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Saturday, February 26, 2011

My Final Thank You Bloggers

       Before I begin my post today I wanted to again congratulate Nicki Elson for her success in promoting the A to Z Challenge to the press.  If you did not see her press release submission efforts please click on the link to see the wonderful job she did: 

       Nicki is scheduled to discuss the topic of to press coverage on the Monday edition of her blog.  She can also be found today as a guest on Jen Daiker's Unedited.   Now on to my post for today---


           No, I'm not going anywhere.  It's just that I've been doing these thank you posts where I show our gratitude to all of you who have posted something about the Blogging from A to Z April Challenge.  Since these posts can get rather time-consuming I am going to discontinue posting these.  I'm sure I have missed many of your efforts to plug the Challenge.  If I missed yours I'm sorry, but please be sure that we do appreciate everything you've done so far.
          Please continue to add the badge to your sidebars, mention the challenge in your posts, and write up any special posts that feature the Challenge or provide others your own helpful pointers.   Your efforts will be appreciated by all of us.

            And now for our amazing list of spirited bloggers who believed in the Blogging from A to Z Challenge enough to show the world.   As always, I hope that each of you reading this post will try to stop by as many on this list as you are able to visit and tell them you appreciate them and then follow their blogs if you aren't doing so already.  Here are todays blog heroes:

Special Posts:

Karen from A Peek At Karen's World honored Tossing It Out with a Blog of the Week recognition and touted the Blogging from A to Z April Challenge.  Excuse me while I deflate my head.

The Dump Stat is one of many gaming sites that has joined and posted a special announcement.  I don't really know much about the subject matter of these sites, but if you are into games and other things related you might want to check this site and some of the others.

Australian game blogger Austrodavicus at There's Dungeons Down Under not only posted his intention to join the Challenge, but actually provided a list of his topics--interesting stuff.

Chris at Vaults of Nagoh is another gamer who posted his topics.

David from Tower of the Archmage also announced his intent, but had not announced any topics.

You'll find a special announcement with badge on sidebar at Legos and Lightsabers.

Elizabeth from Graphomaniac is returning from last year's Challenge and had a few words to say about Blogging from A to Z.

Sandi at That's Ahh Some! is giving her best shot at trying to encourage others to sign up.

A special announcement appears at My Bric-a-Brac.

Melody from Melody's Musings is back for a second year and made the official announcement.

Sheila at SheilaScribbles is another one who made her announcement in a big way.

Michelle at Beautiful Chaos also made her intentions known in her own special post.

Larry at DiscConnected posted a wonderful reminder about the Challenge.

Tiffani at Thought's from Tiffani announced that she too had joined in the Challenge--don't worry, Tiffani, I think you'll do just fine.

We always know that we can count on Yvonne at Welcome to My World of Poetry for promotion and she's done it again with another poetic plug.  If anyone reading this is still not following her blog, I'd like you to go over and do so now.  I told her she'd reach 400 followers by the end of April and I'm counting on everyone to help her reach that goal.

BZ gave us a double whammy at her blogs Reach for the Sky and English Speaking Zone.

Freda at Freda's Voice heard the voice of the A to Z Challenge calling her and decided to join in the fun.

Thaumiel at Cradle of Rabies--From Role to Games will be playing along with us as well.

Grendelwulf at Axe and Hammer-- another gamer joined the game.

And yo! Adrian (sorry I couldn't resist) from Occam's Samurai Sword made the big announcement.

Lisa at Flash Fiction announced about the interesting way she's going to approach the Challenge.

Wanda at The Watered Soul gave a big sprawling post for A to Z.

Charmaine at Wagging Tales gave us a very nice write-up.

Jim's Girl Family History Blog made the A to Z announcement.

A very nice write-up can also be found at Pocket Full of Playdough and she displays the badge as well.

K.D. at A Coffee Driven and Adventure Bound Life placed an announcement and added a badge.

A fun post from Dan at Sanguine Musings announced his entry into the Challenge.

Swim-Write-Run made the announcement with the badge in the sidebar as well.

J.L. at The Character Depot is displaying the badge.

Badge in Sidebar:

Kristin at Razzy's Corner has added the badge to her new blog that will essentially be debuting in the April Challenge.

The badge is also on display in the sidebar of The Poe Family Blog.

You can also find the badge in the sidebar of Better Is Possible -- a blog title that we should all take to heart.

