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Thursday, July 15, 2010

Should We Delete the Meat?

           This week I've written about pigs feet, pickled pork rinds, and beef tripe.  Overall this has been somewhat unappetizing.  Some of you who are vegetarians expressed your distaste for the topic.  After dwelling on it as much as I have this week, the thought of meat has been turning me off a bit.

           Don't get me wrong.  I'm not going to completely abandon my meat consumption and go nuts, berries, and leafy greens on you by any means.   In the future I'm still pretty sure I'll continue to eat my beef jerky, bacon and eggs, tuna and other seafood, chicken, and the occasional steak.  I'll even eat menudo and pozole sometimes.

             However, I do find myself consuming less meat as I grow older.  I used to have a pretty regular diet of hamburgers and hot dogs and now it's rare to find me eating either.  Oh, sometimes I'll get in the mood for one of those, but I usually finish with a twinge of regret.  They never seem to be as good as they sounded before I made the decision to eat one of them.   Likewise with deli sandwiches piled high with meat.  I have good memories of eating things like this in the past, but when I eat them now the experience is not quite as good as I remember.

             No, I don't plan to go vegan, but I seem to be cutting back.  I'm not anti-meat.  I've seen some of the disgusting documentaries about meat processing and read plenty about it, but it won't deter me from eating meat or make me want to take the right to eat meat away from anyone else.  I plan to remain omnivorous for the time being.

             So what do you think?   Have you cut back on meat?  Are you a PETA person?   Is it okay for your cat or dog to eat meat but not you?   Any thoughts about health and the food you eat?
Should we all become vegetarians?



  1. I'm completely fine with eating meat. It's one of my life goals to try the meat from as many different animals as possible. Though I do find myself eating less meat than I did a few years back. This is mainly because it doesn't agree with my fiancée, so more vegetarian stuff gets put on the menu. But I do enjoy a nice steak when we go out somewhere. I've got no moral oppositions to eating meat whatsoever, but I've a few vegetarian/vegan friends so I can see their way of thinking.

  2. I am usually swayed a little when I read an article about food but then the next day I forget and still eat the same.

    I would eat less meat but I will never give up cheese. I don't care if it kills me.

  3. I rarely eat beef or pork anymore. After watching Food Inc., I'm cautious with all meats.

  4. I used to be a vegetarian, so that must say something! But I was a vegetarian because I didn't (don't) like it--horror of all horrors, I know, especially since one side of my husband's family are pig farmers! Ha! Anyway, I still don't like it much, but I have to eat it since I had to cut a ton of other stuff form my diet.

    I usually only eat chicken, and rarely some fish, and I try to investigate the farm my chicken comes from. I really prefer the local, small farm that doesn't stack their chickens ten high and then pump them full of antibiotics so that the shit falling from their neighbors above doesn't make them sick. I figure, if I have to eat it, I want it to be clean, not doped up, and to have had a decent enough life. I mean, let's be realistic: it's being raised for food, but maybe it could get out and about every now and then.

    I think if I ate beef or pork, I might feel the same way. I don't know. I've probably watched too many Food Inc.-like films in my time, or read too many Micheal Pollen books. But, honestly, if I could just live off my garden and eat kale and tomatoes and cucumbers all year, and occasionally go berry picking, I'd be a pretty happy woman. Oh, with cheese, of course :)

  5. LOVE that pic!!

    I'm not heavy on the meat, but I am more apt to eat more chicken. Not a red meater-eater for sure.

    CHICKEN!!! ;-)


  6. I eat red meat when I really crave it -- over a week or more. Then I figure I need something in it; I eat a serving and I'm good to go for months.
    Love the pic!

    Giggles and Guns

  7. I don't think much, just as long as food is kosher.

  8. I eat what my body tells me to eat. It seems to know best what is required to keep it going. I do eat meat though.

    By the way I tagged you in my newest post. Hope you don't mind.

  9. I only eat meat when my body demands it and can't be sated with beans or other protein. I work out a ton and listen to my body when it is feeling low.
    I personally despise PETA. I'm not a fan of shocking propaganda for the sake of shock. If I saw some actual work being done and not huge money only going to shock campaigns I might have a different opinion. Plus, I'm annoyed with people who have such hard hateful opinions but have never actually stepped foot on a farm. As one raised on a farm, I believe most farmers are fantastic and honestly some of the best environmentalists. The problem started with government intervention and regulations and subsidies. I'm not saying all farms are great but the bad ones are few and far between.

  10. As a nutritionist, I never tell people they should stop eating meat: you must stop eating meat only if your organism tells you so, and if you have problems while eating it. I was pretty much born as a vegetarian, meaning that my body never really liked meat, and when I stopped using it somewhere at the age of 20 I got rid of all my previous health problems and also got myself a much more relaxed mental attitude.

    It's natural that over the years and as you grow old, your tastes in food might change, Arlee.

