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Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Ask Arlee: Are You Going to Roast Yourself?

       We had some fun with the roast and the winners were revealed on my previous post.  But it's not quite over.  Winner Sydney Aaliyah posed a good question for Ask Arlee day: said...
Hi Lee, I was wondering if you were going to roast yourself or at least give us the correct answers to the questions.

       If  I were roasting me, I might do a multiple choice quiz.  This is how I would do it:

·         Why did Lee come up with the A-Z Challenge?
      a)  I lead a very boring life.
      b)  To celebrate reaching 200 followers.
      c)  To annoy Gary at the Klahanie Blog
·         If someone dreams about being a juggler, what does it mean?
      a)  Life is a coin toss.
      b)  They're tossing and turning in bed.
      c)  They're about to toss their cookies.

·         Is a post by Mr. Bird worth two in the bush?
      a)  What kind of bush?
      b)  How big is the bush?
      c)  How'd my post get in that bush anyway?  
       d)  Does this question seem to invite risque responses?

·         Who could play Lee in a documentary? (Living or dead.)
       a)  Michelle Obama --she has a juggler's arms.
       b)  George W. Bush--he may have eaten two of my blog posts.
       c)  Kanye West -- If he's brave enough to be a rapper he could also be me.
      d)  Alex J Cavanaugh -- We can use his clones to keep the budget low.


In +/- 100 words, (excluding the title) write flash fiction using all these prompts:
·         Bird
·         Juggler
·         Challenge
·         Brown Jacket
·         Tossing

Mark Koopmans said...
 looking forward to Wednesday - and the true story behind the tuxedo coat formerly known as the "Brown Jacket." :)

Here it is Mark:

The True Story of the Brown Jacket

          In the mid-seventies the Juggling Jacksons decided to revamp the wardrobe for their act.  Smart bird that my father was, he went to some discount suit place in West Knoxville to pick out tuxedos that would be stylishly appropriate for the disco era juggler.  It was no challenge finding the right costume as the selection was limited.  There were plain black or white jackets or brocade jackets in an assortment of tacky colors--the least tacky being the style that came in burgundy.  So my friends, you see there was no brown jacket at all.  It was burgundy.  As in Ron Burgundy.   I'm just tossing out this information to set the record straight.  Does anyone need to calibrate the color levels on their monitors?

For Bonus Points:
·         In +/- 40 words, can you come up with a caption for Lee’s Facebook picture? 

"I'll just keep smiling and hope no one notices the scotch tape that's making the pin look like it's balanced."
       Thanks again for the roast. I'm still looking for that darn jacket. It seems like it should be here in my house somewhere.  When--or if I find it I'll let you know.  It's becoming the stuff of legend and it would be terrible if it were lost and gone forever.

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  1. Scotch tape? That's cheating!
    At least you can laugh at that brown jacket now.
    Your multiple choices are hilarious. I vote that you started the Challenge to annoy Gary.
    And yes, you may use my clones!
    Always a great sense of humor, Lee. Best way to get through life. You the man.

  2. Oh burgundy, I see it now if I squint real hard!

  3. Ha, I liked your multiple choice options, but I go C all the way.

  4. "a) Michelle Obama --she has a juggler's arms."

    And she has an albatross' wingspan.

  5. Hi Lee - well that solves the brown jacket and yes probably I need a colour recalibration, though I thought my eyes were ok!

    Can't see the scotch tape though .. but I do like the shiny juggle - whatever you call it!

    Also I'd go A), B), C) then D ...

    Cheers and good luck with the roasting turkey ... Hilary

  6. Hi Lee, I love what you shared! Burgundy rocks, as does brown~ YOU look so handsome and happy! It was a great roast~

  7. Alex -- If I didn't have my sense of humor, I wouldn't have any sense at all.

    Poke -- Check the colors on your monitor!

    Shannon -- Yeah, I can "C" that.

    CW - Hmmm--is that a bird reference?

    Hilary -- It's called a club and the tape is really obvious when you look closely.

    Ella - Handsome? Thank you for the nice compliment. Not sure what happened to me after that.


