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Saturday, September 25, 2010

Winding Down and Turning Around

           I have an idea-- Let's start a blogfest! ----Not!

           Oh, my, I've had a grand time with the blogfests hosted this past week by Elana Johnson, Alex Cavanaugh,  and Jennifer Daiker.   I've found interesting new blogs and added new followers.  I even passed my 400 follower milestone!  Now I'm on my way to 500 followers, but I don't think I will actively be pursuing this to any great extent.  The time has come to really pare things down and get focused on other life issues.

           Anyone who participated actively in either blogfest or has been a part of  any others for that matter knows what I'm talking about.  The post itself is business as usual in a sense, but it's what comes afterward that takes time.  The point of these blogfests is to interact with other bloggers by commenting on their posts and responding to comments we have received.  It's like any normal day of blogging except multiplied many times over.

             I'm making my shift towards less blogging activity but it's hard to break away gracefully.  I've been listening to your comments and watching my poll to see what your suggestions are  It all comes down to what will draw and retain readers on one hand and writing what I enjoy on the other.  I will probably retain most of my current features by consolidating them into three days.  I sadly will probably eliminate my Sunday Bible Study post and only post on Saturdays if I have something special like awards or other announcements.   My active blogging will more than likely be reduced to Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday. 

             I will be announcing my definitive decision on Monday October 4th.  Until then I will continue to post daily, although some posts may be much shorter than normal.  And the crowd jumps to their feet cheering.  

            On Monday I will finish my thoughts on this first year of daily blogging and give some additional ideas about commenting and followers.  I have not planned the rest of the week, but I'll come up with something you can be assured of that.

I know, I know-- but I didn't actually say I wasn't going to accept any awards!

           I received two thoughtful awards this week which I would like to acknowledge now.  As has frequently been the case of late, I am too preoccupied to pass these on like I am supposed to do.  I discussed this on a blog post a couple weeks ago.   I am grateful to the kind folks who passed these to me.

You Deserve A Star Today Award

          Kittie Howard from The Block has given me the You Deserve a Star Today award.   Thank you so much Kittie.  I may eventually try to pass this on in a future post but I hope you will understand my current constraints on time.

The Versatile Blogger Award

  From Marguerite at Cajun Delights I've scored another Versatile Blogger Award.    This sweet Cajun lady is always tormenting me with delicious looking dishes from Bayou Country.  Anyone know a good Cajun restaurant in Los Angeles?  Like I mentioned above-- well I'm sure you understand.

             Did you participate in any blog events this week?   How do you do it?   Is the outcome of blog events worth the effort to you?    Any big blogging plans in your future?


  1. I really enjoy the blogfests, but I do find that it takes a lot of energy to keep up with the momentum. After Alex's Top 10 TV shows fest, I've gained a few followers and I've been made aware of a bunch of new blogs because of it. It's a great networking tool.
    I tend not to plan when it comes to blogging. I don't want to make it systematic in any way so that things stay new and fresh for me. I don't want to worry about putting a certain kind of post up by a certain deadline; I let things happen as they may :)

  2. I also took part in the Great Blogging Experiment, which was the first time I did something like this.

    One thing is certain, I'll only join blogfests that fall on weekends. I tried to get to as many blogs as I could. I think I got through fourty new blogs and about twelve blogs I already followed before I called it a day.

    I found it very interesting, but time consuming and (dare I say it?) draining. I will do something like it again, if the idea appeals to me in the way yesterday's topic did.

    :-) Thanks for checking out my post and your great comment.

  3. I decided on the spur of the moment to do Yesterday's blogfest it wasn't prepared I just signed on and wrote, I have tried to comment on many but the list was too long even for me, I've had some great comments and have answered them.I find as most are writers and not poets it is a wee bit awkward to anwers some of their questions,
    It will seem strange the days you don't blog as that usually comes on during mid morning here and I have my cup of coffee whilst reading it.