Amanda at Inspiration,  Art, and Creativity got inspired to join in the Challenge and added the badge to her site.

Heidi from ...then she writes has the badge in her sidebar.

Sarah, The Aspiring Sub-Creator, has a newer blog that has added the badge.

Paula Martin's Potpourri has the badge displayed.

Angela at Whimsy, Writing, and Reading put the badge on display.

MJ at Creatively Spilt Ink has the badge.

M.P. McDonald Has the Write Stuff and she also has a badge in her sidebar.

Rogue has the badge up on Mercy's World and Rogue's Home Cooked Blog.

Susan at thecontemplativecat shows the sidebar.

Jonathon at Jon's Life added the badge.

Mariah is a new blogger who has put up the badge on her Formula Mom blog.

Mooderino at Moody Writing joined the Challenge and immediately added the badge.

Nicki Elson's Not So Deep Thoughts thought enough about the challenge to display the badge.

The artistic Blue Sand Studio blog is exhibiting our artistic A to Z badge.

Septembermom at My Voice, My View is another one with the badge.

Denise at L'Aussie's Travel Blog also has displayed the badge.

And Giving the Challenge a Nod:

Ruby from Blabbin' Grammy mentioned her participation in the upcoming Challenge.

The Word Crafter at The Rainy Day Wanderer also made her announcement and confrimed it with a badge in the sidebar.

Rosalind Adam is Writing in the Rain and joining in the A to Z Challenge.   She also displays the badge to prove it.

Melissa from Melissa's Imaginarium gave us a great big nod as well.

Another new blogger is Laura from Daily Dodo who included the Challenge in a post listing upcoming blog events and also added the badge to her sidebar.

Michael from In Time.... dropped a reminder in a post.

             So let's give these bloggers another round of applause for their dedication.  Anyone participating in the Challenge can always feel free to do their own Thank You posts--I'm sure won't hear any complaints from any of us if you do.

              Has anybody else tried to submit press releases or talk to someone from the press?  If so, what were your results?  Does anyone know how many countries are represented in the Challenge so far?  Did anyone notice that I didn't edit my post yesterday before posting it?  I did go back and fix several errors at about 10 AM PST, but before that it was pretty bad.

              Have a great weekend!



  1. Thank you Lee! This post must have taken you quite a bit of time to put together. The Challenge has really gotten huge, and I too would love to know how many countries are involved. (And I am following Yvonne!:)

  2. It's fantastic how many people are getting involved. We should be thanking YOU!

  3. You and the rest of the hosts deserve a big thank you too.

    HAVE A RELAXING WEEK-END (if possible)


  4. Joined a while ago but forgot to add the badge on my blog. I've done it now! :D

  5. Wow. You guys made the paper? Very cool. This thing is getting really huge!

  6. Congratulations on all the press! As I said to Alex in my comments today, I'm too intimidated to partake in the A-Z, but I give so much credit to those who do. I look forward to reading and wishing you all success.

  7. Ack! Putting the badge on the blog today.

  8. Good grief, man! The volume of great links—shoutouts and Bloggydom coverage—in this post is so high you’d think it was a TEAM blog at least a dozen peeps strong!

    You da man, bro!
    Marvin D Wilson

  9. Hey Arlee ~~ I'm a new follower of your blog . I may also join in the April blogfest challenge ~ it looks like lots of fun ! I'm fairly new to the blogosphere as well .
    You can find out more about me at :

    ~ MISH ~

  10. Li -- Yes compiling a lot of links can be very time consuming and now I need to focus on other aspects of A to Z. Thanks for stopping by.

    Alex -- I wonder how many I didn't see?

    Lynda - Your comments are thank you enough!

    Yvonne -- And a big thanks to your efforts as well.

    Steven -- Thank you for that!

    Matthew -- I hope a few more of you get A to Z press coverage in your own local papers.

    Liza -- There's still plenty of time to change your mind.

    L.G. -- I'll thank you now then.

    Marvin -- Well, I've been compliling this list for a few weeks so maybe that not quite as impressive as it looks, but it is still time consuming.

  11. Mish --- A to Z is one of the best ways to immerse yourself into blogging. Hope you join us and welcome to Blogworld.

