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My A to Z Themes in the past have covered a range of topics and for 2024 the theme is a personal retrospective that I call "I Coulda Been" which is in reference to my job and career arc over my lifetime. I'll be looking at all sorts of occupations that I have done or could have done. Maybe you've done some of these too!

Wednesday, April 25, 2012


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If They Can't See You, Nobody Knows You're There

           Marketing is all about getting noticed.  You and your product need visibility.  In grocery stores product vendors will pay premium prices and make special deals to obtain coveted eye level positioning.  Next time you're at the supermarket make note of the items that are typically on the bottom shelves--store brands and lesser known products.  And have you noticed some of the catchy new displays companies like Campbell's Soups are installing in the stores.  They're practical from the standpoint of the retailer and they grab the attention of the consumers.  Product packaging and displays are key elements of catching the eyes of the shopper.

          Store and mall design has become a marketing science focused on getting consumers in the mood to buy things.   Everywhere we are bombarded with billboards, signs, print ads, television commercials, and many other media advertising methods.  Companies sponsor big events like sports tournaments and special interest festivals.   Corporate names and logos are nearly everyplace we go.  Does it work?  Ask the marketing departments of McDonald's, Budweiser, or Ford.   These companies know a thing or two about consumer psychology.

You don't always need big money to get noticed

           Not many of us have a huge marketing budget that will allow us to secure the same kind of exposure as these corporate entities.  However there are still ways that we can become more visible in the public eye.  If we do have an advertising budget we should be sure to use it to gain maximum exposure.  As much as possible we need to look for as many free opportunities to be seen as we can find.

           Public appearances are some of the best ways to get noticed.   If you are interested in public speaking, you can start by volunteering to speak before clubs and schools groups.  When you have established a reputation as a speaker you can even get paid for doing it.

           If you are not so inclined to get up in front of an audience you can still participate in events by volunteering to be on judging panels, helping to coordinate, working as event staff, or whatever the need may be.  You may even end up getting your name listed in a program or some kind of event literature.  Most importantly you will be networking and become more visible to your peers and gain learning opportunities.

          Giving your time and becoming involved in the right places with the right people can be advertising gold in your future.  Choosing wisely in what you do is like an investment in your future.  Getting your name circulating will give you better brand recognition so that when your product goes to market people will be more apt to remember you.

Some Visible Bloggers:

Arthur Brill's Main Street Arts blog is relatively new though Arthur is not a stranger to blogging.  He caught my attention in his commenting and it seemed like I started seeing him everywhere.  He knows a thing or two about the topics of promoting and has been delving into some of the same topics as I have in this year's A to Z Challenge.  Go over and check him out.  His blog is worth following.

Among the bloggers who are highly visible in my comment section and perhaps yours is Lynn Proctor from the blog My Life as Lynn Proctor.   Thank you Lynn for being visible to me nearly every day during this Challenge, not only on two of my blogs but on many other blogs as well.

A blog for the V's is Blue Velvet Vincent.  Who would have thought to create a blog dedicated to Vincent D'Onofrio?   Bev did and she's got this guy covered and manages to make it interesting.

Tomorrow I'll be continuing with the topic of visibility as it relates to Web Presence.   Aside from online presence, what are some things you have done to increase your own visibility?   Authors, how have you best managed to get the word out about your books?

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  1. The quote at the start is absolute genius Lee, I haven't given it much thought to be honest but you're right, if you're not able to be seen then in reality you don't exist. I've honestly learned so much from this business blog, if you were to buy a book called the "A to Z of Business," I would definitely buy it, no doubt about it.

  2. Great advice. Thanks for the links to the 3 bloggers.

  3. Excellent quote Lee and so very true,


  4. Some great thoughts.

    I know Lynn out of the two.


  5. Definitely good advice. There are a lot of events out there; I've done a few readings at open mic nights and at literature festivals. I've so far chickened out of any networking events, but maybe I should push myself to one this year.

    Of course, as you'll know, having an unusual name helps a lot too!

  6. Hi Lee - no point in hiding away - that is for sure ..

    Arthur has some interesting tales to tell on his blog .. Lynn too - she's doing amazingly at getting around ..

    Cheers Hilary

  7. Thanks for an interesting & helpful post :)

  8. Yeamie -- Thanks, Matthew. And if you are going to be visible make sure the image is a good one.

    Em - Thanks for stopping by.

    Yvonne -- Would I lie?

