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Thursday, September 16, 2010

What Is the Future of the United States and the world?

       Last week we had a very stimulating discussion about the future of work and workers.  This week I'd like to take a broader view of the future.   Where is the United States and the world in general going in the years ahead?  This is essentially a continuation of last week's topic so if you missed it you may want to go back to read some of those comments, but it's not necessary to do so.

       There are essentially four areas that I'd like to look at, but feel free to include any other areas that you think might be relevant.  The areas where I think we might see the biggest changes are Political, Economic, Social, and Moral.  These are often considered separately, but they are all interconnected and each can influence the others.

                                 Political Influence

        There have been many political experiments throughout the history of the world.  Some have been exercises in idealism that have proved impractical, while some have been oppressive regimes that are dark stains on the pages of history.  The United States government style has served as a model for many countries and sometimes essentially forced on other countries.  Technological advances have given governments good and bad an equal footing in the art of surveillance and controlling the populace.  Americans sometimes have a smug attitude that they have freedom and control over our destinies.  But do they and will they continue to have that freedom?  Are all of the peoples of the world going to be under more rigorous government scrutiny and control in the future?
                              Economic Influence

          Lately the news seems to be mostly about the economy.  But civilization has always been mainly about the economy.  Economic trends are often greatly affected by the political trends.  The wealthiest powers of yesterday are facing difficulties.  The formerly poorer countries are advancing on the economic front.  China may soon be the wealthiest nation in the world.  The economy of any country, or the world in general, could be threatened by natural disasters or adverse climate conditions.  Bad economy can lead to internal civic unrest or wars with other nations.   Where do you think the economy is going?   Do you think we'll see more economic mergers as we saw with the Euro?    How do you feel about an economic alliance among the countries of the western hemisphere including North, Central, and South America?  What might be the outcome of regional economic unions?
                                 Social Influence

            As some suggested in last week's topic, we may be looking at a drastic change in the holding of wealth and power.   The time could come where there is a greater demarcation between the haves and have-nots.  A powder keg societal situation of this nature might be a catalyst for violent struggle and revolution.  To prevent this, the government controlled by the wealthy might provide the populace with everything they needed to placate them.   Rampant socialism could quell unrest with free food, housing, and medical care.  Could "1984" be around the corner?   Will we be eating "Soylent Green"?  Would you like to have the government provide you with everything you needed so you never had to worry about anything?

                         Moral or Religious Views

             Most religions have some sort of end time scenario and ultimate outcome of humanity.  This is certainly one potential outcome of the future according to those believers.  Before that time comes, however, the moral views of society can influence many trends of the future.  Religious conflict is becoming a matter of increasing concern.  Do you see a greater influence in store by religions on government?  What are our hopes and what are our fears should a religion gain control of a government?   Do you feel that the current  general moral outlook of the United States or whatever country you are from is detrimental to the essence of society today?

                                  What Do You Think?

            There you have it.  I have tossed out a few ideas and scenarios for you to ponder.  Or you may have your own ideas about the future of the world.   Whether optimistic or pessimistic none of us have control over everyone else, but we can certainly try to influence one another.   Look at past history, recent trends, and future speculations and one can make some deductions about things that might happen.  How can we help bring about the best outcome?   Where do you think we are all going and where would you like to see us go?


  1. When a government provides for its people in that manner, they are not taking care of them - they are in effect controlling them.
    And I think the decline in morality has had a greater effect than most people realize.

  2. Well, I believe it's quite clear that in some moment in the future we will all become American colonies (by force, by economic pressure, over media...) and all the small countries will have absolutely no say in anything but that's already happening so it will come as no surprise.

    I also believe that in some point in future humanity will reject all kind of religions and turn to advanced laws and rules of science, intelligence and logic.

    The decline in morality and political hunger of major Western powers will lead the world into a Third World War after which nothing will be the same again, but I hope it won't happen during our lifetimes, although I do hope we will be visited by aliens while I'm still breathing.

