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Wednesday, February 13, 2013

My State of the Union Commentary

The Constitution in Peril
The Constitution in Peril (Photo credit: Renegade98)
         Perhaps some of you watched or listened to the annual State of the Union Address on Tuesday night.  I had it on.  Sometimes I turned the sound up and then I turned it back down.  Occasionally I looked at the TV screen for as long as I could stand to.  What a bunch of bogus blowhards!  

         My question is where do they propose to get the money to do all the things they propose to do?   No--wait!  Don't tell me.  I don't want to hear about it.   Besides, I need to grab a broom to sweep up the pieces of the Second Amendment that's been shattered all over the floor.

          Emotions were all over the room and all logic was stuffed into someplace we weren't able to see on TV.   But we could smell it.   And I think I smell something rotten coming our way.

          But in all fairness I'd like to end this post on a positive note by listing all the good things I heard in the State of the Union Address.

My List of the Good Things in the State of the Union Address:


           Did you waste your time with the 2013 State of the Union Address?   Who do you think looked the phoniest?    Who was the best dressed?   Why don't they have cool commercials like the Super Bowl?  

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  1. I didn't even watch. Think I was practicing my guitar at the time. Where will they get the money? Next time you look at your paycheck, you'll know where.

  2. I don't understand the politics of the UK let alone another country.
    It's all mind baffling.


  3. Since I've cancelled my cable last year I've been delightfully free from the angst that is news. I've stopped watching and will only (on occasion) read about it online. Politically blathering is only that. 95 percent of what he claims he will do won't happen because even if it's a needed or useful program/law Congress will oppose it.

    We really need to rethink our political structure.

  4. Sorry to hear that you didn't enjoy the speech at all Lee, hopefully they use your money in a better way than they've outlined that they're going to, you know it went badly when absolutely nothing is on your list of good things.

  5. Sadly, my youthful enthusiasm has turned cold. I watched the Westminster Dog Show instead.....yet I get irritated with myself for not being more politically involved. I say it doesn't matter anymore. I say it's all a big business sort of operation and I am helpless in the face of politics. In the same way, I am exacerbated and frustrated with the health care industry - and that's what it is - medical care/pharmaceuticals - it's all about the money. I withdraw in order to protect my passion for other things from being swallowed whole by anger.

  6. I've given up on watching TV, and catch only news headlines on the net. More time for my writing that way, and a lower level of angst.

  7. Good Morning!
    I believe we think along the same lines.

    He has a new speech writer now, so I did notice his head was tilted back a bit more, spewing his typical what the "American People" would like to hear verbage.

    The clown behind him still presents himself as a used car salesman.

    Speaker looked like more of the same was on the way and was in a disgusted trance.

    I didn't care for the choice of neck ties any of the men wore. I feel darker colored ties look more for the order of business. The pastel selection made them look like party nuts, you know they have nuts inside and sugar coated with pastel colored shells....maybe they thought they would stand out from the dumber then the box of rocks they feel the "American People" are that they are representing....I don't opinion.

    I believe their agenda is to have us use rocks for guns.

    I am certain everyone was thrilled about their minimum wage increase...they can dash out now to purchase that big screen with their extra dollar.

    I am a Fox news person, anything I hear at all comes from that channel, however after the first of the year....why bother.

  8. Didn't even want to watch. I had a good book to read and it's sad when the good book makes more sense than the state of the Union.

    You know, I used to think the constitution was a solid guaranty, inviolate. A hundred years ago, heck , fifty years ago, the idea of rights being taken away, as they have been the last few years, would have been unheard of. Now, we have the technology and stupid people who can bring destruction to a house in your neighborhood if the powers that be determine you have terrorists next door.


  9. Lol, your list of good things made me laugh.

  10. I wasn't intending to watch it, but I had the TV on watching the coverage about Chris Dorner and the speech obviously took precedence over the coverage of that tragedy; so I had it on the background as I was playing Word Tornado on FB. I really didn't listen to much of what the president said; but it seems like countless other speeches given by him in the past, I just wish maybe he would start acting on what he says?


  11. Alex -- If I had a paycheck to look at.

    Yvonne -- I don't understand much about anything anymore and I don't understand that.

    HeatherL-- Washington DC should host a hot air balloon festival. They could line up the politicians to fill the balloons.

