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Saturday, February 13, 2010

Before and After Valentine's Day

Happy Valentine's Day

        Yes, that's what I said.  You might not have expected that from me after my Thursday Debate Day post, but I'm still recognizing the spirit of the day and after all, I don't have to go into debt or spend frivolously to express the sentiment.  And, yes, I know Valentine's Day is tomorrow--I just didn't think it would fit in with my traditional Sunday Bible study.

       Which by the way, I don't think I ever mention my Sunday post.  Often I post something relevent to the Bible study that I lead at the church where I attend.  Other times I may just post something that is on my mind.  If you are interested in Bible studies please join in and feel free to comment.  After all, I'm not a Bible expert by any means and if I need to be corrected that's important.  I also like it when readers add their insights as well.

         Last Monday's first installment of the Persnickety Penman seemed a little low on readership and I'd still like to get some opinions if you would care to go back to it and leave a comment.  I plan to continue with this series on this coming Monday.  And on Tuesday, as I promised last week, I will be reviewing Stephen King's UNDER THE DOME, so if you've read it already please see if you agree with me.

         The rest of the week is up in the air.  After my self revealing post of last Wednesday, some readers commented that they wanted me to expound upon some of my answers, so I may use them for either my upcoming Wednesday or Friday posts for this week and beyond.  If you didn't read yesterday's post, The Chilhowee Grave Robbery , you may enjoy going back and checking it out.  An especially good  anonymous comment came late in the day--it was a rather spooky account and one can understand why the commenter wished to remain anonymous.  

           Don't forget your sweeties tomorrow!  Do you have any special Valentine's Day plans?



  1. Good post, Tomorrow I shall be placing flowers on my late husbands' resting place.

    Have a good day.


  2. My husband and I are just going to enjoy a nice Sunday of movie watching and yummy foods!!!

  3. My hubby & I don't usually do anything special for Valentine's Day. Restaurants here are nuts, but we tend to order in something or cook something special - don't know yet!

  4. Valentines is an interesting day that seems more important to women than to men.

    Interesting photo.

    Debt created on valentines?

    Bible study on valentines seems like a great way to spend valentines.

    Best regards,
    Tom Bailey

  5. Hm, reviewing all your weekly post over the weekend is a good idea. :) Gives the reader another chance.

  6. Everyday is Valentine's day to my much beloved and I. I guess I'm lucky. I shall bake bread and a heart-shaped cake while my much beloved has a lay-in.

    Happy a wonderful day, Arlee

  7. Yvonne, Jen, Jemi-- sounds good to me-- keeping it simple but real.

    Tom -- the debt thing was in reference to my Thursday post. I've done it in the past and it wasn't worth it. I agree there are many Bible study topics that could be done on Valentine's Day since "love" is such a prevalent Biblical theme.

    Emily Ann -- I agree (aren't I smug) that the review and preview is a pretty good approach-- I started doing it a few months back.
    I am able to reflect on previous week's posts and the comments and direct readers who missed something back to what they may have been interested in. And hopefully bring readers back to a future post if they think it will interest them. And it's the next easiest thing to taking Saturday off.

    Jamara -- you're not the only one who's lucky! Fresh baked bread and a heart-shaped cake? How sweet that sounds!

  8. Have a great Lord's day tomorrow.
    And a Happy V Day

    God bless you and your family, Ron

  9. I plan on getting older! Yes, I'm a Valentine's baby!

  10. Hmm..I shall catch up on the past posts. I am behind in all of the blog reading. As for Valentine's, I received beautiful red roses and a gift certificate from my dear husband. We made our dinner together instead of going out. Every day is Valentine's day here! Have a nice week!

  11. Ron -- Thanks

    Lily -- Happy Birthday!

    Cheryl -- thank you for reading over my posts for the past week. It's nice to be acknowledged.

  12. Hey Lee...

    Totally unrealted to your post...but I found this might be interested in



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