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Thursday, September 30, 2010

Do Creatures Like Bigfoot Really Exist?

         In the early part of the 1800s reports began coming from Nepal of sightings of a hairy humanlike creature.  Investigations revealed that there was a tradition of folklore concerning a creature like this in the Himalayan region.  Soon, reports of sightings began to come from many parts of the world.

        Since that time in the Himalayas there have been several reported sightings of the Yeti, or Abominable Snowman.   There have also been frequent reported sightings throughout various parts of Asia and even Scotland.  Then, of course, we have the sightings throughout North America.

        Sasquatch, as the Bigfoot creature is sometimes called, has long been a legend of the native Americans.  Often one of the many creatures depicted on totem poles and other native American art, the Sasquatch has even been looked upon as a spiritual being.

        There are many theories as to what this bipedal humanoid really is.  The most common theory is that they are bears or apes that have been misidentified by witnesses.  Another suggestion is that they are actually humans who have become hermits living in the wilds and dressed in animal skins. 

          It is a known fact that the imagination can play tricks and embellish or distort what one actually sees.  From a distance, in wooded areas where visibility may be hindered, any animal might be mistaken for another, especially if the viewer's mental state has created an expectation or a fear of seeing such a creature. 

         If these creatures do exist, it stands to reason that they would exist in numbers in order to have lived for so many years.  If there are communities of Sasquatch, there should be some kind of evidence of their existence that would have been found with greater frequency.  

          However, it is a big world and new discoveries are made every year.  Vast mountainous areas with dense vegetation could possibly cloak the existence of these apelike creatures.  And if they are highly intelligent, or even of superior intelligence to humans, they could be very skillful at evading contact.  Who knows, they could even be extraterrestrial beings surveying the area around which they've temporarily landed their spaceship.

         There are many explanations that can be argued to defend or refute their existence.  What do you think?

Do Creatures Like Bigfoot Really Exist?        
         Are they natural animals or supernatural beings?   Are they of Earth or from some other far away world?   Have they crossed over from another dimension?   Are they the "missing link" between man and ape?  Are they emissaries of satan or perhaps even angels?   Or is the whole thing the fabric of legends and the product of human imagination?  Tell us what you believe.


  1. "they could even be extraterrestrial beings surveying the area around which they've temporarily landed their spaceship." ... You made me laugh this morning with this. It's good 'cause I have a busy day ahead, and it helps to start the day relaxed!

    I don't believe Bigfoot exists. Distorted images sound more like the reason for the speculation.

    Have a great day!

  2. I don't really believe in Big Foot (I think you're seeing my hairy brother-in-law in the second photo there) but I do believe in things like the Loch Ness Monster. I don't think we've discovered everything there is to know under the ocean or seas...


  3. It may well be overgrown gorillas after all we get humans who grow to exceptional heights just as there are midgets.
    I am sceptical with my beliefs.

    Bt the way thanks for your visit and kind comments you have made. much appreciated Lee.

    Have a good day.

  4. Although I am not easily fooled, I would like to believe there are other life forms that we can't explain and have a hard time believing's exciting.


  5. I don't really believe that Bigfoot exists. Although it's true that Earth is pretty big and we haven't discovered everything, I think it's just people's minds changing/exaggerating what they really see.

  6. I've always wondered whether a Big Foot has his Big Footess, his wife?
    My favourite depiction of Yetis and Big Foots was in the third part of THE MUMMY movie series, those snow Yetis were super sensational.

  7. I've experienced only a few things that seemed unexplainable to me. But I believe anything is possible, so I definitely think it's possible that creatures like Big Foot and Nessie exist. Do I believe they DO exist? My answer on that is a sound Maybe.

  8. I married the Yeti (French version of Bigfoot/Sasquatch) of the Pyrenees mountains, or so he says. So, yes, yes Bigfoot exists. Thankfully, my Yeti doesn't have a furry back. Just sayin.'

    And what a way to say hello to a fellow blogger!

  9. Doris -- The imagination can certainly play tricks on us.

    Clarissa -- "Sea monsters" do seem more credible since they might have an easier time hiding and eluding humans.