  3. I believe, and it is just me, that the day they took prayer out of school was the day they signed our death warrant. Not because of prayer as much as the moral fiber to which this nation was created.

    Anytime a society strives for harmony at any cost, the less they achieve it. That so-called harmony comes with the cost of each part of said society feeling more deserving than the other and thus chaos.

    It comes down to being human compassion and holding government accountable. The real problem is we as a country have let the government go so long without being held accountable that they have taken it from us.

    Oh, I'm on a soap box. I'll shut up now. :)
    Jules @ Trying To Get Over The Rainbow

  4. r-LEE-b ~
    I think--
    Oh, heck, you already know what I think - I've said it enough times.

    ~ D-FensDogg
    'Loyal American Underground'

  5. I think we should encourage the existentialist cowboy to comment!

  6. In the last area, the removal of the Ten Commandments from schools because someone might read them and actually follow them comes to mind. Yeah, right - wouldn't that be a shame?

  7. Okay... just to be the trouble-maker that I am. I think it's ALWAYS about the money, and that we just retrospectively assign other causes to things such as 'greatness' and 'folley'. War is good because World War II gave America its greatness, eh? (erm... not so much)

    The US is desperately clinging to its age of greatness. Just as Rome did. As Napolean did. As the British Empire did. I figure countries get a century of lucking into the next big thing and holding power, and then they start to CLING to what gave them power, forgetting that the power was in the innovation and forward thinking, so they're done.

    We are SO AFRAID of Socialism, but it isn't either/or. You can SOCIALIALIZE medicine and take care of the mentally ill and the poorest poor and STILL have incentives for productivity. Look at the Scandenavian countries, with the highest quality of life on earth. Yes, taxes are high, but nobody is falling out the bottom and EVERYBODY lives better, except that worthless 1% that contributes nothing of productive value anyway because all THEIR investments are overseas.

    We already socialize education, public safety, infrastructure. EVERYBODY deserved a fair chance, even kids born to incompetent boobs, and without socializing this stuff, we disadvantage those people with the misfortune of having the 'wrong sort' of parents.

    I don't want the government in my personal business. (I'm pretty darned libertarian where social issues are concerned) I think there is nothing more frightening that the government having anything to do with religion or morality because that lays down an assumption we should all have the SAME religion and morality. People need to be taught to think and evaluate all the options with full knowledge of the real consequences, and then they do the right thing because it is the right thing.

    Things like who I marry or sleep with? NOT the government's business (and I think there is no stand more hippocritical that thinking the government DOES belong in the bedroom but not in the pocketbook to take care of people)--if it wants to legislate MORALITY, it needs to fully take care of everybody (which is NOT what I would advocate... just pointing out the conflict in the thought process here)

    So there... I'm sure I offended some. My views are strong, but that is how I see it. The US CANNOT be great again unless it stops yearning for the past and learns how to move forward again with its eyes open to the fact of the world.

  8. Comments are slow in coming on this topic, which I had somewhat expected. It is a big question, and there are some very controversial aspects to it. But so far there are some great comments and I will reply to these so far.

    Alex -- Controlling the people by keeping them happy is an old ploy. Faithful minions are quick to protect their guardians when threats encroach. Perhaps the moralistic decline also has something to do with control?

    Dezmond -- I could also envision a vastly more powerful European union which includes former USSR countries becoming far more powerful than the US. Also, unions of Asian and islamic countries coud develop into formidable empires. With the addition of thought modes that deemphasize religion and morals in one or more of this allied empires I can see the Orwellian vision described in 1984. Biblical prophecies also envision similar scenarios. A third world war would be catastrophic as you indicate.

    Jules -- I agree with what you have said in a very clear and eloquent manner. With no moral compass to guide us, chaos could be the destination of the U.S. and the world. We already have seen many signs of this.

    StMc -- And don't stop saying it. You have a message that people need to hear.

    Larry-- I've visited the cowboy and left my words. I wonder what he thinks or our future.

    L. Diane -- the 10 commandments must have been too radical. And the problem is that they really are becoming too radical for many of people in the U.S. and elsewhere. The government is making the new rules for us.

