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Saturday, September 11, 2010

A Time for Remembrance

 Time to Remember
God Bless America and all who stand with us!
           For me, September is a time of many memories and things to remember.  The events associated with September 11th make up an iconic collective memory for the United States and the world.  But there are many more things about this month that stir up reminders of days gone by and milestones of my life and my loved ones. 

            There are birthdays of a sister, a daughter, and a grandchild.  The anniversary of my father's passing.   Recollections of childhood when school would begin and days would grow longer as fall approached.  The recognition that another year is fast approaching its end. 

              This year I will be celebrating a new milestone of personal history.  During the week of September 20th I will be celebrating the first year anniversary of active blogging on Tossing It Out.  Over the course of that week I will be looking back over the first year of blogging and having made so many new friends.  As a sidenote, I am nearing my 400th follower.  I'm hoping I will reach this number in time for the blog anniversary.  If you are not yet following, please help me reach that magic number by clicking the "Follow" button.  Or give me a good word on your blog to help me reach the 400.  I'd appreciate any push you can give me.  No contest, no challenge--just the satisfaction of getting me there.

              However, before we come to that week of memories, lets look back at the past week.  I must say that I was impressed by some of the comments on Tossing It Out this week. We looked at the topic of work each day and there was some real quality and thought put into so many of the comments.  If you missed the Debate Day topic about the future of work in the U.S., you might enjoy going back to read the comment section--there were some very impressive comments made and I want to thank all of those who participated.

             In the week to come, the topic will be focused on the future.  I will be addressing the future of Tossing It Out on Monday.   Then, on Tossing It Out Tuesday I will talk about removing roadblocks. On Wednesday I will think about how some of us look at the future.  A Debate Day topic will examine the future of the United States and the world in general.  Friday will be a story about a prediction that was once made--did it come true?   Tomorrow's Bible study will offer some thoughts about planning for the future.  I hope you will be with me in this week to come.


            To kick off my Anniversary Blog Week, I will be participating in Alex J. Cavanaugh's Top Ten TV Shows Blogfest .   I don't participate in too many blog events, but I do love these lists of favorites.  If you've never done a blog fest and would like to gain more followers, then sign up for this one.  You'll have a great time and as most of you know Alex is a great host.

             You may also want to join in the Great Blog Experiment that is being conducted by Alex, Elana Johnson, and Jennifer Daiker on Friday September 24th.   I went ahead and signed up after I determined this would be a great way to close my week of my First Year Blog Anniversary. The topic is "Creating Compelling Characters".  I can make that work for my celebration week.  And you can have a great time with this, so sign up!  And if you missed the Blog Trifecta hosted by these three over the past week I encourage you to go back and dig into the archives for each of them.  They presented some very valuable information.

And Now For Today's Awards:

          This Most Versatile Blogger Award was passed on to me by Lynda R. Young from W.I.P. It: A Writer's Journey .   Thank you for the recognition and your continued support of my blogging efforts.

         And with another confirmation of my versatilty comes another Versatile Blogger award, this time from Jeffrey Beesler at World of the Scribe.   

          With each of these comes a set of rules about telling some things about myself and passing these on to others.  As I have done on some past occasions--and others of you have done as well--I am going to dismiss these rules for the time being and I will discuss this in an upcoming post.  I did want to express my gratitude to Lynda and Jeffrey for thinking of me.

           What special September memories do you have?     What are some of the future blogging events that you have signed up for?   How long have you been blogging?   Do you have any plans to change the way that you have been blogging?


  1. I was only 4 years old when 9/11 happened, but I do remember watching part of it on the news. I didn't really get much of it then, but I know I was in the hospital waiting around with my mom when the attacks came.

    I signed up for the "Creating Compelling Characters" Experiment over at Elana Johnson's blog. :) I'm looking forward to reading everyone's posts!

  2. When I first heard of the awful events in America on 09/11 /2001 I was at my husbands final resting place placing flowers , it was the thrid anniversary of his passing so 09/11 has memories for me too.I remember thinking America has lost so many I lost just one but that one was my life, the father of my children,
    I also wondered how in the years to come the families of America would cope.

    I hope to do the blog fest on 20th September, I enjoy doing these and it is most satisfying when completed, My plans for the future is hopefully have another poetry book published,
    will start to sort that out when the cold weather sets in,I am coming up to my 500th post since I started some years ago so hope to do something special then.

    Have a good week-end.

  3. Sounds like you had a productive week :) I will be participating in Alex's blog fest and this time it will make sense.

