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Monday, June 4, 2012

One Thing Leads to Another

Donald Duck as he first appeared in The Wise L...Donald Duck as he first appeared in The Wise Little Hen (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

          A few days ago I was visiting a blog post by Chuck at Apocalypse Now--an innovative, wacky, and often twisted blog (Happy Birthday Chuck)--and I followed a link that he'd left in the post to an earlier post that he'd done that had a topic that intrigued me.

        Anyway, I went to that earlier post and left a comment there.  Chuck seemed somewhat surprised and pleased that I had actually gone to the link, read the post, and left a comment.  In a later response Chuck said, "...thanks for going back to square one to read and leave a comment. You inspired an upcoming post by doing that."

          So as I considered this, I was inspired to write a post related to this topic of comments.   As some of my regular readers may recall, I am fascinated and entertained by comments and the ensuing dialog that sometimes springs from them.  In fact, if some of you wonder why I don't visit more blog posts, it's often because I am wrapped up in ongoing conversations on my blogs or other blogs.  Don't every apologize for leaving me a long comment--I love 'em, especially when they lead to a discussion.

          In any case, this concept of ongoing blog comment discussions made me think of a rather lengthy interchange prompted by my most recent post at A Faraway View--a blog that doesn't usually receive too many comments, but the ones that are left are often quite involved and interesting.  

           One massive exchange on this most recent post occurred amongst myself, Stephen T McCarthy, and Faraway Eyes.   I mean this exchange was epic in proportion and will probably be resulting in an additional guest post or two or more.  I had a great time exchanging thoughts with these two ever-fascinating bloggers.  Hopefully I'll have Stephen's guest post on site this Thursday.

          Another blogger who invariably has been leaving comments at my dream blog is the ever contemplative Jay Paoloni, Actor.  He also has been occasionally posting on the topic of dreams, as well as other topics such as Donald Duck's disposition.   Whatever he writes about he does so with eloquence and sometimes a dash of tongue in cheek.  It's a thoughtful blog for those of you who enjoy a moment to ponder now and then.

          I want to also thank all of my other regulars who comment on that site as well as those who manage to pop in every now and then.   I try to keep things interesting at A Faraway View

          Thinking of guest posts, I hope that all of you will visit Wrote By Rote for the guest visit by Christine M Grote.  If you're not yet familiar with Christine, be sure to visit her extraordinary blog Christine M Grote which is filled with well told stories, reflections on life, and samples of her remarkable photography. In her guest spot she tells about her acclaimed book Dancing In Heaven.

           I guess I should stop here because as soon as I think of one thing to write about another thing pops into my head.  If you let me I could be here writing all day if I knew somebody was reading it.  Instead, maybe you can check out a few of the above links, leave some comments, and start your own ongoing blog conversations.  Or maybe this post will inspire a post of your own.

            Do you ever get involved in ongoing comment discussions?   Do you like it when readers leave lengthy comments?    Have you ever been surprised by a comment left on an older post that you've written?  Are you familiar with any of the above mentioned blogs and bloggers?


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  1. I quite like to get involved in discussions when I can but I do follow a lot of blogs so sometimes it's hard. I'm kind of familiar with Stephen T McCarthy's blog, the guy's seriously an intelligent fellow and can prompt some amazingly intricate and intelligent discussion.

  2. Commenting is an art unto itself, isn't it? I forget to write sometimes, too busy commenting:)

  3. Actually, all the comments I get on older posts are 'bots. So I can't say I have experience with what you're talking about. Usually when someone links to an older post, I read that for context, but come back to the original post to comment.

  4. I also appreciate comments that provoke discussion and I definitely appreciate posts that do. Yours, The Sunny Room Studio, Paranormal Experience, Empty Nest Insider, Journaling Woman, M Pax, Glynis . . . I see what you mean about thinking of one and another pops into your head.

    There are a lot of thought-provoking bloggers to visit and to respond to.

  5. I always end my posts with questions to get people talking. I don't usually get into long conversations, but I like seeing responses.

