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Saturday, August 14, 2010

Give the Dog a Bone

Dog Days
          I guess some parts of the country are experiencing what are called the "dog days".   That's the time of summer when it gets hot and humid for a period of time and from what I've been hearing some of you have got it now.  We don't really get dog days here in Los Angeles, speaking weather-wise that is.  Oh, we get some occasional times of heat and humidity that might be classified as dog days, but not like you folks back east get.

             Then I've been hearing how summer is going so fast.  Gosh, ain't it truth!  Some schools are already back in session.  My wife's getting ready to start back to her teaching job.   Why, heck, life goes fast enough without our summer having to speed by.  Can someone just throw the old hot dog a bone so he can cool off and lazily slow down and chew on these last summer days?  


                                  What's Up, Dog?

           Things have been cool here in L.A. so I can't complain.  I'm still Tossing It Out on Tuesdays.  This upcoming Tuesday I'll be doing some recycling California style.   On Monday I'll tell you where I am on my email clean-up and address some of the points in Alex J. Cavanaugh's post about Blogging Idiosyncrasies.

            On Wednesday I'll talk about some dogs that influenced me (and I do mean the four legged kind).  On Thursdays it gets a little hot on this blog with my Debate Day topics, but that's cool.  This coming Thursday I'll be presenting another doggone topic for us to bark at.   Then coming Friday will be a mystery.

              Someone Threw Me a Bone

           Friday the 13th was my lucky day as I received a special recognition from Yvonne at Welcome to My World of Poetry.   She included me as one of the bloggers who help support her.  Well, the support has been mutual.  I have praised and given Yvonne credit in the past for always being there with her kind comments.  So, Yvonne, here's a right back atcha with this kindness.

            And to acknowledge some people who have been very special in their support and loyalty to me, you can play the award game if you like, but there is no obligation to pass it on or recognize it in any way.  I just want to let people know about a few of those who have been ongoing strong supporters of mine and whose work I highly respect.  Several were the ones Yvonne listed, but here are a few more:

Stephen T. McCarthy's Stuffs and Ferret-Faced Facist Friends  -- Sorry, Stephen, I'm not really giving you any award, this is just a way for me to plug your excellent blog.  If any readers have never yet checked out these blogs then you should do so ASAP because they are worthwhile. You might be entertained at times, but more importantly you might receive some important education.

LC at Disc-Connected and Back in the USSR --- Larry, I don't know if you like the awards or not either, but I appreciate your input on my blog and the work you do on your own site.  Take your choice folks--one site is for music and one is devoted to issues that are important to us all.  Check them out.

Sig at Beadedbear's Nonsense and Complete Waste of Time -- Sig is a talented beader and she does posts on that topic part of the time.  She also has some other important things to say.

Dezmond at Hollywood Spy has plenty to say about the entertainment industry on his blog, but he also leaves some very thoughtful and encouraging comments.   Thanks Dezmond.

          There are so many more of you that I could name-- I appreciate all of you who read and comment on my site.  I could go on with a much longer list but my dinner bowl's out and I need to go.  Arf, arf!



  1. Good day to you Lee, your top dog photo my son has one like that in Spain, it was abandoned on the motorway there but now has a good Lewis home. Looking forward to what you have on next week (Blog wise not clothes). It was good giving awards yesterday as two of the people I gave to had never had one before and to me that was special.Will certainly look up some of those you mentioned especially if they are music orientated.

    Enjoy your week-end.

  2. Hey, Arlee, congrats on the award and thank you very much for passing it onto me and for your kind words :) I'll put that star right into its very own galaxy over in my sidebar award shelf where everyone can see it and get envious :)))

    And don't mention hot summer, we will have 105*F tomorrow here in Europe so I already feel like a dog (did I mention I was a winter type of person :)

  3. Congrats, Lee. You are so deserving. Both Alex and yourself are so right, Yvonne is wonderful. :D

    Looking forward to next week posts. I loved the German Shepherds but then I have 2.

    Be thankful you are on the west coast, the east is miserable. :)
    Trying To Get Over The Rainbow

  4. The dog days are down here in florida. HOT HOt but then I hear it is hotter elsewhere in the country.

  5. I so enjoy reading your posts Arlee, if anyone deserves an award it is you!
    As for the dog days, well they have been here long enough in the midwest and I for one will be happy to see them go! Love Di ♥

  6. r-LEE-b ~
    I heard on the radio that today's weather forecast for us here in Phoenix is 112 degrees. Oh, give me the cool weather from yesterday: 109.

    Hey, thanks, my friend, for the very nice promotion of my blogs. I appreciate your kind and encouraging words. It's certainly no fault of YOURS that I don't have a larger readership. (I 'Blame It On Cain'.)

    Enjoy your weekend, Bro!
    And if it gets too hot...
    try a cold mojito.

    ~ D-FensDogg (of Summer Days)

  7. Lee-

    Thanks for the plug! I appreciate the comments and the support.

    Do you ever wonder why they're called dog days?

    I am looking at two cats strecthed aross a windowsill basking in the sun.

    Nothing is expected of them. Ever.

    In fact, the things I do not want them to do (claw the furniture, get on the counters) they do anyway.

    And yet, in about six hours, they will meow angrily, and I will obediently get up, fill their bowls with food, refresh their water dishes, and if necessary, scoop their bodily waste out of a littler box.

    Dogs have to fetch balls, papers and slippers, give their paw, roll over, get off the couch and go outside to pee.

    Cats got it right. Humans exist to serve them.


  8. Hi Arlee .. we don't often get periods of dog-days over here .. and as I live by the coast - it's usually got a cool breeze somewhere!

    The 13th my lucky number and day .. good for Fridays the 13th .. and it's great that you've acknowledged so many of your blogging supporters ..

    Have a great weekend .. Hilary

  9. Well deserved, Lee! And yes, our dog days currently suck.

  10. Oh, I love the doggy pictures. Congrats on the much deserved award.

  11. I love the pictures! I also agree with you about Stephens blog. What date did you post your life story through song? I haven't been able to find it?

  12. Yvonne -- It's a good thing you aren't looking forward to what I'm going to wear cause it tends to be pretty plain. I'm no fashion dog.

    Dezmond -- I like winters in L.A.--the winters back east aren't too bad as long as it doesn't get toooo cold.

    Jules -- According to the local forecast it's supposed to heat up some this coming week. They're even calling for hot and humid on Tuesday.

    Terri - My summertime experiences in Florida were not very comfortable. Winter wasn't too bad though.

    Diana -- Thank you for the kind words. Your blog has been one of those where I've been hearing a lot about the hot weather. Whew!

    Stephen -- I wish my sister-in-law in Tennessee was nearby. She makes a darn good mojito.

    Larry -- I don't have any pets of any kind. I'll be talking about that on my Thursday debate topic.

    Hilary -- We have that nice coastal weather in L.A. as well.

    Alex -- I don't miss the extended dog days like I remember in East Tennessee.

    Wanda -- Thanks. Animal pictures are a rarity on this blogsite.

    Judy -- I actually did two of them. The first was on June 30th and the second was on July 19th . Check them out and let me know what you think.

  13. Hi Lee,

    Haven't been on the computer for a couple days as I have been out of town, just now catching up.

    Thanks for the kind words! You have always been so supportive and I really value that.

    You are the best!!



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