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Monday, July 19, 2010

The Soundtrack of My Life (Number Two)

        I've already done one of these on my June 30th post, but due to requests I decided it would be fun to share in the experience with more of you.  If you like, you can check out my original soundtrack.  This current list might be thought of as "More Songs Inspired by My Life".    Once again I would like to give credit to Country Girl for giving me the inspiration for this post.

      As I did with my first soundtrack, this one goes chronologically from my birth until the present and beyond.   The songs represent stages of the history of the eras I was living through as well as things that were influencing my life at the various times of my life.  So here it is--

The Soundtrack of My Life (Number 2)(Click on song titles to hear them)

1.   Lady of Spain -- This is an oft recorded standard that goes back to 1931.  The song was frequently used by circus and novelty acts in the 1950s.   My father used this song in his juggling act so it was a song I heard often.  My parents had a 78 rpm record version of this that had wonderful orchestration and was sung by a male vocalist who was apparently part of a quartet.  I frequently listened to this record when I was a child and it was a big influence on my musical taste.  The version that I have presented here is not the version I grew up with--I'd really like to know who did the version of my childhood and get a copy on CD if it is available.

2.  Rock Around the Clock--I was born  at the beginning of the rock and roll era, thus this style of music is an integral part of who I am.  My parents used to take me to the movies on a regular basis.  I still remember this music by Bill Haley and the Comets as the credits began to roll for the teen rebellion film Blackboard Jungle, a radical film for its time, but mild by today's standards.

3.  I'm Looking Through You -- Rock music became an influence upon me over the following decade, but it really took hold with the Beatles Rubber Soul album.  I can still recall sitting with my parents' old stereo record player in the recreation room of my family's home in Crown Point, Indiana as I meticulously listened to this song and copied down the words.  The Beatles were a major musical influence in my life.

4. Walk On the Water-- The psychedelic era of the late 60s and early 70s was a time of listening to music and going to concerts that strongly impacted what I continued to enjoy in music even to this day. This song from Creedence Clearwater Revival's first album had a strange mysteriously dark quality that appealed to me.

5. Jessica --This Allman Brothers instrumental was part of the feel good times of the early 70s. The Allmans were everywhere and they had a strong influence over so many of the artists I was listening to at that time. In my early twenties it seemed like every day was time for a party and this was the kind of music that helped us get in that party spirit.

6. In a Persian Market-- In 1975 I became stage manager for The Ken Griffin Magic Show. This was a major turning point in my life as I became involved in a show business career on my own (without my parents). This piece of music by Albert Ketelbey has long been a popular song for circuses and magic and vaudeville shows. Ken Griffin used it for his levitation routine. Another version of this song appears on my first soundtrack.

7. Every Little Thing She Does Is Magic--Disco couldn't help but touch my life in the late 70s, but I was more interested in the punk new wave scene. The Police was a favorite group of mine. This song especially captured my attention because of the reference to magic and the fact that I was involved in shows that were related to magic. The early 80s were an especially magical time for me.

8. At the Feet of the Moon--By the mid-80s I had become very enamored of the Canadian music scene and Canada in general. This song is by the Canadian group Parachute Club. The song captures an excitement that seemed to fit my road show life of that time.

9. The River Is Rising -- As the 1990s approached, my life on the road was coming to an end as I felt a requirement to settle down with my growing family. In addition to the added responsibility of raising kids, I was feeling new financial pressures and a change in the dynamics of my marital relationship. Contemporary Christian music had become a big part of what I was listening to at that time. This song by Greg X. Volz seems to reflect that transitional period I was entering.

10. Como Te Extraño Mi Amor --The 90s were tough for me. I had moved to Los Angeles--far away from family and friends. Not too long after I had gotten there, my wife of ten years left me and my daughters. After a few years I met my present wife, who is Ecuadorean, and at the same time had started developing a taste for Rock En Espanol, which is rock music in Spanish. I have always enjoyed Latino sounds. It goes all the way back to that first song, "Lady of Spain". This song by Cafe Tacuba was a popular song on the radio when I began dating the woman who is now my wife.

11. Dream Like Mine -- Bruce Cockburn has been a favorite artist since the mid 80s. One of his songs would have to be in my soundtrack. This song seems appropriate.