    Yeamie-- We can hope, but I don't think much will change.

    Gracie -- Not much many of us can do. Maybe they should let the dogs run the country and parade the politicians at Westminster.

    Damyanti -- Did you ever notice how when you click on a "news" headline on the internet you get taken to a video of a TV news report?

    Sandy -- Funny comment. Loved it! Yeah, I was thinking that the minimum wage increase will do a lot to stimulate new jobs. It's a great idealistic thought, but apparently the politicians have never had to cycle through bad employees who weren't even worth $2.00 an hour. The wage will rise for those who are worth it once they've proven themselves on the job and if it doesn't it's not a place worth working for.

    Sia -- A good book! Now that's a novel idea--or a non-fiction idea or whatever you like to read. Listen to the politicos yap away and the only reading you do is between the lines and that story ain't so good.

    Sabrina -- Laughable now, but later? I'm afraid to see what's in store for us.

    Betty -- Here in L.A. several of the stations ignored the speech and covered the Dorner story. Strangely enough some of the commentators afterward were making connections between the speech and the Dorner story. Then again not so strange maybe. I'm even suspicious now about the Dorner story. But you're right about the same ol' same ol'. Even Rubio's rebuttal was kind of a rehash of the speech he gave at the Republican convention last year.


  12. I need a few more shots of demon rum before I'm ready to read about it let alone watch it.

  13. We watch Fox news, when we watch the news at all, and Wednesday night I was doing laundry at my grandparents' and we watched Citizen Kane. Thankfully they forgot about the SoU because they're (for some reason I will never understand) quite fond of Obama et al.

  14. That's the best list ever. You could have even made it into a Top Ten :)

  15. I only watched about the last ten minutes of it. Frankly, that was probably enough. From what I have read about it, everything before that was pretty much a rehash of things already said about budget, spending, taxes, etc. The only thing that was new (and I missed) was the increase in the minimum wage.

    I agree with a previous commenter about the tie selection. What was up that? Pastels are just not attractive for this sort of thing. And Michelle's look just continues to decline. That wig is terrible. Her lips get any puffier and they will take up her entire face. And she needs serious fashion help. I was glad to see she didn't employ the "boob belt" but that gaudy thing she had on last night... egads.

    The SOTU felt less like a "where we are going" speech and more like another campaign speech to me. I think it might be because I just heard the end, and that was (apparently) the emotional part of the speech where Obama went into high gear over Gun Violence: "Don't they deserve a vote?"

    If he said it one more time, I was afraid I was going to scream. As it is, I am going to be emailing my congresspeople. Apparently, we all need to be Voting on this Gun Control thing. And if "they" deserve a vote, so do I. Before that idiot shreds my 2nd Amendment rights I am getting MY vote.

    The State of The Union: Terrible.
    The State of the Union according to Obama: Wonderful.

  16. I was busy nursing a cat bite (from my own at the vet) and didn't want to add more pain to my misery, so I skipped it.

  17. For the first time in my life, from the time that I can remember, I skipped the State Of The Union. I can honestly say that while I feel terrible for deciding that I am better off not being lied to anymore than I already get from politicians, I have to save what sanity I have left and use it to do something positive. I have stayed involved in local politics and do my best to share honest info. that I feel is real. Otherwise, politics has become division and hate and since I do blame our current POTUS for the way I feel about America today I can't stand to listen to him bloviate anymore.
    And somebody please tell me how this man has been able to convince anyone that he is anything other than the worst greasy car salesman that ever was??? I guess there are all types for all people, but I honestly have never understood the attraction!

  18. Jack -- Drink up, watch, and then drink some more--you'll need it.

    Jaimie -- Yay! Kane for president! I noted that it was on but not at a convenient time for me to watch. I've seen it several times.

    Carol-- Ten empty spaces? I guess that might have worked.

    Robin -- That "they deserve a vote" thing about made me sick. I'm glad I wasn't eating dinner when he started into that. It was like he felt he got a good initial reaction from the line so he kept milking it for everything he could. The point is that we all deserve a vote and we don't vote more than once like many of Obama's supporters do.

    L. Diane -- You should have set your cat loose in that hall were the speech was given. There were more than a few there that needed a cat bite. I can see it now--your cat biting the politicians and Ted Nugent breaking out into "Cat Scratch Fever". Last night needed a good dose of chaos to symbolize the chaos that may be just around the bend.


