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Thursday, April 26, 2018

What's in the Box? ( #atozchallenge)

     We've all probably got a few proverbial skeletons in the closet, but when you've got real ones then that might signify a problem.  Unless you're an osteologist an archaeologist, or something of that nature.  In that case you've got a weird problem of bringing your work home with you...

What's in the Box?

          If you've seen the film Se7en then you'll undoubtedly remember Brad Pitt's horrified exclamation of "What's in the box?" at the end of the film.   Nothing quite so disturbing as what was in that box can be found in any of the boxes stored in our home, but one might wonder what exactly is in some of  the boxes you'd find in our closets or our garage.

          Fortunately I started labeling boxes several years ago and now as I continue to purge and consolidate boxes I will label them as accurately as I can.  Now I can visually scan stacked boxes and have a general idea what is in each.  However, when it comes to the detailed particulars of contents then I might have a somewhat more difficult time.  That's when I have to rely on memory which doesn't always work well if I haven't looked in a box for a long time.

          Sometimes if I do have something specific that I'm looking for and can't quite remember where that thing is, then the treasure hunt begins.   There are still treasures to be found.  I will find treasures for as long as I explore the boxes to find out what--exactly what--is in them. 

           That treasure hunt continues in my next post...

       Do you ever think you remember where something is and then realize that you don't actually know at all?   Do you label boxes that you put into storage?    What personal lost "treasure" would you like to find somewhere in your house?  


  1. Most everything is labeled, but once in a great while, I simply can't find something.

  2. I'm a lot more careful how I label things these days. I agree sometimes a bit more info than just the year is helpful -)
    I'm still (half) looking for that flying pig!

  3. Good job with your organized storage, Arlee.

    When I used to have boxes in storage, they were all labeled. Now my records are digital and about 1/2 are properly labeled and filed in folders. The other 1/2 are a hot mess of random scan names and all dumped into random folders. I need to fix that! Sometime after A to Z...

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  4. I have boxes in my apartment that I haven't opened since I moved here three years ago.
    I really ought to establish what's inside.

    Great post for the challenge Lee.

  5. Most of my stuff is laying around its boxes for easy identification...

  6. I like clear containers for that very reason.

    Janet’s Smiles

  7. I always put things away in places I know I'll remember. If it's something I use daily like my keys, there's no problem. But if it's something I may not need for months, I'll forget where I put it. At least this time I don't have to blame it on getting older. I've always been this way.

  8. I always think I've put stuff where I will surely remember - due to association or whatever. Boy THAT'S a myth! Believe it or not I've lost a picture (probably 40x45") that used to hang over my desk. It was of a deer standing in the forest in the rain. I loved it. It's here, I know. But for some reason I didn't put it with all our other pictures we've used. Can't find that sucker anywhere!!!

  9. As we go through things, we try to compile like items all together - hubby is better at labeling than I am. I have a photograph that I've been looking for... a long time. I remember looking at it in my photo albums, and have no memory of taking it out, but poof it's gone now. I'm thinking it may have gotten placed behind another one somewhere... but maybe one day I'll open something... and there it will be.

  10. I love looking through boxes to see what treasure is in it. I do like to label them once it is sorted through. I wish I could find a picture of my mom when s(e was little because she blamed me for losing it at a show and tell.


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