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Monday, August 2, 2010

Blog Boggled: Musical Blog Posts

            Last week I mentioned how I had reverted to a one post per view layout because at times when I had added playlists to my post, the playlists were all playing simultaneously.  In this present post I would like to know if music is welcomed on the blogs you like to visit.

            Typically, in the past, I never turned on my speakers unless there was something specific that I was going to listen to.  I didn't realize that some blogs had music playing.  Then one day I had left my speakers on and was surprised by mysterious music coming out of my computer.  It took me a while to realize that the source was the blog page that I was reading at the time.

             Sometimes the music is annoying.  Often it is quite nice.  If I am trying to read something that requires contemplation I will probably turn the music off.  If I am reading something that is not overly complex I may leave the music on.

             One example of a music suitable blog is Yvonne's Welcome to My World of Poetry.  Since she is usually presenting light entertaining poetry and not complex text, the music is complementary to the blog post.  Her song choices have something to do with the poem of the day.  Her blog is one of entertainment and the music is part of the package.

              I have tried to only use music on posts like the ones that had to do with favorite albums and the like.  I wanted to use the music to give examples of what I was talking about.

              Do you enjoy music automatically playing on a site that you visit?  Would you prefer to be first given an option as to whether you want to listen to music?    Do you prefer having links to click on to in order to hear song examples a blogger wants to present for their blog bit?   Do you like to have video clips offered on a blog post or do you ignore them or find them a nuisance?


  1. I would rather have the music as an option to click on. I love videos if they pertain to the post and if they aren't long.

    I think the music would distract me from reading a post unless there are no lyrics.

  2. I find the music too distracting, unless it's a post about the song, and I only watch videos if they're less than 3 minutes long, 'cause I'm usually behind in my Blog reading, and time is precious :).

  3. I don't turn on my speakers unless I'm watching a video, so if a blog plays music, I never notice!

  4. I'm with Alex on this one. Also I only watch short videos.

  5. I have an older PC (wifey uses the spiffy new iMac) so too many videos and such slows loading time and I may click out and move onto the enxt blog. ANd like Alexand others, I don't have my speakers on. And I don't watch anything over like 30 seconds.

    Stephen Tremp

  6. Thanks for the mention Lee, I love writing poetry and I love music so I try whenever possible to combine the two. When visiting other blogs I love to hear music It gives me an insight to the person whose blog I;m reading,
    A day without music is like a day without wearing clothes(Back to the Michelin Man again). I guess it's because I was brought up in a musical enviroment.
    Not everyone likes to hear music whilst reading but to each their own.
    Have a nice day.

  7. Well, it's generally accepted that music which is automatically playing on a site is a bit impolite since it usually shocks people and unsuspecting visitors. This is because most bloggers who have their automatic music players usually do not adjust the volume properly so the music can start playing unexpectedly and too loudly. Such playlists should be either adjusted so that the visitor turns it on or at least the music should be quiet and not loud.

    Using YouTube videos or links is a great and generally accepted way of presenting music to your readers around the Net.

  8. I have read numerous articles all with negative reasons as to why not to have music playing.

    But I agree with Yvonne and for her site I always turn my speakers on.

    I love my music and the reason I don't have it is another issue altogether.

    Good topic. :)

  9. I often have my own iTunes playing in the background so I prefer the blogs I visit not have auto-play music.

  10. Yeah, what Alex said. I never even knew that Yvonne's blog had music playing on it until you or someone else mentioned it the other day.

    ~ D-FensDogg

  11. I would prefer music as optional. Often I'm already listening to something and the combo of simultaneous things is too much, where if I can CHOOSE to listen, I can turn off the other first and enjoy it.

  12. PTM -- I know what you're saying. Although I've watch a few longer videos that were pretty worthwhile, but it can really start taking up time.

    Will -- See my reply to PTM

    Alex -- I'm usually the same way. I often have my speakers off because there are weird sound effects if someone logs on IM and I can't figure out how to mute those.

    Mary -- Long videos can take a lot of time, but sometimes they are kind of worth it. It's hit or miss.

    Stephen Tremp--- When the computer's slow that does make a big difference.

    Yvonne - I do appreciate what you are saying. Hearing a person's music choices is learning something about them and they have taken the time to share so that's the plus side to the blog music.

    Dezmond -- Maybe a note at the beginning of the post that there is an optional playlist would be good in case someone wants to hear the music the goes with the post. I guess sometimes we really want readers to hear the music we've taken time to make into a playlist.
    I'll probably opt more for Youtube vids in the future unless I'm doing another one of my lists of "something-to-do-with-musical-selections".

  13. I'm with Desmond - music scares the crap out of me if I've forgotten to turn off my speakers.

  14. Lee-

    I was afraid this was another "desert island" list...

    Just kidding.

    I don't sweat the small stuff-I either listen, turn it off, turn it down or tune it out.

    Sometimes you play stuff I've either forgotten or never heard of (same goes with Yvonne's music).


  15. I prefer the option to turn the music on. This is particularly helpful if my computer is running slowly.
    Have a great week,

  16. It depends on the music. If it is soothing and uplifting, I enjoy listening to it while visiting a blog, but turn off the speakers if it's too invasive on my thinking to properly read the post. I agree with your example about Yvonne's blog!

  17. Jules -- I'd like to read some of those articles to hear the arguments about the negative side to music playing. I like it and if it really annoys me I just turn it off.

    Jemi -- That would be a clash. I normally listen to CDs or radio while blogging. I usually don't listen to music on my computer.

    StMc -- The first time I had my speakers on and heard blog music playing it kind of flipped me out. I thought my computer had gotten some sort of virus or something. Now I think I've got it figured out and under control.

    Hart -- Another vote for option. I've addressed these issues in replies preceding.

    L Diane -- Yes it can be pretty startling if you have your speakers cranked up and forget.

    Disc -- You're easy to get along with and I'm pretty much the same way. I've unexpectedly discovered some pretty neat music that I previously did not know about from music on blog sites.

  18. Karen -- If the music slows the loading then it is not good.

    Connie -- The option does go both ways. You can always choose to turn the music off if it is too intrusive. Many of us will not opt to turn the music on and we might be missing some really cool stuff.

  19. No, I do not like music automatically playing on a site that I visit. I usually leave once I realize it is there. I don't like the surprise of music blasting in. It takes too long to load.

    The videos I like and pick and choose. CCM's I usually ignore. I like comics, humorous ones, and I go to a sight where that's about all they do - A Little Leaven.

  20. I usually find the music distracting and turn it off. If it actually has something to do with the post, I’ll listen. If I’ve got time, I’ll click on a video. But, if I see it’s long (over two or three minutes) I’ll probably watch the whole thing unless it’s really, really good.

  21. I prefer the option of pressing to play music and/or links to music. (I always attempt to have a video on my blog but that's a format choice for my style.)

  22. Gregg -- I can see where if the music affects loading time that could be a nuisance.

    Jane --- If the music or the video enhances the experience of the blog post it can be worthwhile.

    Paula-- The optional approach is probably one favored by most.

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  24. Anonymous -- I am not sure I understand your request to "exchange links". What are you asking?


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