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Friday, February 22, 2013

Why I Hate WordPress

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        Okay, so hate is a pretty strong word.  I've resorted to a cheap attention-getting device to attract readers to my blog post today.   Did it grab you?  If so, great!  I'll use it again in the future to latch on to readers.  It's one of those lines that fit well into Twitter tweet format and hopefully stand out as a title.  But enough already.  Let's get to the point...

         I could have replaced "WordPress" with Disqus or any number of other formats that I can't think of at the moment.   For that matter a WordPress blog owner could probably write the same post about Blogger or blogspot blogs.  It's just those weird little complications that make commenting a bigger hassle.

       Many bloggers swear by WordPress and think it's the top of the line of blogging experience.  I can't say not ever having had a WP blog.   I've thought about starting a WP blog, but do I really need another blog?  I suppose I could export one of my Blogger blog's content to a WordPress site as an experiment, but that seems like a lot of trouble.

        Why the blogging factions anyway?  Can't all of the blog hosting sites just get together and make it easier to comment on all blogs without jumping through hoops to comment on sites where the host is not the same as mine.  Seems like I always have to go through a lot of extra work to comment on a WP blog and then many times my long thoughtful comment ends up in a spam folder.  Well, that is, I used to leave some long comments on WP blogs but I stopped doing it when they were getting eaten so much of the time.

          And I guess the WP bloggers run into similar issues with Blogger.  How often do I get a WP blogger commenting on my posts?  Hardly ever.   I'm guessing that it's because commenting is a hassle for them.  Then again maybe those bloggers are just WordPress snobs who think Blogger is beneath them

          No I'm not switching anytime soon.  The WordPress blogs mostly all look alike while Blogger blogs come in an array of colors and designs.  If blogs were movies then WordPress would be dry documentaries and haughty dramas while Blogger would be cartoons, action films, 3-D, and all sorts of experimental genres.    Where Blogger is fun, WordPress is too pedantic and serious.

          There are many bloggers on WordPress whom I like a great deal, but seriously guys and gals, can you stop being so serious?  Even the funny blogs come across as kind of serious.  And that's not funny.

         So let me retract my opening statement.   I won't say I hate WordPress blogs.   But sometimes I sure get annoyed trying to leave a comment.

          Now watch all those WordPress bloggers who never comment on my site show up today.  Howdy you all!

And Now to Share the Love...

      A new book from Alex J Cavanaugh is coming our way and today we get a preview of the cover.   You're going to be seeing a lot of this today if you haven't already.  Congratulations, Alex!

CassaStorm by Alex J. Cavanaugh
A storm gathers across the galaxy…

Byron thought he’d put the days of battle behind him. Commanding the Cassan base on Tgren, his only struggles are occasional rogue pirate raids and endless government bureaucracies. As a galaxy-wide war encroaches upon the desert planet, Byron’s ideal life is threatened and he’s caught between the Tgrens and the Cassans.

After enemy ships attack the desert planet, Byron discovers another battle within his own family. The declaration of war between all ten races triggers nightmares in his son, shaking Bassan to the core and threatening to destroy the boy’s mind.

Meanwhile the ancient alien ship is transmitting a code that might signal the end of all life in the galaxy. And the mysterious probe that almost destroyed Tgren twenty years ago could be on its way back. As his world begins to crumble, Byron suspects a connection. The storm is about to break, and Byron is caught in the middle…

Release date: September 17, 2013
Science Fiction - Space Opera/Adventure
Print ISBN 9781939844002
E-book ISBN 9781939844019

        Do you have a WordPress blog?   What is your biggest complaint about blogging systems that are different from the one you blog on?    Which blogging platform would you advise a person contemplating blogging to start on?    Why do you hate WordPress?

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  1. I definitely understand your issues with Wordpress here because I feel like I have the same opinion on it Lee, it's a little clunky and not the great saviour against the Blogger machine that some people make it out to be. Can't wait to hear how well Alex's book goes, it looks and sounds awesome and I have a lot of faith in it to do well.

