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Friday, April 20, 2012

Rainmakers Reap Healthy Harvests

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         In times of severe droughts some localities have been known to hire rainmakers to bring the water needed to bring life to the parched land.  These precipitation inducing specialists may resort to prayer, ritualistic activities, or advanced technology.  The techniques may vary but the desired results are the same.

           Promotion and marketing calls for inspired thinking and undaunted action.  This is the time to unleash the creative spirit in order to nourish to make success flourish.  You should be calculated, careful, and candid about your capabilities.  When it's time to ask for help do it.  Just remember that when it's your success that's at stake it's up to you to be the catalyst to make all ingredients of the formula keep working.

           Be a rainmaker to make your business grow.  In order to do this you've got to gather enough clouds to  make it happen.  Build a network and establish a strong support from those who can help you.  This often starts by helping others meet their needs.  Embrace the concept of reciprocity --help others to achieve their goals and they will usually be more willing to help you achieve yours.

          Finally when success comes your way, seed the clouds and make it rain on everybody.  There's nothing more heartening than to see someone who's made it help to pave the way for others.  Remember that an investment in someone else's success is a long term investment in your own future successes.  

          In marketing, rain and resulting floods are generally a good thing.  It's rare to be able to complain that you have too much business.

Making it rain on some fellow rainmakers:

Logan K Stewart has been blogging for a good while at Rememorandom but during this year's Challenge is my first encounter with his blog.  Grab your umbrella and pay him a visit.

Though Ashley at Ridges and Ripples admits to being "a lover of sunshine", I think she understands the importance of rain.

Then there's the blog It's Raining Blue Umbrellas because thematically it fits in.

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  1. I think that this is one of my favourite posts of the challenge so far Lee, while they'll all been informative and interesting they've been a source of familiarity with me to a certain extent but this is a different story, I've learned something completely new from this post, awesome stuff man.

  2. Ha! What a fabulous analogy. And so very true. Even if we sometimes can't float in the flood, it's okay to find a paddle boat to help you along :)

  3. This was excellent Lee, here in the UK we have a draught, hosepipes banned because the last couple of winters have been extra dry, though to see the rain one would think differently.
    I enjoyed your post very much.


  4. Hi, my friend, as usual, you have hit the proverbial nail on the head! I am having a blast this year, doing a serialized mystery story, giving in to my creative juices... my daughters tell me that they see a lot of "Ruby" in the characters I have drawn. Ha ha. Thank you again for fostering this huge challenge. Love, Ruby

  5. I think you have mastered analogies and this has some major good points. :)
    Jules @ Trying To Get Over The Rainbow

  6. Great post! Nice use of a good analogy, not to mention some good advice.

  7. Reciprocity is the key word. Excellent stuff here, my friend. What you've shared here is so true.
    Tina @ Life is Good
    Co-Host of the April A to Z Challenge
    Twitter: @AprilA2Z #atozchallenge

  8. If you can't help others, then life becomes meaningless, in my opinion.


  9. I like te idea of helping other, not matter what the situation is.

    Carol Evans

  10. Matthew -- Thank you. Your comment means a lot to me.

    Jessica -- A boat can help and sometimes even a lifeline or a life preserver.

    Yvonne -- I don't think of drought in the UK. That's more like L.A.

    becca -- Thanks for checking it out.

    Grammy -- My biggest problem is making the rounds. I got to get over and finish your story where I left off. Good stuff.

    Jules -- From you that means a lot to me. Thank you for that compliment.

    Gregg - Same as what I just said to Jules. Thanks Gregg.

    Tina - Just spreading the word and hoping it catches on. Thanks.

    Teresa -- It's important to learn and practice some degree of sacrifice and giving. You're right about adding meaning to life.

    Carol -- Helping others is especially good when it helps them to learn to do better in the future and sets the example for them to help others. The Pay It Forward concept is an important one to remember.


  11. That's the best advice so far! Make it rain for others.

  12. loving your r analogy--great words--always try to help someone else--that is it's own reward

  13. Great post Lee. Analogy's are good. We've had low rainfall for a few years, have a hosepipe ban and it's rained and hailed all week. Those rainmakers have done a great job here. Grabbing my unbrella to pop off to visit some blogs as requested..

  14. what a great helpful way to look at... help when you can.

    Right On... to the challenge "R" is for Refreshing Post!
    Jeremy [Retro-Zombie]
    A to Z Co-Host
    My New Book:
    Retro-Zombie: Art and Words

  15. I couldn't have made it as far as I have in this writing/publishing business if it hadn't been for other writers giving me a hand. I hope I've returned that help along the way because I really like the idea that I've been a part of writers achieving what they set out to do.

    I loved your rain maker post. It was perfect for this R day.

  16. Love the post. I like to pay it forward. My dam is full to overflowing, thanks to fantastic rainmakers I have met on the Internet.

  17. Thanks for the comment on my blog! Following you back! :)

  18. Alex -- Let's hope there's a lot of blog rain ahead for the weekend.

    Lynn Proctor -- You're right. It's a good feeling to help others and there may be additional benefits that can arise from doing so.

    lynnelives-- Go and spread some encouragement to other bloggers.

    Jeremy -- Help whenever you can if at all possible.

    C.Lee -- Mutual assistance is one of the best parts of being a part of a community.

    Glynis --The internet has opened up so many new channels of possibilities.

    Jack-- Thanks!


  19. Good article Lee. To be a success in any endeavor, you have to know the nuts and bolts.

    I'm a firm believer in making it rain for all. In helping others you also learn a great deal. The cyber friends along the way is a nice side benefit. :-)


  20. "There's nothing more heartening than to see someone who's made it help to pave the way for others." Man, I definitely agree there. Great post, and thanks for mentioning me in your blog. Much appreciated!

  21. Being a rainmaker and reciprocity are definitely keys to success. How appropo that you wrote this when it's raining here! You are more persuasive and powerful than you know! Thanks again for a really wonderful A to Z! Julie

  22. Love it!! Popped in from AtoZ and pleased to meet you :)

  23. I love this analogy, Arlee. It works so well. I also had to smile at your initial paragraph. We seem to have a rainmaker in the UK. It's called the Local Water Authority. They declared our area an official drought area at the start of this week and we've almost drowned from torrential rain ever since.

  24. Since we're expecting three days of rain, your post was very appropriately timed.

  25. I really love this analogy, and a onlooking even more forward to the showers we are supposed to have here tomorrow.

  26. I like your analogy between rainmakers and success seekers.
    I too think it's important to be supportive of others, which is why I'm so glad I came across your Blogging A to Z Challenge, which has allowed me to form new connections with other writers this month.

  27. After I read this, I wanted to go to the Indian lodge the next town over. Wonderful people there that are always willing to offer a prayer or a ceremony to help with inspiration.

  28. I loved the analogy Lee! Let the clouds form and may it rain success!

  29. Love the idea of rainmakers and the feeling of nature being summoned. My dad could 'witch' water. With a fresh twitch cut from any tree, he could walk along the field, and find a good spot to dig for water. People used to call him to come out and help.


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