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Friday, December 6, 2013

Let's Chill for Today

Beautiful Downtown Ozona, Texas
Beautiful Downtown Ozona, Texas (Photo credit: J. Stephen Conn)
       Some parts of the country may be downright cold today and for the next few days.  And since it's winter, some parts of the country will be cold for a while.  But after all, it's winter and a bit of chill is expected.

       The chill in the air reminds me of my recent trip to Houston during the Thanksgiving holidays.  On the way we ran into that freakish winter storm that hit the country and played havoc in Northern Texas.  We got delayed by it a bit and ended up staying an unscheduled night in Ozona, Texas.  

        Most of you probably don't know anything about Ozona and it's probably just as well.  I'm not concerned that my saying this will offend any readers as I doubt that there are any bloggers within a 100 mile radius of Ozona.  That place is isolated.

        Anyway, we ended up staying at the vastly overpriced Best Western in Ozona--believe me the lodging choices are few in that town.  After our harrowing day of driving through snow and cold rain, we were ready for a small bite of something before retiring.  We ended up a Dairy Queen.  Our choices were limited since there are perhaps eight restaurants in Ozona and probably only a couple were open, the other being a Sonic and we didn't want to sit in the car and eat.
Dairy Queen
Dairy Queen (Photo credit: Lee Cannon)

        So we're sitting eating in DQ--my wife a salad and a diet coke and me three tacos and a hot fudge milkshake.  That place was hopping at 7 PM that night.  Of course it was either DQ or home and I guess some folks wanted to be out on the town.

         As we're sitting there on that cold night in DQ, my wife makes the observation that nearly everybody was eating some sort of ice cream concoction and she thought it strange for such a cold evening.  As I sipped my milkshake I countered that it was after all Dairy Queen and ice cream is their specialty.  Besides this was probably the highlight of some of these people's day.

         It must be kind of weird to live in a place like Ozona, TX, but there are weirder places that one could live.  I don't know that I for one could take so well to living in a place like that.  Not to disparage Ozona, but I'm just saying...

         And as we chill a bit more, don't forget about the roast on Monday.  If you're out in the cold about the roast then be sure to visit Mark Koopmans and find out more.  You can sign up on the list there.

Battle of the Bands Results
          My last BOTB contest pitted three versions of the "Hallelujah Chorus" from Handel's Messiah.   No real surprise in this match-up.    Petra and the Oak Ridge Boys both got kind mentions as well as somewhat scathing criticisms, but in the end they received two and one vote respectively.  The runaway winner as it should have been was the choral and orchestra arrangement as it is intended to be heard.   This week I was in the mainstream of the voting.

         In the end tally, Handel's "Hallelujah Chorus" done in the traditional style received a whopping 17 votes.

       Be here on Sunday December 15th for another Battle with another match featuring a version of a well-known Christmas song.  Watch for song clues in the upcoming week.

        Do you like to eat ice cream in the winter?   Have you ever been to Ozona, Texas?    How do you feel about living in an isolated small community?  Is it cold where you are right now?

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  1. Small towns like that are almost depressing. Nothing for miles except one tiny town. What do the people do?
    No surprise on the Battle of the Bands results.
    Ready for Monday?

  2. Great post Lee.
    Why is everyone blocking me?
    My blog is called Yvonne's Poetry Blog.


  3. I am not a big ice cream eating anytime.
    Eight restaurants seems decent for a small town. My town has one. The are also two Casey's gas stations which offer sandwiches and pizza and the ice cream place which is now closed for the year.
    No hotels either.
    So, on a bad night, Ozona has more open than here.
    I guess I am used to it. Iowa is pretty much all small towns.

  4. Don't even TALK to me about cold! With wind chill this morning it feels like -40 C out there!

    I live in a small town and quite like it! Big cities scare me. And every once in a while there's nothing better than a hot fudge sundae at the DQ on a f-f-f-f-reezingly cold night!!!!!!