  2. Wordpress blogs can be funky sometimes. We still have the advantage with Google Friends Connect though.
    Thanks for revealing my cover today!!

  3. You said it! You said it! I hate Wordpress, too. I do, I can't help it! (Feeling so LIBERATED now!!! WOOT!)

    And hey, congrats to Ninjaman on the new cover. Looks AWESOME! Happy Friday you guys!

  4. HA! I thought it was just me and my naivete! I figured I was doing something wrong when I tried to post on a Wordpress blog. When I am traveling the A to Z Challenge list, I get bummed when a blog turns out to be WP - I know I won't be going there. I don't have the time (and maybe the interest) to figure out how to comment easily. I just read and move on.

  5. I set up a Wordpress blog two years ago when I was having so much trouble with Blogger. It was a backup in case I had to transfer. Glad I didn't, because it was so difficult to manage. Blogger is much easier.

    Alex's cover is just gorgeous.

  6. It is always a bummer when I discover a blog I like on Wordpress. Disqus is a real pain to try to deal with as a commenting platform. AND... I find it even more difficult to bond with Wordpress bloggers than I do blogspot bloggers. It often takes time to establish the fact that you are not just a Hit and Run on someone's blog. But, in the case of a Wordpress Blog, I can comment on there for a LONG time and that person just never reciprocates. They are perfectly happy having me read THEIR blog, but they are just interested in a RELATIONSHIP.

    Well, that gets a bit old, as all one-sided relationships do. Just like in life, eventually you have to walk away from that. When something is moving in direction all of the time, it just isn't a good thing.

    The only time I have had a good experience with someone on Wordpress is when it is a "known" blog from blogger who decided to move their blog to Wordpress. I have yet to be able to establish a "relationship" with a Wordpress blogger. I read some of those blogs, but so far the Love is all flowing one-way. In fact, I am getting ready to cut ties with a few more...

  7. Glad to see Alex's cover making the rounds :-)

    And I can't help laughing at the thought of you getting your first Wordpress comment action because of this post.

    Just...too funny. :-)

  8. Yeamie-- I guess if we both had WordPress blogs we might feel differently.

    Alex-- I like the Friend Connect advantage. CassaStorm will take the sci-fi market by storm I'm sure and you'll get another boost to the other novels as well.

    Cathy -- Thank you for backing me up on this. I figured I'd be a lone ranter.

    Gracie -- In all fairness to WP bloggers, as you adapt to commenting there you become more adept at commenting. It takes a bit of extra time though.

    L.Diane -- This coming from you makes me feel better about my reactions to WP. The artist who designs Alex's cover does an excellent job.

    Robin -- I'm feeling much better about my rant. You said much of what I feel, but refrained from saying in my post. You articulated my frustration very well and I see I'm not alone in my response to WP.

    Angela-- I do have some very dear WP blogger friends who do come here to comment now and then. If they visit today, I hope they have a sense of humor about it.


  9. Agreed. The only problem is the palava of trying to leave a comment there! I just don't bother anymore, unless the post is exceptionally good...
    Duncan In Kuantan

  10. What I hate is the whole confirming the follow on a comment chain in WordPress. That's a pain in the butt. A couple of times, I've forgotten to go check my email and didn't find it till hours later, during which time the person responded, and I missed it.
    Did I say "pain in the butt"?

  11. Yes, I have a wordpress blog. It isn't active much because I only use it as a backup for my main blog...which is something that I deemed necessary when the entire Blogger system went down in Spring 2012. So as to not have to depend on one blogging platform, I started a Wordpress blog and one on Posterous.

    Before I moved my blog several months ago, I seriously considered moving to a self-hosted wordpress platform because of its features. However, I changed my mind after learning that wordpress is suceptible to getting hacked if you don't go through all of these hoops and loops and preventative measures to avoid that happening.