  12. Wow, this is super awesome!!!!

  13. I better get cracking on posts. Looking forward to the challenge.

  14. It's great there is so much interest in this challenge. I also wrote a little something about the challenge and just figured out how to add a badge. We can do this!!!


  15. idb-- the way participants are showing their enthusiasm is indeed awesome.

    Mpax-- I need to get back to my April posts as well. I got off on a tangent with the press topics because I do feel it is an important subject for many of us.

    Ana -- Your post was excellent and hope readers take heed of your advice.

    Candace -- All those people posting A to Z plugs is pretty cool isn't it.

  16. Just thought I'd say thanks for tossing this out to the greater blogosphere. As far as tech stuff, I am still pretty much a babe in the woods...
    I finally figured out how to put the A-Z widget up on my blog and even the Google friends thing. All this new stuff, I'm feeling quite chuffed.

  17. This is such a great idea and can't wait for it to start! I'm still fumbling around so once I figure out how to put up a badge I'll do so.

    Huge thanks for the tip on scheduling blog posts - there are a couple of times I'll be traveling or have visitors and I was nervous about how to get it all done, but your knowledge was a really big help!

  18. Uh, it's at 520 now! Holy cow. Amazing job getting everyone revved up and making us all feel so special. :)

    Oh, got word from the other e-newspaper (a pretty popular one) he's going to run the A to Z article on March 27. I sent it off to three other reporters of print papers so perhaps we'll at least get a tiny blurb in upcoming events or something. Ya never know.

  19. Thanks Lee! That post must have taken ages to put together. You're a star <3
    Hope you have a great weekend :)

  20. You guys are doing such a great job. We all know how much work this must be for you.
    Thanks for the nods and the encouragement.
    I'm tired already and it hasn't even begun!

  21. Holy cow, this thing's going viral!

  22. Hi Lee .. that's great re Nicki - I'll pop over and take a look.

    I finally got my act together and posted the badge - better late than never ..

    Loads of wonderful bloggers taking part .. brilliant new - did think about things here - but something else cropped for a cousin from Canada .. so my week has gone!

    Cheers - and enjoy your concept - Mr Statter of A - Z!! Hilary

  23. I'm so happy to be joining your followers and jumping happily into this challenge! Yvonne and I are great blogging friends, and I so admired her entries last year. Have a wonderful weekend :) - Kelly

  24. Moe -- Glad you're (we're) getting this together. I am a bit slow catching on to some of this techie stuff as well.

    Alana -- Glad you're learning stuff. If you can't figure out the badge, let me know and I'll see if I can help.

    Nicki --Appreciate all of your efforts to get the word out.

    Rogue -- It does take a long time to compile a list like this. That's why I'll be stopping. But it's worth it to give our supporters some recognition.

    Heather -- Thank you. Get plenty of rest before April.

    Amie -- I don't know if viral is the word yet, but it's going very well!

    Hilary-- Thanks for getting the badge up and for all of the encouragement you provide.

    Kelly -- So happy to have you join us this year.

  25. You've done a great job. The blogfest will be a huge success. And I'll still be jumping around from blog to blog. I'll aim for better planning for me next year.

  26. I just dropped in to visit; I followed and now I have linked to the challenge; I am in awe...
    It is nice to meet you, my name is Doreen, I am an author with my first book due out summer 2011 (soon)...

  27. I've linked from one of my blogs, and put the badge up in the other! (the badge is up in the brew log, where I'll be doing the a to z challenge!)

  28. Posts that require so much linking take forever to do! You've done a great job with these, Lee :)

  29. Wow, no wonder it is time consuming! Look at that list!

  30. Dude, that's some serious linkage!!!!

    I have a couple ideas about making things a bit easier. Want me to do a post or just send the ideas to you?

    I'm good either way...but you're the HQ, CEO, etc....

  31. I will certainly be doing press releases. I am going to our local paper's blogging fair tomorrow..I'll make flyers to hand out.
    Thank you for visiting and following me. I appreciate your time.

  32. Wow. What a fabulous coverage, Arlee. I am waiting to read your April posts. Hope I can visit plenty of blogs. All the best to you and everyone participating.

  33. I was clapping when I read the press release... Niki did such a fab job! Thanks so much for the mention - very kind of you, and thanks for your comments on Daily Dodo - very much appreciated. See you soon

  34. This community never ceases to amaze me. What an event, I'm starting to get worried.
    Jules @ Trying To Get Over The Rainbow

  35. Gosh it all sounds like dynamic stuff. I feel quite in awe. :O)

  36. Hi Arlee -- Arrived here to check out the A-Z challenge, joined and stuck around to read more. Excited to participate!

