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My A to Z Themes in the past have covered a range of topics and for 2024 the theme is a personal retrospective that I call "I Coulda Been" which is in reference to my job and career arc over my lifetime. I'll be looking at all sorts of occupations that I have done or could have done. Maybe you've done some of these too!

Monday, December 9, 2013

BlogMan Is Here!

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       As if you haven't heard enough about me already.  You've seen my photo so there's nothing to hide there.  I've even made some public appearances and have met some of you in person.   And I've certainly rambled on about myself plenty on my blogs.

       Yes, that's blogs plural.  My name shows up on eight blogs, but I don't post regularly on all of them.  In fact I only have regularly scheduled posts on three of them besides Tossing It Out.   My other active blogs are Wrote By Rote, A Faraway View, and A Few Words.  If you don't know about these blogs and are curious about them you can click on the links.  Those are my neglected children and they love having visitors.  

       Why so many blogs?  It came as a result of my wanting to cut back on the seven day posting I was doing here on Tossing It Out.  But I had so many things I wanted to write about that I instead started more blogs.  A totally self-defeating move by some estimations I suppose.  Others may consider it a good marketing move or SEO strategy.  Personally, I think it's kind of wacko, but here I am.

       And that's how I became BlogMan.   The nickname came from the post My Brain Is A Blog. You can go back and read it if you're interested.  Just more silliness from me.

       And to think I could have named myself anything at that time.  I could have proclaimed myself "King of the Blogs".   A bit pretentious I guess.  BlogMan is more generic.  More of an "Everyman" title.  After all, you too can be a BlogMan, BlogWoman, BlogBoy, BlogGirl, BlogDog, or BlogWhatever.   I am Blogman!  We are all BlogPeople!

        So I'll keep it simple and end there.  After all we need to see what you have to say on this special Cheersfest Day.

        Enough about me already--from me at least.  I'm ready for a roastin'.   Now excuse me while I go hide under my desk.

Visit CheersFest Sites:

        For the Linky List of participants and a few words from our sponsors, be sure to visit the blogs of  Mark KoopmansMorgan ShamyDavid Powers KingStephen Tremp and The Ninja Captain Alex J. Cavanaugh.  The fun has already started!

      Oh, and not to forget the next Battle of the Bands post coming Sunday December 15th, there are some clues in today's post as to which Christmas song I'll be using in the next match-up.  Can you guess the song?

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  1. I think Mini-Alex is going to be jealous of BlogMan :)

    Have a *GREAT* day, Lee and remember, if all is lost, you can always start a ninth blog :)


  2. He won't be jealous at all, Mark!
    Neither will all my clones.
    Funny how nicknames start with others and then stick. Kitty gave me Captain and someone else Ninja, and they just stuck.
    Your day, Lee! Well earned, my friend.

  3. I had no idea you had so many blogs Lee, I just always thought it was this and the A to Z Challenge. Enjoy your roast today Lee, enjoying my Dashboard being filled with blogs about you haha, the one and only!

  4. You are the BLOG-MAN, period! It was an honor to make you a character and share in all that is you... May it be a great day for you, a day you can call your very own!


  5. Blogman - LOL! You do have a lot, although I have several, too.

  6. I find one blog plenty to keep up with, I cannot imagine coping with 9 even if only sporadically. Have a good cheersfest. Hope you enjoy it all.

  7. And here we can barely manage posting to one blog between the two of us.

    Blogman is a great superhero, especially if he doesn't wear his underwear on the outside like OTHER so-called superheroes. Enjoy your roasts today!

  8. Mark -- Thanks for creating this fun event.

    Alex -- Fortunately we haven't been stuck with unpleasant nicknames.

    Yeamie -- Glad you could join the fun.

    Jeremy -- Wednesday will be your day on my blog.

    L.Diane -- I've seen bloggers with more than I have, but like some of mine they sit quietly dormant.

    Jo -- If I were keeping 9 blogs active on a weekly basis I probably wouldn't last long.

    Beer -- BlogMan is the superhero we can all be. But, yes, keep your underwear in your pants please.


  9. More than one blog and I'd go... bloggers! You are da man! It's been fun wandering around and visiting the various roasting blogs.

  10. Hi Lee,
    Nice to hear at this time of celebration with few more personal information about this wonderful Blogman!! or let me put it this way, and i feel its very apt too "King of the Blogs".yes, I think a very apt one. I just aired few things about this wonderful blog man at may page. Come Let Us Roast Our Good Friend Arlee The Bird!!! He Is Ready!!!
    Have a Wonderful and Happy Time Today

  11. Woo-hoo and yay for Lee! BlogMan is my favorite superhero!

  12. You wanted to cut back so you started more blogs? Now that makes perfect sense in an Arlee Bird sorta way.

    Enjoy the heat Blogman!