    My biggest complaint about blogging systems that I don't blog on is...well, I don't really have any complaints anymore. This is largely due to me being familiar with several of them, so I can navigate them relatively well...probably because I've had accounts on them at one time or another. Despite all of Google's updates and nonsense, I would advise a new blogger to start on the Blogger platform...if he or she is just blogging for fun. Blogger seems to be the easiest to use and has universal features that link to Google+ and other sites, since Google owns like half of the world.

    Everyone has different learning curves, however, so I would advise someone to start on whatever platform he or she is most comfortable using. I don't hate Wordpress. I'm not a huge fan of it either. I did once hate Blogger when I was using it for most of my blogging activities and I couldn't wait to get out, but I don't hate it anymore. Just like many other tools in life, I now have issues with my current blog hosting platform, so that is a classic example of how the grass isn't greener on the other matter what platform we use, there will most likely always be kinks to work out.

    Funny thing you mentioned also hating Disqus. I like Disqus, but I know that there are many people who also loathe is just as much, if not more, than you do. I don't think there's currently any particular online service that I hate...except for Facebook!


  12. I've heard many complain that WordPress is more limiting in what you can do with photos, and images. That doesn't sound good for someone who likes to use her photos. I never see WP comments on my blog, either.

    If I see Disqus on a blog, I don't bother commenting, it always gives me grief.

    I dislike Google + pages too, since they usually don't have links to the blog or web page - a static page on many that I've visited.

    Interesting post. Love Alex's cover for Book #3!

  13. I don't like commenting options on wordpress either although lately Tumblr has been very interesting to me.

  14. I've read some blog posts that tout the wonders of Wordpress and why a blogger should move to that platform. I've always been with blogger and don't really feel the need to move.

    There have been a couple of blogs that I've had on my reader that changed so I had to unsubscribe, re-follow. Hope they appreciate the effort I went through to continue to follow them! *grins*

  15. Duncan -- I too mostly comment only when the post is worth my commenting on or for those WordPress friends' blogs where I feel confident my comment won't go into spam.

    Andrew -- Agreed! There might be a way to circumvent some of those issues but I haven't taken the time to explore this. The whole process seems like a ritual of exclusivity.

    Nicole -- I guess all systems have their flaws and can be annoying if you're not used to them. And getting accustomed to the platforms is the key. I just don't like taking a lot of extra time to learn all the tricks for all the different systems.

    DG-- Yes! I dislike ending up at someone's Google+ page instead of a Blogger profile. It just seems like extra work and if a blogger hasn't completed their profile properly there are no links to follow from there. Some bloggers do it right though.

    Johanna -- I don't remember what Tumblerr is like though I have commented on some blogs hosted by them. No verdict from me on that one yet.

    Tami-- I know the WP platform has plenty of avid advocates. It's kind of like the Mac vs other PC users.


  16. I don't seem to have too many problems with the WordPress blogs I visit. I must not visit very many of them, I guess. : )

  17. Lee, I agree with you, your title was eye catching, but I was also curious to know why you didn't like it as most of my friends have moved over to it.

    There a saying 'If it ain't broke don't fix it' which means if there isn't anything wrong with it then what's the problem?

    I know we had a bit of a problem with Blogger and a few bloggers I knew move over to WP but I didn't, mainly because I couldn't be bother and also I didn't like the layout of the site. Like most of the comments here, I like

    Great cover!

  18. I tried WP and I also tried TypePad. I didn't find the interaction at either of those places, like I do here, and felt like I was in a cold steel room, alone! Ha Ha

    I like BlogSpot because it is user friendly, the people are friendly, helpful, interested in even a silly post from me. If they don't comment, I can tell they read it!

    It feels like home here, and I won't reconsider for anything.


  19. Couldn't agree more about WordPress.

  20. I opened a Blogger, Tumblr and WordPress account at the same time and played with each for a week before finally settling on Blogger and deleting the other 2 accounts. Blogger just seemed a little more friendly to work with than WordPress and Tumblr is geared more towards pictures than a lot of text.