  37. Carol-- Thank you. I wish you were with us this year.

    Doreen -- Thanks for visiting. If you get some press for A to Z that would be awesome. So would handing out some flyers. How totally cool that you have a blogging fair. I've never heard of anything like that here in L.A.--I'd love that!

    Matt -- Thanks! I think your brewing from A to Z will be pretty neat--looking forward to it.

    Jemi -- Those links do take time. Thanks for your good words.

    Debbie -- And I didn't even get all of them! I keep discovering new blogs that have something about the Challenge.

    becca --- I agree.

    Words Crafter -- You are going to have an excellent post with those A to Z tips and I hope plenty of people read them and take heed. Thanks!

    Rachna -- Thanks. And remember, you can still add your name to the list.

    Laura -- Nicki really did do an excellent job on the press release. Don't forget to visit her blog on Monday for more.

    Jules -- Why worry? You is de blogging master--or would that be mistress? er...maestro. Well, whatever, you don't have to worry.

    Madeleine -- I am in awe as well.

    Tamara --We're glad to have you join the Challenge.

  38. I am a new follower and excited about the A to Z Challenge. I hope you can follow back.
    God Bless,

  39. Wow - this is amazing! I'm a new follower and taking the plunge of the A to Z blog - whew, already thinking of so many ideas. I'm a pharmacist and writer and own a website called Romance Flash where I publish short romantic flash fiction pieces. I'm excited for new followers and any feedback on my blog!


  40. Arlee I don't know how you find the time, but you are amazing. Giving credit where credit is due. You must be somewhat tired? No?
    Love Di ♥

  41. I am a new follower on your blog. I would like to join the A to Z challenge but can not figure out how. Help...

  42. Hello! I'm a new follower and will probably take part in the A to Z Challenge. It looks like a lot of fun, and a great way to gain some followers and meet new people. Thank you for creating this!

    xoxo Sarah

  43. Wow, way to get the word out! I've got the badge in my sidebar, too. Thanks for joining the discussion over at my blog, Lee.

  44. This is amazing. I had no idea I was signing up to something so huge. You've asked if I can get some publicity going here in the UK and I'm working on it. I'll let you know how I do. Thanks for the mention and I'm looking forward to the challenge.

  45. I haven't tried a press release but am doing a lot of Twitter and Facebook promos. Closing in on 550 and ready for one final big push to close out March!

  46. OK...I bit the bullet and I'm now registered as #550 on your A to Z blogfest. Woohoo 550! That's an awesome response - congratulations!

  47. Shelley -- Thanks for joining us. I will visit your blog.

    Kitty -- Hopefully you will get plenty of new followers and some helpful feedback.

    Diana -- I always feel tired these days, but I press on.

    Jacqueline--Let me know if you continue to have problems signing up.

    Sarah -- Don't say "probably". You'll love it!

    Alison -- Thanks for the helpful promotion.

    Rosalind -- I do hope we can get some mention in UK press--that would be very awesome.

    Stephen -- 600 here we come!

    Sylvia -- We are glad to have you join us!

  48. I just signed yo for the A-Z Challenge, and I'm really excited about taking part in it! I'm having a great time picking my topics and planning them out ahead of time to so I can give my readers an idea of who I am, and not only what my writing is about, but what it means for me.

    xoxo Sarah

  49. I'm so glad I found this challenge. I have done NaNoWriMo and ScriptFrenzy in the past but need something more blog focused... I will be working on all 3 of my blogs but the focus will be on my fiction/creative writing blog and our homeschool blog.

  50. Sarah -- I'm enjoying picking topics as well. Glad you've joined us.

    Cariann--I've done 2 NaNos so far and I did enjoy them, but A to Z is definitely more geared to organizing one's blogging life.

  51. Gah! I would love to do NaNoWriMo but it's just impossible right now.

    Thanks, Arlee, for the mention and the link. :) I'm really looking forward to this year's Challenge!

  52. Ack! From your title, I thought this was your last post for a second.

  53. Kelly -- I was fixing a bad link in the post and accidentally published it as current. I've corrected the date and it is now an old post once again.



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