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Monday, July 26, 2010

Blog Boggled: Posts Per Page

          One change that has occurred on my blog page in the past couple months is the reduction of posts per page from seven to one.  When I originally set up my blog page layout I thought that it would be nice to access seven days of posts at one time.  However, when I began doing my music posts and adding playlists to each of those posts, I discovered that all playlists on that page were playing simultaneously, resulting in a cacophony of musical mish mash.  I immediately went to the one post per view format to eliminate multiple playing playlists.

          Personally, I enjoy being able to scroll down the page to look at the most recent previous posts.  On the other hand, its not that big of a deal for me to click on the "older posts" option or to click onto archived titles if they appear on the sidebar. 

            Do you prefer more than one post per page view?   Or do you like having just one post on a page?  How many posts does one see when they go to your blog?   Do you ever take the time to look at the older posts if they are not on the same page?   How frequently will you look at archived posts?

            Next week on Blog Boggled I will be looking at the topic of music playing on blogs.

After reading Dezmond's comment, as well as some of the others, I changed my posts per page back to my original preferred 7 per view.  I will probably have to back through and fix some of my earlier posts that have automatic playlists and turn those off, and in the future avoid auto playlists.  Thanks for all of the input so far.  The beauty with this blog is that I can continue to modify it if need be.


  1. It s wonder Blogger didn't think of what would happen if more than one post per pages was displayed. then again, blogger can be a pain in the #$% sometimes. :) I like to scroll down a couple of recent posts. But one per page is fine too. :)

  2. I just follow the yellow brick road....what ever the writer prefers.

    Hope you are enjoying your company. :)

  3. I prefer multiple posts per page. My blog is currently set to show the most recent 5 posts. Only if I'm particularly interested will I go and look at archives of others' blogs. Most times I just prefer to scroll down and see what they've said recently (general topic, how often they post, etc.).

  4. Whatever floats your boat! I'm gonna follow no matter how many posts per page.
    I don't like music that plays automatically though but that's just me.

  5. I do like more than one page per post. I like seeing posts I might have missed or seeing different ones on new blogs. I think they see seven when they look at my page.

    I am surprised at the amount of people that look at my older posts, even the ones that have been archived, I am honored and pleased.

    I look at older posts and archives on sites that are interesting and offer something.

    I might reduce the amount now that I have read your post - I don't want to appear cluttered.

  6. P. S. - I know this is early, but I agree with Mary, I do not like music on the blog sites.

    The only site thus far that I do like it and even enjoy it is Welcome To My World of Poetry. Her musical selections are usually more than perfect for her poem!

  7. My speakers are always off, so I never noticed your music.
    My blogroll is so long now, I think I have eights posts up to match it's length.

  8. I show 7 posts - but it doesn't bother me one way or the other. I generally don't scroll back unless I know I've missed the previous post.

  9. well if you ask me as a public relations expert :))) I will tell you straightaway that having just one post per one page is quite a bad marketing move :) You know what's the first thing you must always bare in mind about blogosphere - people here, your readers, your visitors ... just don't have too much time. This is why everything in our blogs must work for them in the best way - this means at least 10 recent posts in one page so that they can just scroll down, this also means not having that horrible word verification thing which just takes too much valuable time, this means having short and concise posts because most people won't read long ones, this also means not having overly-wide layouts which make blogs difficult to scan and read ... Off course most of these rules don't apply to you personally, Lee, but to all the bloggers.

  10. Tabitha -- When I first heard all my music playing at once I couldn't figure what was going on. But Blogger was doing it right, I just didn't realize it would happen that way.

    Jules -- You're easy to get along with.

    Mesmerix-- I'm thinking I might lose readers for some of my posts by only having one per page, especially since I post every day.

    Mary -- You are easy to get along with as well. I agree that sometimes the music can be annoying.

    Gregg-- Don't change too soon! It may not be cluttered and multiple posts per page may be the overall preference. I know I like it that way.

    Alex -- I have the same issue with my blog roll-- A good reason to go back to multiple posts per page.

    Jemi -- You visit a lot of blogs so scrolling back probably does not fit well with your time schedule.

    Dezmond -- very good points! I got rid of the word verification a few months ago and that hasn't been a problem. And I tend to agree with you about the posts per page. If I do the playlists on future posts I'll have to fix them so they don't auto-start, then I'll go back to fix the older posts just in case anyone ever goes back. You've convinced me to do what I preferred anyway.