  5. Alex-- I guess that's why Friday night high school football is so big in Texas. Not much else to do.

    Yvonne -- Glad to see you back! I'll check out the blog and contact you later.

    Shelly -- Hot fudge shakes are the best!

    Ruth -- I think a lot of those restaurants are closed on a good night even. I guess there could be a lot of good things to be said for a small town. I'd have to get used to living like that.

    Cathy -- I guess it will be in the 60's here today and I'm still freezing. Hey, this is Los Angeles! We're not supposed to be cold here.


  6. I missed this BotB but I have no doubt I would have votes with the majority. I love the Hallelujah Chorus done by a traditional choir.

    Ice cream tastes better in the summer but it's definitely a year-round food in our house.

  7. I'm not too crazy about ice cream but I still drink iced coffee all winter. It might be a Massachusetts thing...

  8. I have never heard of Ozona. And I am one of the few people who love to eat ice-creams in winter. Its nearly 11 p.m here and I am reading all the blogposts while eating butterscotch ice-cream.

  9. Having grown up in East Texas, I'm quite familiar with places like Radiator Springs.

  10. It was 76 in Knoxville yesterday. 76! I'm not counting on a white Christmas.

  11. Funny thing about small towns. While I can't imagine living there, I tend to wonder if the people who do aren't better off than the rest of us. They know their neighbors (usually) and spend more time outdoors... or at least out of the house.

  12. Jamaica, so no snow. Traveling can take you to unique and unusual places. But like you said there are weirder places you could have been. Your wife's comment about the cold reminds me of my Uncle Michael who visited after living for years in Canada. Our regular Jamaican day was so hot to him we had to personally move the fan beside him. While I felt for him we also found it quite funny.

  13. The cold air is moving in again. Temps have been all over the map the past few weeks. Either bitter cold or mild enough for short sleeves.

    I had to look up where in TX Ozona is. I don't mind a small town as long as there is something scenic nearby (ie, Willow Creek CA is tiny but it's beautiful). I prefer suburbs though. I need to be near civilization.

  14. 60 degrees two days ago -- a high of 20 tomorrow. But thankfully no major snow expected.

    Not too surprised about the BOTB results -- it was certainly the version I preferred. I've really been enjoying the BOTB posts since discovering them, and I'd like to sign up to take part as a posting beginning on the 15th if that's ok with you, Stephen, FAE, Robin, and DiscConnected (I even already have a Christmas song picked out). I'll let them know in their blog comments that I'm planning on joining in with BOTB #10. :)

  15. I've never been to Ozona, but have been to many an isolated small town. I think some are depressing and some are charming. Actually the town I live in doesn't have a whole lot of anything other than natural beauty and too many pizza parlors, but it's NJ and in NJ you're never too far from civilization : ) It's turning cold now, maybe snow tonite. Actually tiny town's football team has made it all the way to the State Championship, so we're all kind of hoping no snow!

    I typically don't look for ice cream in the winter, but if offered I would not turn it down. Enjoy your weekend!

  16. I have to admit Al, the best song won in the battle of the bands this week, though oddly the other one has been in my head! Have a great weekend sir.

  17. LD-- Ice cream is a great anytime treat.

    Sarah -- No iced coffee in the winter for me yet, but I drink lots of other cold drinks in winter.

    Rachna -- I don't think we ice cream lovers are in the minority when it comes to eating it in the winter.

    Andrew -- Texas does have a lot of small towns. At least in the eastern part the towns aren't as isolated as some of those in the West.

    Kelly -- Things could change overnight!


  18. Robin -- I like the idea of knowing neighbors a little better.

    Sheena-kay--I guess it's a matter of what we get used to. I used to think temperatures in the 50's were nothing when I first moved to Los Angeles and now I'm cold when it gets that low.

    JoJo -- I figure that I can find something good about just about anyplace I am. Not that I'd want to live just any old place though.

