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Saturday, July 3, 2010

Saturdays Are Fatter Days

        If I ate as much as I usually do on Saturday I'd be absolutely huge--A Blob with a Blog would be my new blog title.  Most Saturdays I get up and have a breakfast--well that's normal enough since I usually do that.  Typically I'll have a few biscuits and some coffee.  It's nothing extraordinary.

          At midday, my wife and I usually go for a sit down meal at a restaurant.  I almost always clean my plate since I've become so conscious of the starving people in China or wherever it is they are starving.  It's that guilt factor.  I cannot bear to see my leftover food carried from the table to be thrown in the trash.  I wish I could send the food that I waste to the starving children.  Since I can't, I just wish the restaurant would give me smaller portions and charge me less.

           My wife and I have tried the sharing route a few times.  That doesn't work that well though.  Our food tastes are very different.  So we end up with two complete meals which really have too much food for one person on each.  To be a good boy, I clean my plate as best as I can and then waddle out of the restaurant and head home, where I immediately take a nap since I am now so full and lethargic.

           Yes, Saturdays for me are the fatter days when it comes to food.  Maybe that's why I like to do my awards on Saturdays as well.  And this Saturday is a fatter awards day than usual.   Here are some of the awards I received this past week from some wonderful blogger friends:


I received another Versatile Blogger Award from Jemi at Just Jemi
Well, it was a choice between that one and the Who's Awesome Award, but I already have them both.  So what the heck!  Gee thanks, Jemi, you are so doggone awesome and versatile in you thoughtfulness.

Then there's the
Your Blog Rocks! Award

          From Yvonne at Welcome to My World of Poetry comes the "Your Blog Rocks!" award.  Well I think Yvonne's blog rocks so here's back at ya Yvonne.  I never like to miss an opportunity to say what a wonderful and thoughtful blogger Yvonne is.  I've been doing a lot of music list posts lately --in case you haven't noticed-- and Yvonne's not only been there for every one of them, but she also blows us away with the clever way she posts her fine lists in poetry.  If you are not a fan of Yvonne's poetry blog, you need to get yourself over there right now and check it out.

Wait! There's Another Award!

              This week I discovered Olivia at That Rebel With a Blog, who in turn bestowed upon me the One Lovely Blog Award.  Now ain't that just too cool!  You never know what you're going to find when you click on a link sometimes and that's how I found Olivia's blog and now you too can click on the link and see what I'm talking about.   Besides, she's in Northern Georgia which is just a pig squeal and a holler down the road from my old East Tennessee home.   Thanks, Olivia, for thinking about me.

          Now as most of you know there are rules that get attached to these awards and they are supposed to get passed on and all that.   And as many of you know I've been indicating that changes are coming to this blog.  Well me just keeping these awards and not passing them on for now is no big change--I've done it before--but that's what I'm going to do today.   Maybe later when I need some blog topic I'll get back to passing them on, but please don't be offended if this award stops here for now.  Love you all and hope you know that.

        Speaking of those changes some of you might be saying, "I didn't see any changes".  Well there were some, but so far they are fairly imperceptible.  I'm slowly making minor changes here and there and will be doing some future posts about these changes.  The biggest jolting change I need to make is in my work habits--that is what has been interfering with the changes I'm planning for this blog.  More changes are still coming.

          And more fun is coming as well.  It's not too late to come up with your 10 HOT LATIN FAVORITE ALBUMS that we'll be posting this Monday July 5.   See my post on this past Tuesday for more info or check the Linky list at the top of the page.    Also coming on Monday July 19th is THE SOUNDTRACK OF YOUR LIFE which I talked about on my Friday post. That Linky list will show up this week.  And that will probably be the end of the lists for a while.  

            A lot of you are probably saying "YaaaaY!   Well here's another thing you can say "Yay!" about--this is the end of this post.   Yaaaay!

             Have a Fantastic Fourth of July weekend!


  1. Sounds like my kind of Saturday! ;-j

  2. Congratulations on the awards Lee! You are certainly most deserving of them all.

    Looking forward to these changes you speak of (or not).

    Enjoy your 'fatter day' and have a fabulous 4th!


  3. I once took a trip with my housemate and their brother where he spent the entire trip eating our left overs. He never bought a meal.

    Congrats on the awards.

  4. Hello Arlee
    Having internet problems so can't stay long.
    So many awards - you are certainly a worthy recipient. There aren't many bloggers who put up a post every day of the week, and posts that are worth reading as well.
    Could you do me a favour and remove Cathys Capers from the A-Z listing on your side bar please. That blog has now changed its name and address to Still Waters so anyone trying to access it from there is unable to read it. Maybe you could replace it with Still Waters - or are you going to tidy up the place and remove the blog list altogether?
    Take care
    Still Waters

  5. Oh, that Soundtrack-fest sounds fun! Enjoy your Fatterday!

  6. Thanks for the kind words Lee :)

    Weekends really do lend themselves to over-eating, don't they? We're having a family birthday party here this weekend, and I've got far too much food planned!

    Enjoy your 4th celebrations!

  7. Congratulations on all the awards. Saturday is the one day I eat a large breakfast, but I either eat a small lunch or just opt for the early large dinner.

  8. The Corner View's theme this week is Saturday and my Saturday almost coming to end end. And I have not taken any picture yet.

  9. congrats on all those awards, I was watching the ceremony and you looked smashing over at the red carpet ;)

  10. Congratulations on all your awards. Well-earned.
    I usually leave rice or potatoes on my plate when I go out to eat if they're included in the meal. I try to eat all the protein, veggies and salad. What I can't resist are any specialty breads or rolls. But then again with 2 kids in college, I don't get out to eat that often.

  11. Charmaine--It's a good Saturday.

    Trudy--A great 4th for you and your family as well. Benjamin's first fireworks!

    Jules -- Sounds like he had the right idea for economic travelling.

    Cathy -- Thanks for reminding me. I keep meaning to fix that and now I will. The other day I purged some of the duplications on my sidebar. I still need to fix more.

    Will -- Join us with a soundtrack!

    Jemi-- Those family gatherings can be real diet killers, but they are usually a good time.

    Alex -- Now that I haven't been working I eat a hearty breakfast several days a week. Usually don't eat much in the evening though so I'm hungry by morning.

    Ocean Girl -- I need to check Corner View.

    Dezmond -- Thanks. Did you mean smashing or smashed? Or both?

    Susan -- If I leave anything it's usually the rice and potatoes. I do the same as you. When I go to a buffet I load up on the most expensive stuff and avoid rice, potatoes, or any bulk type filler foods. I go out to eat more than I should, but it's so darn convenient.

  12. All behind today Lee another phone day I'm sorry to say.

    Well done on all the other awards beside the one I gave you, and thank you for a most glowing write up. you are so kind.

    Happy 4th July.

  13. i agree with you about eating on saturdays or sundays all week... I love all your awards.. You post everyday it's amazing...

  14. Yvonne--Always happy to give you the recognition you deserve.

    Lisa -- Thanks for your kind words.

  15. I don't really have pattern on any particular day. I would say breakfast is definitely my biggest meal any day. I love breakfast. Then I usually have a lighter lunch and dinner. And I typically don't eat after 8pm, any day.

    Gawd I love breakfast. Wait, I haven't eaten anything yet today! Aaaaaaaaaaaah!


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