    Yvonne -- But gorillas tend to be very social creatures and have easily been spotted Africa. If they are gorillas why are they living in groups and sighted as such? And how did they get to North America?

    Teresa -- It's fun to believe in things like this. We kind of would like it to be true so long as these creatures won't hurt us, but rarely does anyone come up with really credible evidence.

    Golden Eagle -- I think about some of the things I've thought I've seen out of the corner of my eye. On closer examination I've seen that they were not really what I'd seen and just my mind playing tricks.

    Dezmond -- Actually the Bigfoot in the Patterson film has breasts and some have theorized it was female. But to have sightings over hundreds of years should indicate that there are males and females and that they are reproducing.

    Gregg-- No possibility? Anything in the Bible that might be related to Bigfoot? What about the Nephilim?

    Carol-- I certainly don't know everything so I'm not going to exclude the possibility of anything, but I also think there are always logical explanations.

  10. Samantha -- Greetings to you and thank you for stopping. And say hello to your Yeti husband. I'm not going to be one to say anything disparaging to anyone who can pass for a Yeti.

  11. The Bigfoot stories that fascinate me are the ones that involve simultaneous sightings of UFOs and extinct saber-tooth tigers. If these stories are true, then it seems to point to inter-dimensional activity.

    To that end, some reports of Bigfoot tracks say they simply end in places where the next steps should be visible.

  12. Sorry, don't believe in Bigfoot. Between satellites and cell phones, someone would've gotten a photo by now.
    Aliens observing us? Remember the episodes from The Six-Million Dollar Man with bigfoot?

  13. Okay, I saved my comments. Do they exist? Well I'm hoping they do, I want to meet one. Why? because I don't have any hairy friends.

    Seriously, some species of apes have only recently been discovered so yes the possibility is there. Why not in numbers? Anytime you have a limited gene pool, the species suffers. And this is why I do not fear Bigfoot or Yeti or any other as yet unknown creature.

    They probably all are crossed eyed, so I know I can get away :D

  14. I do think they exist but are just animals, perhaps throwbacks from the dino-age.

  15. Trish & Rob -- I like the concept of interdimensionality. I have never heard the stories of UFO sightings and sabertooth tiger tracks--those aliens either keep some weird pets or very effective guard animals. Then again they might just wear rather odd shoes.

    Alex -- I guess I missed that 6 Million Dollar Man episode. In fact, I may have missed all of the episodes.

    Jules -- Well, still, if I ever encounter a 7 foot Bigfoot in the woods I'm going to be very careful and keep my distance. I mean, it would be cool to see, but if I were by myself???

    Holly -- How do they remain so reclusive? And perpetuate in apparently small numbers?

  16. r-LEE-b ~
    My opinion hasn't changed a bit over the last six months:

    ~ D-FensDogg
    'Loyal American Underground'

  17. And for those who missed Stephen's great answer to the post he cites, I reprint it here in case you don't want to go back to that post:

    Stephen T. McCarthy said...
    rLEE-b ~
    I most DEFINITELY believe that these strange creatures do manifest sometimes. Over long periods of time there have been far, far too many highly credible eyewitnesses for the stories to be dismissed out-of-hand.

    If a priest, a policeman, a doctor, and a farmer all agreed that they saw you murder someone, guess where you would be spending the rest of your life!

    And yet, when these same respected individuals speak of seeing a Bigfoot or a UFO, etc., too many people want to immediately discount their testimony. This says more about the skeptic’s fear of facing the unknown than it does about the reliability of the eyewitnesses.

    It would be foolish for me to deny ALL of the testimony coming from respected persons over time. The real question is not "Do some of these things exist?" but "Why is there so little physical evidence?" and "Why do we not find a carcass occasionally? Do these things never die?"

    I believe the answer is that all of these strange beings are actually interdimensional and do not originate on this earth. For whatever reasons, they choose to manifest here from time to time before returning to their natural spiritual state. In other words, I believe that “demonic activity” is the explanation for most if not all of it.

    Have you ever seen a fantastical creature or known someone who has? And if you have seen one, were you sober?