  8. Lee, I love your multiple choices they were simply hilarious. Could not stop laughing.

  9. Hahahahaha. Your multiple choices were Funny. Yes, that bush question... who came up with that???

    Now that you point it out, I can see quite clearly that the jacket is burgundy. I hope you find it.

  10. That brown jacket is probably packed in one of those boxes you have to go through. . .

    Fabric doesn't always survive time that well, so hope the moths haven't found it first.

  11. Lol - Auction it off on ebay and make a bundle. Those celebrity clothes are all the rage, I hear! Sure hope you find it!

  12. Computer screens are unpredictable that way. They even transform jackets. Fun self-roast Lee.

  13. I find it hard to believe that you live a boring life, with all your trips to Ecuador and your past Lee, I mean for goodness sake, you are a juggler! Just like Brandon and Bryan also pointed out, you have a badass dress sense too, you're far from boring! Loved all of these answers Lee, you're so down to earth and humble despite being an incredible blogging talent and one of the main reasons I still come here to blog, just brilliant all round.

  14. How did your post get into the bush, anyway? LOL

    Burgundy is like rust, so it's still a bit brown to me.

  15. Rachna -- Glad you found humor there. Sometimes my attempts to be funny are misunderstood.

    Robin -- I think the jacket is long gone as I have exhausted all places I could imagine it being. I did find another older jacket though.

    DG -- As I mentioned in the previous response I found an older jacket. It was not only in excellent condition, it actually still fits rather well.

    MJ -- Celebrity clothes? I wish.

    Sheena-kay--I suppose, but if the color is calibrated correctly it should look right. Listen to me talking like I know stuff about computers.

    Yeamie -- Gosh! Now I actually am starting to believe my life is not all that boring. You make it sound so exciting.

    L.Diane -- I'll be thinking about that next time I drink a glass of burgundy wine.


  16. Lee-

    No way I will buy that the correct answer to:

    Why did Lee come up with the A-Z Challenge?

    is answer "B."

    Sorry-it just avoids the real question of what made you think of the whole "26 days if you don't count Mondays" thing, which we all know had to come when you awakened from a weekend bender, Charlie Sheen style.

    We know all about you Californians and your partying!


  17. Aaah, burgundy. You can see it if you look closely, but I can't see the tape.

    Love the idea of annoying klahani.

    Do you still juggle?

  18. And another thing-your own post contains all the proof of the weekend escapade in question-you don't know where your clothes are (the brown jacket in question)!


  19. I love the jacket story. Truth is stranger than fiction.

  20. All this discussion about the brown jacket and we never question what happen to the mustache.

  21. Larry -- My parties are very boring. Maybe answer "a" is more like it. The "brown jacket" I must have lost back in my serious party days long ago.

    Jo -- I still juggle, but usually only for a few seconds at a time just to make sure I still can.

    Susan GK-- And some truth is just plain mundane.

    LD -- Oh yeah, the mustache. I must remember to schedule a post about the missing mustache.


  22. This was great! I loved that you were trying to annoy Gary, and the line about Michelle Obama's juggler arms was priceless! And who can forget the scotch tape?! We need to get you back on stage, Lee!


  23. Hey Mr. Bird,

    I knew it! Thank you for that. You have done a mighty fine job of annoying me :) The A to Z of aggravation. Now there's a theme for you.

    George "Dubbya" Bush, I thought he did your editing, y'all. Oh, you don't edit...

    Thanks for um tossing out the truth about the Brown Jacket. Burgundy would definitely suit you, sir. Stick to that juggling. Yep, stick with it, I say.

    Well done for getting roasted. A worthy roastee. Now I would also like a spare clone, thank you.


  24. Julie --Several people said they couldn't see the scotch tape.

    Gary -- Glad to be an annoyance to a fine fellow such as you. Thanks for all of the promotion you do for us.


  25. Julie --Several people said they couldn't see the scotch tape.

    Gary -- Glad to be an annoyance to a fine fellow such as you. Thanks for all of the promotion you do for us.


  26. Hi, Arlee. I like that you answered with multiple choice answers. Keep people guessing. Interesting story on how you got the now famous burgundy jacket. : )


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