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Sunday, April 8, 2018

Verdict on "Ashes To Ashes" (#BOTB results)

        No Blogging from A to Z Challenge in this post--just results from my Battle of the Bands.  No day of rest in April at Tossing It Out...

 "Ashes to Ashes":  The Outcome

         My previous Battle was between versions of David Bowie's "Ashes to Ashes" as performed by Los Angeles group Warpaint and the Canadian group Fish and Bird.  This turned out to be a very tough one for me.  And the results were not what I expected going in to this contest.  That's no surprise since my own vote turned as the week progressed.

          From the start of compiling this Battle I had decided on voting for Fish and Bird's version.  I made that decision even before coming up with an opposition candidate.  The Fish and Bird performance is musically eclectic and to me outstanding in every way.  The upright bass and the violin were aspects that I particularly enjoyed.

          But wait!  As is typical with these Battles, I continued listening to the additional selection I had chosen--Warpaint--as well as the version that I had thought would be getting my vote.  The more I listened to both versions, the more I began to like the version by Warpaint.  I listened to more of the recordings they have on YouTube.  This is a great band by my estimation--they play a style of music that I like.  Dream psychedelic rock might be one way of describing their music.  However one describes it, I think it's very nice.

          Though I still think the Fish and Bird shows a greater amount of eclecticism and some brilliant musical arranging, their version drifted to second place in my mind as I found myself listening to the Warpaint version more and more.   I became a turncoat against the group that I figured would have no musical match.  My vote now goes to Warpaint.

          I fully expected Fish and Bird to run away with this Battle and that's certainly how the voting started off.   Then the votes for Warpaint started coming in.  Thankfully a number of voters were able to look past the somewhat ragged performance to see the real potential of this band--or maybe they just liked that version better.  Whatever the case, the L.A. girls were able to zoom ahead with votes to surpass the Canadian band and capture a win.

Final Vote Tally

Warpaint                 12 votes

Fish and Bird          10 votes

Next Battle on Sunday April 15th

       Since the next Battle will again be on a Sunday I won't be including the song as part of my A to Z theme.  Not exactly at least, although I guess my Battle theme will have a certain connection that will be obvious.  In the meantime I hope you'll stop by Tossing It Out daily this month to read my alphabetical entries about Cleaning the Clutter.



  1. I didn't pick the winner but a wonderful song without doubt.


  2. Excellent Battle, LEE. A two-vote margin of victory is great.

    Unfortunately, I did NOT have a winner in my Battle this time. It turned out... "Too close to call".

    See ya on the 15th, Brother.

    ~ D-FensDogG
    STMcC Presents 'Battle Of The Bands'

  3. Looks like we both picked the winner ;-)

  4. Excellent battle! Now I am off to catch up...I was away for the weekend and they had lousy wi-fi


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