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Saturday, August 21, 2010

Knick Knack Paddy Wack--It's Saturday Again, Already?

         Yes, the dog days have hit Los Angeles this past week-- that is as far as California dog days go.  Nowhere near as bad as the high humidity heat that some of you have had to deal with, but the temperatures have been higher than normal for L.A.   But I'll take this over Phoenix any day.

         This week Tossing It Out has gone to the dogs and I'll bet some of you are begging me to stop.   But before I roll over and play dead on the subject I just want to thank all of you for all of your input on the topics this week.  I hope I'm not in the doghouse with any of my readers, but I always like to think this blog is an open forum where everyone can speak their opinions.

           One more doggie note before I stray from this topic:  In one of my National Education Association newsletters that I received this week there was an article about how the Santa Fe, New Mexico school district uses dogs that have been specially trained to work with children to help students with their reading.  The children will read aloud to the dogs for twenty minutes at a time.  Since the dogs are nonjudgmental, the kids feel more comfortable reading to them.  My wife, who is a kindergarten teacher, confirmed that she had learned about this technique in a workshop and had already been telling her students to practice reading at home by reading to their dogs.

           Note to all authors:   You might want to start considering topics to write about that might be of interest to dogs.  This could open a whole new genre of writing.   On the other hand, I could probably think of a few things that would only be worth reading to a dog.  Or would that be cruelty to animals?

           So anyhow, dog week is done and a new week lies ahead.   On Monday's Blog Boggled I will have a few more comments about the topic of comments and I hope some of you will have some comments of your own.   Tuesday will see the topic that I had intended for last Tuesday--recycling California style.  See how your state compares. 

            Coming this Wednesday, taking a cue from Powdered Toast Man at Just the Cheese, I'm going to present my version of The Director Dirty Dozen in which I will offer my twelve favorite film directors.   On Thursday I will put forth another Debate Day topic which might not be as heated as the last few weeks--the weather is hot enough without the conflagration of fiery debate.  Friday is a mystery.

            On my Bible post for tomorrow I will be concluding my look at the book of Jonah.  I will be looking at this book from a literary point of view.  Nearly everyone is familiar with the Book of Jonah, but whether you are or not and interested in storytelling you might want to take a look at this final installment of the Jonah series.

            Today (Saturday) I'll be joining representatives of the Los Angeles Metropolitan Transportation Authority to get a tour of the Metro Rail system and a preview of a proposed line that may be running through our neighborhood.  Do I sense a post for the future?

            Enjoy your weekend and hope you will stop by every day to see what's happening at Tossing It Out.

           Did you enjoy my focus on one topic (pets) this week?  Would you like more themed weeks in the future?   Are there any special topics you'd like to see me cover on a topical week?   Do you use public transportation?  If you'd like to tell us about your favorite directors, how about doing your own Director Dirty Dozen?



  1. What I would really like Lee is another music challenge I am getting withdraw symptomes,
    I did enjoy you dog week as I love all animals.
    This week for me has not been my best but your blog certainly brightened it up.

    Enjoy your week-end

  2. Hi Lee .. I wonder if they're going to build more asylums for us bloggers reading to our dogs?!

    Actually dogs helping children .. I met one who travelled with her young mistress when I was going through Charlotte .. calmed her down .. she was a Pomeranian dog .. I wrote about them on my blog 15 months ago .. and talked about bats too .

    Now bats and dogs and talking to them .. madhouse adults bloggingspeak away ... I just talk to myself - no pets .. and 'squirl' one finger round the palm of my mother hand ..

    Mad dogs and English ladies .. go out in the midday sun - but just a dampish English midday so far!

    Have a good weekend .. Hilary

  3. There are times that I miss Public Transit; LOTS of reading time :). I'm glad that they're reading to dogs. I love my cats, but they can be such snide little snots!

  4. The Public Transit tour will get your ideas flying. I got a few just wit your description here.

    Reading to dogs, if it helps I'm for it. How about using those cozies where the dog is the protagonist? Bet that would make the four-legged listener happy.

    I love your Sunday posts. Whats next?

  5. I did find your pet week interesting. It made me appreciate our little Fi Fi (minature poodle). I think I would write my blog to her if I figure out a way for her to become a follower and to leave comments.

    Themes are always good for both the writer and reader. It allows you to write on something you find interesting, enjoyable, or simply provocative and those who read can "chime" in when they like.

    I don't use public transportation. My wife and daughter uses the bus system constantly, but I use to drive 4 miles to work. If by God's grace I can find a job say in Portland (50 miles) away I certainly would consider it for as much of that commute as possible.

    I rarely pay attention to the directors of movies and can rarely even mention one. I don't choose movies based on a director. I choose a movie based on either the lead actor or the plot. Anymore I simply choose them on either being PG or PG-13 so I am choosing less frequently.

    However, I believe I have enjoyed every Ron Howard movie that I have seen.

    I doubt I could name 4 directors let alone 12 and I doubt I could but their names to their movies.

  6. Lee - I'd be interested in hearing your thoughts about the Metro rail. I'm sure the tour will be interesting and bring out some great opinions.

  7. Reading to dogs? Who knew they enjoyed it?
    Yes, I'll be posting a new Dirty Dozen batch on Monday as well. Powdered has informed me several times now that I am way behind...

  8. I've noticed, that unlike dogs, my cats are quite judgmental so I couldn't use them as my listeners and audience, they would just stare at me with a disapproving look or will just turn deaf and walk away. Cats are really opinionated creatures :))

  9. Your trip to the metro sounds interesting. I rode my first (long trip) train last year. It was super....I live in a pretty rural area, so there's not a whole lot of public transporation...

  10. Yvonne -- I glad if I've had any part of brightening up your week some. You always tend to brighten up ours.

    Hilary -- I suppose this blogging can make us all a bit daft at times.

    Will -- True that riding gives one more opportunity to read than driving, although I guess it doesn't stop everybody.

    Mary -- RE: Sunday posts--no series for a while, but have some random topics coming.

    Gregg -- I do try to toss out a lot of different topics hoping that I find something to interest folks and keep me interested as well.

    Paula -- Having taken the tour already, I do have some topics in the works after this week.

    Alex -- You'll have to do some dog tests with CassaStar --- maybe it will be a doggie best seller.

    Larry -- I didn't. Check with Stephen--maybe he did.

    Doris -- Sure, rats are people too.

    Sharon -- Rural public transportation would be a bit impractical, but it would help if more people used it out here in L.A.

  11. You always make me smile Lee :)

    I've heard about having kids read to dogs before too. Animals heal us and help us in so many ways. Sounds like a terrific idea!

  12. Smiles are contagious! Now I'm smiling.


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