    Teresa -- Lynn gets around.

    Gregg -- Thanks.

    Angeline -- If you're doing readings networking shouldn't be that difficult for you.

    Hilary -- No point in hiding out unless you're trying to avoid the police.

    LD & Anita -- You're welcome!


  9. Good stuff Lee.

    I too like and respect seeing someone who puts lots of effort into their presence--that it is not just a quick and done thing.

  10. awwww thanks so much for mentioning me---i have so enjoyed all the blogs, this has really motivated me to write more and i am kinda sad to see it heading towards it's end--thanks again <3

  11. Hi. I saw your comment on my Vertigo movie choice. It IS one of the greats! I'm wanting to see it again.

    As for visibility: this has been ONE of the all-time worst months of my life via family problems, partly my disabled daughter and her "mental eltdown" and other sticky problems with one of my other daughters. So I have bookmarked a lot of blogs, including this post here with its links, for next month when I HOPE to meet some Bloggers I didn't get to this time.

    Word of mouth via me to start with, and then partly because of my blog and then my publisher has contributed to my memoir gaining visibility. It's still visible at the top of several Amazon rankings. Some people who can get out of the house promote their hands on. There are lots of ways to be visible as you say, Lee, and I'll look forward to reading the continuation of the topic tomorrow as it relates to web presence. Good choice and content for "V."
    Ann Best, Author of In the Mirror & Other Memoirs

  12. Good one, Lee.

    Promotion and PR are all about being visible. Not hard to do these days, if we are smart about it. And we have to be if we want to use our time wisely and allow for additional writing.

    Be interesting to see your thoughts on Web presence.


  13. Some great, practical tips! I actually enjoy public speaking, I might have to look in to that. Thanks!

    Sarah Allen
    (my creative writing blog)

  14. I'm a little slow, but your words really aren't lost on me.

    Thanks again.

  15. Slamdunk -- A strong presence is something we have to work at.

    Lynn -- Don't lose the great presence you've had during the Challenge. I've been honored to have your regular visits.

    Ann -- I think we all sympathize with the tremendous challenges you face. You are fortunate to have a publisher to assist in gaining more recognition for you and your work. Word of mouth is some of the best recognition we can get to build visibility. The process can take a lot of work and it's good to have others on our side to help.

    Sia -- There are so many ways to get noticed these days and we want to make sure we get noticed for the right things that will work in our favor.

    Sarah -- Start with some free gigs to build a list of references. Get paid when you can, or at least try to get something out of the deal. Speaking at a civic club breakfast or lunch can usually get you a free meal and maybe some valuable contacts. Good luck and give us a report on your progress.


  16. Angel -- It's pretty basic and practical advice.

    Kelly --Good! Hopefully some nuggets help out somewhere. Thanks for stopping.


  17. I like the quote "You don't always need big money to get noticed." I have found this to be true in my crochet work. I get just enough work to keep busy but not too much that I can't keep up. My work speaks for itself. I enjoy Lynn Proctor's blog too and love having her stop by my blog. I will check out the others that you mentioned. Great post Lee. Thanks!

  18. Wonderful post! I do agree you don't need big money! You need to be clever though~

    Thanks Lee :D

  19. Thanks for the shoutout Lee!

    When I don't have to post a blog every day, I'll have more time to browse through the A to Z bloggers!

  20. My friend,
    Thanks for the advice. Great post as always.

  21. While social networks are great means of visibility, word of mouth is still one good method for companies.

  22. Here's to visibility. Really liked the options you presented today--something for everyone in this business.

  23. Lee - You must be a speed reader!

    I am amazed at how many blogs you manage to get around to. :)

    And based on this post, you know a thing or two, too, about marketing.

  24. Great post Lee!
    I do agree about visibility. I love that line about giving you time and becoming involved with the right place and the right folks. That's what I try to do in my own life.

  25. You are so right. You can't be successful without visibility. This post was awesome, and I also appreciate the other recommended bloggers. Good luck with the remainder of the challenge!

  26. I've come to the conclusion that there are far more opportunities to be visible in the USA than there are in the UK. Bookstores here only want big names for booksignings, even my local independent bookstore refused to stock my book and we have very few book festivals. I have to rely on the internet to be 'visible'.

  27. Great post. And thanks for the links. I'm clicking over now. . .

  28. Still not fond of physical appearances, but I do my best to be visible online.

  29. Great advice and excellent information. I know what you mean about the store displays. I am more compelled to grab an item off a cool display than buy one from some remote out of the way shelf.


