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Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Some Obscurities, But There Nonetheless

          In my Monday post I had mentioned that a short piece which I had written about myself and my blog appears in the current issue of Jackson Brigade Quarterly (Vol. 18, No.2 issue dated February 2010).  This quarterly magazine is a publication of  Jackson Brigade , which is a genealogical association for descendants of John and Elizabeth JACKSON, who were the great-grandparents of Thomas Jonathan "Stonewall" Jackson. 

        Stonewall Jackson, along with Robert E. Lee, was one the greatest confederate generals in the American Civil War.  He is considered to be one of the greatest military minds of United States history. Stonewall Jackson is part of my family tree.  I am  not a direct descendent of Stonewall Jackson, but I descend from his family line which is celebrated by the Jackson Brigade organization.

          I am proud to be part of this heritage and this was the primary reason for my article in the Quarterly.  Since membership is spread all across the United States and I am a fairly recent member of the organization, not many members knew of me.  The article gave me a chance to tell a bit about myself and my blog.  I hope to see members of the Jackson Brigade add themselves to my blog followers. And if Stonewall Jackson is a part of your family tree and you haven't joined the Jackson Brigade check out the website and find out how you can join.   In the future I hope to include some more stories about this Jackson family and those related to it.

         Unfortunately, most readers will not have access to the article that I have written for Jackson Brigade Quarterly since distribution is limited to members of the organization and a handful of libraries and historical organizations.  However, on the internet you can read another article that I wrote back in 1990 that is a tribute to my father.

         I was quite surprised many years ago when I ran across this article listed on Google.  The article does not appear under my pseudonym which I use in this blog and on my current written work.  You can read this article which appeared in the magazine Juggler's World , a quarterly publication of The International Jugglers Association.  My father had been among the earliest members of this organization and served as president in 1957.

          Getting published is almost always a thrill for a writer.  After all isn't that why we write?  I hope to have many future posts about articles that I get published.  Do you have any articles appearing in recent or upcoming publications?  What are some of the more obscure publications in which your written work has appeared?


  1. Thanks for sharing those links.

    I have work published in a variety of mags. It never gets old does it. :)

  2. Exceelent post, and well done on the publication.
    I have had a book of poems published, that is my claim to fame.

    Have a good day.


  3. Hey, interesting article you wrote about your Dad, rLEE-b. Good stuffs. I'm a little surprised though that with yer Pa's basketball background you yerself never developed any interest in sports. But... oh well. I guess sometimes that's just the way the basketball bounces.

    ~ "Lonesome Dogg" McMe

  4. Will take a look later at your article about Stonewall. He is buried a couple of blocks from my Dad's house, as is Robert E. Lee.

  5. Several pieces of my work have been published in print and online. The most recent is a short fiction piece in a newsletter for a Texas gardening magazine. You can read it here, after scrolling down past the lead article. It's called "Lily's Purrfect Life":

  6. I've never tried writing short pieces - except for the college newspaper :)

    Maybe one of these days!

  7. That's wonderful, Lee!

    And I've often thought about pursuing magazines & publications, but never managed to find the time. I'm off on too many tangents as it is. But I have contributed to three published books outside of my own - and no, they weren't poetry or short story anthologies! Real books.

    And no Jackson relation here. My grandfather came from Denmark and on my father's side, we came from Germany. Actually, his grandparents got kicked out of Germany. Might be a story there somewhere...

  8. As a Virginian, there's a lot of history that I have very close access to. Over the years, I've visited here and there, but not much when my kids were young. Now that they are older, I must begin to take advantage of all there is to learn in "very historic" Virginia. Thanks for the reminder.
    I think it's wonderful that you have an exciting and interesting heritage.

  9. Tabitha & Yvonne -- Thank you for visiting. I'm going to post another bit of poetry this Friday-- this time my own epitaph that I wrote in high school.

    Stephen -- my father never really encouraged sports for me and my closest sister, but he did for my younger bros and sis.

    Carole -- loved the story about Lily -- good POV and clever ending.

    Jemi and L. Diane -- can't hurt to try sometime.

    Anita -- yes you are in the cradle of US history. I love Virginia-- such a beautiful state. I lived in Richmond for a while.

  10. Thanks Jeff and thank you for visiting. I appreciate your site as well even though I have not been able to delve into it like I would like to. You show a great deal of scholarship on the subject.
    Are you considering a book someday?


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