  19. Jasmine -- The best influence any of us can probably have in the national arena is to stay involved in what's happening locally. Keep our communities honest and relevant and maybe it will trickle up.


  20. Thank God for crochet! I sat there with my husband, head down, ears distracted...blah, blah, blah...same old, same least he's not campaigning anymore. Only problem is, I think (because he's not campaigning anymore) he might be pushing, and that, my friend could cause a few problems for us, I'm afraid. EO's! BS! This is America, last time I checked!

  21. Now why wouldn't it let me click the f/u email before it we go again, and the box is clicked this time! ugh! Best of Wednesday to you:)

  22. Ugh! Politics! But presumably Obama has the people's vote or he wouldn't be in for a second term?
    Oh - and I agree with Ms Joachim - crochet is very soothing.

  23. Lee, I couldn't bring myself to watch, but I did listen to and read a few commentaries. Sounded like the same ol' stuff in a similar package perhaps better delivered which means more of the under-informed might buy. I hope not. I agree with your list and I agree we have to stay informed and involved. Hope we can find a way to do it that makes a difference. I'm on my knees first and foremost. God bless, Maria,

  24. I didn't watch. I was busy trimming nose hair that night.

  25. MJ -- These politicians are always campaigning for somebody or something. Look at the Clintons.

    Lizy -- He has some of the people's votes, but the nation is strongly divided.

    Maria -- I listened to and read some commentaries, but I have a difficult time watching and listening to Obama. He comes across as very arrogant and condescending to me.

    Jan -- It's good to know you have your priorities straight.


  26. Oh, was it on last night? rats I missed it. Don't remember what I was doing. Maybe I did watch it and just don't remember??

    Anyway, we chose not to watch; if my husband had, he would have yelled at the TV all night and I would prefer more peace than that.

    I agree with your comment on how he comes across.

  27. I am going to post a little on this subject myself tonight. Catch my thoughts at...

    Chuck at Apocalypse Now

  28. I was grocery shopping when the circus was on TV. Millions of people thought BHO should have a second term. Then again, millions of people watch the antics of Snooki and think American Idol is "must-see" TV. I'll just keep my head down and hope the country is still around in a few years.
    You think there'll BE a 2017 A-Z Challenge?

  29. I think they should donate to our country! Their whole paycheck-self absorbed morons-most of them!
    Zombie politics suck~ It is like a stand off-I agree time for a broom!

    Well said Lee!

  30. I had it on, but thought it was an episode of that old game show "The Liar's Club".

    Seriously, though, I had no desire to watch it. I trust Washington about as much as I'd trust a vampire to run a blood bank.

    I have serious concerns for our country.

  31. Thea -- Yelling at the TV can be fun to do, but disconcerting to those who have to endure it.

    Chuck -- I have to see what you have to say about this.

    Al -- Sure we'll have a 2017 A to Z unless the government bans the present alphabet.

    Ella -- It's certainly been the case in recent years if not for many before that politicians don't have a real grasp on our economy or what the country needs.

    Mark -- Serious concerns? I do too but it's difficult to take the government seriously except for the fact they have one hand in our pocket and the other holds a gun to our head. It's legalized robbery.


  32. Encore had both Ace Ventura movies on. It was a hard choice, but I chose Snowflake and the bat.

  33. To every commenter (commentor?) who said they did not watch or does not follow/understand politics:

    If you have children, you NEED to get involved, but not just once every four years when you pull that lever for the 2016 version of hope and change.

    Pay attention to your local politicians.

    See who seems to align with your values, and vote for them.

    These are the people who will one day attain a national office.

    And if they do, they'll know you're paying attention.

    Washington gets away with what it gets away with because they KNOW that no one is watching them.

    Edmund Burke said:

    "All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing"


  34. Ruth -- Ace eh? That's an easy choice. I'll go with Ace. At least that's supposed to be funny.

    Larry-- The local level is where we have the most voice. When it gets to Washington it's too far for them to hear and they don't often want to listen to the common folk anyway. Power corrupts and few seem to be authentic and moral enough to be uncorrupted. If they're like that they usually don't end up in Washington anyway.


  35. LEE ~
    I did not listen to the SOTU address. And I have not read anything about it. Did I miss anything... new? Nah.