  11. I like about 5 incase followers have missed one or two.
    As for the music on blogs I think it great but the I would wouldn't I?


  12. Yvonne -- Like Gregg mentioned above, the playlist on your site is appropriate. A playlist isn't always good on my site. I'm going to be discussing this next Monday and I will be pointing your blog out specifically as a site where the music works.

  13. hi Lee!

    sometimes i wish i had only one post appearing. especially when i'm baring my soul:) but when that happens, i can also bury those posts quickly with music videos from the tube. when i visit sites that i know have their own jukeboxes, i turn off my personal music because i can't stand the clash. but even when posting music videos or photo albums, i always make sure to turn off "AUTO PLAY." it gives the readers an option whether or not they want to either listen or see.

  14. LEE ~
    Yes, I MUCH prefer to find multiple blog installments being displayed on one page, rather than just one per page. I have the last 8 installments displayed per page on both of my blogs.

    When you first went to just one blog bit per page, I nearly left you a comment to protest it, but then I quickly came to the realization that you had altered it because of the music thingie you were now attaching to every post, so I didn't mention it to ya. I knew that what you were doing required the change.

    ~ D-FensDogg
    'Loyal American Underground'

  15. I prefer several posts on the page. I tend to read in spurts (due to time constraints) and many times read more than one post at a sitting. It is easier if they're all right there. Then I can read down to the one I last remember reading and stop.

    As for music. I love the vids, but only when they're not on auto play. It is disconcerting for me to pop in to a blog and suddenly have music blaring at me. I like to have a little control over that. :)

    Great post, thanks. BTW, I'm with Alex, with a long blog roll, if there are no posts to offset them the symmetry is lost.

    ~that rebel, Olivia

  16. Mine has a seven posts displayed, which is two weeks plus one since I blog M/W/F. Isn't there a way you can set music for the reader to turn on rather than have it play automatically? I'm pretty sure that's how Mason Canyon has hers set up. If so, then readers can choose the ones they want.

  17. Oh, I didn't know I had such an influence on you, Lee ;))) Just kidin' ;)

  18. for other blogs i read, i'm happy to have a few posts available on the main page. sometimes bloggers put up things that need to disqualify myself from leaving any comments.

  19. I prefer a few posts so I can scroll easier. I don't listen to music when I read posts so that part won't bother me:)

  20. I have the 7 per page option, but I had to go look before I answered your question. I think I’m more likely to look at posts I missed if they are under the previous posts. However, I don’t mind hitting the older post button either.

  21. Bud -- Hello! Back from your trip? Now that I've learned about the option to turn off auto-play I'll go that route in the future.

    StMc -- Well, now I've changed back. I'm getting more like Glenn Beck every day.

    Olivia -- agreed, thanks!

    Carol --check! Will be adjusting according in the future.

    Dezmond -- You gave me good advice which went back to what I was doing in the first place. Thanks!

    Bud -- I know. I do the same thing sometimes.

    Terri -- I'm with you. Music can be distracting, especially when I'm trying to read something that requires some thought.

    Jane -- I think you are right and it's what I've believed all along. It was those darn playlists, but now I now the solution to that--I hope.

  22. >> Well, now I've changed back. I'm getting more like Glenn Beck every day.

    Aww, say it ain't so!

    ~ D-FensDogg
    'Loyal American Underground'

    Hmmm... If I were the paranoid sort, I would wonder if I was the unnamed subject of a "cryptic" discussion. I'm happy to report, however, that I'm not the paranoid sort.

  23. StMc-- Wish I was getting paid what Beck is getting.

    And what "cryptic" discussion? I'm lost.

  24. >> And what "cryptic" discussion?

    Cryptic discussion???!!!

    Me not being the paranoid sort, I have no idea what cryptic discussion you're referring to.

    ~ D-FensDogg

  25. I like more than one post per page, I also think it is up to the blog owner what they want to include on their page be it music or whatever.....the content is what is important to me and helps me decide if I want to read older post or more about the author.....:-) Hugs

  26. Bernie-- I also prefer more than one post per page which is why I switched back. I'll be posting about blog music next Monday.

  27. I've just discovered your blog & don't have any problem hearing music. If I did, I wouldn't hear it because most of the time I read w/ the sound OFF so I can concentrate better!

  28. Nadir -- Thanks for visiting and welcome. I'm usually the same way-- I have my sound off most of the time.

  29. Actually seven is nice, except of course when there is an automatic player embedded.


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