  6. Hey Lee! I don't tend to get too many comments, but I love long comments and when they lead to lengthy discussions. I am familiar with some of the blogs you mentioned, and I am always surprised when a real person leaves a comment on an old post! Usually it's something in Russian though...actually, that's what I mostly get, Russian spam...I'm huge with Russian salesmen!
    I've never read A Faraway View, but I will for sure check it out.
    Thanks Lee.

  7. Matthew --Sometimes it comes down to a choice between getting deep or going wide. I often don't spread myself as much because I focusing too much on particular things. I guess there can be merit either way.

    Sandra -- I like leaving comments and I can become very distracted in doing it. I hear you.

    Callie -- Most of my comments from old blogs are bots as well. I usually comment on a post that I'm reading. Maybe that explains why I sometimes get no response from a lot of those comments, but then again a lot of times I get no reaction to comments on newer posts. Just the name of the game I guess.

    C.Lee -- Those posts that offer up something different and thoughtful are the ones that draw me in for ongoing discourse...and when the blogger is ready to converse, I'm ready too.

    Alex -- If someone answers my question and leaves an opening for conversation then I'll indulge them if I can.


  8. Eve -- Those Russians knock on my door now and then but I always get rid of them. I do think that long thoughtful comments show that a person cares about what I said in my post and wants to open up to me with their own ideas. Like in face-to-face encounters, I think it's only the polite thing to do to listen and give my reaction if warranted.


  9. oh yeah i think it is really cool when the comments lead to other or longer convos---and yes i have been so pleasantly surprised to find people have commented on a past post!

  10. I sometimes catch myself leaving long drawn out comments and cut them off or delete them thinking I shouldn't be hyjacking someone's blog.

    For myself, I enjoy comment conversation.

  11. yes, yes of course, I love long comments (unless they're spam)
    i love it when a conversation occurs.

    I occasionally get a real comment on an old post; sometimes someone just wants to stroll through my paintings.

    I did have one old post that got so much spam on it (i have no idea why) that i just deleted it!

    Mimi Torchia Boothby Watercolors

  12. Dear Lee, I like on-going conversations, but I find that because I ration my time with blogging, I don't engage in on-goings often. I find blogging addictive and have to ration it so that I get my own writing done. I'm working on a novel and another cat book.

    What really surprises me is that sometimes someone will find my blog and read more than one posting and leave comments on what he or she has read. That person's fortitude always impresses me greatly. It's a real gift to me--their taking the time to read and comment on older postings. A real gift.


  13. Well, you know me and my tendency to push the discussion forward. At least, I hope you do. :P

  14. Lynn -- It's almost like being in the same room with someone sometimes.

    LD -- Don't dare ever leave a long comment and delete it on my blog. You can hijack it anytime you want.

    Mimi -- I wonder why certain posts get targeted like that? I've seen this happen on mine and others' blogs as well.

    Dee -- You're right about that time factor. This is why I often don't make it to as many different blogs as I'd like. I tend to leave a lot of long comments.

    Andrew -- Anytime, bro, anytime. I've truly enjoyed some of our interchanges.


  15. I see comment threads more so on Facebook than on blogs. Usually its one and done for blog comments. After visiting so many blogs each day its difficult to remember who was posting what. Maybe I have a short term memory problem.

  16. I avoid Facebook chats. I know which blogs respond to my comments because I subscribe to comments when I leave one. They go to my gmail address so they are easy to scan through until I see a response to my comment and then I can stop them coming after I've seen my response.


  17. I think comments are a great way to start a conversation. Some of the comment interaction and chemistry between comment participants is better than the original blog post. I don't like it though when comments become a forum for a private blog party, usuing language or background knowledge that is not from the blog and can only be known to the two participants. I think there comes a point when that sort of discussion should be taken off line. I try to keep my comments inclusive.


  18. I'm laughing and cringing at the same time - along with a whole lot of feeling foolish.

    Great post. I have to admit it got me to thinking, while I'm notorious for hijacking someone else's comment box, I do NOT go back and comment on the comments at my own blog. I suppose I figure that nobody would come back to my space twice, just to see what other nonsense I had to say.

    I have no doubt that I'm a nut bar, and an a pretty darn insecure one.

  19. I do love to see interesting discussions come from comments. I know I have had blog posts inspired by comments I've been left on other posts, as well.