    I don't need even ONE MO' REASON to tick me off ONE MO' TIME.

    But I LOVED this blog bit o' yours. That list was short and... sour.

    ~ D-FensDogg
    'Loyal American Underground'

  36. I didn't even know it was on. Shame. Don't worry Lee, someone will make a billion dollar bonus for the trumped up ideas thrown out.


  37. nope i don't watch that stuff. i'd rather be watching anime on netflix :P

  38. I particularly love the part about the 6 million jobs that have been created. And what's all this about bringing manufacturing back to the US? Does this administration live on planet earth or are they broadcasting from one of Mary Pax's or Alex Cavanaugh's planets?

  39. i cant stand listening to him any more

    those who want handouts, not jobs, elected him.

    i feel a boycott against taxes coming... or a civil war! something big needs to happen to wake him up or get him out of power.

    i hate feeling so helplessless & hopeless!

  40. Surprisingly cynical, Lee!, I didn't watch it. Just like I didn't watch the Super Bowl or the Grammy's. I'll hear all the highlights (i.e. worst parts) later from fifty other people, so why bother?

  41. StMc -- I couldn't watch the whole thing because it was annoying me so much. Probably so much more for you.

    Donna -- Shame on you! Oh well, you feel the effects later I guess.

    Jenny -- I was on the computer for the most part--but not watching anime.

    C.Lee -- I wish the mfg that has been lost would come back, but I afraid they will need economic justification to do so and the corporate leadership could probably use more morality in favor of our own country.

    Tara -- I never could stand to listen to Obama as I always felt like he was talking down to us.

    Callie -- I probably watched about 10 minutes of the Grammies. These reality TV shows are starting to bore me.

  42. For the sake of clarity, the alphabet will not be banned. However, the motion to ban blogging is still on the floor and needs to be voted on. If the House and Senate don't vote, an Executive Order will be passed and a new regimen of czars sworn in, to uphold the tax that won't be a tax, for all those citizens refusing to comply. Consequently, 6 million jobs will be created, and the citizens of the United States will once again learn to appreciate the opportunity of having such a fine and fearless leader, so compassionate and understanding of their laws!

  43. The reality is the stench is coming from both sides of the aisle. The answer to the problem is simple but will never get done: “Change the Tax Code”.

    Why won’t it get done? Simple! They’re all a bunch of millionaires who aren’t going to vote for something that dips into their wallets.

    Both sides are selling us a pile of you know what. By now everyone knows that GE paid no taxes last year so I ask you this question:

    If we raise the corporate tax rate to 90% what does it matter? Simple Math! 0 earnings x 90% still equals zero. If we lower it to 1% what does it matter? 0 earnings x 1% still equals zero.

    Don’t forget we are talking about people (Wasn’t it Bill Clinton that took a tax deduction for used underwear?) who think they deserve better pensions and better healthcare then you and I . Now I’m not picking on Clinton I’m sure he’s not the only one. The stupid working stiffs like me would never even think about deducting used underwear. Hell I would never donate used underwear. If I was going to donate underwear to a worthy cause I’d be going to my local Walmart or Target and pick up a couple new packs of Fruit of the Looms and donate them.

    Supposedly the House of Representatives is a representation of the people. What a joke. Let’s see they are all millionaires and over 90% of them are lawyers. Sound like the circles you are hanging in. Not Me! We need some McDonald’s workers, plumbers, janitors, secretaries and just about any other occupation but lawyers and corporate heads in congress to get this mess straightened out.

    Hell I’d settle for a congress filled with middle class and lower income mothers. Think about it! Who knows better than a mother how to balance a budget, make resources stretch all while making sure everyone’s needs are met. And they don’t take winter and summer breaks!

    Images by Bil

  44. MJ --I guess if they did ban blogging I could get some other stuff done.

    Bill -- I think you are very correct on this. The whole mess is foisted upon Americans by the upper echelons and those in charge. Maybe instead of elected officials we should have holding an office a public service chosen by lottery. Give equal voice to all strata of society. They maybe would have to pass some kind of civics test in order to apply to get there name thrown in, but a certain lack of knowledge might just be a good thing.


  45. "Tossing It Out" has been included in the Sites To See for this week. Be assured that I hope this helps to point many new visitors in your direction.

  46. Thank you, Jerry. I will be over to check out your post.



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