could go on and on, and no doubt, have!... sorry...I've hogged enough of your comment space..if you do write a book, I will read it, and odds are I will like it...especially if it's weird. Have a great day!

  33. Lee,
    Loved the post. I'm worried people will read my book and think I'm twisted! Scares the hell out of me!

    I told my husband, once it published, I'll have to move away from my friends and family (Just joking). Like you said they may like twisted reads. I hope so! And if nothing else I know my husband likes my books!

    Diane Kratz

  34. Ha. My fears exactly about the book I'm in the process of editing. It's blasphemous and addresses the elephant in the room.

  35. Donna -- I know I'm not alone, but seriously I can have pretty weird tastes sometimes.

    Tara -- Family is probably not the best place to go for critical opinion. My mother seems to love everything I write.

    Eve-- Thanks for all that. I love long comments--seriously. I like to think of myself as a relatively open-minded individual with eclectic tastes. I'll give just about anything a try and I'll be sure to let others know if I don't like it.

    Diane -- I know what you're saying. Sometimes I think about writing something and then decide that I best not lest people get the wrong idea. You're fortunate to have a spouse who is interested in what you write.

    Madison -- That's an attention getting book description.


  36. Weird taste or not, I suppose we all wonder what will happen if we write it and they don't come. But I tend to think if you've worked as hard as you possibly know how, and have put as much thought and heart as you can into your work, the "right" folks will find you and appreciate it.

  37. Liza -- This is also my actual philosophy. There are a number of people who like the same things I like, we're just not in the mainstream, which is fine with me.


  38. I don't think you'll have a problem finding readers who enjoy your writing Lee! You've already got a great built in following of folks who enjoy your blogs! :)

  39. The most depressing thing about nobody liking my book is the thought that so many people could be so wrong.

  40. What a great attitude. You could always sign them for yourself. But I think this day and age, with all the different tastes out there, and the population booming, you'd have to find an audience for what you think may be a bit "weird." Weird is good. People love weird. And the fact that you wrote the damn book and love it, I just think that's worth it in and of itself! People will read it. That's just the writer coming out in you....what if, what if no one likes it...what if no one reads what if it isn't a big hit? You wrote it, you love it and that's accomplishment enough. Once you're dead, that's when it will really take off, so don't worry so much about it while you're still alive. :)
    Jennifer from militaryzerowaste.

  41. Better late than never (from IWSG). Still trying to get caught up after A-Z,then lost a week moving the RV from DE to TN and attending the CMA Music Fest.

    I think many of us like things that others think are strange...but they often don't tell us. ;-)

    Then there are those that when you mention your favorite TV show, turn up their nose and tell you they never watch television. Oh each their own. If not, we'd be a boring groups of folks.

  42. Paula -- I hope my blog readers would enjoy my other writing.

    Murr -- Some people just don't know what is good.

    Jennifer -- I'm all for weird and I'm for writing what I like. If I wouldn't want to read it then I wouldn't want to write it.

    Donna -- I feel like I'm going to be spending the rest of my life catching up. You're right. Different strokes for different folks. And I never watched that TV show "Different Strokes".



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