    I had 2 sons, one pushing for Tumblr, the other for WordPress so I have to ask myself if the reason I chose Blogger was just to be different? :)

    Images by Bil

  21. Susanne --My biggest problem besides the factor of the extra time is the unknown factor of whether or not my comment will to into spam.

    Paula - A lot of people must love WP, but I started on Blogger and so far I'm pleased with it.

    Sandy -- I guess I'm onto something more so than I first thought when I concocted this silly post.

    Wendy -- Wow! I'm getting a lot of agreement on this. Where are the WP bloggers?


  22. Bill -- You supply a good argument since you've tried different formats. Okay, Blogger is where things will stay for me.


  23. I hate the palaver of commenting on WP - give me Blogger any day! I also find 'Blogger'-users tend to interact more - a lot of WP blogs I've commented on just don't respond. Their loss, I say!

  24. I've always got the impression that Wordpress users don't really want to get involved in the community. Obviously not all of them, but a large percentage.

    Congrats to Alex and his awesome new cover!

  25. Lee, I have to agree with you down the line regarding WP blogs. I attempted a WP site before I got into blogging. All I can say is you have to enjoy the detail that is required to use that format. I value my time so Blogger makes sense in that area hands down.

    I do HATE Disqus commenting. I hate having to fill out a form to comment...and Melissa Sugar's blog will not even let me comment telling me the comment function does not support my IE version and to upgrade to...the version I already am running!!!! Now that is some hate my friend.

  26. Sue H -- I've also found that many WP bloggers don't respond to comments, but the same is true on many Blogger blogs. There are also so WP bloggers who regularly respond to me which is as it should be when I've gone to so much effort to make my comment.

    Lynda -- It's like the WP community mostly stays exclusive to their own and shuns Blogger bloggers.

    Desert Rocks --And that's not very fun.

    Chuck -- Yeah, I don't like having to fill out stuff and register and everything just to leave a comment. I didn't realize there'd be so much feeling about this in common with how I feel about it.


  27. Well Howdy from this Wordpress user and escapee from Blogger or rather ejectee.Didn't like having my blogs made unuseable after a wrongful complaint from a bigot.

  28. ARLEE BOID ~
    I probably shouldn't say this, as I may jinx myself but...

    I encountered so many Blogger bugs for so long that I eventually came to kick myself for having not chosen WordPress when I first started blogging. For one thing, I repeatedly heard (and I still do believe) that in the Blogosphere, WordPress (WP) is taken more seriously by readers, researchers and students.

    WP was supposedly for "adults" and Blogger was for "kids". (There may be some truth to that perception.)

    Also, for the longest time, Blogger's motto seemed to be: IF IT AIN'T BROKE, FIX IT!

    And when they fixed what wasn't broke, they ALWAYS managed to break something else that, previous to their "fix", was working just fine.

    I went through a period where I began to loathe Blogspot and would have switched to WP except it would be too much work to import all my old "stuffs" there.

    Nowadays, I just don't think about my early decision to blog here. The decision was made, it's a done deal, and there's no point in kicking myself about it anymore.

    Plus (and here's where I may jinx myself), I have not had any major Blogger buggy issues in awhile now, so at this time, on this date, I'm pretty satisfied with the way things are going at Blogspot.

    Lastly, I want to say what others here have also already said: I absolutely do HATE Disqus, and when I come across a Disqus-operated comment section, I don't walk away - I RUN AWAY! I won't even consider attempting to comment via the Disqus system.

    Disqus is so freakin' awful that I'm surprised it even still exists.

    ~ D-FensDogg
    'Loyal American Underground'

  29. Blogger bud here. I have another blog I started on WP but it private.

    I actually think it is a pain in the royal pa-toot.

    Blogger works for me and like you, I like all the background stuff you can do to it.

    WP not so much.

    ~Naila Moon

  30. It's also more difficult to keep up with WP posts, as they don't appear on Dashboard. Congrats to Alex!


  31. Von-- I've heard stories like on Blogger and WordPress. It's scary when an outside party can have us ousted on the basis of their complaint. Thank you for weighing in with your experience.

