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Saturday, September 4, 2010

Train Trip Terminated, Now Back to Work

            Many of us in the United States are enjoying the long Labor Day weekend.  We often think of Labor Day as the end of summer as we gear up for school and holidays to come.  The summer vacations are over for the most part and this gives us one last day for picnics, backyard cookouts, trips to the beach, and other fun activities.

             Originally Labor Day was a time to recognize the labor movement and organized labor.  Many countries throughout the world have a day designated as Labour Day.  Most workers would prefer to just forget about work and have a time of recreation, but occasionally one might find organized rallies and political or union events held in conjunction with Labor Day.

               Here on Tossing It Out it will be business as usual.   We had an entire week devoted to (or at least with allusion to) trains.   This past Monday Blog Boggled continued looking at the topic raised on Alex J. Cavanaugh's blog about blog content and comments.  The remainder of the week was devoted to public transportation with a particular focus on trains and light rail.

               Upcoming this week the theme will be work in honor of Labor Day.  Monday's Blog Boggled will be asking the questions of how much work you put into blogging and is blogging work?  Then on Tuesday we will continue with a Tossing It Out Tuesday look at some of the bad habits that some of us need to get rid of in order to work more effectively.   Wednesday will be a memoir reflection about working.

               Thursday's Debate Day topic will consider what the future of work and jobs looks like here in North America as well as the rest of the world.   Finally, on Friday, I will tell you a little story about Kermit the Carny.   Hope you will stay with me in the countdown to the one year anniversary of Tossing It Out coming up the week of September 20th.

                 What are your Labor Day plans?  


  1. I look forward as usual to the following week of topics , so you're coming up to your first anniversary of blogging, are we having a party?

    Enjoy your week-end;

  2. I'm back to work this week so I think this is a most appropriate topic :) Enjoy the weekend Lee!

  3. Well Arlee my plans are sort of sad. My wonderful husband is gone over the road, things are never the same when he is not here. And I am still fighting this horrible bug. I am also bored out of my mind! Too sick to do too much. But enough wallowing! I will most likely make it a movie weekend so that will force me to rest. Also another installment of "Best Laid Plans" within the next few day. Oh and also visiting other blogs.
    Love Di ♥

  4. I didn't know it was Labor Day over at USA this weekend! Here in Europe Labor Day is on May 1st when nobody works and everybody goes picnicking :)

  5. Happy Anniversary, Lee. You've got a great blog going here. Really enjoy it. Look forward to the upcoming week. (We used to go down to New Orleans for Labor Day. Hanging close to home this year.) Enjoy your weekend!

  6. Congratulations! Looking forward to the upcoming posts!


  7. hi Lee,

    i'm looking foward to the upcoming week as well. although i won't be here for your 1st year celebration...CONGRATULATIONS!!! are you going to do another contest on the 400th or 500th???:)

  8. Hi Arlee, So nice to meet you! Great blog! Thanks so much for visiting and following my blog! Have a fun weekend!

  9. Interesting week coming up Lee. You've got me wondering about "Kermit the Carny."

  10. Just saw you at KarenG's BBQ, so I came over to say hello.

    Just blogging most of today, meeting a lot of new friends/followers from the BBQ. What a wonderful idea this is! Then, got to get serious about writing, AFTER the labor day weekend; after the week actually since my daughter and I will have company and will stay at Williamsburg, Virginia for two days.

    Hope whatever you're doing is enjoyable.

  11. Very interesting. It's Labor Day Weekend here in Canada, too. Or as we like to call it, Labour Day Weekend. :-) I am going to spend it trying to get rid of a #$%^! cold.

    Have a great weekend...!

  12. Yvonne-- Don't know if I'll go for any big bash, but some pleasant reminiscing should be in store and contemplation of things to come.

    Jemi -- Labor certainly seems like the appropriate topic for a week that starts with Labor Day.

    Diana -- I wouldn't mind a nice movie week-end. Toss in a few good comedies to lighten you up.

    Dezmond -- Yes I think May Day is the most traditional day to celebrate labor. Of course if you're in Moscow I think they always have a big parade--or a least they used to.

    Kittie -- 1st anniversary starting week of 9/20. New Orleans could probably use your business more than ever right now, but there's a lot to be said for staying at home.

    Doris -- Thanks. Have a nice weekend!

    Bud -- I'm not much one for contests, but challenges yes. Maybe I'll come up with something. You have a very safe and fruitful trip to China.

  13. Marguerite- Thank you for stopping and hope you'll come back again. You have a great weekend as well.

    Paula -- Hope everyone enjoys this week's offerings. Kermit's story will be in keeping with my work theme this week.

    Ann -- Good to see you again. Colonial Williamsburg sounds interesting, but I've never been even though I lived in Richmond for a while. I have been to Busch Gardens there and visited the Pottery Barn. Have a great time!

    Jo -- Nothing like being sick for the holidays! Hope you get well soon.

  14. Looking forward to upcoming posts. Labor Day plans include writing, cleaning, and spending time with family.
    Happy weekend,

  15. I remember that after labor day, we didn't wear white. No more white shoes, pants, dresses and hats. Even gloves. Looking forward to next Tuesday's post.

  16. Karen -- There's always cleaning to do it seems. Hope your writing is productive and the family time is fun.

    Judy -- Seems like I read that about not wearing white somewhere else. Not totally sure what that means. I never wore much white and still don't too much.

  17. This morning I got up and cooked everyone breakfast. Then made a killer dry rub for some baby back ribs I am doing later today. I also made from scratch a killer chili. Oh it is so good had some for lunch.

    Later today three of the four daughters, and four grandchildren will drop by to help celebrate Shannon's (my oldest) 36 birthday with a BBQ.

    Suppose to be 16 degrees cooler today, yippie!!

  18. We are visiting with friends, but I'll be sure to stop by for your Monday discussion. I probably spend way too much time blogging...

  19. Gregg -- Wish I could come join you. Did you make the Kahlua chili? Hope you all have a great time--I'm sure you will.
    Going to a quincenera tonight for one of my nieces. Probably just kick back the rest of the week end.

    Alex -- You and me both.

  20. Well, it is only about 24 hour drive from LA up here I believe, drop by any time. Yes it is the Kahlua chili. It is the third time I have made it and I change it just a little and this was the best.

    Enjoy your week-end of kicking back.

  21. Hey Arlee Bird,

    Love your blog. Came over from Karan G's BBQ and I'm now following!

  22. Our Labour day isn't for a while here in NZ, enjoying reading your blog, I just popped over from Karen's BBQ :)

  23. Gregg -- Only 24 hours! as I used to tell when they used to tell something "only" cost so much.
    That would be so cool though. If it ever happens I let you know in advance so you can put some Kahlua chili on the stove.

    Shellie -- Thanks for stopping. I will be commenting soon I hope. I stopped by yesterday and you had a really challenging topic that I wanted to study and take some time.

    Nicole -- Thanks for visiting from one earthquake zone to another (I'm in Los Angeles --we get a few). I'll be over to see you--on your blog that is.


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