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Saturday, February 20, 2010

Me, me, me, and you, you, you!

          This week may have seemed a lot about me, me, me, but it really wasn't.  Monday was about self-promotion so really it was about you too.  Maybe Wednesday and Friday was about me, but in all fairness all of our posts contain each of us--right?  We all put ourselves into our writing to some extent, unless we're plaigerizing someone else's work.  Right? 

            And don't forget that on Tuesday I talked about Stephen King, even if it was my opinion of UNDER THE DOME.  Then on Thursday I entered perilous waters with my opinion of the Roman Polanski controversy and actually it was supposed to be a debate so it was about you to.  That one was a sticky subject and you can still weigh in with your opinion if you like.

          But me, me, me?  I'm starting to sound like a self-centered egotist.  Everybody look at me!  Then to beat all I got an award from that lovely spunky redhead L. Diane Wolfe at Spunk on a Stick .   Isn't she the sweetist blogger and if you're not following her blog now then you really should be.  So as I was saying Diane gave an award to ME!

          I received the You Are My Sunshine Award from L. Diane Wolfe at Spunk on a StickThis award goes to bloggers who lovingly follow and comment upon other blogs to give relevant feedback and encouragement.  Most of know the labor of love we invest in our blogs and are thrilled when someone stops in to acknowledge our efforts.  I know I try to give meaningful and encouraging comments to other blogs and I hope you are glad when I do so with yours.  Why, sometimes my comments require as much effort as my posts.

          So now it's time for you, you, you!   I can't pass the award to everyone by name, but be assured that I love you all (well, excepting maybe those anonymous visitors that I've been helping with their college projects or other spammers that I've deleted).  The bloggers who are adding themselves as a followers or dropping by just to let us know there are people out there are special to all of us so please don't any of you stop commenting.

So I pass this You Are My Sunshine award on to the following 5 special commenters:

Yvonne at Welcome to My World Of Poetry  --- I can almost always count on finding a lovely comment from her first thing in the morning when I check my blog.  Of course, being in the UK she sees my daily post before most of those in the U.S. do.  And she composes some pretty nice verse on her site. 

Teresa at Journaling Woman -- She's been a standby for months with consistenly kind comments  I see her comments on a lot of other blogs as well.  Teresa seems like a really fine lady and she's real good about recognizing when someone leaves a comment on her blog as well.

Ron at The Old Geezer ---This guy's living proof that the more you leave comments, the faster you'll grow your following.  If he hasn't left a comment on your site yet, just wait--he will.  And he's left some very nice ones for me.  Folks seem to really enjoy his site as well.

Jemi at Just Jemi -- and it's not because she's way up north in Canada and doesn't have anything else to do--it's because she's just darn nice.  You want proof?  Look at how many comments she gets on her posts.  Why you'd think she was an agent or something!  The difference being that she comments back to almost everyone.  Thanks for all the nice comments you've been leaving on my site, Jemi.  Oh, did you get this award twice?  Well I guess you just comment twice as often.

Sig at Beadedbear's Nonsense and Complete Waste of Time  -- She doesn't comment eveyday, but when she comments you can usually count on a pretty long comment and she'll tell it like she sees it.  If you leave a comment on her site, she almost always responds.

Then I'll add this one more for controversy's sake:

Carrie at Heim Binas Fiction  --Many of you might follow her blog that is mostly about writing  and we can't disagree with much she has to say there.  My biggest gripe is that I wish she'd acknowledge more of the comments she receives.  Now I know that sometimes I get on some pretty wild topics and though Carrie doesn't comment on my blog as often as others, when she does it's often substantial. A lot of times we don't agree--usually on my Debate Day topics--but I sure respect the effort she puts into laying out her arguments and responding to me.  That takes some time, but that''s what my debate topics are really about.  Thanks, Carrie, for helping to make some of those debates really interesting.

          And I could just keep going on with my praises of all of you.  L. Diane Wolfe ("Spunky")--thanks for the award and you certainly deserved getting it because you are a great commenter.

         See all of you in the upcoming week.  I won't tell you what I'll be posting about because it's no longer about me --- it's about YOU!


  1. Some great blogs there... will be off to check out the ones I haven't seen.

    ... and you've got be thinking about how many times I post about me, me, me!!

  2. First let me say Congratulations on your award, well desrved I say.

    Secondly many thanks for passing it on to me and for the lovely comment you made.

    As you say all our blogs are about ourselves in some respect.....I know mine is as I write about the expereiences in my life.

    Have a grand week-end.


  3. You may feel it's about YOU, but you always take time to comment about ME at my blog - and you're always so sweet about it!

    Appreciate the kind words, Lee!!

  4. Wow, thanks. My eyes just about popped out of my head and coffee from my mouth as I was reading my name. All those compliments are "back at ya".

    Congrats to you as well.


  5. I am going to check out the blog recomendations. You have a blog that deserves an award like that.

    Thanks for sharing.

    Tom Bailey

  6. Thank you Lee for your more than kind comment about The Old Geezer.

    I also want to thank you for some great advice you gave me by email.

    Thanks again, Ron

  7. Awww - thanks Lee - you're so sweet! I appreciate the award very much :)

    Congrats on receiving it in the first place!! Well deserved :)

  8. Hey Lee,

    Thanks for the Award!! :)

    And, as I see it, blogs should be a place where you can be a little self centered. If you can't promote and cheer yourself on, who will do it for you.

    And besides, so much of what you say is really great stuff. Keep on doing as you are doing!


  9. How totally cool is this! I didn't even have to go to any of the blogs of the awardees to tell any of you -- you came and received them yourselves! I love all of you! Goes to show how accurate my picks were.

    And thanks to the others who commented-- You are no less appreciated.

    Spunky Diane -- you are indeed a winner. Thanks for my award.

  10. Congrats on the award, arlee, and thanks for all those links! Always great to meet new people. :)


    from the desk of a writer

  11. I saw this last night, but didn't have time to respond until this morning... thanks for the shout-out and the suggestion!

    I think I fail to respond to comments on my own blog because I feel like I'm hogging the discussion or bullying people if I disagree with them (since I have the weight of it being MY blog, and I've already given an opinion in the main post), or if everyone seems to be coming to a consensus I don't want to discourage a potential future dissenter by saying "me too"... and I don't always have time to respond to everyone, in which case I'd rather answer no one than play favorites... and then of course I secretly think no one will ever come back to read a response anyway...

    I'll reconsider my habits in light of your comment. Thanks!


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