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Saturday, August 28, 2010

The Trains Are On Schedule


           The past week has been an eventful flurry of bloggy activity and fun and there is more to come this week.   The Tossing It Out blog train has been on schedule every day and for the sake of keeping it on schedule I'm going to keep my recap and preview short today.

           Generally speaking, this coming week's blog topics will be themed around public transportation and more specifically my recent tour on the Los Angeles Metro light rail system.  On this upcoming Thursday my debate topic will be more of an educational probe about the topic of public transportation and light rail 
as seen from the perspective of the knowledge and experience provided by you the readers.  I will be sending links to my posts to representatives from the Metropolitan Transportation Authority so they will be able to read what you have to say about the topic.  I hope I will get some strong participation on this.

          My debate day topic this past Thursday was intended to be a humorous parody of my Debate Day features and I got a quite unexpected response.  Apparently the post was taken quite seriously by some readers.  If you missed it you might like to check it out and make sure you read through the comments.  I will be doing a post in the future inspired by this parody post I presented.

Happy Blogoversary!

Junebug's Musings is celebrating a fourth blogoversary.  I thought I was doing good as I approach my first full year of blogging.  Four years is quite an achievement.  Stop by and congratulate Junebug.

And Now Some Awards:
This was an especially lucrative week for awards bestowed upon Tossing It Out. For the sake of greater simplicity and speed I am going to pass each one to three other bloggers.  Here are these much appreciated awards:

This one's from Rayna at Coffee Rings Everywhere      I don't mind Tossing It Out being called a "Sweet Blog" and I think Rayna is pretty sweet for sending this my way.  Thank you Rayna!

I'll pass this to:

Yvonne at Welcome to My World of Poetry -- She probably already has this since she's one of the sweetest ladies we know.  So, Yvonne, if you already have this then here's another--you can never have too many Sweet Blog awards.

Wolfie at Writer Person --   She's still looking for more followers and even though she's busily back to school she's still blogging.

Stephanie at What's So Random --  She will be celebrating her quinceañera next Saturday (that's her 15th birthday party).

Commenters Award presented by Powdered Toast Man at  Just The Cheese.   I'm not going to go to as much trouble as PTM did, though I think he has some kind of widget that keeps a count on commenters.  Hmmm--- maybe I should add that to my blog.   In any case, trying not to duplicate this one without doing any research, I'll give this to:

Jules at Trying to Get Over the Rainbow

Jemi Fraser at Just Jemi

Stephen Tremp at Breakthrough Blogs

With my hat off  to all the other frequent commenters who fill up my comment section, I appreciate all of you.

          From Jules at Trying to Get Over the Rainbow and  From Yvonne at Welcome to My World of Poetry I get another Circle of Friends award.  I appreciate all of the wonderful blog friendships that we all have.  We get so much support, encouragement, and inspiration from each other and that's really a great thing.  I'll send this one on to:

Jessica at The Alliterative Allomorph -- Don't forget her contest.

Ellie at Ella's Edge

      From Alex J. Cavanaugh is the You Rock! Award.  Per Alex's request I'm going to pass this on to 5 other bloggers who rock.

Gregg at Gospel Driven Disciples -- Well maybe more country, but his blog is about THE ROCK.

Glen at Glen's Blog Spot -- Another guy who knows his rock.

Marvin Wilson The Old Silly -- Who actually is a rock and roll musician.

LC at DiscConnected -- Who Blogs about rock and roll.

Daniel Jackson at The Saga of the Concrete Jungle -- I'm sure he won't see this since he doesn't have access to a computer.  I encourage all of you to visit Dan's blog and leave a comment.  He does receive printed copies of the comments he receives on his blog and he does respond to those comments.

         Hope you'll visit these blogs and say hello.  And even if I didn't name you here today, you deserve these awards as well.  I appreciate all of my readers.   Have a great weekend!


  1. congrats on all these awards, Lee, hope your train will take you on time to all these award ceremonies ;)
    And special congratulations on winning Alex' award, because it's his own award so it has a special value for the five of us who were honoured with it ;)

  2. Now I have to make sure I read your Thursday posts!

    Congrats on all your awards, I think I follow most of these wonderful bloggers but I'm going to go and make sure.

    Have a nice weekend.


  3. Congrats on your recognition! Thanks for the award. I will display it proudly!

  4. Good day Lee, Thanks for the award I will put it on site with pride., It has been quite a week but today I have spent with my daughter, son and four to go down the slide again,#Look forward to next weeks topics


  5. I was just planning on leaving you a quick note and BAM. Thank you for the award. Like Yvonne I will post it with pride. I've also add links back to the award presenter on my site.

    You are such treasure to me, both in posts and comments. :D
    Jules @ Trying To Get Over The Rainbow

  6. Awww - thanks so much Lee!! I really appreciate the award and the thought :)

    I thought it was funny how seriously some folks took your alliteration post - fun :)

  7. Kudos on all the awards! And hey - thanks fo thinking of The Old Silly Rock and Roller Marv!

  8. Hi Arlee,
    Congrats on your awards. And I'm sorry that I haven't been by. We've had a nasty bug which just doesn't seem to want to leave! I am trying to catch up. Love Di ♥

  9. Wow,Man, that's a lot of awards. You deserve them.


  10. Dezmond --No ceremonies on this train, we're chugging along for a busy week ahead.

    Clarissa -- Hope you will add your voice to the Thursday debates. It's always nice to have more thoughts on the matters.

    Gregg-- Thank you for your continued support.

    Yvonne -- Thank you and have fun on those slides, but be careful. Next time it gets hot here like it did the past week or so you might find me on the water slides.

    Jules -- The feeling is mutual.

    Alex -- Rock and roll is here to stay!

    Jemi -- Now at least I know some people take me seriously.

    Diana -- Don't like those nasty bugs! Wishing you complete recovery.

    Teresa -- The awards are nice, but I also will accept cash.

  11. Oh, and Marvin -- You didn't have a picture up and I almost missed you. And I still need to get to you about the book tour-- I haven't forgotten.

  12. Congrats to you and to all the award recipients! What a nice way to celebrate the weekend:)

  13. that's a lot of awarding. I don't have a widget. I tallied the comments on a piece of paper like in the olden days.


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