    StMc -- Hope you don't go to WP. I think the perception you expressed is commonly held among many, but I don't buy it. There are some excellent blogs on Blogger. The Blogger platform is easy and flexible. I see more variety in the Blogger blogs. I'm not gonna move--not yet.

    Naila -- The voice of experience speaks louder than what I have to say. Thank you!

    Julie -- You're right. I've never been able to make them appear on my Dashboard. Don't know about Google Reader--that might be a different story.


  32. It is such a huge bother commenting on a WordPress blog!

  33. You did catch me with your title! I don't have a WP blog and have always wondered about it. I just love my Blogger site but I know a lot of people who don't have google have a hard time commenting which bums me out. Have a great weekend!

  34. BOIDMAN ~
    Oh, I am definitely NOT going to move to WordPress - not at this stage in the game.

    You know I've already closed down my more popular blog and I'm always thinking about quitting blogging as it is, so I'd hardly quit here and then start up again somewhere else.

    Your observation about the "seriousness" of WordPress blogs struck me as accurate. I have not spent a lot of time reading WordPress blogs, but most of those I've encountered have had very serious tones. (One blog I 'Follow' at WordPress has quickly become a big favorite of mine, and I'll be linking to it in my upcoming 3-parter about The Holy Bible).

    Generally, it seems like people tend to post about more important matters at WordPress, while they're sort of "playing" and "promoting their self-published books" at Blogger.

    So on one hand, WordPress might have been a better fit for the subjects I post about. But on the other hand, I'm not sure my satire, sarcasm, and sense of humor would have gone over well at WordPress. So maybe it was just as well I selected Blogspot rather than WP when I first started my blogging "career".

    Yak Later, Boidman . . .

    ~ D-FensDogg
    'Loyal American Underground'

    POSTSCRIPT: Be watching for my blog bit(s) pertaining to Bible study coming soon, as I think that series will be of interest to you, Brother.

  35. Ghadeer -- Any vote against WordPress!

    Tracy Jo -- I can't understand why people would have such a difficult time commenting on Google. Especially if they already have a blog and are somewhat adept at doing internet things. I think it's just laziness or some kind of excuse not to deal with new platforms.

    StMc -- I think a lot of the seriousness of WP comes from the appearance of the layout and such. I do follow a few humorous blogs at WP and it can be pulled of well, but they strike me as being out of their element since so many of the other WP sites come across as stuffy and highbrow.
    Looking forward to this upcoming series you've been talking about.


  36. Hi Arlee,
    Good to be here again.
    I fully agree with you and i too felt the same experience while commenting at wp, its really a tedious job and most of the time it won;t appear. I started my blogging at after google shut their shop at Knol platform. they did a wonderful thing, that they migrated all our stuff from Google's Knol pages to WordPress platform and all my content as it is transferred to wp spaces without the comments. So i seldom visit these pages too to check the page view progress. i generally share my post to wp from blogger. as you said let me repeat

    "Why the blogging factions anyway? Can't all of the blog hosting sites just get together and make it easier to comment on all blogs without jumping through hoops to comment on sites where the host is not the same as mine. Seems like I always have to go through a lot of extra work to comment on a WP blog and then many times my long thoughtful comment ends up in a spam folder. Well, that is, I used to leave some long comments on WP blogs but I stopped doing it when they were getting eaten so much of the time.
    Thanks for sharing this
    and Here comes my Congrats to Alex.
    A Job well done waiting for that day, Today itself i read a good number of post on Alex;s cover page/ Keep Going Alex.
    Best Regards to you and Alex