    Enjoy your week-end.


  4. Blogfests DO take up a lot of time. With larger ones like the Great Blogging Experiment, so many people joined on that I know I'm not going to be visiting all of them; it would take so much time! But I did follow several more blogs, and I got lots of new followers out of it, so I'm content to leave that as a past event and not strain myself trying to connect with everyone.

  5. You almost got me with that first sentence :))

    Now, we shall let you reduce your blogging time, but only if you promise you won't waste the newly gained time on Las Vegas trips but on writing the book ;P

    Congrats on the awards and on the superhigh number of minions :))))

  6. I like you am finding the daily grind a wee bit difficult to blogging and I'm looking forward to your thoughts on commenting and following. :)

    I would like to say I will miss the days you do not post. I don't have many followers but you are one I felt had something in common with, not to mention you actually comment on my blog. :)

    I'm wishing you the best and hope you find time to remain a casual visitor to me.

    Jules @ Trying To Get Over The Rainbow

  7. I've always wanted to do a blogfest Arlee. It is the visiting and commenting back that stops me. I don't like hurting peoples feelings. I just don't have all of that time.
    I am looking forward to Oct. 4th to find out what you decide. Love Di ♥

  8. I participated in the Top Ten TV Shows and that was fun. I visited almost 50 or 60 blogs and was amazed at the shows I had never heard of. I received the most comments I have ever received and I tried to get back to each one. I think I may have gained a follower or two, but my primary reason wasn't followers but to have fun.

    I think you are giving up your best topic by giving up the Sunday Bible Study. That would be the last that should go but then I am slightly prejudiced.

    Looking forward to the changes and the adapting.

  9. Good luck with the changes in your blogging schedule, and your writing journey!

    Also, I wanted to share a hilarious post that Carol's Prints has about: "How to vlog", which include a video that is worth it to watch... it will crack you up! :-D


  10. No, need a blogfest break!!!

    The two this week were awesome and overwhelming. I kept up with the 83 participants of mine on Monday, but 190+ yesterday was too many. Since I helped start that one as well, I really need to hit more today.

    Three days a week is still good. I blog every other day, so that's 3-4 times a week.

  11. Jamie -- I did notice an uptick in regular visitors when I when on a themed schedule so I feel like it works and I try to keep the posts in my mood and inspiration. But the main thing is to enjoy it.

    Misha -- The appeal is what grabs me to participate in an event. The weekends do work well.

    Yvonne -- I was glad that you participated. It will seem strange to me not to blog daily, but I think it's what I need to do.

    Golden Eagle-- There's only so much that one can do isn't there.

    Dezmond -- Thanks for your continued encouragement. Vegas trips are not in my plans.

    Jules -- Thanks and if I'm not tending to daily posts I might have more quality visiting and commenting time.

    Diana -- If you can think of any more ideas I'm open to them.

    Gregg-- In many ways the Sunday posts were the most rewarding to me, but they got the least response. I have thought about a separate blog for Bible study issues, but folks like you are doing it best.

    Doris -- I will check out that post--I can always use a good laugh.

    Alex -- Those blog events that you all cooked up were amazing. Maybe in a couple months I'll be ready again.

  12. I'm still reading compelling characters, but when I clicked on your name it came up to your Saturday post and I thought, "Hey...I could read something else....that might be compelling."

    I usually post three times a week. I still read most nights, but posting three times gives me time to reply to my comments via email, comment on my blog (cause some people don't have their email set up to receive replies) and comment on their blogs and read otehr blogs...I started doing this about a month ago and it seems to be working...Compelling Characters kind of threw in an extra post and oh a few hundred extra reads....LOL for the weekend...

    Good luck.

  13. Lee,

    Blogging does take a lot of time. I think we all have different reasons for it. Blogging every day does not define a good blog. It is better to write less and do it well.