  13. I knew there was a reason for having so many blogs. Thanks for clearing this up for me, because I've been trying to figure it out myself for years! Great minds think alike, or those of us who do are completely out of our minds, right?

    May the roasting today keep you warm and toasty all season, clear through to the A - Z Challenge next April. Then, in May, you can lock yourself in that padded white room and rest a while, kind sir. Though I hear blue is a more soothing color, and tends to keep the calm in proper perspective.

  14. Bish -- I'm enjoying the originality and fun.

    Phil- Thank you for participating. I will be over soon.

    Beverly -- A rather dull superhero as superheroes go.

    Faraway -- I'm weird like that, but I guess you know already.

    MJ-- I think I'm ready for the padded room already no matter what color it is. And you know how that multiple blog thing goes. You are a BlogWoman.


  15. I love Blog Man! How cute. :)
    Congratulations on the fest, Lee!

  16. BlogMan! I love it. That picture is too cute. Lee, I have to tell you I'm having so much fun today. I'm loving all these posts on you. So entertaining. :)

  17. Love the BlogMan logo and nickname--suits you perfectly.

  18. Lee-

    Don't you have to return fire at the people who roasted you?


  19. Julie -- My thanks to Jeremy Hawkins for the design.

    Morgan- Jeremy captured me nicely.

    Jagoda -- To think it came from a Battle of the Bands clue.

    Larry -- I'll get them back eventually. Then again maybe they're getting me back for what I've done in the past. Karma. Payback. Whatever you want to call it.


  20. You're a man of the blogging people, King would've made you look a little pompous. Though my blog has the title queen in it so I'm one to talk. I had multiple blogs when I started too. But now I'm down to two and managing great. Cheerfest 2.0 is great with you as the honoree.

  21. BlogMan is a good name it gives plenty of scope to write all sorts of things... Unlike the Texas Chainsaw Blogger who is rather limited in his subject matter, still it could be even worse than that I would not wish to be the Invisible Blogger.

    I see a theme in my head now
    A Fist Full of Bloggers
    A Few Bloggers More
    The Good the Bad and the Blogger

    I appear to have got side tracked (again) . . . . .DAMN

  22. Wait... you can give yourself your own nickname? I didn't know that...

  23. I gave myself the nickname "Sexy" but the ghost of Mark Twain kept putting NOT in front of it so I stoppped using it!

    The Blogman avatar looks happy which gives an immediate smile to whoever drops in. Great image.

    Write as much as you wish -- they are your cyber homes -- decorate as you want, right? :-)

  24. I also love your new BlogMan logo! Thanks for all that you do, and I hope that you're enjoying your special day!


  25. Enjoy your roasting! Your new logo is really nifty.

  26. Stopping by to say Congrats on your day! I couldn't even keep up with three blogs, so hearing you have so many is a pretty big fete if you ask me.

  27. Sheena-kay-- It's okay if you're a queen, but I don't want to be a king--too much responsibility.

    Rob -- That's hilarious. I like the theme. Keep running with it.

    Andrew -- Well, I just said it more as a Battle of the Bands clue and others picked up on it and started calling me that. But yeah I suppose a person could come up with their own nickname. Gosh never thought about that before.

    Roland -- When Jeremy sent me the BlogMan image and I opened it I immediately beamed a big smile. It's a fun image.

    Julie - I'm having a great time with the Cheersfest. Blogging would be no fun without all of you.

    Carrie-Anne -- Thank you for being a part of the festivities.

    Gossip Girl-- Thank you. I loved your roast post.


  28. Congrats, Blogman, on the world wide roast. Lots of really hot guys have been picked to portray you in film.

  29. I hope you are having an awesome CheerFest day! I enjoyed writing mine and I have really enjoyed reading everyone else's. :)

  30. Hi Lee, I was wondering if you were going to roast yourself or at least give us the correct answers to the questions.

  31. All your blogging is really admirable. I'm about to start a second blog for some of my film research, but it might be a dumb move considering that I just about have enough paying writing deadlines to equal a full-time job now. I also know, though, that that could change at any time.

  32. For fun I filled in the "Arlee blanks" with stellar trivia. "Our comrades primed for blogtime!" No surprise, You are Blogman!