  37. Arlee,

    I forgot to ask one doubt about this post,
    in the blog titled "
    Why I Hate WordPress" you posted the pic or logo of blogger instead of WP
    That itself shows your haterdness toward WP LOL
    I suggest, side by you can post a WP logo too Lol.
    Coming to another point i left out is: I forgot to
    mention about my blog at Wp
    Here is the link, just visit and check yourself
    you will get an idea about it, sometimes even
    when sharing a post from blogger to wp it gives
    trouble to get in, may be because i am not spenting
    much time to learn the tricks of Wp. Anyways some how
    I like blogger page, as someone said it in the comment
    blogger is for kids and wp for adults I totally disagree to it LOL
    here is my link at wp Peeveesknols
    Thanks & Regards
    Have a Happy Week end.
    I just aired few posts at my page in relation to A to Z :-)

  38. Blogger is just so much easier to set up and post on. WP is a pill. I have 2 WP websites that I do not use as blogs. For my purposes the sites look okay--I think--but they were a challenge to set up.

    Beyond Acadia
    Jan at website
    Swamp Lily Review

  39. I totally agree. I love Blogger. I tried Wordpress and found it much more difficult and a lot less user friendly. Great post!

  40. Phil --- I'll check out your WP page. I was just being a bit playful while dealing with serious underlying issues. I put up the Blogger logo because that's where I'm at and I just didn't think to put up both logos. Might not have been a bad idea.

    Jan -- The voice of experience speaks with the most authority. I'll look at your sites.

    Shawn -- Yay Blogger!


  41. As a WP blogger, let me say that 1)I too have had trouble commenting on others' WP blogs so I feel your pain, and 2)as you know, in my case, once I approve a new follower's comment once, from then on, it's easy peasy.

    I also have wasted precious time trying to find the "Post a Comment" link on Blogger blogs (like this one). That's because it doesn't stand out and I end up scrolling up and down to find it. I have finally trained myself to look for it at the tail end of all the comments.

    I should add I went with WP because when I did my research on how to get started, it was highly rated. I have been able to customize the look, so don't think Blogger has the upper hand on that. As for ease of use--that I can't speak to--I'll just believe you.

  42. Jagoda -- WP is the Cadillac (or whatever the premium car is now) of blogging according to many. Blogger is the family car or sporty fun vehicle. It's kind of bad if you have trouble commenting on certain WP blogs, but yes usually once the blogger approves somebody it's usually easy to get in after that. It's that initial comment that can sometimes be hard to get up there. I've gotten so used to just looking at the bottom of Blogger posts that I rarely have a problem finding where to leave comments. It's also usually easy to find the comment section on WP posts, but sometimes they are formatted so that the comment link is in a different place.


  43. Lee I started with wordpress blog and then moved to a wordpress hosted site. I love it. i have had a few issues but nothing horrible. I did notice I wasn't getting comments when I moved to the hosted site but that was my fault :)
    Deena's EBookBuilders contact hub!

  44. LOL - It never occurred to me that it was as big of a pain for Blogger bloggers to comment on my WP blog as it was for me to comment on blogger. It just annoys me that I have to be my google profile often, I want to be me and link back to my blog. So, it's true, I was told when I started to comment on blogs that have name/url as an option, as it is generally too much bother for people to figure out where I blog from my google acct, and I feel spammy leaving my link as a sig, like I will do here since I wrote so much - sorry. (you asked)


  45. I agree, Wordpress is a pain in the butt. I have a couple of friends on Wordpress and it tees me right off that every time I comment I have an email telling me to confirm my membership or whatever. Grrrr.


  46. Deena -- Thanks for speaking up on the side of WP. I know many out there swear by it.

    Rhonda -- I'm a big advocate of leaving clickable signature links so it's easy to find whoever left a comment. Have you seen our A to Z Blog posts on that topic?

    Jo -- I guess they deal with the same issues on your blog. I wish it was easier to comment on opposing blog platforms but alas it ain't.


