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Monday, February 14, 2011

Blog Love (With enough to go around to everyone!)

Happy Valentine's Day!

To all of us from Jules at Trying to Get Over the Rainbow

       Jules wanted us to spread the Blog Love by displaying the lovely Pass the Love 2011 Award.  So thank you Jules and thanks to all of the wonderful bloggers and other readers out there who keep me motivated to keep posting on Tossing It Out.  

        I likewise want to give a very special thanks to the many participants of the Blogging from A to Z April Challenge who have been helping us get the word out to others about this incredible blog event.  I've already posted previous thank yous here and here.  Please visit these blogs, leave a comment, and follow them if you haven't done so already.

Here are some more:

Special post:

Laura Eno at A Shift in Dimensions gave the Challenge a complete post and added the badge.

Ella from Ella's Edge gave a great testimonial about the networking power of the Challenge.   We should be hearing more about this from her on Alex's blog.

Elizabeth Twist gave us a boost with her post on February 1.

Cherie at Surrounded by Books had a post on January 31 that I had missed.

Rachel at Rachel Morgan Writes put a very clever A to Z themed post.

Badge in Sidebar:

Michael at In Time... his motto is "Creativity is a terrible thing to waste" --a rally cry for some creative A to Z thinking?

The Golden Eagle at The Eagle's Aerial Perspective has added her support.

Clarissa Draper's blog, Listen to the Voices, has the badge on the sidebar.

You'll also find the badge at Halloween Overkill in addition to all sorts of Halloween related things.

Melissa from Melissa's Imaginarium  has the badge on display.

Katie O'Sullivan put the badge on her sidebar early on and I missed it in my earlier thank you posts.

L.A. Colvin at First Draft on Life, Literature, and Lunacy is displaying the badge.

Kristal at Kristal Lee Romances--where love is Magick .

M.J. Fifield at My Pet Blog put the badge not at the sidebar, but smack dab can't miss it big on the top of the page.

Niki from Wool'n'Nuts is joining us from New Zealand for the second year.

Robyn at Putting Pen to Paper has last year's badge up but it links to the 2011 announcement so that works too.

The badge is also on the sidebar at Rachel Morgan Writes , another new participant in 2011.
Special Mentions:
Holly Jones from On.... makes mention that she is participating in the Challenge
Everybody's favorite champion of being naked, Hart from Confessions of a Watery Tart, included the Challenge in a big way on her post called Grow Your Blog.

Ciara at New Kids on the Writer's Block gave A to Z a special plug.

Madeleine at Scribble and Edit featured the Challenge.

Jeanmarie is A Writer in Progress who will also be progressing through the alphabet in April.

And Blog Lovin' Doesn't Stop There!

         Like I said above, please stop in to say hello, thank you, or whatever to as many of these as you can.  After all, the Blogging from A to Z April Challenge is about networking and making new blog friends.  And speaking of networking, don't forget some other challenges that are going on or coming up.

       Rachael Harrie at Rach Writes has spearheaded the ambitious Writer's Platform Building Crusade.  The sign up list is now closed but that shouldn't stop you from checking in with those who are participating to follow their progress.  Many who are signed up for the Crusade are also Blogging from A to Z including Rachael herself.  Between the two events I think we are going to see some serious blog growth and networking happening between now and May.  Thank you Rachael and good luck to all of the Crusaders.

       Coming this Wednesday is The Bernard Pivot Blogfest brought to us by Nicole Ducleroir.   Now I'd never heard of a Bernard Pivot before but his questionaire is relatively simple and enjoyable.  There's a whole bunch of us already signed up for this and you can sign up too by just clicking on the above link.  More networking and getting-to-know-you type fun.

             Larry Cavanaugh is going to host the SUPER 8 DEBUT ALBUMS BLOG HOP on February 28.  This will be his first hosting of a blog event and I hope everyone will show him support in this endeavor and of course follow his blog while you're at it.

        Which brings me to the guest spot that my A to Z Team mate Alex Cavanaugh did on Stephen Tremp's Breakthrough Blogs.  Alex offers some great arguments as to why bloggers should become involved in different blog events.  If you missed this post and you're still sitting on the fence about the Blogging from A to Z April Challenge, I suggest you read what Alex has to say about the topic of networking through something like this.   A special thanks to Stephen Tremp for giving Alex this opportunity.  Stephen's been a big help in getting the word out about the A to Z Challenge and I have a feeling we're going to be hearing a  lot more from him on the subject.

          I will have a special post this Friday February 18th with some more great A to Z news--don't miss it!

The White Rabbit button comes to us courtesy of Jeremy at iZombie.  We're going to experiment to see if we can solve the mystery of followers whose blogs are missing--or are they?   I've put it on my sidebar directing new followers to a welcome page where I request them to leave a comment with a blog address.  We'll see if this helps.

Be sure to visit some or all of the blogs listed above and show them some blog loving.