  33. Yes, Lee, I guess I do know a thing or two about posting to multiple blogs. I've even started writing my A - Z posts already, because I'm hoping to do nothing but visit come next April. Here's hoping… :)

  34. Out of everything I've seen today, and I've seen a lot of funny stuff, Blogman takes the cake.

    Well done, Blogman. Well done.

  35. Susan GK -- Lots of hot guys to portray me? Ironic isn't it.

    Kimberly -- It's gonna be tough picking just 2 winners.

    Sydney -- I hadn't quite thought of me roasting me. Hmmm--Let me check what I was planning for Friday. Maybe I'll do something then.

    Kelly -- Paying jobs come first!

    Spaceguy-- Yeah, I may be BlogMan, but you are Spaceguy and that's pretty cool.

    MJ -- Good luck. I started to start but didn't get very far yet. I have the same goal as you have.

    Stephen Tremp-- All I had to say was "I am BlogMan" and Mark and Jeremy took it from there.


  36. Eight blogs? We've gotta do seven more roasts before year's end.

    I'm glad you have a sense of humor, Arlee. At least, I hope you do. You do, right?

    Hope you enjoyed the fun.


  37. A Beer for the Shower send me and they said you'll give me 10% off my next pan-fried noodle delivery order.

    8 blogs...I can't even commit to one!

  38. Congratulations to Blogman!!! I am amazed at the display of awesome super-human powers. I have a hard enough time keeping just ONE blog going! :)

    Arlee, I have not known you that long, but it is very obvious that you are very much loved, appreciated and respected in the blogging world. And everything I've seen from you only affirms that it is absolutely deserved -- I salute you, Sir!

    I hope you enjoyed your roast!

  39. A-roastin' we will go...
    A-roastin' we will go...
    Hi ho and merry oh
    A roastin' we will go!!
    Happy Roasting Lee!

    Thank you for your amazing contribution to BloggyVille!
    And Blogman is very very cute!
    Writer In Transit

  40. Lee, I hope you will get to read my post on your roast.

    There's a secret for a new trick that might make you want to juggle again. I do like the Blogman logo!

  41. Robyn -- Sense of humor? I'm planning my revenge and contacting my lawyers right now. If I didn't have my sense of humor I wouldn't have any sense at all.

    Poke -- Would you like those noodles with chicken, beef, or tofu?

    Chris -- This blog community sure beats the community I live in. Well, we do have a Walmart and a McDonald's in my local community so I guess that counts for something.

    Michelle -- The BlogMan art guy is way cuter than I am.

    DG -- Levitation would be a pretty cool trick. I'd probably use it more around the house than on stage these days. Besides, the old "brown jacket" doesn't fit so good these days.


  42. I agree with everyone here; Blogman is too cute! And congrats on the Cheerfest:)

  43. I new about A Faraway View, but not the other blogs. You are a master juggler to manage so many. I'm barely able to manage one.

    I've seen some "interesting" answers to the questions on Cheersfest.

  44. Hey BlogMan,

    Your Brain Is a Blog and all agog. I think of you as the star of, "Groundblog Day." Yep, what you do needs repeating. I think of you as the star of "Groundblog Day." Yep, what you do needs repeating.

    Yes, I checked out the JeersFest um CheersFest sites. And my highly collectable comments about your good self have brought joy and good vibrations all over the place. Or something like that.

    And hearty congrats for being roasted and toasted, Mr. BirdMan aka BlogMan.

    Christmas song? Deck the blogs with bowels of folly...

    Take care and have fun, Lee.

    Sadly, I must go now.


  45. Quanie -- I take no credit for BlogMan's cuteness, but I agree.

    C.Lee -- Some very interesting answers.

    Gary -- Oh, stay awhile. We're going to break out the brandy and blog nog. Then we'll light the Yule blog and roast marshmallows instead of Birdman. Maybe we'll even break into song as the night wears on. Maybe even break wind.
    Glad you made the rounds on the festive Roasting Days.


  46. BlogMan rocks! It was so fun roasting you~ Thank you for aligning the stars so fate helped me find you and many other blog people! ;D

  47. Arlee, I think the title of Blogman suits you. Sounds like a superhero. Jeremy did a great job on the logo. : )

  48. Eight blogs? You seriously are BlogMan! Can't wait to dive into the roasting fun. Hope you had a great time. Your blogging buddies are the best!

  49. Ella -- It's funny how certain blogging communities come together.

    Susanne -- The superhero of lazy nerds.

    Buck -- Not all of those blogs stay active and I don't always contribute much, my four main blogs stay pretty consistent.


  50. Jeremy really outdid himself on that one. SO absolutely perfect! I know it's way after the fact, but I'm playing catch-up as usual...
    Tina @ Life is Good


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