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Friday, December 8, 2023

Who Did the Best Message Song? ( #BOTB Results )


The anxiety has been mounting as the countdown continues.  For what?  Christmas?  New Year?'s the...

Battle of the Bands Results

Who Delivered Their Message Best?

      My recent Battle between pop/punk powerhouse The Police and Karl Wallinger's cool nineties band World Party was a neck and neck race to the end.  As much as I've always liked The Police and this big hit of theirs, a recent rediscovery of World Party has been putting a smile on my face.

       Over the past month I've been doing some housecleaning and room rearranging.  Having a nice compact entertainment system in my home office has tempted my opportunity to listen to some of my old cassette tapes.  These are 30 or more years old so it's kind of surprising they all still play so well--or at least the ones I've listened to so far.

      After I put on my World Party cassette I was pleasantly reminded of their jaunty hit "Put the Message in the Box" and it's been an earworm since hearing it. I'm a sucker for finely crafted pop songs and this song certainly is a winner.  That's why I voted for World Party and put them over the top.  My apologies to The Police.  Still great music.

Final Vote Tally

The Police         7 votes       

World Party       8 votes

         Next BOTB?

     Let me think on that a while.  Not much time I know, but the week-end has just begun.


  1. There's software that, along with a cable that plugs into your cassette deck and the microphone input on your computer, allows you to rip the contents of your cassettes to mp3 files. You knew that, right? :)

    I believe I voted for World Party, which means I won, right? ;)

  2. That World Party song certainly IS an earworm! I voted for The Police, but my head has been hearing W.P. all week! DOH! I prolly shoulda voted for the Partay. As is often the case after heading a song that piques my interest, I've spent the week listening for covers of the song (and others of theirs) so see if anybody does them justice but the originals.


  3. One-vote-margin-o'-victory --- that's as good as BOTB can get! And I'm rather shocked - but shocked in a good way - to see an underdog beat The Police.

    Here's hoping you and your family have a joyous Christmas, Mr. Lee. (World) Party on, my friend, (World) Party on!

    ~ Stephen


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