  20. I tend to be a little abrupt in the comment section, and really don't know why. Maybe it is a brain thing, but I do enjoy reading comments.

  21. Judy -- I agree that the comment should be inclusive of all readers. I also concur that the comments are often better than the post. I've had many comments inspire future blog posts.

    Farawayeyes--I enjoy the ongoing interchanges at my blogs and those of others. Stephen T McCarthy has some extraordinary examples of this sort of thing. I've had some of my own as well.

    Trisha -- When somebody says they can't think of anything to write about they should try the exercise of drawing inspiration from good blog post comments. Like you they inspired several posts for me.

    Susan -- Sometimes all you can do is to be abrupt because there's not much to say, but if I have a chance I go wide open whether the blogger likes it or not. Can't help myself sometimes.


  22. I am almost always late to comment. By that point, the author has posted a new blog, and isn't concerned with comments on an older post. It doesn't help that I always forget to subscribe to comment notifications.

  23. I'm always pleased that people have taken the time to read my blog and leave a comment - whatever they think of it! I do try to respond and continue the conversation and it often sparks off another blogpost!

    Time (even for one who's given up the 'day job'!) precludes me reading as many bloggers as I'd like - but I always try to leave comments (to show I called by, if nothing else!)

  24. I am not very good at disscusions but do have my say occasionally.
    I always try to answer questions left at the end of a blog.


  25. Hey, Lee, I am always honored when a commenter returns and lets me know they have been there. I love to imagine that people are reading, even if they don't leave one. Many of those who come and read, I consider to be old friends. You are one of the first who became a regular reader/commenter. I appreciate you and what you do to encourage fellow bloggers. BTW, I have just begun a new story that follows my AtoZ challenge story. :)
    Thanks for being such a great friend to all of us.
    Love, Ruby

  26. Nellie -- It's never too late to leave a comment on my posts cause I read them all. Some of my most interesting comments have come late because usually they've been found in an internet search.

    Sue H -- You're doing it the way I do it.

    Yvonne -- Most people don't bother with discussions. At least you are a regular commenter and that counts for a lot.

    Ruby -- And thank you for being there. I was so thrilled to find a Tennessean that I immediately took to you. Thanks for being there.


  27. I am enamored with long comments. To me, it illustrates that someone has read a post and genuinely thought about it. Actually, I am humbled by that because it's not like I'm some kind of Shakespeare.

  28. I enjoy getting comments and long comments never bother me. I also like responding to every comment even if some commenters never come back to check for replies. The interaction, even if it's small, is something I really enjoy. As a commenter however, I realize I'm a bit slow. I'm new to the blogging world and sometimes find myself mulling over a simple comment worried about how I may come across. This comment for example has taken me several minutes and I haven't said anything extraordinary lol! (:

  29. I don't hate questions at the end of a blog post, but I think most people don't need a prompt to become engaged. If they have something to say, they probably will (if they have the time).
    Sometimes I feel like the questions at the end of a blog post allow people to comment, who didn't really read the post... Maybe not, but it's just a though.

  30. Just wanted to say thanks for sticking your neck out for me on that LinkedIn discussion. It meant a lot to me.

    If you would like to review any of my short stories, please let me know, and I will send you PDF copies. They are also available on Smashwords.

    Feel free to follow my blog, too, if you like.

    Best regards.


  31. I do receive the occasional comment on old posts. By checking the stats and keeping track of the most read posts in the last 30 days, I'm finding that although I may not get a lot of comments on older posts, they are being read. It's nice to know that someone new to my blog is taking time to read more than the most current post.

  32. Hi Lee .. when I used to get the comments coming into my email for all the blogs then I could enter into a 'conversation' .. and do for my own blog.

    Following and commenting on many and when blogger stopped the automatic comments coming through - I felt left in limbo land slightly. Though I had been thinking too many emails were too many!

    Also I know some of my comments show on the blog here - but aren't seen by the blog owner - some get through by email, some just are 'mists' .. I have no idea how or why.

    I love it when people check back on old comments ..

    The Google Blogger is a strange world! But I love being a part of the blogging world and interacting with many bloggers ..

    Cheers Hilary


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