  47. Cool Book Cover Alex!!

    You did catch my eye with your title. If I haven't written a blog "I hate Blogger" I have in my head.
    I will qualify my statement - I have had a Blogger account. It was awful.I had my WP Blog for personal stuff and the Blogger for a daily community blog. In 15 min a day I could have my articles up on my WP blog. I had to allocate 2 hours with Blogger. I found that pasting in articles would inspire Blogger to delete my work so I got to the point of writing directly onto the blog. Uploading photography on Blogger was another exercise in futility. Often I'd have to upload photography to my Flickr account and then to Blogger. That was 2 years ago and I'm sure Blogger has learned a thing or two but in those two year WP has improved past the basics.
    I agree that WP and Blogger have difficulties in communication and can shut the other out for days.

  48. Sorry, I'm a WP convert. I have too many issues with Blogger. Plus, I wanted just one site. So I moved my blog to my website which uses a WP template.

    Honestly I think it's silly not to visit someone because of what blog host they use. I visit all sorts without prejudice.

  49. I find Wordpress a chore, rather than fun to use. But, big but here, they have some awesome people who convert original Wordpress blogs for use on blogger - including the one I currently have on my site. I've been using them for a while and think they're good when you can get everything to sit just right on the page.

  50. Moondust -- Interesting that your Blogger experience differs so radically with mine and so many others here. I guess if I had started out on WP I'd be singing a whole different song.

    MPax - I don't discriminate if content is worth visiting, but if I can't leave a comment and a blogger isn't responsive to me when I let them know about my being blocked and the content is not absolutely exceptional, then I'll unsubscribe. It's not discriminating on my part is just a matter of choosing my friends and I have a lot of WP friends who have cleared the way for me to interact with them.

    JL -- Yeah, I'm just nitpicking because of some of the hassles I've had in some of my dealings with WP blogs. There is some great stuff on WP and Blogger alike.


  51. I've had a WP blog for a few years, but I haven't been especially active with it. I recently started posting more, and just in the last week, I ended up switching to Blogger. As an author, I like to do giveaways on occasion. If you use a free WP account, Rafflecopter widgets will not show up in your blog. :( Also, I've had quite a bit of trouble getting html coding to show up properly in WP. Otherwise, I really enjoyed WP, but I plan on running more giveaways in the future, and I like my code to show the way I enter it. So far, I'm very happy with Blogger. I'm glad I made the switch!

  52. I switched from Blogger to WordPress years ago for two primary reasons: first, I wanted my own domain that had MY name instead of Blogger's, and second, I wanted control over my content.

    I find too many Blogger bloggers require some sort of captcha for commenting, which by now ought to be out of the question. My site uses Livefyre, so you have plenty of ways (including just commenting as a guest) to leave a comment.

    And I have to respectfully disagree with the notion that all WordPress blogs look the same. I see far more "sameness" among Blogger blogs; because WordPress has so many more theme options, it's a lot easier to look different there. At least, that's what my experience has shown me firsthand.

    Still, if you ever do decide to try out WordPress, it can transfer your Blogger content quite easily and with little hassle to you. Just a thought.

  53. Angela -- I've heard about the problem adding various widgets and codes to a WP site. I find Blogger to be very easy to use.

    Patrick-- Actually you do have the option of obtaining your own domain name for a Blogger blog. I did it for the blog. I guess I'd rather deal with CAPTCHA and know that my comment went up than jump through hoops and then still have my comment go into WP spam. Blogger users have the option of disabling Word Verification and I strongly recommend doing so.
    Me on WordPress? I'll never say never, but right now I'm happy where I am.


  54. I think it comes down to what you become used to. For me commenting on a Blogger blog is like starting a new job, I have to think about all the proceedural things I take for granted in commenting on a WordPress blog. Personally, I find the Blogger scripts awfully long and waiting for posts and comments to load and publish is a chore.

    I have run blogs on both platforms and because I am now used to Wordpress that is what I prefer. I'm sure if you posted a similar post on WordPress about Blogger you would get the same reaction as to why the users prefer WordPress.

    Each to their own, and if we chose to only stay on our own platforms simply becuase it's convenient then it is we who are missing out.

  55. We have different likes and dislikes about blogspot but I am much concern on how they monitor our site. site uptime monitoring is really important.


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