    Chris -- Love to have you with us in the BOTB. I'll have to remember to add a link to your site on my list.

    Joyce -- I don't know that there could ever be too many pizza places for me. At least in NJ you're never far from some metropolitan area.

    Yeamie -- A good song is usually good no matter who does it.


  19. The cold is coming for us tomorrow when we're going to the state semifinal football game that my son is coaching.
    I seldom eat ice cream even when it's hot.

  20. I do like deep fried ice cream, even in the middle of winter.

  21. Love the small town, grew up in a small town, and now live in the oldest village in PA. But I also enjoy living in the city, as long as it's downtown and right damn smack in the middle of it all! LOL
    Ice cream is good anytime, any day, any night - especially hot fudge anything!
    Raining here now, the storm is on it's way - not looking forward to the freeze!

  22. I do also really like the classic Hallelujah Chorus but I think giving kudos to creative arrangements is important too. The rock version is amazing because it's unexpected and the singer can belt it out. It's one thing I like about your battle of the bands--getting to listen to variations on great music.
    I'm a city gal myself (though I love getting out in nature).

  23. Susan GK -- I guess cold and football go together.

    Rob -- I also like deep fried ice cream, but I don't get it very often.

    Yolanda -- Hot fudge sundaes--mmm!

    Jagoda -- I enjoy hearing a twist on a classic, but it's usually a novelty compared to the original.


  24. No surprise on your BOTB. IMO, that one turned out as it should be.

    I've lived in soom wide spots in the road and on a few really remote ranches. Never bothered me one bit. Now, I live with a little more civilization.

    It's freezing here and tonight there is a big snow storm moving in. That's what you get living in the Sierras.

  25. That hot fudge milkshake sure sounds good! I agree that many small towns are depressing, but I'd love to spend a day or two in Mayberry.


  26. Hi Lee - the thought of living in such a small place wouldn't appeal at all - but I reckon you were lucky to find something open where you could get something to eat.

    Getting stuck while travelling is such a nuisance .. but at least you got a room and were safe ...

    I'm happy with my mild weather! Cheers Hilary

  27. I guess we lived in a small town in NC and we liked living there. Nowadays we are on the edge of a large town and I like that too, wouldn't want to live downtown as so many prefer.

    Missed out on the BoftheB. I have no doubt I would have voted for the traditional form too.

    Been AWOL for a while, lot of things on our plates.

  28. I can eat ice cream any time, even in winter, well as long as I'm somewhere warm when I'm eating it. :)

    A hotfudge milkshake sounds awesome.

  29. Faraway -- I guess once you've adapted, small town living can be tolerable. Just have to remember to stock up on groceries and other necessities.

    Julie -- Actually I love visiting small towns. I just wonder what it might be like to live in some of them.

    Hilary -- I won't say we were stuck in Ozona, but we'd just reached our comfort level in driving and didn't want to chance any worse weather.

    Jo - A small town in NC is nothing like an isolated town in a place like West Texas.

    Kimberly -- Hot fudge milkshakes are indeed awesome and when I get them made with chocolate ice! It may be chocolate overkill, but it sure is good if chocolate is what you're craving.


  30. Ice cream is for winter, hot cocoa is for winter. Winter is for eating. And it's freezing cold here.

  31. Sounds like an interesting little town. : )

    I don't eat too much ice cream in the winter, although I was actually thinking about it earlier today. I'd rather have a nice hot cup of tea or hot cocoa this time of year.

  32. A horrible new diet has made my ice-cream-eating days a thing of the past. BUT! I can eat frozen yogurt, if it's fat free. Blech. BUT! I've been desperate enough in recent times to eat fro-yo (sorry about that), even when it's cold. It has to be in the afternoon, though, as an evening that contains ice cream, soup, or any liquid really, will me wake up in the middle of the night to, er, pee. How's that for an intro? TMI and IYDCA (Information You Didn't Care About) in one delightful bundle!


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