    I blog when I have something to blog about, rather than worry about filling every day. And usually my blog is there to support my business in a different way than my website. More to interact with my customers...and of course the posts to entertain when something happens that I think has some sort of entertainment value!

    Keep up the great work in whatever manner you find comfortable and rewarding.


  14. Congrats on the awards! Have a good weekend!

  15. I don't do too many blogfests because of the time factor. It's one thing to write a post on a blogging or writing topic - those come easily - but it's a whole 'nother thing to create a work of fiction for one. I'd love to participate, but there's just no time. I did do the Great Blogging Experiment this week though - lots of fun!

  16. Congratulations Lee on your two awards! Well deserved!

  17. Sharon -- I hoping my new schedule will allow for a bit more quality social networking on the blogs. "Compelling Characters" was something else wasn't it?

    Sig-- Less posting will give me more opportunities to visit your blog!

    Karen -- Thanks! And a good weekend to you.

    Jemi -- I've thought about the fiction fests but came to the same conclusion as you.

    Paula-- Appreciate it!

  18. Lee, please do what works for you!! We're here. I blog when I can, about every two weeks. Any more than that and I'd be pushing an envelope that's not me.

  19. Hi Lee .. some of us actually wrote a tribute post to one of 'our' blogging buddies (Barbara Swafford) - whom we respect hugely .. and wanted to thank her for all her support etc.

    I've got to the point of posting twice a week .. giving myself time to visit other blogs and comment ..

    I'm not sure - is it better to have hundreds of followers or a few loyal commenters, who actually comment on your post .. ? I like to relate to the people I blog with .. some I visit for their information, and some I visit to learn - then I probably don't leave a comment as I'm one of many ..

    Interesting the blog fests .. thanks - Hilary

  20. Congrats on your awards and thanks so much for the kind words and the mention. I post two or three times a week and participate in blogfests, when I have the time to keep up with them.

  21. I participated in both of Alex's blogfests and gained several new followers. The TV blogfest got the most comments - over 60!!

    I understand your need to adjust and change. I'm about to do the same thing next week.

  22. I normally only participate in blogfests if I already have material that suits the theme (saves time). Alex's TV one and the Blogging Experiment were exceptions to that. My own blogfest was awesome, but time-consuming because I want to view everyone's posts, comment on all of them, plus respond to all of the comments on my post. Between all three, it's been a busy week, but fun.

    I don't stick to a schedule, but I try for three posts per week. I think every day is difficult for people to follow. I know I don't get to everyone's blogs each day because I have too many I'm following. I make sure to get to people who comment on my blog and I try to get to everyone's blog at least once per week. If new posts show on my blogroll, I make them a priority. I just know when I spend too much time blogging, I don't get any progress on my WIPs.

  23. Kittie -- Every two weeks sounds like a pretty manageable schedule. I hope one day I'll be doing that because I am so busy with other income producing commitments.

    Hilary -- What it all comes down to in the end is readers. I am going to do a further analysis on my post of tomorrow(Monday 9/27).

    Marguerite -- Time is the magic word and priorities is another.

    L.Diane -- There's no doubt that the fests increase activity on one's blog, but that's more work for the blogger as well if they are doing it like they are supposed to be doing.

    Angela -- I agree with what you've said here. And it's really important not to let blogging interfere with the writing that is your career or of more importance than blogging.

  24. I agree with you on this topic. Let me preface by stating that I love blogfests especially when people like Alex come up with some great topics. The drawbacks are that I really put so much time into them which causes me to use my free time towards creating a detailed post while not catching up on blogs and reading everyone's submissions then leaving non-generic comments.

  25. Whoops I forgot to mention the positives which outweigh the negatives like meeting new bloggers and expanding my network. That alone makes it worthwhile but I agree they are a labor of love. Sorry for the "part 2" post. Haha!

  26. Geof -- Thanks for the visit. The negatives are just part of the game, but the positives do make the efforts worth it.


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