    I'm also a PETA person as everybody who has visited my blog before knows. I believe that most people would stop eating meat if they would see the way animals and especially baby animals are slaughtered in the meat processing factories. People would also stop wearing fur if all of them would watch the documentaries about how the poor animals are being skinned alive sometimes in order to make fur coats out of them.

    The parallel between humans eating meat and dogs and cats eating meat has no arguments: humans are sentient beings who should feel remorse and sympathy, our pets don't have that ability.

    I've also known dozens of people who have cured themselves from their medical problems after going vegetarian. A lot of them survived cancer thanks to vegetarian diet.

  11. First, I know this is not original, but I am a PETA person - Please Eat Tasty Animals!

    God gave us meat and declared foods to be clean and useful, including meat - I love meat. There is nothing like grilled steak, chicken breasts, or ribs that have marinated for two days in hot spices and finished with Sweet Baby Rays BBQ Sauce.

    I have worked in a slaughter house where we killed and butchered animals, a butcher shop where we sold the butchered meat, and a grocery store where we sold meat, etc.

    I know some of the things that go one. I ignore it and pass the meat.

    I have not cut back on meat and probably never will. I grew up in the mid west where meat and taters were standards for all three meals. And no, a thousand times no to your question of whether we should all become vegetarians, NO!

  12. I like beef but eat mostly chicken,I don't think I could give up eating meat altogether ye Gods I don't have much pleasures in life after giving up cake and chocolate to shed some pounds. I love my roast beef and Yorkshire Pud.not keen on pork or lamb.

    To change the subject Lee how long or short is the soundtrack for life meant to be?


  13. Yvonne -- It's your soundtrack so you can decide that. I'm sticking with standard album length of about 12 songs. But whatever you think suits your life can be what you got for. I always look forward to your lists because they are always interesting and it's fun to see how you put them into verse.

  14. If I havent raised the meat or know who did, I dont eat it. I dont eat fast food, or store bought meat period. I am not against meat eating at all, and I think everyone has the right to choose what they want to eat. I do wish however, that people were more aware of what they are eating and where it came from.
    I am an animal activist, yet I dont agree with PETA. I think its extremely unfortunate for animals and people, that out of sight means out of mind.
    We raise a large garden, our own chickens, and rabbits, A lot of our own fruit and I make as much as I can on my own.

  15. I do eat very little meat-mainly chicken about twice a week, and maybe a little hamburger in pasta sauces. I find as I've grown older, I don't digest red meat as well. I rarely eat deli meats due to worries about carcinogenic ingrediants and the whole fiasco with Maple Leaf foods. I've gotten more worrisome in my old age too!

  16. I think a healthy balance of assorted foods is appropriate. As far as what that entails, it's up to the individual. I am glad we have the freedom to choose. :)

  17. now i have to admit that there's nothing like prime rib(medium rare) with mashed potatoes and gravy for a great sit down dinner. but just a few minutes ago i had 3 potted meat sandwiches with mayo. as a kid we were poor (but didn't know it) and life was simple with simple meals that went a long way. ghoulash with only tomatoes but sometimes with a little hamburg in it was often dinner and potted meat sandwiches or peanut butter and jelly for school. eating less meat here as well. it must be an age thing. or the fact that lot more of us are wearing manufactured teeth:)

  18. My husband doesn't eat beef or pork. I just go along with those meal plans.

  19. Thank you all for some great contributions to the debate-- some really good points made here.

    I too will probably not stop eating meat, but will undoubtedly eat less as I seem to be eating less of everything as I get older.

    As some of you pointed out I think the body calls out for what it needs. Sometimes I feel like I must have some meat and eating it makes me feel better. Sometimes it likewise yearns for an apple, or celery, or nuts. Anything can be overdone and too much meat is certainly harmful.

    I am anti-PETA (other than the one Gregg cites). I don't like extremist behavior that tries to enforce judgement and opinions on others. Besides, as a big circus fan, I don't like what those groups are doing to the circus--but that's a whole different story.

    As always, this was a great forum for opinions and thoughts.

  20. I don't have a problem with eating meat. What I do have a problem with is the growth hormones given to the animals, and the horrendous manner in which they are raised.

    Don't know what the solution we seem to need more and more with less and less space to raise animals (and produce as well).

    If you have never seen how our food is produced either on TV or in real really would not want to eat anything you can buy at the store. I try not to think of it, and try to support small farmers when I can


  21. Sig-- you are so right and I, likewise, try to think about where things come from.

  22. I've been weaning myself off meat for years. And when I do eat it its usually not in large portions. I just feel better eating a bean and chees burrito with pico degallo and guacamole rather than a cheese burger.

    Stephen Tremp

  23. Stephen -- I still get cravings for cheeseburgers sometimes, but I'm usually disgusted by the time I've finished. Probably should just give up--probably will someday.


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