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Sunday, October 8, 2023

Who Was on Top & Who Got Just a Little Amount of Votes? ( #BOTB Results )

       The title of this blog post gives the answer to the question asked albeit in a somewhat cryptic fashion.  If you are interested in knowing which artist won my previous Battle then read on.  If you're not interested in knowing then go ahead and read on anyway...

Battle of the Bands Results

Soul of the Soundtrack of My Life

      During my high school and college years I spent many hours in the retreat of the basement of my family's house.  There was a stereo record player there that was usually playing when I was down in that favorite room.  The musical styles were widely varied so one might hear just about anything playing while I was in my lair.  During the late 60's I'd mostly play rock and pop with a heavy emphasis on The Beatles, but I had some excellent Soul and R & B records as well that spent a fair amount of time spinning on the turntable.

       My most recent Battle featured popular songs from two popular groups of the era--The Four Tops and Little Anthony & the Imperials.  In those days my preference would have been with The Four Tops while Little Anthony was more to my sister's liking, though I also enjoyed their music.  Now in my mellowing older age of my life have my tastes changed that much.  In regard to these two songs I would have to say no.  Between Little Anthony's "Hurt So Bad" and The Tops "Reach Out", I still prefer the latter so The Four Tops captured my vote in this contest.  And in the final tally, The Four Tops turned out to be the predominate favorite, though most voters also approved of Little Anthony's hit. 


Final Vote Tally

Little Anthony & the Imperials        5 votes

The Four Tops                               11 votes

Next Battle on Sunday October 15th

     At least that's my plan for now.  If I decide not to do this then that will become my plan.  Come back and see what happens.



  1. Six vote differential? Yep, that's a blowout, too!

    WOW! Every single BOTBer had a blowout in this October 1st round. I'm not sure that's ever happened before.

    Well, anyway, I feel that the outcome for my upcoming November 1st Battle is impossible to predict. Hopefully that means I'll have a real close one next month. But with BOTB, nothing is ever certain or even too highly predictable.

    ~ D-FensDogG

  2. Glad to be on the winning side! 🙂 Looks like we all had lopsided battles this month. 😆

  3. Terrific battle, Lee! It was tough because I like both songs, but even trying to choose was enjoyable ;-)

  4. Winner Winner Chicken Dinner (we say that in Tennessee)


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