    You have a wonderful weekend, Lee
    Jules @ Trying To Get Over The Rainbow

  4. First Birthday? I guess it's time to stop pooping in your diapers :))) Congrats on the upcoming B-day and the awards you've received.

    My blog's B-day was back in April.
    When it comes to September memories, I think I never liked the month earlier because the school gave me traumas and September 1st is when the school year starts here in Serbia. But September is also a mark of new beginnings, new seasons, and I like that.

  5. Congratulations, Lee! I'm sure you'll hit 400 by then. I saw Alex's blogfest, but missed the other one. And even though I enjoyed going back to school, September always felt sad to me.

  6. Thanks for the shout-out! Hoping for a big crowd for the blogfests.

  7. September was always my favourite month! Although that collective memory was tough even for those of us with no personal connection.

    Thanks for the point to Alex's blogfest - I've signed up for the characters on of the 24th, but will head over to Alex's blog today to find out about the other!

    Nice to have found your blog - see you again. :)

  8. Good idea for a September eleven post, and you did it well. And kudos on the awards! :)

  9. My greatest September memory is the birth of my oldest daughter, Shannon Annette on September 6th. I was overseas in the Philippines when I got word she was born and seven months later I got to meet her.

    My memories of September surround the beginning of fall which is my favorite season. I love the temperatures dropping and becoming crisp and brisk, I love the leaves and bushes turning bright red, yellow, and orange as they fall to the ground.

    The only blogging event I have signed up for his Alex's TV Fest for past and current sitcoms and shows that have been my favorites.

    I began blogging on February 6th, 2009. I am about 5 months from blogging two years and coming up on 500 blogs.

    I don't have any plans on changing the way I blog. I am not sure what that means. How do I blog? I blog as a pastor, with a pastor's heart for God's dear people. I blog for God's glory and His people's good - so, if that is what you mean by the way I blog, then no, I don't have any plans on changing the way I blog.

    If you mean daily to periodic, or prose to narrative, I don't plan on changing that either.

    By the way congrats on your awards!

    I have introduced a new segment to my blog - Weekly Spotlight Shines On... I am going to highlight a different blog each week on my side bar so that folks can click on easily and check out blogs. Guess whose is up first? Yep!

  10. LEE ~
    Off topic here, but would you mind checking out the comments in Part 2 of my F-FFF blog bit "STMcC@McCarthyCountry.Pix"?

    I'm having a discussion with SheboyganBoy Six (the artist formerly known as Mr. Paulboy VI) about the song "Mention My Name In Sheboygan". He posted a link to a YouTube video and I'm wondering if that opening piece of music - which I immediately identified as clown act background music - actually originates with the "Mention My Name..." song, or is it circus music from another source that they just tacked on to the beginning of "Mention My Name..."?

    You might know this since you have a lot of knowledge about circuses and juggling stage acts, etc.

    Thanks, Bro!

    ~ D-FensDogg

  11. Eagle -- I didn't realize you were so young since the posts of yours that I'd read seemed very mature. The day itself certainly would not have been a milestone in you perception of life, but the event certainly has shaped the world you have grown up in. Have fun with the Blogfest!

    Yvonne -- 500 posts is quite an accomplishment. We're all cheering for you on the upcoming book.

    Jules -- The blogfests can garner you a lot of new followers if you understand the procedure. Good luck with it.

    Dezmond -- I hope your comment wasn't an indication of what you think of my posts! :)
    I was never thrilled about school but the beginning of the year was new hence more exciting to me.

    L. Diane- September can be a melancholy time and now I'm thinking of that great tune "September Song".

    Alex -- Both blogfests are going to have a big turnout--of that I am sure.

  12. I am over from Jules and like what I read here. I am german and had a discussion with a few American business men when my assistant burst into the room. We tried to help our business men as best as we could as all airports were closed.
    You can read about it here:

    Hugs from this side of the pond xxx

  13. You can add one more to your follower list, Lee.


  14. Great blog Lee. Let us never forget. I have your copy of Breakthrough you won for my Blog Banner Contest last month

    Send me an email at and I'll get it out to you next week. Have a great wekend.

    Stephen Tremp

  15. It was back to school week for me - and it was so busy I missed almost everything else! :) Thanks for the recap!

    Sept 11 will always bring with it so many memories - of fear, disbelief, horror as well as so many images of courage and even hope.

  16. Paula from the other side of the pond-- So glad you found me here. Thank you for your comment.

    Maria -- Thank you for joining me here.

    Stephen Tremp -- email to come. How exciting!

    Jemi Fraser -- I'll bet you were busy. I know from my wife how stressful that time can be. Glad you're here today.

  17. Huge grats on your awards. You definitely deserve them.


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