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Thursday, February 3, 2011

See My Guest Appearance Today!

Today I am being hosted by Patricia Stoltey.   Please drop by and leave a comment on Patricia's blog.

Scroll down for today's Tossing It Out post.



  1. Wow, Lee, so much great stuff happening. Congrats! I've been away for awhile *blushes* -- things got kinda hectic! I'd enter A-Z but have to revise an MS fast, back to that hectic stuff!

  2. Hey Arlee! Popped over here from Pat's blog and now following. I'm intrigued by your A-Z. Is there a list of the 'rules' on here? I may have just missed it. I'll jaunt back over to Pat's blog to re-read what you posted there just in case.


  3. Done and dusted , Good post on Patricia's Blog.


  4. Kittie -- You could always enter with itty bitty posts and just go light on commenting. You can do it!

    EJ -- Click on one of the links on Patricia's post. No hard firm rules here--just fun mostly.
    It's basically a personal challenge that you make your own rules. The basic is premise is blog daily in April except Sundays using a letter of the alphabet as a prompt for your post for each day. For each letter you can blog about any topic in any format that you'd like. Comparing your own post with everyone else's is where the real fun comes in. Last year people loved it whether they participated or just read the posts of others. Hope you'll join us!

    Yvonne-- Thanks! Nashville coming soon!

  5. I just came from there - terrific post! :)

  6. Congrats Lee, popping over now to have a look see :O)


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