    Twice I have seen Unidentified Flying Objects, and the first time it was during daylight hours and I was close enough to throw a rock and hit one. I was at work at the time, so yes, surprisingly enough, I was totally sober. As you know, I also once saw, while at work, an ostensibly human spectre which impossibly disappeared when I briefly turned my back to it. Haven’t seen a lake monster or a Bigfoot and really don’t care to. If these things are demonic, I’d rather see pink elephants!

    ~ Stephen
    <"As a dog returns to his own vomit,
    so a fool repeats his folly."
    ~ Proverbs 26:11>

  18. StMc -- Oh, and I hope you had a great respite from blogging, work, and the daily grind.

  19. I believe they're out there, but that they are some animal or person that is frequently mistaken for something else. Why else would they find no concrete evidence with all the technology we have today. We can find the Titanic a mile under the ocean but can't find the smallest evidence (besides manufactured footprints) that they not only exist, but exist around the world. Doesn't add up.

  20. Why should I care if they exist or not? Will it impact my life in any way? I doubt it. If someone can catch one or find a carcass, then maybe I would be interested. In the meantime, debate and speculation run rampant. Prove to me we are not the only sentient beings in the universe, and I will die contented. Otherwise, it is all a guessing game, and your guess is as good as mine.

  21. Karen --You make the argument that I tend to lean toward.

    James-- There are some people who care bigtime and make career studies of the topic of Bigfoot or other things. You're right--most of us probably don't really care and it probably won't affect our lives unless they start encroaching upon our security and freedom, which will probably never happen. Some people like myself like to discuss the topic a little bit for fun and then think about something else later. I don't plan to do research on the topic or go into the wilderness looking for evidence, but if someone ever does I'll listen with great interest to know what comes of it all.

  22. The real question is: do any of these sasquatches blog?

  23. I guess I think that at the VERY least there would be fossil proof, so either I am buying the superior intelligence alien thing, or the hermits in furs... BUT you've inspired my orangutan story! (lucky you)

    When we decided to move from Portland we took one last trip to the zoo. My son, 1 1/2 at the time, was in a stroller, and at the orangutans, the daddy (GREAT BUG GUY) came over to the glass and stood pressed against it just staring at my son--seriously, like 10 minutes--people kept gathering to watch the orangutan watch the baby. Then, the daddy makes a kissy face at my son and goes back to his stuff. It was the coolest thing ever.

  24. PTM-- You bring up a relevant question. But on further condideration I am quite certain that I have found some blogs administered by Sasquatches and some of them have even left comment on my site.

    Hart - Orangutan means "old man of the forest". A person could have mistaken an oragutan for a human type creature like Yeti or Sasquatch. Primates are indeed fascinating to watch.

  25. mmmmm i think perhaps they once did, i mean you dont hear or see many recent pictures of nessie, or yeti's they are usually from the 1800's and early 1900's, i think the last reported sighting of nessi was the 1940's.
    Saying that the rise of cars, travelers and planes may have simply but them further into hiding?

  26. In this poll, 26% said Bigfoot is an interdimensional creature. They also mention the connection with big cats & UFOs.

  27. I love these mysteries and hope the answer to at least some of them is YES! There's nothing quite like believing in the possibilities :)

  28. I do think it is an undiscovered ape; I mean strange animals are found all the time. Actually
    my husband nickname at one command. Then he relocated and was nicknamed Lurch, from Adams
    Family(my hubby is 6'4)~

  29. Serena -- Maybe people back then were more susceptible to vivid imaginations. And certainly expansion of civilization would affect the creatures if they did exist.

    Trish and Rob -- That was quite a long post! I like the interdimensional possibilities and it would explain the sporadic nature of the sightings.

    Jemi -- It's fun to imagine as long as the creatures don't become a threat.

    Ellie-- The typical descriptions sound like an orangutan type animal.

  30. Quite an interesting post and comments! Without any concrete evidence, I'm inclined to think that they are all a figment of people's overactive imaginations. but, the inter-dimensional theory is interesting.

  31. "Does anybody really know what time it is?
    Does anybody really care?"

  32. Marguerite-- I like the inter-dimensional theory as well. I'll bet you have some creature legends down in the bayous.

    Larry-- Yes, it's 11:15 PM and time for me to go to bed. I don't care. I'm tired.


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