  1. Looking forward to getting crazy in April with the A-Z blogging. Happy Valentine's Day :-)

  2. You are such a wonderful guy to spread the love like this. where do you find the time?

  3. Lee, I think you have officially covered everything!!

  4. ditto, everything is covered....
    energy is not one of your weaknesses...

  5. i became a follower using the white rabbit, your comments are turned off on the page...

    glad to be here,

  6. ah, sooo much info, you should work for CNN,Lee :P

    Hope you're having a nice Valentines DAy today!

  7. Wow - you certainly spread a LOT of Love to a LOT of peeps today, Lee!

    Happy V-Day, my friend! :)

    Marvin D Wilson

  8. What a busy guy you have been. Thanks for spreading the love Lee and I have enter the Bernard fest.

    Happy Valentine's day! :)
    Jules @ Trying To Get Over The Rainbow

  9. Lots of blog love today!

    We're all trying to do our part, but you really pumped it up today, Lee.

    Have a great Valentine's Day!


  10. I'm part of the crusade! And passed on the love today.

  11. Thanks for the mention, my friend. Oops about last years badge. I'm WAAAAAYYYY behind. Yanno Lee, I'm still back in my head, anyway. Trying to catch up to the world. I think I'll change it though. I like being MODERN! *wink*

    Will do another blog post about it to help spread the word. (((hugs)))

  12. Oh no! It looks like I’m going to have to skip doing housework and all my other chores. You’ve spread a lot of love, so now I must spend my day checking out these links instead.

  13. Thanks for the shout out. I can't wait for the A-Z blogfest. I signed up for Nicole's too. Love the white rabbit.

  14. Nice .. Happy valentines day..

  15. Thanks a lot for the mention and for the comment on my Just Kiss Already post.

  16. ღ♥ஜ♥ Happy Valentines Day ♥ஜ♥ღ

  17. Cant wait for A-Z, already planning. And thanks for putting my button on your sidebar.

  18. BOID ~
    I wants to know how you write something on your blog and then put it in "highlight yellow" like you did above. C'mon, man, don't bogart the information.

    You taught me how to put ITALICS in a comment, and also how to make certain words BOLD. Now I'm axin' ya how to highlight. Please give me jus' this one mo' lesson, Professor.

    If it's too complicated or too "off-topic" to 'splain here, don't hesitate to Email it to me, eh? Thanks, McBuddy!

    You da best teacher what I ever had. (Maybe some year you'll learn me how to write mo' better English?)

    ~ D-FensDogg
    'Loyal American Underground'

  19. Thanks for spreading the love! Happy Valentine's Day. *skips off to find new blogs to follow*

  20. Lee-

    Thanks for the plug! Watch for my subliminal message in the text below...

    While procuring the Linky Tool for the Super 8 Debut Albums blog hop (see the button Lee has prominently displayed up there and sign up now), I read the founder's (his name escapes me)blog about how to rais blog followings, and it looks like you have nailed it. Comment, participate and host events and then comment.

    He says it takes three years for a blog to develop a following "mature."

    Pretty interesting. I'd say you're well on your way and you're only at the half way point.


  21. Thank you for the mention!

    I'm really excited for this challenge, and I'm also part of Rachael's Crusade--there are some great events going on!

    I'll have to check out those links.

  22. It's amazing how huge this is growing this year! Thanks for the blog love! And congrats on the HUGE system of networking that is taking place here. I think we will all benefit!

  23. Wow. You are spreading the love! Awesome links - thank you.

  24. Holy frijoles Batman! That's a whole lotta blogs. I know most of these people. I see a few new ones so I'll stop by and check them out too!

  25. Love this, great post, so many blogs to check out! I will add these to my list! Thanks for the nod ;-D Can't wait...okay, I can, I'm not ready, yet. Lol, still fighting a FROG

  26. Happy Valentine’s Day! I read Alex’s post and I’m STILL on the fence. I just missed out on the crusade but I planned to check out the crusaders anyway. I love that they’re genres are listed by their names!

  27. Happy Valentine's Day, Lee! I'm still thinking about joining the A-Z, looks like it's going to be great!

  28. Thanks for putting this all together, Arlie. I can't wait.

  29. Thank you so much for the shout out! I love that you are such a tremendous support to the blogging community.

  30. Guess what?!!! I joined up and posted about it on Sunday. Woohoo!!!!

  31. Hope you're having a wonderful Valentine's day Lee! :) April is going to be a terrific month!

  32. Love is all around Arlee. I hope that you enjoyed your Valentine's Day with much hugs and smooches!
    Love Di ♥

  33. I'm going to leave a blanket response for today's post.
    Thanks for all of the Valentine greetings.
    And likewise I appreciate the acknowledgements of my networking efforts. Don't forget to pay some visits and follow them if you don't yet.

    You guys are great!

  34. *my brain is going to EXPLODE*
    Thanks for the links :)

  35. Wow fabulous links and awards. Great stuff. Thanks for the mention too :O)


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