  30. Hey Mr. A to Z man, I've got question. When I click on my A to Z badge I no longer get the list of participants. I'm using that to checkout new people. Is there something wrong or is it me. Thanks for your help.

  31. ladydragonfly-- When you're doing everything yourself you have to know your limits.

    Ella -- Clever can go a long way.

    Arthur -- No problem. Finding your blog was a revelation.

    Andy -- Thanks for visiting.

    Wanda -- Word of mouth is the best.

    CLee -- Anyone can apply these methods to what they do.

    Anita -- I am one of the slowest readers ever. Compared to Alex Cavanaugh I hardly make it to any blogs.

    Nutschell -- Who you know can make a huge difference in ones career.

    Amber-- Gotta get out there and let people know you've got a product.

    Paula -- I'll bet there are more opportunities than you think. And you don't have to start with big things. The people who made it had to start somewhere.

    Inluv -- thanks for dropping by.

    Alex -- You do get around on-line, that's for sure.

    Kathy -- that's also the psychology of the flashy end of aisle displays. They may be on sale but the quantity sold makes up for the difference.


  32. Extremely interesting, Arlee! For shy and private people like me, it's a HUGE issue to get out there. You've given some good other options. Very good to hear.
    Best Wishes, MoonWynd

    P.S. Did you get this one, Arlee? I feel like I should get my toolbox out and hit the computer with it a few times. Maybe that will work!?

  33. faraway eyes-- I think Blogger or Linky had a brief problem earlier but I think everything is fine now.


  34. Hmmm, well that one worked. Now this one doesn't.
    pulling my hair out... ?

  35. Moonwynd-- I know what you mean, but the more you do something the less difficult it is. I still have a problem when I first start out meeting the public.
    I think the problem is the embedded comment boxes. This worked fine.


  36. Ok ok. That second one finally worked. I have a feeling it's how the copy and paste is translating into the ID box. Sometimes it looks weird with a bunch of garbled text in between the http:// thingey and my wordpress address, sort of like this:
    Maybe it happens if I try to post too quickly after I've just posted. At any rate, at least we figured out some of the problem. I think/hope. I can sort of live with this knowing at least I can try and have faith that some of my goodwill is getting spread around.
    Thanks again, MoonWynd

  37. Great post - getting noticed is most definitely important for writers! :)

  38. Good advice!! And I have been visiting his blog, it's good.

    Sonia Lal @ Story Treasury

  39. Hi Arlee! Great advice.

  40. Now I am looking at my blog wondering how to become more visible. Great post.

  41. Thanks for stopping by my Blog, and for the great input you give us on yours. Interesting life and writing.

    And thanks for dropping by my blog earlier and leaving comment/question on the 'urban urchin.
    Haiku is an interesting form to experiment with for making commenting on life within tight constraints.

    To your question. urban - of the city, urchin - mischievous youth. Although mischievous is a mild word for some of the trouble caused by America's modern youth out, unsupervised, long after dark.

  42. Moonwynd -- Hopefully the commenting will go more smoothly as you go on. Glad to be of help.

    Jemi -- It's easy for writers to get kind of lost if they're not on top of things.

    Sonia -- We've seen so many great blogs participating in the A to Z Challenge.

    Susanne -- Thanks!

    Elizabeth -- Keep posting good content and make yourself known to other bloggers. That's where it all starts.


  43. Perle -- Glad you came by. And your explanation is one that I thought it might be. I was also thinking it might be referring to a homeless young person. It was nice either way.


  44. Hello Lee.
    You are so right about making yourself visible, no matter what you do. A friend of mine was discussing how people get to know your name while we were working on a flyer that was going to be distributed in the area. He said, "People need to see your name at least ten times before they will remember it. How many times have I seen your name? He He He.
    The A to Z challenge has certainly gotten things noticed for you, a very good marketing tactic for your blog.
    Blessings and thanks, Geoff.

  45. Initially, I was inspired my your posts, and I still am, but I am also overwhelmed. One puts in so much work into their...product, if you will. But then comes even more work. Something about it doesn't seem fair.

  46. It takes practice to put yourself out there and twice as hard for an introvert and shy person to boot. Explains why my bro is a marketing genius and I was a boring accountant and now an "aspiring" writer.

  47. Aside from developing an online presence - personal face-to-face networking and mentoring when asked have provided many resources.


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