12. Concerto Grosso In D Minor HWV328 - Mov. 4---My life soundtrack would not be complete without a piece of classical music. Many would do. This piece by George Fredrick Handel is exuberant and seems an apt ending to my soundtrack.

This is my soundtrack. How does the movie sound? Don't forget to visit the others on the Linky list. And there's still time to add your own soundtrack if you haven't done so already. Have fun at the movies.

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  1. Great list. I love CCR, and Sting brings back some wonderful memories, too. Thanks for sharing! :)

  2. I don't know most of these songs, but I'm sure the movie would be awesome. ;-)


  3. This was such a versatile and well-pondered list. I agree with Justine that it would make for an interesting movie!

  4. Great list Lee, knew most of the songs and as others have said would make an interesting movie.


  5. You always come up with neat ideas for posts. For me, I never can remember the name or artist of a song.

  6. Very fun list Lee--I love all the circus connections! teehee Though the music I also love tends to be the 70s stuff--CCR and the Police in particular.

  7. Very interesting list and events in your life. I only knew two of the songs, Walk on the Water by my all time favorite rock band and of course the classic, Rock around the clock. Thanks for sharing!

  8. Sorry I didn't get to participate, but I'm enjoying reading everyone's soundtrack choices.

  9. "Walk On the Water" and "Rock Around the Clock" are the only ones I've heard off, but I love when people make soundtracks of their lives. I couldn't quite imagine life without music. I shall check other lists as well.

  10. I too loved your list and agree with it being a good movie. I love CCR and the Wallflowers. I'm not sure I like us being referred to as, that 70's stuff though. LOL

    I enjoyed participating.

  11. Another great list, Lee! Love the Police & Rock Around the Clock especially :)

  12. r-LEE-b ~
    I had no idea that "In A Persian Market" was a popular tune with circuses and magic and vaudeville shows. That's interesting, Brother.

    I have a version of it on a "Best Of Ralph Marterie" CD that my Ma gave to me as a gift years ago. She loved Marterie's "stuffs" and danced to it in her youth. I really dig it too, but I sure as hell don't dance to it! :o)

    Marterie's version of "Persian Market" is considerably different from the version you have playing here. His starts out with a honking baritone saxophone and is overall a good deal more energetic.

    In fact, I find some of Marterie's stuffs pretty intriguing because he utilizes some elements that would later form the foundation of early Rock 'N' Roll and R&B. A musician who was, in a way, some years ahead of his time.

    Anyway, he does a pretty rousing version of "In A Persian Market", and I really like it, just as I like a good deal of his other numbers.

    I gotta say, my Ma (may she rest in peace) turned me onto a couple of old musician blokes who became favorites of mine. Another one is Clyde McCoy.

    ~ D-FensDogg
    'Loyal American Underground'

  13. What a great list! Some wonderful songs in here that I love, and a lot of music I'm not familiar with, but after perusing your music player, I like a lot of it! Thanks for sharing, and thanks so much for hosting this blogfest!!

  14. Lee-

    I think I'm partial to your original soundtrack, so this is kind of the when they released "The Committments Soundtrack Volume II"-all good songs but not quite as solid as the original.

    It is amazing how a piece of music has that ability to take us back to a point in time.

    I was born a few years too late for Bill Haley, although the 50's nostalgia wave in the 70's made it a relevant song for me as well.

    Well done (again)

  15. Handel always had such clean and proficient tones in his works, part of that was stylistic of course, but he still made elegance and beauty out of it. Many others you shared I also like a great deal. Thank you so much for sharing the story and songs of your life as well as hosting this wonderful Blogfest!

  16. Awesome list! Love CCR and really ALL of these artists!

  17. I like your choices, though there are a couple I haven't heard of. I didn’t take part in the challenge, but the first song that jumped into my head for my list would be Forever in Blue Jeans by Neil Diamond.

  18. My thanks to all of you who participated and commented. I appreciate your having shared my soundtrack.

  19. StMc -- I listened to some Ralph Marterie on Youtube and see what you mean about the rock and roll type techniques he uses. Couldn't find the "Persian Market" recording. Probably most major magic stage shows at some point used "In a Persian Market" in one of their productions. Many collections of circus music also include this song, which was probably most often used for the elephant acts.

  20. I love how you really wove your life throughout~ It was magic to read~
    Sounds like a great book to me :)

  21. Ellie -- I'm glad you enjoyed it.


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