  9. I think we're well on our way downhill....
    The future is incredibly bleak for this country. On every level.

    I'm just glad I got to live my youth during its peak.

  10. Hart Johnson says: "The US is desperately clinging to its age of greatness. ... I figure countries get a century of lucking into the next big thing and holding power, and then they start to CLING to what gave them power, forgetting that the power was in the innovation and forward thinking, so they're done."

    So on the one hand, she acknowledges that America's time to shine is coming to an end, but she claims it's primarily due to our "clinging" to what gave us power rather than remaining innovative and "forward thinking".

    But then on the other hand, she admits that we weren't actually "clinging" to what gave us power, because in fact we changed over time and began to...

    ..."socialize education, public safety, infrastructure"

    This was not always the case. And things were better when it wasn't.

    Perhaps it hasn't occurred to Hart that the U.S. never was just "lucking into the next big thing" and the REAL reason we're sinking is because we in fact ABANDONED all of the things that originally made us great (i.e., the governmental principles espoused by our brilliant Founding Fathers in the "supreme law of the land" which they bequeathed to us - aka The U.S. Constitution), and as we abandoned our true conservative roots and embraced "progressive" ideas (or as Hart might call it "forward thinking") in the form of Socialism (both the Marxist and the Keynesian variety) we began to tumble politically, morally, socially, and economically.

    No thanks, socialism is NOT the answer. Preferring socialism over the Constitution and the Bill Of Rights - which were designed to separate powers, restrict the "good intentions" of the Federal Government, secure our free market Capitalist system, secure individual and states rights - THAT is what destroyed us and US.

    No, contrary to what Hart thinks, clinging to what made us great is not what wrecked this country. NOT CLINGING to what made this country great is what wrecked it!

    ~ D-FensDogg
    'Loyal American Underground'

  11. Our government leaves alot to be desired , I think it is world wide, but As long as we can think positive and laugh in the gace of adversary we have not lost our pride.


  12. Hart - Thank you for your very in depth contribution. I do think the spirit and attitude of the average American is changing more toward dependency upon someone who will take care of them. Socialistic trends certainly do offer some benefits but in the long run I'm not sure it will benefit the true quality of our lives. As far as legislating morality, I think all laws and ruling are reflections of somebody's or some goup's morality. The question is whose morality and who is ultimately benefited. Good comments!!

    Andrew -- Hello and thanks for the comment. I hope the future is not as bleak as you are feeling, but I can understand why you would feel this way.

    StMc -- As always, you make good points. I think much of today's thinking abandons logic and consequence. What may be good right now might not be the best thing over time.

    Yvonne -- You are right. We are each individually responsible for the way we think and act. Maybe we can change things around us in little ways to make them better. If everyone did this then maybe the world would change for the better.

  13. Well I have learned that history generally repeats itself. And I believe that technology will be the downfall of our society as we know it.
    One way or another, if we survive it all, I believe that we will resort to living as we did before technology. Which is why I think we should teach our children more than just how to use a computer.
    Drastic thought? Perhaps. But what goes around, comes around. Love Di ♥

  14. I lean heavily in the direction we are on the cusp of End Times. We're so there. The dominoes are being lined up and this era will be ushered in most likely in our life time. IMHO.

    Stephen Tremp

  15. Diana -- I don't know that we'll see our technology crash, but I think it may turn on us in a very controlling way. But, oh my, no computers, no blogging, we're gonna have to find something to occupy us.

    Stephen Tremp -- I am with you on this. Biblical prophecy is really making more and more sense at time goes by. It's really amazing how things are falling into place.

  16. Hi Lee .. the influence is where the West needs to be .. in India and China .. India tends to get forgotten .. they've got good infrastructure and bureaucracy ..

    How they will allow us to live or how we can interact and trade with them is another matter ..

    It's an interesting time ahead .. the only 'good' thing we've got going for us - is the net is English - which may help us for a while in the future ..

    It's a huge subject .. and perspectives are very different from here in the UK .. Hilary


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